How to Remove AES-NI Ransomware

HELP! There is a pop up massage on my computer saying that my server is attacked with the NSA exploits. It also says my files are encrypted by random keys. It looks super difficult to understand. I have googled this thing online and find that it is called AES-NI Ransomware. I am so afraid that it will damage my files and make me lose them as they are so important to me and I have not backed up anything before. Continue reading

Remove MOLE Ransomware and Restore Your Files

A new type of ransomware called MOLE has been detected in mid April 2017. This ransomware works similarly to other types of encrypting ransomware that it will encrypt the files on the target computers and demand a ransom from the victims. Researchers have found that this ransomware is a member of... Read More

How to Remove Browser Hijacker hijacks all start up page on all browsers I have on computer. I do not know why my machine has this virus maybe it just appear suddenly. Every time the infected web browser is opened, the homepage is redirected to this website automatically. Can any removal tool detect or remove this virus? Any idea? Please give me a solution as soon as you can because I need to use browser for searching urgently. Continue reading

Remove – Easy Fix

My Chrome browser now has a new start page and search page called My previous start page is Google and I don’t know why this happens! I have tried to troubleshoot and fix this problem but not succeed. This website won’t go away even though I have re-installed the Chrome... Read More

How to Remove Manually

I downloaded a new media player days ago and it got my default homepage of Chrome and new tab changed to I had no idea about any agreement of such change and it just started showing up. The search provider of it was identified as “Search by Google”. However, I was afraid that it was a trap so I had never searched anything. I could not seem to figure out how to remove it.
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