Effective Steps to Remove Mixidj.delta-search.com Redirect Virus from PCs

I was surfing the Internet finding renting yesterday morning, and a windows about renting popped up on my screen, so I clicked it without any hesitation. After a while, my computer became sluggish and it even took a long time to open a normal program. What was more, I was redirected to Mixidj.delta-search.com either I launched a new tab or changed browsers. My security software TrendMicro Housecall kept me informed that it was a threat, while it was unable to remove Mixidj.delta-search.com from my PC. I don’t know what should I do now. I need help get rid of Mixidj.delta-search.com completely. Thanks in advance!

Overview of Mixidj.delta-search.com


Mixidj.delta-search.com seems to be a legitimate and helpful search engine that it can provide exact search results. In reality, it is categorized to redirect virus which is created by cyber hackers to promote fake products or suspicious links. As long as it is installed on targeted computers, it will alter homepage and default browser settings so that it can take charge of web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer and Safari. To invade targeted computers, the infection will change search engine and start page into its pointed ones in advance. If it successfully sneaks into host browser, it is really hard for users to uninstall it from computers. It declares that it can provide related and reliable search results, actually users will not get any relevant search results from it, instead of a variety of commercial ads, malicious links or fake products.

If the threat slip into host browser, it not only changes browser settings, but also collects personal information or confidential data. It will trace users’ cookies, favorites, search behaviors and other browsing information. Though users type keywords to search for something, the infection has mastered users’ interests in advance, so users are still redirected to unwanted websites other than associated pages. Now that it is capable of attacking all system, it will invade other normally computers from the Internet. As long as computers are connected to network, all of which will become its attacked objects. If the infection gets into targeted computers, it will cause Internet traffic for browsers so it can be easier to infect computers. With so many dangers mentioned above, you are strongly remove Mixidj.delta-search.com from your computer once you find any traits of the virus.

Note: If you are inexperienced computer users, you had better take a professional and powerful malware removal tool into account first. The automatic tool will help you remove Mixidj.delta-search.com from your computer automatically, effectively, completely and permanently.



Why Mixidj.delta-search.com Enters You Computers?


In general, Mixidj.delta-search.com is bundled with unreliable websites like free applications, shareware, spam email attachments or media files. When users download something from these unsafe sites, the threat will seize the chance to get into targeted computers, especially when users play games online, download free movies from suspicious websites, open spam email attachments from unknown people, any of these conditions may be infected by Mixidj.delta-search.com. To be honest, whenever users receive emails from unfamiliar persons, don’t be hurry to open it have a look but conform the email is safe firstly, double check these information such as writer, email address. If not, users may allow this threat to slip into computers while they are unknown. Sometimes, malicious virus can hide itself from media files so as to sneak into targeted computers without any permission. If users click these sponsored files, they will leave a door for the redirect virus to attack computer system.

Risks from Mixidj.delta-search.com


Mixidj.delta-search.com is not same as Trojan horse which is really extremely dangerous, but it is headache far from your imagination. It spares no effort to interfere with Internet connection so as to stop users from visiting normal sites. It does its best to disable all online functions, such open a new tab, start windows or search function. Being as an ads-sported platform, it will display users a series of commercial links while most of them are bundled with malicious contents or pointed domains. Worse still, some sponsored search engines can bring harmful files for computer system causing system crash or irreparable system damage.

How Do you Know Your PC Is Infected with Mixidj.delta-search.com?


  • It take a long time to open a new tab or a normal program.
  • A lot of unknown programs take up system resource.
  • Blue Screen of Death comes after normal files damage.
  • Search results are always redirected to pointed domains.
  • Internet speed slows down and computer performance becomes sluggish just like a snail.
  • It is hard to connect with Internet though you try many times.

How Can You Remove Mixidj.delta-search.com from Browsers?


Method One: Remove Mixidj.delta-search.com from PC with the help of professional removal tool. (Recommend)

Method Two: Get rid of Mixidj.delta-search.com by manual.

Method Three: Delete Mixidj.delta-search.com by Malwarebytes.

Why You Are Recommended to Use Method One?

Method one is the best choice for all computer users both IT experts or inexperience users to remove Mixidj.delta-search.com from infected PCs. The professional and reputable malware removal tool is SpyHunter, which is a trustful antivirus program created to remove all malware such as worm, Trojan horse, spyware and so on. The tool is powerful enough to remove various malwar from PCs and well feedback from computer users. Here are some outstanding advantages from SpyHunter removal tool:

  • It uninstall unwanted software from PCs.
  • It improves Internet speed and computer performance.
  • It optimizes system services and other settings.
  • It detects where threats are.
  • It cleans all web browsers to speed up.
  • It fix registry errors, plug-ins and other files.


Method One: Remove Mixidj.delta-search.com from PC with the Help of Professional Removal Tool. (Recommend)


Step 1: Hit the button as below to download SpyHunter on your PC first.



Step 2: Click “Save File” to activate SpyHunter-installer.exe, and click “Run” button after downloading.

download SpyHunter-Installer.exe



Step 3: Let SpyHunter download major processes from the Internet.


Step 4: The License Agreement will pop up, click “I accept the license agreement”, and “Next” button.


Step 5: Though SyeHunter is installed on your computer, it will update system automatically to get the best version for you, do not hit “Cancel” or you have to do again above steps.


Step 6: Click “Finish” button as below to close the installation windows.


Step 7: Be patient when SpyHunter is initializing files.


Step 8: SpyHunter will search for the latest version from reliable website. Just wait for it and do not click “Cancel” or some nasty threats may get rid of detection.


Step 9: SpyHunter menu as below, and you can change DNS settings, System Guard, Spyware HelpDesk and settings.


Step 10: You are recommended to click “Start New Scan” to have a fully scan for computer system, and find out where the infection or other potential threats are.


Step 11: SpyHunter will take some time to fully scan your computer system.

spyhunter4 start new scan

Step 12: Following scanning, click “Fix Threats” to deal with annoyed items.


Method Two: Get rid of Mixidj.delta-search.com by manual.


Step 1: Remove Mixidj.delta-search.com redirect virus from your web browsers.

Step 2: Remove Mixidj.delta-search.com redirect virus related programs.

Step 3: Remove all files and registry entries related to Mixidj.delta-search.com redirect virus.

Step 1: Remove Mixidj.delta-search.com redirect virus from your web browsers.


Internet Explorer

  1. Hit the gear from right top of the menu, and click “Manage Add-ons”.



2.Click Toolbars and Extensions to search for all add-ons which are associated with the redirect virus, disable them all.

IE-Toolbars and Extensions


  1. Hit Search Providers to remove all unwanted search engines, leave one as default search engine according to your preference.

IE-Search Providers


  1. Repeat click the gear icon to choose “Internet Options”.

IE-Internet Options


  1. Remove Mixidj.delta-search.com and type any domain name you like.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Hit Mozilla Firefox menu to choose “Add-ons”.



  1. Click Extensions and Plug-ins to figure out all malicious add-ons then tick Remove/Disable button.



  1. Hit the inverted triangle from the search bar then click “Manage Search Engines”.

Firefox-Manage Search Engine

  1. Confirm where the threat is and remove Mixidj.delta-search.com from Manage Search Engines List, further select one you like as default.

Manage Search Engines List-Remove

  1. Click Mozilla Firefox once more to select “Options”.


  1. Delete unwanted URL and input one website URL you like.

Google Chrome

  1. Launch Google Chrome then click the Wrench or 3-bar icon, click Tools and turn to Extensions page.


  1. Hit Extension to search for all suspicious extensions and tick Enabled to remove them from PC.


3.Click the Wrench or 3-bar icon once more to select Settings.


4. Click “Search” and “Manage Search Engines…”, delete unwanted search engine, instead of another one as default you like.

search Manage Search Engine

5. Click “On startup”, further click “Set pages”.

On startup

6. Click the “X” to trash unwanted URL and set another website URL you like.

Step 2: Remove Mixidj.delta-search.com redirect virus related programs.


Windows XP

  1. Hit the Start button to click Control Panel.

XP-control panel

  1. Select “Add/Remove Programs” to look for all related sponsored programs.

Add or Remove Programs

  1. Hit the remove button to eliminate all unwanted programs from your PC.

Remove unwanted programs


Windows 7/Windows Vista

  1. Click Start button to turn to Control Panel page.

Win 7-control panel

  1. Hit “Uninstall or change a program” to search for all malicious programs.

7-Uninstall or change a program

  1. Click Uninstall/Change button to get rid of them completely from your PC.

Uninstall or Change


Windows 8

  1. Adjust the mouse pointer to bottom left corner to click Start button.

Win 8-Start button

  1. Click “Control Panel” to find out “Uninstall a Program”, then click it.

Win 8-Control PanelWin 8-Uninstall a Program

  1. Confirm all malicious programs associated with the redirect virus and hit Uninstall/Change button to delete them from your computer.

Uninstall or change-8

Note: Those computer users who have good knowledge of computer operation would rather use a malware removal tool to uninstall the infection from their computers, because manual removal needs a lot of complicated and risky steps, any mistakes during the process will lead to irreparable system damage. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to use the professional and trustful malware removal tool SpyHunter to solve the problem completely, effectively and safely.


Download button

Step 3: Remove all files and registry entries related to Mixidj.delta-search.com redirect virus.


1. Check out these folders from local disk C:


%Program Files%


%UserProfile%Start Menu

%Document and Settings%[UserName]Application Data

%UserProfile%Application DataMicrosoftInternet ExplorerQuick Launch


  1. Confirm all files related to the threat then remove them all.

registry editor

  1. Click Start button, input “regedit” to search bar, then hit “regedit.exe”.


  1. Open registry editor to find out all suspicious registry entries and delete them from your computer.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun “random″

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun “random”


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerBrowser Helper Objectsrandom

Method Three: Delete Mixidj.delta-search.com by Malwarebytes.


Malwarebytes is also a security software to help users remove malware from computers. it can deal with random problems like adware pop-up ads, homepage hijack, DLL errors, Trojan attack, Ransomware or other computer threats. Please follow here to learn about removal instructions:

Step 1: Click the button as below to download Malwarebytes on your computer.


Malwarebytes download

Step 2: The next is to install Malwarebytes on your computer.

Malwarebytes install finish

Step 3: Following the installation, you had better click “Start Scan” to run Malwarebytes to fully scan your computer system.

Malwarebytes scan

Step 4: Select all detected related files and click “Cleanup” to eliminate them from your computer.


Helpful Tips to Avoid being Infected by Mixidj.delta-search.com

Bear in mind that keep away from unreliable websites, downloads and online games.

Set complicated passwords.

Don’t turn on fire sharing functions.

Activate Windows Firewall and security software to prevent from pop ups.

  • Bear in mind that keep away from unreliable websites, downloads and online games.

It is probable to be infected by computer viruses from the Internet, so users are suggested to keep an eye on those unsafe websites or links like freeware or shareware, strange websites, spam email attachments and other unfamiliar files which may be flooded with highly dangers and risks. If users click any one these links by chance, the threat will seize the very opportunity to sneak into targeted computers. No matter when you download something from the Internet, you should read all items carefully in case of any bundled files which contain malicious contents. Besides, when you are playing games online, don’t download any program as recommended on account of it may be a trick that it intends to mislead you to download the fake files so that it is able to slip into your computer system. Before any installation, you should take Custom and Advanced option into account first. Though the infection is too suspicious to recognize, you can stop it from its source.

  • Set complicated passwords.

It is necessary to use complicated passwords to protect your computer. With complicated passwords, redirect virus will feel difficult to attack your system, or at least it will take some time to deal with the codes. Your antivirus program may alert its existence and keeps you informed of the threat so that you may suffer from less issues. That is to say, complicated passwords can minimize your loss. Now that redirect virus can trace your online activities and steal your personal information or confidential data, to set complicated passwords to protect your system and your privacy is extremely important and necessary. Under common circumstance, some channels for the infection to get into your computer is blocked, so your sensitive information will be safe.

  • Don’t turn on fire sharing functions.

Redirect virus can smoothly sneak into computer via infected programs. So if you turn off any file sharing will reduce the rate of being attacked. You should pay attention to unsafe WIFI connection especially on public, which may contain dangerous files.

  • Activate Windows Firewall and security software to prevent from pop ups.

Computer viruses may enter your computer while you are unaware of if you keep Windows Firewall and antivirus programs off. So, you should turn on Windows Firewall and security software no matter when you search online. Otherwise you may suffer from a mass of pop-up ads displaying on web browsers like Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. If you are curious about these ads and click any one of them, you may allow the infection to slip into your computer. Once installed on your computer, it will show you a number of commercial ads or pop-up ads all the time until you click one. Therefore, keeping your windows Firewall and security software on will be a better solution to keep away from being attacked by Mixidj.delta-search.com.



Mixidj.delta-search.com is an ads-supported program which is created by cyber hackers to get profits from computer victims. With similar appearance like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, many computer users may treat it as a legitimate and helpful search engine. As a consequence, it won’t provide any related search results at all, what users can see are all kinds of pop-up ads or fake products. Some users may be curious about these links, so they click any one without hesitation, from then on the threat has already gotten into their computer system to do harmful activities. The longer it stays on their computer, the more dangerous their system and personal information or sensitive information will be. To avoid being a victim, you had better remove Mixidj.delta-search.com from your infected web browsers without any delay in case of further system damage.


Attention: Do you want to get rid of Mixidj.delta-search.com from your computer quickly? If so, please download removal tool which is professional and powerful to remove malware or potential threats from computers effectively, completely, automatically.


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Attention: The following video offers a complete guide for Mixidj.delta-search.com redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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