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Most Internet users may have faced a problem that their default homepage is changed to another site unfamiliar to them without any permission. The occurrence of this problem is usually because those users’ computers have been infected by some kind of browser hijacker. is one of such browser hijackers. If you are suffering from its browser hijacking and struggling to remove it from your PC, then you can continue reading. In the following, we are going to give details of and also offer the helpful guide to remove this browser hijacker from the infected computers effectively.browser-hijacker

What Is

Most users mistakenly think is a genuine search site at the first glimpse of it, since this site provides a search box as well as the quick links to various famous sites such as Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Youtube and Google. However, it is a browser hijacker that alters computer users’ browser settings without any consent, causing their default homepage, search page or error page to be replaced by its own domain page. This browser hijacker is created for marketing, commercial and publicity purposes. To be more specific, it is used to show commercial ads, boost website traffic and eventually to promote certain kinds of products or services. In a word, its ultimate aim is to make money.

Screenshot of

Browser hijacker can be classified as two types: one has the visible features, and the other one is completely hidden. belongs to the visible type. It disguises itself as a legitimate search site, and force users to go to its domain page whenever they launch their browsers. When users interact with the site, its owner can make money through the paid-per-click ads “hang” on the page or sponsored links shown in the search results. To show more personalized ads, this browser hijacker may even spy on users’ online activities, track their browsing history and collect their personal data in order to analyze their behavior patterns. Then, these data would be shared or sold to other parties for marketing purpose.

How Does Get into Users’ Computers? can get into users’ computers in various ways. One of the most common ways is to come by bundled with freeware which can be downloaded from the Internet. Cyber hackers often inject installer of this browser hijacker beforehand, and once users install such software on their PCs, they may unwittingly install the browser hijacker as well.


Example of Software Bundled with Browser Hijacker

Besides, this browser hijacker can sneak into users’ machines through junk or unsolicited email attachments. Typically, senders of those email attachments attempt to lure users into opening the attachments with some misleading words in the email messages. If users open the attachments, they may download a browser hijacker instead of the files consistent with the file names.


Example of Unsolicited email attachments may also enter the targeted computers via pop-up windows which entice users to install the recommended software (e.g., update for video player) in order to get a better performance. But once users agree and install the said software, they may only to find that they unconsciously install a browser hijacker on their computers.

deceptive pop-up window

Screenshot of deceptive pop-up window

Why Need to Remove

One must realize that every specific type of browser hijacker is harmful and needs to be removed as quickly as possible. The following are some harmful aspects of

  • Change the default homepage of the browsers.
  • Change the default search engine of the browsers.
  • Display fake alert messages and fraud ads.
  • Redirect users to advertising, deceptive or malicious sites.
  • Bring other types of malware to the targeted computers.
  • Add malicious website URLs to users’ bookmark collection.
  • Track users’ browser cookies and collect online data.
  • Slow down computer running speed and network speed.

How to Remove Completely?

Step 1: Restore your browser to default settings.

Reset Internet Explorer settings

Reset Google Chrome settings

Reset Mozilla Firefox settings

Reset Opera settings

Reset Safari settings

Step 2: Remove any programs related to

» Press the Windows + R key combination to open the Run dialog box.

» Type appwiz.cpl into the Open field, and then click OK.

remove program_1» In the list of currently installed programs, right click any program related to, and then click Uninstall/Change.

remove program_2» Follow the on-screen instructions to remove the chosen program.

Step 3: Remove folders and files related to

» Open the Run dialog box again.

» Type control folders into the Open field, and then click OK.

open-folder options_1» Once the Folder Options window pops up, click View tab.

» Under Advanced settings, select Show hidden files and folders (or Show hidden files, folders, and drivers), uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended). Finally, click OK to confirm the change.

open-folder options_2

» Navigate to each location, find and delete all the folders & files that are associated with the browser hijacker.


delete folder

Step 4: Delete related registry keys and values.

» Open the Run dialog box.

» Type regedit into the Open field, and then Click OK.
open registry editor» Once the Registry Editor is open, click on the File menu, and select Export.

back up registry_1» In the File name box, type registry backup or any other name you prefer. Select a location where you want to save the backup file and click Save.

back up registry_2

» Then, click on the Edit menu, and select Find.

delete registry entries_1» Type into the Find what field, and under Look at, select Keys, Values, and Data. Click Find Next.

find next

» Then, the folders of may be shown in the left pane of the window. Right click on the folder, and select the Delete option.

delete registry entries_2» Click Yes if a small box pops up to ask for confirmation of the deletion.

Step 5: Run SpyHunter to clean all residual components of the browser hijacker.

» Download SpyHunter-installer.exe on the computer.

» Install SpyHunter by running the SpyHunter-installer.exe and following the setup wizard.

step 3. spyhunter installer» Once the installation is complete, launch SpyHunter and perform a full system scan immediately.

start-system-scan » When SpyHunter finishes the scan, the results will be shown in a list. Click on the Fix Threats button to remove all found threats.

fix-threats» After the removal process is over, restart the computer.

Step 6 (optional): Run Malwarebytes to re-scan the computer for any potential malware.


» Click MALWAREBYTES DOWNLOAD LINK to download Malwarebytes setup file.

» Double click on the setup file to start installing the program.

malwarebytes-anti-malware-setup file

» When the installation begins, please follow the prompts to install Malwarebytes.


» Once the installation finishes, launch Malwarebytes immediately.

home page

» Click on the Scan tab on the top, select Threat Scan and click Start Scan.

select scan mode

» The scan process will take some time. Please be patient.


» After the scan is done, Malwarebytes will show the scan result. If there are any threats detected, please remove them by selecting them all and clicking on the Remove Selected button. If no threats are found, then exit Malwarebytes.


Tips for Browser Hijacker Prevetion

1. Install reliable antivirus or anti-malware software.
2. Keep the security tools, browsers and other software up-to-date.
3. Configure the browser for higher security level.
4. Don’t download software from untrustworthy sources.
5. Select the Custom installation mode when installing any new software.
6. Use caution when receiving pop-up windows that recommend installing certain software.
7. Make sure that the operating system is updated on a regular basis.

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