Remove MOLE Ransomware and Restore Your Files

A new type of ransomware called MOLE has been detected in mid April 2017. This ransomware works similarly to other types of encrypting ransomware that it will encrypt the files on the target computers and demand a ransom from the victims. Researchers have found that this ransomware is a member... Read More

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How to Remove Globe3 Ransomware and Restore Your Files

I am sorry that I can’t send photos to you. A computer problem puzzled me for several days. The Globe3 Ransomware has encrypted my files that include our photos that were taken last week. I should have developed these photos but I forgot. Now encrypted files can’t be opened. I want to search for other decrypters but the ransom note tells me not to do that. Should I believe in the words? Is there a better way to recover my photos? Please help me.


Protection1-e1476933512288Remove Globe3 Ransomware Now!


What is Globe3 Ransomware?



Globe3 is the latest variant of Globe Ransomware which is themed after an American film The Purge (2013). Another variant of Globe is Globe2 Ransowmare discovered in October in 2016. The third version is found at the beginning of 2017. Like other ransowmare, Globe3 has the ability to encrypt files on victims’ computer and demand ransom note. The data encryption is done by a malicious system process named after system32.exe, which usually is regarded as one of normal processes running on the background. The ransomware use the AES-256 encryption mainly rather than Blowfish, RC4 and XOR used by the previous versions (Globe and Globe2 ransomware). The unchanged feature is that the ransomware is based on a ransomware builder, which utilizes customized variables to create malware. The ransomware adds . decrypt2017 and . hnumkhotep extensions to names of encrypted files, which may be in network shares, removable stored devices and local hard drives. After the encryption is complete, the ransomware drops a file named after “How To Recover Encrypted Files.hta” and added to the folder where your files are encyrpted. The HTA file runs automatically when the system starts up. The desktop wallpaper may be changed and display some words in order to send the same message as the ransom note to victims.

(The screenshot of the ransom note)


The ransomware note will tell you:

1. Your personal ID. A long string of number will be displayed in the note.

2. Your files have been encrypted and you are required to pay 3 Bitcoin (random number) to get an interpreter.

3. The method of getting Bitcoin and the payment instruction.

4. An email address you need to send after the payment and then you will receive an interpreter.

5. Not to use other decrypters and consequences of decrypting files by yourselves.

You are suggested not to believe in the ransom note and buy the interpreter created by the hacker team. Firstly, you should know that the encryption is not an accident but caused by the ransomware. The purpose of the hacker is to extort money from victims. Secondly, it isn’t sure that victims can decrypt locked files completely. Victims must take into account the situation that the hacker gets money but breaks his promise. Developers put profit first so that whether victims can get the interpreter isn’t important. You may face with the situation that you are tricked into paying the ransom for the second time after the first payment failed. Thirdly, the warning that users shouldn’t use other decrypters is wrong. Instead, you could choose reliable third-party decrypter rather than a program created by the developers of the ransomware that encrypt your files. Fortunately, all versions of Globe ransomware have been cracked by computer experts. Victims can download decrypters and recover their files without paying the ransom.


Overview of Globe3 Ransomware

Threat Name Globe3 Ransomware
Risk Level danger-level9
Category Ransomware ; Malware
Affected System Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10
Identical Versions Globe Ransomware Globe2 Ransomware
Symptoms:1. It will append .purge extension to encrypted files.2. The amount of the ransom is about 1 ~ 3 BitCoins Symptoms:It appends the names of encrypted files with the .raid10 file extension, .globe, .blt,, .encrypted, etc.
Decrypter: Encrypted files can be released by Emisoft decrypter
Behaviors Encrypt important files; Change the desktop wallpaper; Demand a ransom payment.
Distribution Methods Via spam email, email attachments, malicious Exploit kits, trustless websites, update notifications.
Removal Guide Read the post or download Globe3 Ransomware removal tool now!


Details of Distribution Methods



Victims’ computer is infected the Globe3 with via various ways. The most common way is to send spam emails to victims. Attachments include the malicious payload are also included in emails. When you open emails and download attachments, the payload may slip into your computer. They should have gotten downloaded files removed when they find the content is meaningless. But because it is so unattractive that victims ignore these files. After that, the ransomware is initiated at some point and encrypts your files. Hence, you should be more careful not to click strange emails and download attachments without making safe they are safe.


Note: Victims are strongly suggested to remove the ransomware before performing data recovery. The longer the ransomware exists, the more security problems are created. There is a big possibility that the ransomware may encrypt your files again if you don’t remove it. The issue also shows that system vulnerabilities may exist on your computer. Therefore, you also need to use an anti-malware tool to optimize your computer.


Protection1-e1476933512288Remove Globe3 Ransomware Now!


fingerGlobe3 Ransomware Removal Tutorial

fingerFile Restoration

Reboot Our Computer in Safe Mode


It is advised to enter into Safe Mode and carry out ransomware removal and file restoration in order to make the process run smoothly.


For Windows 7, XP & Vista

Make sure all USB, CDs, DVDs are out of your computer

Open Start menu, go to Shut down and click Restart


Tap F8 key repeatly before Windows logo appear. F8 key is to initiate Advanced Boot Options menu.


When the Advanced Boot Options screen appears, please select Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking by using the up and down arrow keys and then hit Enter key.


And then you will see a black background and a pop-up window, which means that you have entered Safe Mode.


For Windows 8 & 10

Open Start menu or Charms menu

→Click on Start button (Windows 10)

→Press Windows + C keys to open the Charms menu, and then click Settings (Windows 8)

Whilst holding down Shift button, click on Power and then click Restart.


After reboot, you will be in Windows 8/10 boot menu, please choose Troubleshot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart


Startup Settings menu will occur again , press F4 or F5 from the options below.startupsettings


Automatically Remove Globe3 Ransomware (Recommended)


It is difficult to detect Globe3 Ransomware because it may hide itself. So, users are recommended to fix the computer problems by using the automatic removal tool.



SpyHunter is an effective anti-malware program which has gotten one of the top malware removal tools in 2016. The program can remove detected all types of computer threats including Adware, PUP, Rootkits, Trojans and other malware. Spyware Helpdesk included in SpyHunter provides users the interactive one-on-one customer support solution designed to deal with any issues that SpyHunter can’t solve automatically.


Click on the button below to download SpyHunter.


Open the downloaded file to begin the installation and then click Run to continue when a window pops up as below.


After selecting your language, click OK button.


Click Continue button.


Click Install button after choosing I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy.


Click Exit button after the installation is completed.



After you have installed SpyHunter, wait for it to automatically update.

After the update process has finished, open SpyHunter and click on “Scan Computer Now” button.

spyhunter-scan computer now

After SpyHunter has finished scanning your PC for any malicious files, click on the “Fix Threats” button to remove them automatically and permanently.


Once detected malicious items on your PC have been removed, it is highly recommended to restart your computer.


arrow_cycle_refresh_64px_3795_easyicon.netFile Restoration


Solution 1: Perform System Restore


Click on System Restore from Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools


When System Restore window shows up and gives users a brief introduction of its features, please select “Next” to go on.


Select Recommended restore or Choose a different restore point, and then click Next button.


Note: If you are not sure recommended restore is one that can help you, please opt for Choose a different restore point.

Recent restore points will show in a list, please select one restore point when your computer didn’t get infected Globe3 Ransomware.systemresotrepoint

Click Next to go on.

When the Confirm your restore point window appears, click Finish to initiate the System Restore.


Click Yes when you are asked “Once started, System Restore cannot be interrupted. Do you want to continue?


Note: System Restore cannot be undone until it has completed. If System Restore is being run in safe mode or from the System Recovery Options menu, it cannot be undone.

To complete System Restore, the Windows will shut down. You need to wait for several minutes before the System Restore process completes. Once the process completes successfully, you will see the dialogue box below.


Click Close.


Solution 2: Use Decrypters


The Globe 3 decryption tool has been published so that computer users don’t have to pay for the ransom.

Go to and download the decryption tool.


Solution 3: Using Windows Previous Versions Feature


Go to File Explorer (My Computer icon), click one folder or file that has been locked.


Right click on a folder or a file and select Properties from the pop-up menu.


Press Previous Versions tab, and then select one of Restore points when files don’t be locked and click Restore button in the pop-up window.


Click Apply and OK button to apply the changes.


Plumbytes Anti-MalwareRun a Scan with Anti-Malware Tool Again (Alternatively)


Plumbytes Anti-Malware is also a useful detection & removal tool. Sometimes it can detect computer threats that other antivirus programs may ignore. Now use Plumbytes Anti-Malware to scan your computer and delete potential infections that takes opportunities to enter your computer while you are struggling with the Ransomware.


Download Plumbytes Anti-Malware from the button below.

Plumbytes Anti-Malware

Install Plumbytes Anti-Malware by clicking INSTALL.



After installation is done, run Plumbytes Anti-Malware by double-clicking on (or Plumbytes Anti-Malware will run automatically).

Plumbytes Anti-Malware icon

Go to OVERVIEW, and then click Run a scan.plumbytes-screenshot

After scan is completed, all detected items will show in the list.



Restart the computer if you are required by the program.


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