How to Get Rid of Browser Hijacker Fully

Is safe to visit and use?

Does your computer browser always start with a page that you don’t recognize?

Does your computer become swamped with dozens of programs that you don’t need?

Do you constantly get redirected to unwanted advertising websites?

If you have found that your browser settings were modified without your approval, you should be aware of that this is often the result of computer virus or malware. This article is focusing on telling people about the risks of and how to remove the infections on computer completely, if you are bothered by annoying browser redirect or unwanted programs, you can use this guide to fix the problems.

TIP: Using the malware infection removal tool provided below would make it easier for you to eliminate the threats of the browser hijacker.



Did you ever use to download the stuff that you have been looking for? This website is known as a popular search engine that enables its users to search for the content they want to download online efficiently, but some people spread gossip about its intrusive behaviors recently. As its scanning bots will always keep searching, indexing and classifying files that others are downloading, you can see a large number of files that you seldom find in the organic search engine results pages. It is thought to be an advanced file search engine by a lot of computer users. It usually delivers the most relevant and useful results to users. By default the user can to do a true sub string search inside each content path and select the best download method for each file to optimize retrieval speed. After entered the specific key words of the file you need, you can much narrower down results with the Advanced search feature by entering file size specifications and managing your keyword settings. homepage

File Listing announces that it possesses a total of 951,144,901 files and the total file size of this pile of files is quite large: 53,941,18 TB. This tool is initially designed to help users locate particular files on the Internet. By entering an exact filename or a partial filename, you will be displayed with a list of URLs through which you can download the specified file, but users need to be very careful with the files they are going to download and the links of third party as most of them could point you to download malware.

In the result page of, users have to download the file via a magnet link and the page contains no other useful information about the file than the name and size. You don’t know the source of the file and it may pose security risks to your system and data. Here’s one more thing you should be worried about, you may download malicious program or virus to your PC instead of the desirable result. All files on are available for free, however, free downloads include harmful download. A free program you download from an unreliable website could contain malicious code that could cause damage on your computer system. A malicious program can mess up other application and settings, take control of your browser, or even steal your personal data.


The Effect of Search Engine Occurrence

Users should pay close heed to the software or files that are downloaded. For now, appears to be a harmless download site, but is could be used as a browser hijacker by cyber criminals. This dubious website might infiltrate into your computer as an additional browser extension or toolbar and then make changes to your browser and system settings. When you open the browser installed on your computer, no matter which browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox), it will automatically open the home page instead of your familiar one by modifying the browser shortcut or registry keys.

Once your browser is infected by the malicious browser virus, you will get redirected to some strange and advertising websites while you are viewing a page or searching. These unsafe websites can be injected with persistent pop-up ads that force users to click on the advertising contents if they want to close the pop-up window. The links and products provided by Filelisting connect to third-party websites are not affiliated with, so there is a possibility that unsecured contents are among them. If you click on the malicious link, you will download and install malware or even be compromised by ransomware. Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

In common cases, average computer users are able to removing a browser hijacker easily by uninstalling the malicious programs that cause it. However, if you are uncertain about identifying the source of the trouble, then you will probably need a specialized tool to help you get rid of it.

Remove Malicious Software with Control Panel Applet

To access this uninstallation procedure, press the Windows button on your keyboard. If you are using your device without a mouse, click the Start icon on the bottom left of the screen, then click on Control Panel (or use the Search function if you can’t see it).

Windows Start Control Panel

Under the Programs section, click Uninstall a program.

Windows 7 uninstall a program

This will launch Programs and Features. Click on the suspected malicious application, and then press the Uninstall/Change button.

Windows 7 uninstall or changeAdvice: Sort all installed programs by clicking on “Installed On” and remove any other unknown or unwanted program that was recently installed on your computer.

Clean The Infected Web Browsers

Google Chrome:

Open your Chrome browser, click on “Customize and Control Google Chrome” button at the top right corner of the window.

From the drop down list you need to select “Settings“.

Chrome settings

In the page of Settings, find the option of “Open a specific page or set of pages.” and click on Set pages.

Chrome set pages

In the following pop-up box, you will see the page of FileListing taking up your startpage.

Delete the link of it and then enter the URL of the site you want to use as your startpage.

delete FileListing from Chrome homepage


In the same Settings page, find the Appearance section. You will see that has been set as your homepage.

Click on Change now.

Chrome appearance

In the box of “Open this page” enter a new web address to replace the unwanted website and Click on OK to save your changes.

Chrome delete homepage

In the page of Settings, under the Search section click on Manage search engines….

Chrome manage search engine

If FileListing is your current default search engine, make Google or the other reliable search engine as default and then you can delete the malicious search engine from your browser.

Chrome make google as default search engine

Click on Done to save the change you have made.

Chrome delete FileListing from search engines

Right click on the icon of Chrome, and then select Properties.

Chrome PropertiesThe browser hijacker will modify the Target field so it will be able to redirect you to its page no matter when you start the browser. As such, you need to delete the malicious URL in the target field.

fix Chrome Properties

To fix this problem, simply delete the URL that comes after .exe”.

Scan Your PC for Viruses & Malware

Running an effective antivirus program like SpyHunter is another necessary step for removing computer infection. While most antivirus programs can find several types of malware, particularly viruses and Trojans which can stay hidden on your PC indefinitely, this tool has been widely used by many computer users to remove malware like unwanted programs and adware. It simple to use while it has a huge virus database to remove all known computer threats.


When the installation file is downloaded on your computer, run it immediately.

SpyHunter installer iconSelect your default language and click on OK.

SpyHunter installation step 1

Read the End User License Agreements and Privacy Policy carefully.

Choose “I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy” if you agree to the terms and conditions.

SpyHunter installation step 3

And the click on the INSTALL button to start the installation.

The installation task will get complete in less than a minute.

Click on FINISH button and SpyHunter will run automatically.

SpyHunter installation step 5

If you run this application for the first time, it will perform a quick scan for your system right away. You may need to close all your running programs and browsers for a full scan.

The time it takes to scan the computer depends on the system status. If your computer is in good condition and there are not much files and programs need to scan for virus, it will not take long.

Click on Fix Threats button to remove all detected threats on your PC.


The Best Prevention Actions for Are:

Some questionable websites offering free downloads could be laden with malware like redirect and dangerous PC virus. Clicking the download button can be quite tricky because you can only see one small download button while the rest parts are uncertain. You may be tricked into downloading adware and the system can be bombarded with tricky advertisements if you are unlucky.

In addition to regularly backing up your files and system, taking the following easy steps will help keep your website safe:

Use Firewall Protection
Firewall is one of the helpful software which completely keeps the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. It helps to block any type of threats and hackers from accessing the system.

Always Be Careful of Freeware
Freeware can be harmful as it refers to free programs or software that is downloaded from unknown websites. This can be harmful because lots of malicious programs are bundled with these free software which is not seen and gets installed into the system.

Keep Your Computer Up to Date
Both Microsoft and Apple roll out updates regularly to their operating systems. These can be important security patches and you may be compromised if you don’t install them

Install Anti-virus Software
Always try to install an anti-virus software which is good for system and run it on your computer. Installing antivirus software is not enough but actually required is good software that can protect your system from any type of threats.

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