Guides to Remove Extension/Addon from Browsers

Usually, we may get some unwanted addons or extension when donwloading third parties from the internet. Most of them are not malicious but unnecessary. They do not add any value to our browsers and even some of them might be dangerous for they only generate pop up ads, redirection and other symptoms. For this reason, it is highly recommended to delete addtional add-on and extension from browsers for PC safety. In this post, we provide step-by-step removal guides to help net users get rid of unwanted extensions easily. Just follow the instructions below carefully.


Remove extension from browsers:

ie iconchrome iconfirefox iconsafari iconopear iocn


ie iconSteps to remove addon from Internet Explorer:

-open IE, click the menu iocn at the top right corner
-move to “manage addon” section
-select target extension and click “disable
IE1ie 1-1




chrome iconSteps to remove extension from Google Chrome:

-open Chrome, click the menu icon at the top right corner
-move to click “settings” and select “extensions
-click on the unwanted extension and delete it



firefox iconSteps to remove extension from Mozilla Firefox

-open Firefox, click on the menu icon at the top right corner
-move to “add on” section, select “extensions
-choose the unwanted extension and click “remove



safari iconSteps to remove extension from Safari

-open Safari browser, click the settig icon at the top right corner
-select “preference” section
-once the window is opened, select “extensions”
-find the unwanted and unnecessary extension and then click “uninstall”





opear iocnSteps to remove extension from Opera

-open Opera, select “opera” at the top left corner
-move to “extensions” below the list and forward to “extensions manager”
-find unwanted extension and removeo1o2



The following video offers a complete guide for to Remove Extension/Addon from BrowsersYou’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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