Do You Overshare on Social Media? [Infographic]

Social media has played a key role in our daily lives. We are sharing more of our lives and feelings on social media than ever before. From posting pictures about a quiet afternoon tea or a wonderful dinner , sending a selfie or a photo with you and your friends, or checking into a famous sight, we are always in touch with one another online. With the immoderate personal information being shared online, some unexpected troubles could come to us. Hackers can make use of these seemingly trivial things to commit cyber crime. It is very important to think twice before you post anything on social media in order to avoid oversharing which matters to your personal information security.

oversharing on social media

It is essential to install a strong antivirus software on your computer to keep your computer secure. If you click on a malicious link that someone has shared online, the malware like adware and spyware can mess up your PC and even endanger your personal information. If you have a bit of money in your budget for computer security, the best paid antivirus products indeed tend to offer more and better protection for the computer.

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The following video offers a complete guide for Viruses removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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