Guides to Remove Step by Step

Why does the homepage is changed to Take into account all programs you have downloaded, websites you have visited and pop up ads you have clicked on recently when you want to find the answer. Then you can get real about what you can do to solve this problem.

The reason why does the homepage is change to

Think about the the reason why does automatically become default homepage or search page of Chrome, Firefox or IE, you would better answer another question first: are you satisfied with this search page? The answer must be NO. Even sometimes it will show some search results exactly the same as Google or other search engines, you may still want to delete it as, in fact, this is a browser hijacker which is hijacking your browsers right now. Is this site dangerous once it becomes homepage? For some users it is becoming a dangerous threat as it keeps displaying a lot of advertising ads on the screen. For others it is taking a lot of system resources, making computer runs really slow. For some it is raising the possibility for users to be hacked as it introduces other unwanted programs without permission. However, no matter what it means to you, be clear on what a good search engine looks like to you and do not be fooled by the fake pop up

The reason why it is dangerous to computer:

This is the killer part right here. All of the above information is important but it has not point our the risks of keeping this browser hijacker on computer. As a browser hijacker, this site is used by hackers to promote other malicious programs, ads and sites. Now is not the time to think of how does it enter your computer. Think of what troubles it will bring with its related program running on system. We can always find some related information from its official site. While some information suggests that this site can collect the browsing information during the period of searching. We have compiled a list of some troubles brought by this threat. Many of these troubles are caused by browser hijackers.

Data theft
This search site collects your search keywords, recent visits, personal accounts information and browser cookies forcibly. It records all the browsing activities and tries to save relevant data without permission.

Ads promotion
It hijacks target browser and shows relevant pop up ads on webpage when you are searching by using its search engines. Some online promotion, deals, sales and text will be displayed to attract your attention.

High CPU consumption
With its program running on system, the CPU usually up to high as there are always many third parties are activated. The high consumption leads to poor performance.

Does make your computer unsafe? Don’t worry! Take actions to remove it completely. Follow the manual removal guide step by step to remove it completely. Or if you are not familiar with virus removal, just download SpyHunter removal tool below to scan your computer entirely. Then click to fix all threats with only one click!download-spyhunter-now is detected by SpyHunter:

Guides to Remove Step by Step

Step one. Uninstall programs from control panel
Step two. Remove from Chrome, Firefox and IE
Step three. Delete malicious registry from registry editor
Step four. Clean relevant files and folders
Step five. Clear leftovers with SpyHunter


Step one. Uninstall programs from control panel

To open control panel from different operating systems

windows XP:
Click on start icon at lower left corner from desktop, select “control panel” from main list at the right side.1

Note: if we can not find control panel option, it may be because we set start menu to “classic” or disable the related quick link as part of a customization. To open control panel in another way: click “start” button, select “settings” option instead, then click “control panel” or execute cotnrol from the “run” box.

Windows 7, Vista:
From desktop, move to the lower left corner and then click “start” button
When we get the main menu list, select “control panel” in the right margin


Note: sometimes we may not able to find “control panel” option from main list as it may be disabled from start menu. To solve this problem, just search “control panel” directly in the search box. Then, click “control panel” option as it is found.

Windows 10
Tag or click “start” button and then select “all apps”
Then tag or click “windows system” folder.
(We may need to scroll all the way down the list of apps to find it.)
Then we can find “control panel” option from windows system folder

Windows 8 or 8.1
Swipe up to the apps screen, then click on the downward-facing arrow icon. As a result, we may bring the same screen.
Unfortunately, Microsoft made it especially difficult to access Control Panel in Windows 8. They made it a little easier in Windows 8.1, but it’s still far too complicated.


Note: Prior to the Windows 8.1 update, the Apps screen is accessible by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, or right-clicking anywhere, and then choosing All apps.

As control panel is opened, select “program” or “add/remove program” option2

After, all uninstalled programs will be listed on the new window. Scroll all the window and find unwanted and unknown programs from list. Then uninstall them completely.2

Note: we should tick “show hidden files, folders” option first before uninstalling unwanted and unknown program as some of them might hide deeply on computer.

Uninstall all unwanted and unknown programs one by one from system.

Step two. Remove from Chrome, Firefox and IE

Google Chrome
Open Chrome browser, click main menu icon from the top-right corner and then select “settings”
Then we will get Chrome settings window


* Delete unwanted startup page
Go to “on startup” section, click “Set pages”15

If the startup page is set to a strange link, remove this link from box4

Instead, we can put a new link we like to be default startup page. Also, we can just leave it blank or put “about:blank” in5

No matter what we put in the box, do click “OK” to save in the end

* Remove unwanted search engine
Click “manage search engines” option on

Make Google or other trustworthy search engines to be default and remove unwanted and strange search engines from list


Save changes and exist

* Reset Chrome settings to default (Optional)
Please back up crucial browsing data before resetting to avoid data lose

Scroll down the Chrome settings page, click “reset” button5


(If we can not find “reset” button at the bottom, click “show advanced settings” option to drop down)4

Click “reset” button to continue

* Remove malicious browsing settings
Double click Firefox shortcut to run Mozilla Firefox, then we will get the fake update page, move to the top-right corner of this page, click main menu icon and the select “options”

Go to general tab, we can see it clearly that the homepage is set to be without our permission.

To reset homepage settings, click “restore to default” button
Save the changes and exist
* Clear Firefox properties
Right click Firefox shortcut from desktop, click “properties” at the bottom of the pull-down list

remove shortcut_firefox_1
Go to Firefox target setting, remove the information added after firefox.exe
Leave “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe” only and then click “OK” to save
Close all tabs and restart Firefox to check if the settings are back to default.


Note: if this browser hijacker still keeps hijacking Firefox after doing the above actions, then we should reset Firefox to default if we want to completely solve this problem.
* Reset Firefox settings to default (Optional)
On startup page or homepage, click main menu icon, click on Help and then click on “Trouble Shooting Information”


In the Firefox Troubleshooting information page, click on Refresh Firefox button

click on Refresh Firefox button to confirm the resetting
* Change browsing settings
To reset homepage, click the settings icon at the top-right corner of this page, and then select “internet options” from the drop-down list which is opened after clicking settings icon

Then we will automatically go to “general” tab of IE, under this tab, on the middle of this tab, we can find homepage settings. Undoubtedly, the URL; of homepage is changed to In this case, we need to reset homepage completely.
To reset it, move the mouse to the “use new tab” button and then left-click it.
Through this, the homepage URL will be set to “about:tabs”. As long as the homepage is reset, click “apply” to confirm.
* Clear IE properties
Right click IE shortcut, then we will get a drop down list, select “properties” from the bottom.

remove shortcut_ie_1
Go to “shortcut” tab, remove all things added after “…iexplorer.exe” on target box.

Leave “C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe” only and then click “OK” to save

* Reset internet explorer settings to default (Optional)

From homepage or startup page, Click on “Tools”, and then click on” Internet Options”
Click the “Advanced” tab in the Internet options window and then click on “Reset” button

In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, click “Reset” again

When resetting browser settings is completed, please click Close and then click OK

Step three. Delete malicious registry from registry editor

Open windows registry editor:
Click “start” or windows from desktop, search “regedit” on search box


Click “regedit” program from search result2

Click “edit” and then select “find” option


Put in search box and then click “find” to search related data, values and keys on system


As the malicious strings are displayed, right click it and then select “remove”


Repeat the “find-remove” step till nothing malicious string is found

Step four. Clean relevant files and folders

Open “my computer” , click local C disk


Search on the search box


As any relevant is found, delete them completely

Step five. Clear leftovers with SpyHunter

Click here to download SpyHunter removal tool


Save the files on computer and follow the installing wizard to install program


Run SpyHunter, click “scan computer now” to scan the entire system

Scan computer now

As the scan is finished, click “fix threat” to remove all threats from computer

fix threats

Run SpyHunter to protect computer

Connecting computer to the internet and downloading third parties are full of small questions: is this site safe? What bundles this program swill contain? Small questions are important as they facilitate the computer safety. The problem is, most users do not take a few minutes to check the websites or programs. Then, having a professional security tool on computer will solve this problem as it reduce the the risks of being hacked and infected. Take a few minutes to download SpyHunter, your computer can stay away from threats.


The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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