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My Internet browser was hijacked by homepage. Although I run my antivirus software to scan the computer, it can’t detect any computer threats for me. I tried to uninstall the suspicious programs from Control Panel. But I still got this malware on computer. My browser homepage and search engine were still replaced by the annoying link The manual way I tried before. It did nothing help for me. I want to look for an effective way to quickly eliminate the infection. If you could help me get rid of this malware, I will be appreciated. Thanks a lot! I run Windows 8. I use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

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According to its developer, Startpageing123 aims to provide the ultimate online search experience. Our advanced technology provides you with the best of what the web has to offer, and makes it easier than ever to find exactly what you are searching for. Startpageing123 has partnered with some of the most popular software packages in world, giving you the option to install our search settings during setup and giving them the opportunity to offer you their products for free. information

What Is is not a regular search engine although it shares the similar appearance with most legitimate search engines such as Google and Bing. As a matter of fact, it is a browser hijacker that designed to modify users’ browser settings and replace the default homepage, new tab and search engine with Browser hijacker is not a malicious program, but it will cause annoying redirection issues as well as the potential harm to the target computer if you don’t take a quick to get rid of it. To trick users into believing that it is a useful search tool, claims that it can help them improve online search experience and offer them faster and more accurate search results. Many unsuspecting users may not know the real characteristic of a browser hijacker. In reality, most browser hijackers have identical characteristics. They are designed to generate revenue for the developers rather than providing you with the best results. homepage screenshot

Nut just hijacking the browser default homepage and search engine, may append its suspicious URL into the target of your browser shortcut. That’s why you are automatically redirected to its website every time you open the web browser. In addition to delete its page link from your browser, you also need to check your browser shortcut and delete the unwanted arguments. Some stubborn browser hijackers may generate annoying popup windows and keep appearing on your webpage. Some of the pop-ups may contain viruses or other malware like spyware and rootkits that created to steal users’ personal information. It is very dangerous if you click on those pop-ups incautiously. Your computer will be vulnerable to attack by these malicious programs. You may think that it is easy to get rid of from your browser and restore your default one. In fact, it is totally difficult. Browser hijacker will use misleading practices to hijack your browser, search results and Internet settings. Also, this threat may lock your settings to their servers; track your web searches and other data. Once the threat sets itself as your default, it is hard to remove it manually.

Note: Browser redirection is the typical behavior performed by a browser hijacker. In addition, browser hijacker will also do such annoying activity – inserting lots of unwanted advertisements or sponsored links into the page you view. To stop the nasty redirection and popup windows, you should remove as soon as possible.

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So far, has infected many computers from different countries. The top 3 countries are Indonesia, Brazil and Poland. To protect your computer from infection, you should be careful when browsing the web. Pay attention to the freeware downloads and installation. Research shows that most browser hijackers including hijack users’ web browsers mainly bundled with freeware that you download from the Internet. When downloading a free app, we suggest downloading from its official website or other reliable sources. Never download freeware from notorious sites which often contain rogue software that may harm your computer once installed. When installing the target software, it is also suggested to read each step on the setup wizard screen carefully. For checking any additional programs, you should choose Advanced or Custom Install that will reveal what extra software you are going to install apart from the target software. If you find any unknown programs are checked by default, you should deselect them before clicking Next or Install button. This is very important step to reduce the risk of infecting browser hijacker or other potentially unwanted programs. Please keep in mind if any programs try to change your default search engine, homepage and new tab, you should decidedly refuse to make such change. Because this is the typical behavior a browser hijacker will do. ( is also classified as a browser hijacker.)

browser hijacker is bundled with freeware gets installed through various ways. Bundling with freeware is the most common way. But spam emails, pop-ups, malicious sites, sponsored links, and p2p file–sharing may also distribute browser hijacker and malware programs. So you should be careful! For safety, never randomly open a spam email and click on the link attached in the email attachments. When browsing the web, do not click the pop-ups and the suspicious links appearing on the webpage you view. Just one click you may be redirected to unsafe websites. Besides, it is not suggested to visit any malicious sites although it is very attractive. If your security program warns you that the site you are visiting is dangerous, you should close it and return to the security domain. Summary


Threat type Browser Hijacker/PUP
Threat level Medium
Affected Browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer
Affected OS Windows 7, Vista, 8, 10, XP
Spreading route Freeware downloads and installation, spam emails, pop up ads, suspicious links, porn websites, etc.
Main symptoms
  • Hijack the default homepage, search engine and new tab.
  • Modify Windows registry settings.
  • Generate annoying pop-ups.
  • Modify browser shortcuts..
Detection tool SpyHunter Malware Removal Tool


Guide to Remove Completely


For browser hijacker removal, we offer two effective ways. If you are good at dealing with computer issues, you can try the manual way to step by step get rid of from your machine. But for an easier and faster way, we suggest using a powerful removal tool.

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Step1 – Remove from Chrome/Firefox/IE

Step2 – Completely delete the browser hijacker from Registry.

Step3 – Restore browsers to default settings.

Step4 – Remove with SpyHunter removal tool.


Step1 – Remove from Chrome/Firefox/IE


chrmGoogle Chrome


Click the Chrome Menu icon at the top right corner of the browser and then select Settings.


In the Settings window, click Set pages.

Set pages

Delete the suspicious website link by by clicking X icon. Then you can type another preferable web address as your new startup page and click OK button.

delete page from Chrome

Return to the Settings window, click Change link.


Delete the browser hijacker’s homepage link from the box and click OK button.

delete homepage from Chrome

If hijacks your default search engine, click Manage search engines button to get rid of it.

Manage search engines

First, set your favorable search engine back through clicking Make default option and then delete the unwanted search engine by clicking X icon. After that, click Done button.

remove search engine from Google Chrome

Browser hijacker is very tricky. It will modify all the popular browsers shortcuts. So it is necessary to check the shortcuts for all the browsers and delete the threat’s page link.


Right-click the shortcut of your Google Chrome on your desktop or taskbar, and choose Properties option.

properties - Chrome

In the opened window, select Shortcut option. Locate to the Target field, remove the browser hijacker’s link behind exe and then click Apply > OK button.

delete from Chrome shortcut

Note: If you have difficulties in removing this stubborn browser hijacker from the shortcuts, don’t hesitate to get rid of it using a useful removal tool.

Download-iconDownload Removal Tool Now!


Mozilla icon Remove from Mozilla Firefox


Launch your Firefox browser, click the Menu icon 3baricon at the upper right corner of the window and select Options.


In the Options window, remove the questionable website link from the Home Page box and then you can type a desired URL into the Home Page box as your new homepage.

remove homepage from Firefox

Switch to click Search tab on the left side of the window. And then click the drop down menu to change the default search engine. You can choose a desired one as default such as Google.

change default search engine in Firefox

After that, drag the scroll bar downward. Find out the suspicious search engine and click Remove button to eliminate it.

remove search engine from Firefox

Delete the browser hijacker’s URL from the shortcuts of Firefox

Right-click the shortcut of Firefox on the desktop or taskbar and then choose Properties option.


In the Target field, delete the unwanted arguments behind exe and click Apply > OK button.

delete from Firefox shortcut


IE iconRemove homepage from Internet Explorer


Open IE browser, click Tools menu and select Internet options.

Internet options

In the Home page box, delete the browser hijacker’s page link and then you can type another web address or choose Use new tab as your new page. After that, click Apply > OK button.

delete homepage link from IE

Open IE browser again, click Tools menu and select Manage add-ons.

Manage add-ons

Navigate to click Search Provider tab. Look for unwanted search engine and click Remove button to delete it.

remove search engine from IE


Fix the shortcut of Internet Explorer


Right-click the shortcut of IE browser on the desktop or taskbar and then choose Properties option.


In the Target field, delete the added arguments behind exe and then click Apply > OK button.

delete from IE shortcut


Step2 – Completely delete the browser hijacker from Registry.


If still hijacks your default homepage and search engine, you can completely delete its page link through Registry. Follow the guide below to open your Registry. (Note: The following steps are suitable for Windows 7/Vista/XP/8/10 operating systems.)

Simultaneously press Windows + R key on the keyboard.


After a dialog box pops up, type ‘regedit’ into the box and click OK button.

enter registry

In the Registry window, click Edit menu and select Find option.


Then a dialog box will pop up as shown below. Type into the box and click Find Next button.

Find Next

Delete the browser hijacker’s start page link.

delete Start Page through Registry

Step3 – Restore browsers to default settings. (Optional)


Most often, browser hijacker will install spyware cookies to track your browsing habits and web searches once it gets installed. Resetting browsers will help you clear your browsing history and relevant data.


chrmReset Google Chrome


Open your Chrome browser, click the Menu icon at the upper right corner of the window and then select Settings option.


Scroll down to the bottom and click Show Advanced settings link.

Show advanced settings

Keep scrolling down to the bottom and click Reset settings button.

Reset settings

In the confirmation dialog box, click Reset button.

Reset Google Chrome


Mozilla iconReset Mozilla Firefox


Open your Firefox browser, click the Menu icon 3baricon at the upper right corner of the window and then click the question mark help icon at the lower right corner.

Reset Google Firefox

Select Troubleshooting Information option.

Troubleshooting Information

Then you will receive a window as shown below. Click Refresh Firefox button.

Refresh Firefox

In the confirmation dialog box, click Refresh Firefox button to reset your browser.

Refresh Firefox button



IE iconReset Internet Explorer


Open IE browser, click Tools menu and select Internet options.

Internet options

In the opened window, click Advanced tab at the top right corner and then click Reset button.

Reset button

After a dialog box pops up, check Delete personal settings and click Reset button.

reset button1

In the confirmation dialog box, click Close button.



Step4 – Remove Startpageing123.comwith SpyHunter removal tool


SpyHunter Removal Tool is recommended for all computer users to remove and any other stubborn malware including adware, viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, rootkits, and keyloggers with high efficiency. With its advanced and sophisticated algorithm, SpyHunter can deliver ongoing protection against up to the minute malware. Although most obstinate malware are good at disguising itself as a legitimate program, SpyHunter can quickly recognize and remove them without effort.



tickEasily, quickly and completely remove any stubborn malware.

tickEffectively block any malicious programs downloading to your PC.

tickSpeed up your PC and optimize computer performance.


SpyHunter Installation Process


  • Once finished downloading, click Run button.


  • Choose the language you prefer and click OK button.


  • Click CONTINUE button.


  • Select I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy and click INSTALL button.


  • Now, SpyHunter is installing. Please wait for a moment.


  • Click FINISH button to complete SpyHunter installation. Then the Removal Tool will automatically update to the latest version. Just wait for a few seconds.


  • Now, Launch SpyHunter by clicking Scan Computer Now. The anti-malware application will quickly scan your PC (Drives, files, registry, etc).

Scan computer now

  • and other potential threats will be quickly detected by SpyHunter is detected by SpyHunter

  • Click Fix Threats button to remove all detected threats.

Fix Threats

Note: SpyHunter’s free version just helps detect malware on your PC. To get rid of the detected malicious programs, you need to purchase the licensed version.


Want to remove Permanently?


Obstinate browser hijacker or stubborn malware can’t be effectively removed by the simple manual removal steps. Many victims complain that their browsers are still hijacked by after manually removing. Once infected with such threat, computer experts always suggest using a powerful removal tool to completely get rid of it from the infected computer.

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The following video offers a complete guide for removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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