Guides to Remove from Computer (Manual Removal)

When SEARCH.GENIEO.COM automatically appears on your Firefox or Chrome, how quickly can you realize that your browser is hijacked? How quickly can you figure out an effective solution to solve the problem? Sure, when you get this site on a browser, you are possible to ignore it, failing to recognize the risks you are taking from it. It might lat you feel uncomfortable – that is to say, you may only find the replacement of homepage and search engine – but you do not know that it is insecure option to keep it.

Get to Know About

—Basic information about SEARCH.GENIEO.COM

When taking about this site,we usually refer to the page SEARCH.GENIEO.COM and its related program that has been installed to a computer along with specific installers. It is really a good search engine to search hot new and videos online. Because when the default homepage is replaced and this engine has taken control over our web browsers, it does have the function of providing search box. If you get this site inside your computer all by yourself, feel free to use it. However, if this program comes inside your computer with no approval, it seems a bit terrible to get rid of it if you have opened a door for it to enter and let it hijack web browsers. It is considered slightly risky, but not as risky as a Trojan virus for it is a legitimate website. It is not until now that search sites like this are developed through the internet. Most computer experts warn us with tons of tips and posts reminding us that not only such websites can enter our computer silently, it is also likely to get other dangerous threats with computer vulnerability.1

SEARCH.GENIEO.COM, with a official site named, is created by Genieo company which claims to be the creator of the ultimate recommendation engine. Its official site gives the full details about this search page : “about” information, “terms of use” details, “privacy policy” and all other necessary information. This is a sign indicating that all needed information has been displayed. Obviously, the development of it is legal. Any net user have the choice to download it or install it. Although it is regarded to be a legitimate search site, it is still not recommended to use it for it is not sure whether the search results of this search engine are guaranteed to be safe. It is so clear that this is a promotional search engine for its developers have made it clear on its “about” page.

“For its white-label partners such as Publishers, Hardware manufacture and Desktop application provider Genieo significantly impacts stickiness and creates new revenue opportunities by market themselves online.”2

As we can see on the interface of this search site and the information of Google search about this page, it mainly targets on newspaper and video demonstration. Among the search results provided by Google, this is a useful search engine. And, according to most net users who have used this search engine willingly or unwillingly, report that this is not a really good engine like Google or Bing, for the search results contain many ads.34

– A little test of SEARCH.GENIEO.COM

Thus, to verify the fact, we search a keyword “news” on this search site. Apparently, the result offered by this site leave much to be desired – there are huge amount of advertising contents are displayed at the top of the results and the right side of the page. There is no need to search more keywords for testing as the results is yet far more unsatisfied. Although we can get a legal explanation from its official site that the pop up ads are legitimate, most of them are linked to its partners sites. They can still put our computer into risk that it can not make sure all the websites and pages it links to are safe. That is to say, these pop up ads, instead of attracting more attention, seem tend to redirect us to some advertising sites. It takes more time for us to scan the results and make decision about which link to click. Under this situation, nothing else will ensure the security of what we are going to do. However, we can not draw that conclusion after testing it only by search one keyword for the observations are preliminary. Hence, we can learn the definition from Wikipedia.56

-Wikipedia definition of Genieo

Let’s take a look at what the online definition of Genieo (the developer of SEARCH.GENIEO.COM). Two screen-shots from Wikipedia have been listed below.

Genieo is considered to be a advertising company which works with other promotional websites so as to display advertisements. It does not mean that the this site or the partners sites are insecure, but since this site is developed for promotion, there must be random advertising medias included – as most users report that for some particular moment in time, the pop up ads come on a large scale.7

According to Wikipedia, it turns out to be a malicious site, all the information about it is to certify its insecurity. It is legitimate, but there are just some situation when net uses want to remove it for it is not so useful or even brings more threats to the computer. That might be the reason why it is defined to be malicious. The malware issues brought by this program are listed as the picture shows.8

What can we do when realize the dangers of this site? Search as as little as possible and avoid using browsers anymore? That might be fool. We do not have to be afraid after learning the risks of this site but try our best to remove it from computer and clean everything – this does not take a long time to do if we have antivirus software installed on the computer. If any antivirus software on our computer can not detect out the unsafe programs and files, we need to take times to check all the program that we just have downloaded recently.

-Deceptive installers of SEARCH.GENIEO.COM

Check all the programs that are recently downloaded from the internet the installation of this program begins with the download of other free program as most free applications on the internet have malicious bundles. Some free program may not given to us to know what kinds of bundles it contains unless we check the bundle box. The prizes of installing unreliable programs are at the end of the attack, not easy to find at the beginning, the web homepage and search engine will be replaced by SEARCH.GENIEO.COM. Also, the computer will run slower than before, it take more time to load the system at the beginning. Sometime we will get no response when try to run other programs on the computer. Failure we may still encounter at the thousands troubles, yet some files are success hide behind the system. Never be too easy to find the original carrier of this program if we do not know about the exact name. In general, browser hijacker or redirect virus are distributed around the internet by using updates, media players and other suspicious pop up contents. The chief reason why we get this site and its program, is that we install the programs it attaches to without checking. We have no reason to believe that this program is installed by ourselves. It comes with no permission. What is more serious is that we can not stop the risks until we remove it from computer.
The following installers are detected by antivirus software:91011121314

Guides to Remove from Computer (Manual Removal)

Note: We must try the auto-fix removal first before beginning to select manual removal option for the risks of manual removal is higher than auto-fix method.

SpyHunter icon1.Spyhunter


 malwarebytes icon2. Malwarebytes

4.5malware download

Max Spyware Detector iocn3. Max Spyware Detector




Manual removal steps for :

First, remove Genieo program from system.
To open control panel:

1Start-Settings -Control Panel- Add or Remove Programs

2Start -Control Panel-Programs-Uninstall a program

3Right-click 1 -Control Panel-Programs and Features
Scan all the programs listed, find a program named Genieo which is installed on the computer along with other programs.1

Select this program and uninstall it from computer2

Second, clean all browsers and set back the default homepage, start page and search engine
Open Google Chrome, if the homepage/startpage is replaced by SEARCH.GENIEO.COM, we need to delete it completely for it has hijacked Chrome.
Click the icon at the top-right corner of homepage, then there will be many options displayed below the icon, choose “settings” option.3

After we click “settings”, a window will pop up on the screen, find “set pages” and click it4

Then, the startup pages window will be opened, we can delete SEARCH.GENIEO.COM startpage and reset the the start page to a favorite site.
Find SEARCH.GENIEO.COM and click “X” to remove it first5

And then, set a favorite site to be startpage, such as Google (recommended), Bing and Yahoo, click “OK” to save changes6

Then, rest homepage.
Click “change” on “appearance” section7

we can see that the option of “open this page” is set to be SEARCH.GENIEO.COM, it makes this site can automatically pop up when we run Chrome. Thus, remove it completely.8

Instead, enter a default page like Google or other reliable sites, click “OK”9

After resetting startpage and homepage, we need to continue resetting search engine

Click “manage search engines…” option at “search” section10

At the opening window, remove “web search” option by clicking “X”11

Once done, make Google or other reliable search engine to be default12

Once all settings are reset, check if there are any suspicious extension, if any unwanted extension is found, remove it.
Click “extension”, find and remove unwanted extension13

C. Clean Chrome “properties”
Right-click Chrome shortcut on the desktop, select “properties”14

Delete “SEARCH.GENIEO.COM…” from target bar, click “OK” to save15

Open Firefox, click the icon at the top-right corner, select “options”1

Once the “options” window is opened, at the “home-page” bar, we can see that it is set to SEARCH.GENIEO.COM.2

Click “restore to default”, by doing this, the homepage of Firefox will be set to default3

Click “OK” to save the modification4

Then, we should remove the unwanted search engine which is forcibly added to Firefox
Click “↓” icon at the end of address bar56

Some search engines added to Firefox are demonstrated7

Find and remove suspicious search engine: click unwanted search engine on the list, then click “remove”8

Click “OK”9

Clean Firefox “properties”
Right-click Firefox shortcut on the desktop, move to “properties” option10

Remove SEARCH.GENIEO.COM ad following, then click “OK”11

Open IE, click settings icon, move on to “Internet Options”1

Remove SEARCH.GENIEO.COM from home-page box2

Enter “about:blank” instead, then we will receive a blank page when open IE browser
(note: if you do not want a blank page, you can enter a website address like

Click “tab” option, check if we have set a blank page as homepage4

If it does, click “OK”, if not, choose “a blank page” then click “OK”5

Click “apply” and then “OK”6

After setting back IE homepage, we need to go on deleting unneeded search provider
Open a new tab on IE, click setting icon, move to “manage add-ons”7

Click “search providers” option at the left side, we can find every unwanted search provider added to IE8

Set a favorite search provider as default first9
then click Genieo search provider and then click “remove”10

Click “close” to close the tab once it is done11

Clean IE properties
Right-click IE shortcut on the desktop, select “properties”
When the window is opened, delete SEARCH.GENIEO.COM and click “OK” to save changes12

This is the end of manual removal steps

(Reminder: Somehow the manual removal is not as effective as auto-fix tool and the manual removal is complicated. To make sure there is nothing malicious left, download antivirus software to scan the system and detect insecure files and programs.)

2529_03SpyHunter icon

malware downloadmalwarebytes icon

downloadMaxspywaredetectorMax Spyware Detector iocn


As we can see, the removal instruction of SEARCH.GENIEO.COM is so complicated. The most secure action to stay away from this threat is to avoid suspicious downloads and use antivirus software to defense attacks. Antivirus software is the great tool of secure and repair. It provides strong protect and it prevents computer virus from attacking. If we add trust to security tool, we may reduce the risks of being infected by random infections that may keep our computer safe. How many times have we need to be infected that we can learn from the facts online security is very important to daily life. As it is said at the previous paragraphs, downloading suspicious free application or opening junk email attachment may result in virus attacks, thus, according to research, it is very necessary to use antivirus software for computer protection.


The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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