Easy Steps to Remove Goodasfound.com/Good As Found Search


This post is about a browser hijacker with the domain of Goodasfound.com which has been existed and propagated for over a month on the Internet. If you have never met this website before and know nothing about it, then you ought to count yourself lucky and be alert from now on as it is a precarious website that is dangerous to your computer. After reading this article, you will know what kind of malicious activities it will carry out on your PC. If your computer has been compromised by it and you can’t find any effective method to get it disappeared from your PC, this post will assist you to solve this severe problem quickly.


What Is Goodasfound.com about?

If you have used computer for some time or even can manipulate it expertly, you must know some elementary knowledge about malware and online fraud even if you have not encounter any cyber threats, but you know the actual existence of them or at least you will know that there are some unpleasant things from the Internet will reduce computer performance significantly. Goodasfound.com is such a treacherous thing. It is a type of browser hijacker that falls under the category of malicious software (malware). If you are new to computer and Internet or know little about them, you might hear about that some strange website will pop up suddenly while computer users are viewing web page normally. This is one of the signs that some kind of cyber infection has penetrated into the targeted computer system. It is becoming a common phenomenon that a lot of computer users are not aware that their computers is harassed by crappy malware or virus even when the signs of infection are quite apparent and the situation of the computer is getting worse. They may simply think that is the natural result of the long-term use of their computers and do not pay attention to the usual changes, so that they miss the optimal opportunity to kick the malware out of the computers. If you don’t know much about what is browser hijacker and how can you know the computer is affected by it, please check out the list below to find out if your computer has any of the symptoms of being infected.

1) Your default homepage gets replaced with Goodasfound.com or other unacquainted site;

2) Your default search engine is changed but it was not operated by you;

3) Unwanted browser extensions are installed on your browser surreptitiously;

4) Unsolicited website appears instead of the web page that you intend to visit;

5) Strange programs have been installed on your computer recently while you did not download them;

6) Intrusive pop-up advertisements or other advertising contents show up on your browser;

7) Goodasfound.com automatically opens when you start the computer;

8) This page shows up when you build a new tap;

9) The Internet connection speed is slow or unstable;

10) Fake error message or warnings claiming that your PC is unsafe now or you need to update the Flash Player or other programs appear on the browser.

Surely, the symptoms I listed above are the most common ones, but not limit to them. There can be some more obvious behaviors of this browser hijacker done on the computer on the sly, once you witness odd behaviors from your browser, you should instantly be aware of that your browser must be infected with some kind of browser hijacker. Even if you are not familiar with computer, from the examples that I have listed, you can at least learn that browser hijacker is a type of malware that can alter your browser settings and link you to unreliable websites. Though it is not as harmful as the virus, users should not underestimate the seriousness of its impact on the computer for it could become a serious threat to the system.

Goodasfound.com is a common browser hijacker that is exquisitely designed by unethical search providers or cyber criminals to get benefit. With the looking-friendly appearance, it has successfully earned lots of users’ trust. The page layout seems reasonable and simple which just similar to the websites of other search engine like Google and Duckduckgo. I truly understand that why there are so many users are willing to use this website to do search work. I can see that Goodasfound.com acts like a decent search engine and the search results can be presented with several different categories including web, images, videos, news and shopping; however, users cannot realize what it really is until they start using this questionable search engine.

GoodAsFound.com homepage

Users absolutely will not enter this website in normal times. Through a survey I have found that most of users visit this page involuntarily, they are forced to view this website for various reasons. Some victims of this infection said that this website turned to the homepage after they download the freeware, and some others mentioned that they were redirected to that page for they clicked on some pop-up prompts or the URL on other unsecure websites, but whatever the cause is, they did not go to this site by choice; they did that for they had no choice. From the unusual ways that this web page comes to our life we should be aware of its abnormality. Once this browser hijacker gains access to your computer, firstly it will make changes to the browser settings of all browsers that installed on your machine, which means that you will be unable to view web page or search information online normally unless you get rid of the browser hijacker.

Your start page, homepage and even the new tab will be changed to Goodasfound.com without obtaining your permission if your PC is compromised by it. The default search engine could be replaced furtively too. You may also find some unwanted browser extensions and add-ons related to this website attach to your browser. If this website automatically opens when you just login Windows, your Window Registry settings are falsified as it is set to be triggered with the computer system, so it would be a tough process for users to clear this browser hijacker out of their computers with the situation that the system settings have been modified. If you think it is not a big deal as it just a scampish search website that wants to increase its market share, you are making a serious mistake. Its negative impact should not be underestimated. If you insist on using it to do search and daily browsing, sooner or later you will find that its search results are useless. For example, if you search for shopping website or enter a name of the product that you wish to order, you will only get the website with low reputation and items with low quality. However, Goodasfound.com is not responsible for the risk that you click on the URLs provided by it. It allows advertising companies place ads on its website and even permit them to collect users’ information via using cookies. Users will not know what kind of information they collect and what the information would be used for. There is a potential opportunity for illegal advertisers or cyber crooks to obtain the personal information without users’ knowledge.

Good As Found.com collects cookies

As you may know, online advertisements can appear on the browser in various forms such as video ads, interstitial ads, banner ads and the most typical form: pop-up ads. Those unwelcome ads usually are used to promote unpopular or even harmful programs. It is strongly suggested that all users keep off the ads or crappy things will land on the computers. Now you should understand Good As Found Search is not only malicious in itself, but it cause other malware and lots of serious computer problems. There is no reason for you to keep it on your computer, once it shows up on your browser, you should just remove it and you can use an antivirus program if needed. If you have no idea about what you how to deal with this browser hijacker, you can simply follow the removal methods in the next section.

Goodasfound.com/Good As Found Search Removal Guides

Tips: It would cost you at least 20 minutes to perform the manual removal, if you are in a hurry and want to remove the browser hijacker quickly without effort, you can try to use a professional removal tool which is definitely safe to use to help you. Click here to download now!

Step 1 Remove Goodasfound.com/Good As Found Search from your browser (IE/Chrome/Firefox)

IE iconRemove it from Internet Explorer:

1. Run IE browser and tap Alt+T keys combination to bring up the Tools menu;

2. Select Manage add-ons from the drop menu;

IE manage add-ons

3. Select All add-ons under the ‘Show:‘ drop-down menu;

IE select all add-ons

4. Find the suspicious add-on and click on Disable;

5. Move to Search Providers from the list on the left, if you find the unwanted provider has been set as default, you need to choose the preferred one and set as default, and then you are allowed to remove the unwanted search providers;

set default search providers

6. Back to Tools menu and select Internet options;

IE Internet options

7. Click on Reset… in Advanced tab;

IE click on reset 1

8. Please tick on Delete personal Settings and then click on Reset;

Reset IE

9. Relaunch IE browser.

If Goodasfound.com still forcibly occupies your homepage, please try the steps below:

1. Right click Internet Explorer’s shortcut and select Properties;

IE properties

2. In the Shortcut tab, delete all text (http://goodasfound.com/…) after “C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe” in the Target field and click on OK;

IE target

3. Relaunch the browser.

google-chrome-icon-32-32Remove it from Google Chrome:

1. Run Chrome browser, tap Alt+E keys combination to bring up the Chrome menu and select Settings;

2. Select Extensions tab, click the trash bin icon of the unwanted extensions;

delete Chrome Extensions

3. Select Settings tab, click on Manage search engines… under Search;

chrome manage search engine 1

4. The currently default search engine is displayed in bold text and users have to make another one as default before they remove the malicious one;

chrome manage search engine 2

5. Click on the X mark to delete Goodasfound search engine from Chrome and click on Done;

chrome manage search engine 3

6. When back to the Settings page, click on Show advanced settings…;

Chrome show advanced settings

7. Choose Reset settings;

chrome choose reset settings

8. Click on Reset;

Reset chrome

9. Restart Chrome browser.

If Goodasfound.com still forcibly occupies your homepage, please try the steps below:

1. Right click Google Chrome’s shortcut and select Properties;

Chrome properties 1

2. In the Shortcut tab, delete all text (http://goodasfound.com/…) after “C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” in the Target field and click on OK;

Chrome properties 2

firefox iconRemove it from Mozilla Firefox:

1. Run Firefox browser, tap Ctrl+Shift+A keys combination to bring up the window of Add-ons;

2. Click Remove button of the extension that you wish to remove from the browser;

remove firefox extension

3. Move your cursor to the search bar of Firefox browser, left click on a blank space (with any text on the search bar) and select Change Search Settings;

Change firefox search settings

4. Remove the unsafe search engine from the list;

remove unwanted search engine from firefox

5. Open Troubleshooting Information from Help Menu;

Firefox troubleshooting information

6. Click on Refresh Firefox…;

Refresh Firefox1

7. Click on Refresh Firefox;

Refresh Firefox2

8. Restart Firefox browser.

If Goodasfound.com still forcibly occupies your homepage, please try the steps below:

1. Right click on Firefox’s shortcut and select Properties;

Firefox properties

2. In the Shortcut tab, delete all text (http://goodasfound.com/…) after “D:DownloadsFirefoxfirefox.exe” in the Target field and click on OK;

Firefox properties 2

3. Restart the browser.

Step 2 Remove Goodasfound.com/Good As Found Search from Windows

1. Use Windows+R key combination to display Run dialog box, input appwiz.cpl and click OK;


2. Find the suspicious program that generated by the browser hijacker and eliminate it by clicking on Uninstall. ( The picture below is used for demonstration purposes only.)

uninstall program

Step 3 Scan your computer system for all potential threats

In fact, you can use them to delete the browser hijacker directly and quickly. The antivirus program below can help you detect any malicious items on your computer, but you may be required to pay for the product if you want to remove the malware they find.
three antvirus software
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The following video offers a complete guide for Goodasfound.com/Good As Found Search redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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