How to Get Rid of Redirect Entirely

We have observed that there are many computer users being hampered by and they cannot find any effective way out. Whenever users go online and wherever website they go to visit, they can always see the advertisements supported by Shmoki Ads in different formats. The ads from this website are annoying, but a more worrying problem is that they can be harmful to computer security.

If you have ever get redirected to the advertising page, you’d better download and use a malware scanner which also has the ability to perform the adware removal right away in order to keep your computer safe:

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What You Should Know about is an advertising page, but its own homepage is not that harmful as what it delivers to users. It is very annoying for it sends a sea of ads while users are browsing the Internet. In order to make money and convert traffic into profit, it just keeps displaying and redirecting your webpage against your will. The ads by work like a ghost that suddenly appears in your browser and offer something that you don’t want at all. If you are stuck at the same thing, you will encounter lots of issues:

For starters, may get in your rotation frequently. Automatically some web addresses from shmokiads domain keep loading in your browser and leading you to other advertising pages frequently. You may constant get an ad regarding gaming, dating or calling for tech support before doing a search or clicking to navigate. Owing to interference by this Ad, you may find that browser settings might be modified without permission and your new tab page gets replaced by an unwanted one. homepage

In most of cases, when user download any freeware program, then threats like virus gets the opportunity to get installed on that PC automatically. After infecting your web browsing client, it will make several unwanted changes to your browser settings so that it will be able to redirect your browsing.


Getting pop-up Ads from ShmokiAds sticking around, you should realize that your computer is housing an adware or potentially unwanted program, which may run interference for other parasites if not deleted timely. The most frustrating this is that it is hard to block the unwanted ads or remove the adware from your PC. To avoid unnecessary problem, you are highly advised to take actions to rid your browser of and fix redirecting issue as soon as possible. is designed for the specific purpose that is promoting targeted ads and generating profits by using pay-per-click/visit schemes. It will take over the web browsers (include Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera) installed on the targeted computer and then force users to visit different deceptive sites. If there is unwanted program installed on your device and you are experiencing browser redirect problem, you can get all your problems fixed safely with the pop-ups removal guide below.


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Methods to Remove Browser Hijacker

Before you start:

Both free manual removal methods and automatic removal tool are provided in our removal steps. Please note that the manual method interferes with deleting registries and making changes to system settings. It could mess up your PC and cause unexpected error if you do not follow the steps properly. The manual removal does not guarantee a successful removal sometimes. Don’t be too worried. You can still complete the removal on your own just within several minutes with a malware removal tool.

Follow these steps to remove manually:

STEP 1 Remove Suspicious Applications from Computer

STEP 2 Remove Unwanted Browser Extensions from Browsers

> Remove Browser Extensions from Chrome

> Remove Browser Extensions from Firefox

> Remove Browser Extensions from IE

STEP 3 Configure Your Browser Settings

STEP 4 Modify Your Hosts File virus will alter some browser settings after it has entered the system, but please don’t be eager to change your settings back to previous ones. The first thing you need to do is removing the related malware. There could be more than malicious programs being installed on your PC, if so, you must uninstall all of them to guarantee a complete browser hijacker removal.

STEP 1 Remove Suspicious Application from Computer

1. Open Control Panel

Windows 7

Click Start Windows7 Start button icon, in Search programs and files box type “uninstall a program“.

Select Uninstall a program from the search results under Control Panel.

Windows 7 start-uninstall a program

Windows 8/8.1

On the Start screen, type “Programs” on Search box and select Programs and Features from search suggest drop-down list.



Windows 10

Press Windows+X keys together at the same time to open the Quick Access Menu, and then choose Programs and Features in it.

Programs and Features

2. Uninstall Unrecognized Programs

Look for the malicious program (which could be recently installed) and uninstall it as you uninstall normal programs.

The rogue programs might use deceitful names trying to disguise as common computer software and avoid being identified as malware. Don’t get trapped by them.


Users should pay extra attention to the uninstallation of unwanted programs because there could be pitfalls that will get users to cancel the uninstallation or install the other malicious software. If you are sure you have performed the uninstallation steps correctly but the program can’t be deleted after all, you are suggested to use a reliable uninstaller to uninstall this unwanted software completely.

STEP 2 Remove Unwanted Browser Extensions from Browsers

1. Remove Browser Extensions from Chrome

Click on Menu and then select Settings.

Chrome-select settings

Move to Extensions tab.


Find the strange browser extension that you do not see it on your browser before and click on the Delete icon belongs to it.

2. Remove Browser Extensions from Firefox

Click on Menu and then select Add-ons.

Firefox menu Add-ons

Move to Extensions tab.

Simply click on the Remove button that is clickable on the right side to remove the unwanted extension.

Firefox-remove extensions

The malicious add-on may not be named as Shmokiads so it could be hard to identify the harmful browser add-ons for some computer users. If you are uncertain about which one should be deleted, search the name of suspicious extension with Google and see if it is safe.

3. Remove Browser Extensions from IE

Click on Tools and then select Manage add-ons.


Move to Toolbars and Extensions, if you find any strange search engine in the list, select it and then click on Disable.IE- Disable extensions

STEP 3 Configure Your Browser Settings

Configure Firefox browser settings

Type “about:config” in the address bar of the browser and search for “Shmokiads” and delete all results you can find.

Then You’ll see a warning page. Please take the warning seriously and make sure you understand clearly the risks about making changes to advanced settings.

Firefox-accept the risk

Search for “Shmokiads” and delete or modify all results you find.

Firefox-about config

In the instance above, this browser hijacker is set as the default homepage so users can modify this settings by replace the web address with a new URL.

Quit the browser and your settings will be saved.

STEP 4 Modify Your Hosts File

A hosts file modification is a simple Windows tweak that is used to trick your computer into resolving to a specific IP. Users can be redirected to one or more web sites when hosts file gets changed.

Open the file which is located in “c:windowssystem32driversetchosts“.

Windows 7 hosts file

Open the hosts file using the Notepad. A typical hosts file is shown as below:

Windows 7 hosts file 2

If you see any extra line containing the unwanted web address, delete it from the file.

Remove with Professional Removal Tool

SpyHunter is a trustworthy anti-malware program which is able to run on almost all Windows OS including Windows 10. You will get instant assistance with identifying as well as removing malware, spyware, adware, malicious toolbar and worm infection. The leftover like cookies and registries generated by browser hijacker can be easily removed with one click. Even if your PC seems fine and clean, this tool can also be used as a free computer scanner to sniff out the potential risks on the system.

You will never run into any bundled software or virus when you installing SpyHunter malware removal tool. Even though there are some negative comments and criticisms in some online forums, most of them should be planted by evil competitors and borne out of misunderstanding. Users can uninstall this program easily at any time if they want to do so.

Now download SpyHunter installer to your computer:


Follow the on-screen instructions to install SpyHunter on your PC until it is complete.

The default installation directory is C:Program FilesEnigma Software GroupSpyHunter.

SpyHunter installation step 5

After you finish the installation, SpyHunter will immediately start a quick scan for computer threats.

Tips: To ensure a complete scan, it is suggested that you exit all other running programs and close the browser.

SpyHunter scanning

Once the scan is over, click on Fix Threats to remove all detected infections.

The scan results will be listed with detailed information for users to review.

spyhunter fix threats

Restart the computer at last.

How Can Your Keep Your Computer Safe?

To prevent your computer from getting browser hijacker like, web users should always be aware of the contents they browse online. Here are some advices that helps users avoid getting computer virus and malware:

  • Keep eyes on what you are downloading from free websites.
  • Don’t install any software you did not ask for.
  • Don’t click on the pop-up window/box that appear suddenly out of nowhere even you want to close it by clicking.
  • Turn on the pop-up blocker feature on your browser.
  • When you receive an email with attachment or containing unknown links, check the email address of the sender carefully before you open the attachment or click on the link.
  • If the email is sent by your acquaintance while seems suspicious, then contact that person through another way to verify that the email is safe.
  • Make sure your browser is up-to-date.
  • Using effective anti-virus software to keep your device protected against viruses and malware.

If you think your computer is infected or you need a tool to detect and remove malware on your PC timely, use our free scanner to keep your computer staying virus-free.

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