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The main purpose of this removal is to serve as instructions for eradicating the browser hijacker, If you have no notion of what browser hijacker is or why it should be eliminated from the computer, you will get the answer later in this article, but at least you have to know that this intrusive website will make your browsing activity a terrible experience and you should keep away from it. The damages caused by this website could beyond your imagination. Online promotion has become an integral part of the web user experience, this means was supposed to be used to drive traffic to designated sites and generate income for the advertisers and its developers, but these days it also serves morally repugnant website owners who trap users for gaining money. In the next part we will explain what would be changed once your computer is compromised by and how is used to redirect users.

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This page won’t be unfamiliar to you if you have suffered from

Roughly, its page layout looks like the same with other renowned search engine such as Google and WOW. The search bar is placed in the center of the white background so as to attract the most attention of users. Users can search different kinds of content including Web, Images, Videos, News and Shopping via the tabs on the top left corner. Anyone who first enters this website will not associate it with the browser hijacker if they are not forced to visit this page. Some users of the infected computers reported that the visiting to this website is not out of their own free will. They lost the control of their browsers and are taken to this website by unknown infection. Actually, the reasons that users are brought to this site are various. For instance, when a gullible user visits any unsecure website that is embedded with predefined malcodes that are definitely invisible to general visitors, these malcodes will shortly execute the predetermined command to exploit vulnerabilities in Java so as to redirect users to other websites. The compromised website usually is a new website with a young domain and the information of the website owner is hidden or unclear, but not always. Even the iframes of normal and legitimate websites can contain malicious code as they are affected with dangerous elements. That’s why there are some users’ computers get infected with the browser hijacker while they did not enter any strange websites.

Today the malicious programs can automatically load on the computer without requiring users to click on anything. Before users perceive the abrupt changes on their computers, the malware has already penetrated into the system and started its harmful behaviors. Commonly, the browser hijacker like can land on the computer when users click on unsafe links, pop-up windows, open the attachment from spam email and download file or program. The drive-by download has always been the most common method that cyber criminals use to spread malware. Most of users have no idea about how malware come to the computer; in fact they make their own troubles because of their carelessness. It is strongly recommended that all users should pay extra attention when download and install any software on the computer and uncheck the option if they do not want to install additional programs. In general, people rarely read the EULA or Privacy policy when they download a piece of software or enter a website as these terms are tedious and reading them would be a time-consuming task, so they just skip this part. However, it is suggested that you should at least skim and scan such information for your own benefit and your computer security so you will be able to find out the true face of the browser hijacker earlier. EULA

In the Terms of Use page of, it indicates that this website has its own software called Feelbegin to promote. According to its statement, this software works as the downloader to yield faster downloads and provide easier ways to install software for Mac users. However, the use of this program can be unpleasant and even become the beginning of a nightmare. You will be presented with numerous ads from third parties and Feelbegin will not limit and take the responsibility for the content of these ads and the final destination that you will be directed to, which means that even if you will be redirected to a treacherous site, the resulting loss must be borne by your own. During the installation process, it will make changes to some system settings including registry setting. If you still believe it is a normal program and the terms are fine, you are profoundly wrong.

The download source of Feelbegin is obscure and it cannot be found on its official website and a lot of users don’t even know how it comes to their computers, so it is reasonable to suppose that it is installed on the computer with other conventional programs in the installation process.

Feelbegin complaint 2

Just at that moment that the malware being installed, infiltrates into your computer. The first problem you may face with is that your browser settings will be changed without any indication. This poor search engine seemingly harmless and we can’t see anything suspicious, but actually it is a browser hijacker that has the capacity to make your browser a puppet. This website is not that threatening in itself, but it will force users to visit its page repeatedly by altering the browser settings such as replacing the homepage, changing the default search engine to its own domain, and installing unwanted toolbar and add-ons which may introduce more other malware or online advertisements in various forms to interrupt users’ browsing. Moreover, you may find it strange when you search information with it. This browser hijacker will show the search results with another search engine that we are pretty familiar with, Bing. It is not certain that if Microsoft is behind this domain or it is some kind of web technique, no matter what the truth is we should be alert to this browser hijacker. If you use the Shopping tab to search for commodity, it will take you to the website of Savefront with nothing to show on the page. No matter what items you enter on its search bar, all you can get is always a sentence: Oops, no results were found and the recommendation links to other famous online shopping websites like Ebay and Amazon.

Once the computer has been infected with, all affected computer users should take effective action to get rid of it because it will expose users’ computers to other cyber infection and seriously disrupt users’ browsing activities. Some users may find it difficult to remove it even with the help of antivirus program. If you don’t exactly know how to do, follow the comprehensive guide below step by step so you can remove the browser hijacker safely.

recommended removal tool

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If you are tired of trying more antivirus software, there is other alternative for you. If you are proficient at computer, you can try to remove the malicious components of the browser hijacker from the system by yourself without using any tool or download anything. Just follow the manual removal guide below:

mark for stepsStep 1 Uninstall the malware generated by

Users of Windows 7/ Vista:

Users of Windows 8/8.1:

mark for stepsStep 2 Change your homepage in your browser

Users of Safari:

Users of Chrome:

Users of Internet Explorer:

Users of Firefox:

mark for stepsStep 3 Change your search settings in your browser

Users of Safari:

Users of Chrome:

Users of Internet Explorer:

Users of Firefox:

Wish you good luck with this removal guide.

Conclusion is a website that makes unauthorized changes to users’ computers and brings a lot of headachy troubles. It has unknown relationship with Bing, but it is still suspicious and it can’t prove that it is a legitimate website. This time the browser hijacker not only targets at the computers run with Windows OS but also those with Apple Mac OS, thus, all users should pay more attention while surfing the web. This browser hijacker can get inside your PC without any notification and it is always too late when users find it, so it is necessary to arm your system with powerful and reliable security software and keep it up to date.The lesson to be learned is that even legitimate programs and websites can be used by shameful individuals to distribute rogue software or route traffic to malicious URLs and it is hard for users to stop being redirected. The vulnerabilities in backward versions of browser extensions like Flash Player and Java are prime targets for attack, so it is strongly suggested that users should be observant to notice if there is update available for the browser extensions and browser.
Please keep your antivirus software always running behind the scenes in order to protect your computer all the time. If you have not installed any security program yet, the antivirus programs mentioned in this post has been examined for their security, stability and performance and they are absolutely safe to use. Any of them can shield your computer from cyber threats with advanced malware removal and virus protection technologies.




The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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