About Us

Our team, consisting of more than 10 highly skilled and experienced computer technicians, creates this blog for the purpose of providing simple and effective guides to help you fix the malware problems you are possibly encountering and not still resolved yet.

teamNowadays, cyber hackers create many types of malware and release them on the Internet, aiming to attack users’ computers and perform a series of harmful actions for various purposes. If not careful enough, your computer will be at risk of becoming infected with malware threats like Trojans, viruses, worms, adware, browser hijackers, ransomware, rootkits and more. Some types of malware can be easily removed by your antivirus programs, but some not.

For example, browser hijackers are hard to detect and remove by a common antivirus program. They neither have their own programs installed, not have  files created in your system. Therefore, most users find it very hard to completely remove a browser hijacker from their computers.

As a team who have worked in the computer security industry for nearly 10 years,  we well know how annoying to become infected and how hard to permanently clean those malware threats. So, we decided to create a blog to share some helpful malware removal guides with computer users in need. And this is the reason why Guides.uufix.com is here.

As you can see that, our blog contains many articles which introduce different types of malware threats and give the most direct and effective removal solutions. Most of these articles have helped a number of computer users resolve their problems. We keep updating high-quality and trustworthy articles in our blog regularly, and hope that more and more users will get their malware problems fixed by following our guides.