Guides to Remove eShield/ from Computer and Browsers

“Lately I have struggled to get rid of eShield search tool or security protection site despite it looks harmless, the end result being I fail to delete it for I have never removed a homepage or search engine before. How do I make myself really able to delete it?”

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Get to know about eShield/ safe search

Most PC users like to delete this search tool from computer possibly because this program just comes without any invitation and do not have much common values to help improve any activities. Moreover, most users would like to choose Google, Yahoo or other famous search engine to be default, other unfamiliar site like this, is usually suspicious, especially it enters the computer with no authorization. Therefore, numerous users regard it as a computer virus or potential unwanted program that will threaten the system badly. Thus, to learn more about eShield, we provide related details below.


More information about eShield/

eShield or is developed and owned by Tightrope Interactive with a view to offer safe online search engine and private searching on the web. In many case, it appears as or


There is no doubt that this is not a malicious site that makes users feel uncomfortable with the functions it provides. According to the developer of this program, this tool gives net users a safer browsing and a strong sense of security, especially under the unsafe internet environment, where people often spread, download or deliver something. Eventually this is a safe search tool that will warn users when getting access to some insecure websites. When the below warning pops up, it is a sign indicates we have to step out of the site containing potential threats or viruses. However, it limits our to expand our social network with different access to random websites which are considered to be risky but do not dangerous at all. When using this safe search tool, we make progress in avoiding online attacks by staying away from unreliable website and untrustworthy pages.45

Phishing sites through the network are often shown in some search results, which means we do not know what risky site we will be redirected to at the beginning of the access until we enter the page. With the help of this search engine, we can know about the security level of the site we are going to visit. Using the below screen-shot as an example, if we search a keyword by utilizing this search engine, it will display a related sign to clear the risky level of the sites contained on the search results.6

Most likely when we seeing the colorful vertical line at the search results, we can clearly notice the risks included on every site appearing on the below. Different color show different level of risks. What is more, some browser hijacker will force us to use its search engine and start page, undoubtedly, this site also will make us to use its services.7

As we all know, most regular web browsers have the function of “private browsing” or “incognito browsing”, however, the “private browsing” offered by Google or other search engine do not mean that all our browsing information will not be collected but the IP address, search data and sites we have visited as well as other relevant data will be gathered at the same. The only thing it hides for us are the browsing experiences and make it unable to be seen by others who use the same computer. But eShield search provider, as it states, utilizes the “TOR network” (a peer-to-peer proxy network), is able to help hide our P address, search data, and browser history through a series of peers also utilizing the TOR network.8

Obviously, this site or program is more reliable than suspicious browser hijacker even it comes to a target computer with no permission. However, it is a little different. Comparing to a browser hijacker, it acts more like a protector. As the information it gives at its features page, it till provides search engine protection to make us take the control over our browsers homepage and search engine. Here are the main sentences it states about search engine protection.

“eShield doesn’t just protect your computer and identity, it also protects your browser’s homepage.

Unfortunately, a lot of apps and programs will try to “hijack” your browser by setting your homepage to a particular site, or setting your search bar to a particular search engine.

eShield protects your homepage and search bar, and gives you back the control that every user should have. eSHIELD gives you the ability to protect yourself from unwanted intrusions, and allows you to choose what homepage you want.

eShield’s Search Engine Protection works on all three major browsers—Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. To ensure maximum safety, it is recommended to always browse the Web using eShield.”
(resources from

9To help deal with confusing net users who encounter the installation of this software but want to know about what is it and what is the main function it contains. Focusing on the frequently asked question, the site owner has listed some associated questions that most net users would ask and give the answer below the question, here are some related screen-shots.


Why we need to remove eShield/ although it is useful?

Before answering the question, let us take a look at the screen-shot of “terms of services” of this site. Just look at the point 2 and point 10. According to point 2 it lists, the agreement of its installation is also an agreement to accept its authorization of popping up promotional information, advertising windows and other contents that we do not want to see during browsing. According to the details, all the potential risks or challenge we are going to face after clicking on the pop up contents on the visiting pages. Even it does not give us the most detailed information about what pop up ads we will receive, it is still not hard to imagine. Even in the situation that we are using Google search, we continue getting advertising pop ups when browsing. But that is not the same. Google can not ensure the safety of pop up ads, but it is the most powerful search engine, there are tens of thousands of net users are using it, it is more reliable than an unknown search tool. This situation is considered critically dangerous, with random pop up content displayed on the websites. The risks of the ads can be low, but for most computer systems with poor security defense, it is a huge threaten.56

Troubles we may get from eShield/
-Insecure pop up contents on the sites we are visiting
-The homepage or search engine we get may be unwanted
-Some secure sites are not easy to get access or blocked
-Certain additional software or plugins will be added to the system and browsers

How does eShield/ get installed without our permission?

This is a screen-shot of the installation wizard, but most the net users who find eShield/ usually do not encounter this process for the software often gets installed along with updates, flash player and media programs. The installation of this program, ultimately, acts like a third party bundle which attaches to the target software or updates we want to install. It is not known whether the bundles include the download of it unless we select the “custom” or “advanced” install, and when it will be available for using, it means that all its files, folders and registry entries have been downloaded on the system. We will not be thankful when seeing the homepage and search engine are quickly changed without our notices and consents. But the reality is that they are, forcibly modified, resulting in an new site that we may know or even do not know about. New changes mean that the setting around the web search can now be seen with something new add-ons, extension, plugins and pages.1

Installer of eShield/


Guides to remove eShield/ from computer and browsers

We all want to use a safe and clean computer, browse the internet with no limitation and reduce the risks. Thus, for this reason, we are necessary to clear every possible element that may harm our computer and stop the inconveniences some unwanted program brings. More than that, most of us seem to be unwilling to use a search tool that we have not downloaded at all. To clean user’s computer and help to uninstall eShield/ from system and get rid of it from the browsers it appears, we provide the following removal guides and instructions.


Since the removal guides we provide below are manually steps, considering the risks, inexperienced net users are not recommended to follow the manual removal but download an powerful and professional remover for eShield/

Recommended remover for eShield/

SpyHunter icon1.Spyhunter


 malwarebytes icon2. Malwarebytes

4.5malware download

Max Spyware Detector iocn3. Max Spyware Detector



Manual removal steps:

Step one: we need to uninstall eshield program from system.

So, to complete the step one, we need to open control panel to check what software has been installed on our computer.
How to open control penal:


Start-Settings -Control Panel- Add or Remove Programs



Start -Control Panel-Programs-Uninstall a program





Right-click 1 -Control Panel-Programs and Features


As it is explained at the previous paragraph, there must be a program installed on our computer as following.1

Select the target program and unisntall it


Step two: restart computer


Step three: Clean all web browsers

Step number three, is to remove related extension added by this software. By doing this, we can regain the control of web browser and be able to set back default settings. This is the most important step.

Open chrome, click menu icon at the top-right corner, select “more tools” and then choose “extensions”1

Find the “eshield” extension and click the trash icon at the back to delete it2

Click “remove” to confirm3


Reset Chrome settigns to default
After, select “settings” at left side, roll down the page and select “show advanced settings”


Click “reset settings”5

Click “reset” to make sure all the malicious extension and plugins are removed by resetting to default6

Open Firefox, click menu icon at top right corner, select “add-on” section1

Find and remove “eshield” extension by clicking on the “remove” option at the at the end of the extension2

Once done, open a new tab, put “about:config” into address bar and press “enter” on keyboard3

Click “I’ll be careful, I promise” to enter4

Once a window is opened, search “eshield” at the search bar, then all the related strings will be displayed on the result5

From top to bottom, reset every string one by one.6

Right-click the “browser.newtab.url” string string, click “reset”7

Right-lick the second sting and then “reset”8

The same as we reset the above strings, we need to follow the steps to reset all associated strings listed910111213

Close Firefox


if you still have any problems, it is advised to reset browser settings to default.

Open Firefox, click “help”, select “troubleshooting information”1

once enter, click “reset Firefox”2

Click “reset Firefox” again3

Select “finish”4

After click “finish”, the reset process will be activated5

As long as the reset is completed, a new tab will automatically pop up, “√” the “window 1” and click “close”6

Open IE, click settings icon, move to “manage add-on”1

Find “eshield” extension and remove it by selecting it and then click “disable”23

Close IE
Open IE browser again, click settings icon, forward to “Internet options”4

Remove the address below5

Enter “about:blank” instead6

Then, click “tabs”7

Select “a blank page”, by doing this, whenever we open a new tab, we will get a blank page instead of a specific site8

Click “OK”9

Click “apply” and then “OK”10

Close all windows


Rest Internet Explorer settings to default
Open IE, click “settings” icon, choose “Internet option”1

Move to “advanced” tab2

Click “reset”3
“√” the “reset personal settings” option4

Click “reset”5

Once done, click “close”6

Note: if you do not sure if there are any leftovers are not removed once the manual removal is completed, download professional antivirus software to scan the entire system.




In our work with browser management, we usually encounter unwanted and strange homepage and search engine – after installing some third parties on computer. Some reliable search tools do help to make a better browsing experience, but no one can make sure that all the search homepage or search engine providers are safe to use. The most important thing to do when encountering strange bundles is to learn more information about it, to know full well the risks we are facing, and then make decision to remove it or not. Unfortunately, most so-called useful homepage and search provider are regarded as browser hijacker or redirect virus. In this case, antivirus software is important as they facilitate to our computer. The problem is, most people do not have the sense of computer protection for many threats we get are not easy to distinguish and even some of them are invisible, like Trojan virus. Often we do not take a moment and think about what potential threats we may face on the internet and why we need a professional antivirus for the better.

Attention: The following video offers a complete guide for eShield/ redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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