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I got am issue crop up where whenever I would try to open a new tab or access a link in Google Chrome on my computer, I would get redirected to This might be a malware or adware type website. When a new window was opened, it always started with this website first, then redirecting to other pop up displaying ads. There would be no way to go back and access the page I wanted or be able to use Google search for anything. As long as the browser was opened, it redirected to this website and the only option was to close down Chrome and try again only to get same thing happen again. I had tried clearing history and cookies and rested settings. No luck.

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What Is is browser hijacker which modifies homepage and search engine automatically once it gets installed on target computer along with free installers. Despite it only changes the browser default settings at the beginning; such browser hijacker still has other problems. The problem, in fact, is more than hijacking web browsers on your computer. It goes to the security of your online search and personal details, where you should worry about your personal online details will be collected by third party. Some computer users may think browser hijacker is a web page that does not always make a lot of sense besides changing the default homepage and search engine. As a matter of fact, some browser hijackers act more dangerous than you can imagine. Simply change the browser settings is not the main final goal of a browser hijacker as it needs to get benefits for its developers and partners. Such browser hijacker is super risky when it comes to getting searched, whether you are searching keywords or scanning a website. Whenever you want to look for information online by using a search engine like this, you will get fake search results only and you will be redirected to other unsafe websites which contain malware or ads. As more and more fake links are offers, it increases the possibility of clicking on malicious links which may redirect you to phishing pages. Arguably worst of all, this browser hijacker spread to infect your online activities – so that even when you want to open or visit any new page, you will get this redirection and end up with being annoyed by random pop up ads on screen. The redirection can severely limit your online steps. Or worse, browser hijacker like this one can even stop you from accessing other website even it is useless to type URL directly into address bar. homepage



Suppose you want to search something online by using, you may find that there are many ads appear above the search results. Most of them are some unknown online shopping websites that you have never heard before or some Amazon pop up contents. All the ads are related to the keywords you are searching. If there is a solution to solve the pop up ads or fake search result problem, other than the removal of this search engine. You may be no stranger to browser hijacker or unsafe search engine. But it is easy to ignore it when you hurry to surf the internet. You might have trouble scanning the web page contents or paying attention to the page you are scanning because this browser hijacker wants to control your steps in order to advertise other third parties. When you are supposed to open a new tab by typing its address directly, you will be automatically redirected to other websites. If you think about it, what does to your computer might seem like the opposite of what it claims as most browser hijackers will say that its search engine can enhance your online search and reduce your search time. The objective of such browser hijacker is to collect valuable information like search queries, cookies, history and other data which are uploaded by you. This means that the information you upload to a website will be collected by others who will sell them or use them to analyze your online habits. After your online habits are known, you will be into danger or you will be troubled by browser issues. There is no doubt that if you keep this threat for a prolonged period of time, you will get more troubles on computer as the infection of browser hijacker will lead to system loophole which can be used by other viruses to get in.

The Reason Why Is Dangerous

Most of us are not just beginning to study the dangers of browser hijacker. When talking about threat like, the first thing you will think about is that relationship between a search engine and the browser installed on your computer, including Google Chrome and Firefox. Some browser hijackers are not as dangerous as other computer virus, but one thing is certain: the change of homepage or search page is not permitted. Even not all browser hijackers are dangerous as Trojan virus, at least one thing is sure that most browser hijackers are attached to other installers. It could be some free installers or files that you download from unknown websites. When you install these installers and activate them, browser hijacker hides in check box and gets installed and activated at the same time. With risky change of homepage, you will be forced to use a unsafe page and its search engine. The fake search results provided by this threat will include traps, viruses, pop up ads and other invisible dangers. As long as any malicious link is clicked, you will get more troubles on computer. Showing pop up ads is another trouble you will face once browser is hijacked by You can not concentrate and stop yourself as soon as you feel your mind beginning wander and being attracted by endless pop up contents.

As more and more issues appear on computer after the infection of this threat, do you see a pattern why the pop up ads are more likely related to your recent searches and scans? Actually, the findings of pop up ads and fake search results might suggest that the information you provide may be used to display ads. As online access is actually essential for a growing number of everyday activities – from online shopping to working to communicating with people with social websites, you may not stop using the browser as long as you need to get online. It is pretty sure that the increase use of this browser hijacker is having some effect on the system as a whole. Personal data theft will be the most dangerous part of this infection. If a browser hijacker has truly controlled the default host settings, then there is no way to remove it if you are not a computer expert. For this very reason some victims will search solutions online and only find that the removal guide provided by some posts are not effective.


How To Remove is super dangerous as it will put your computer into danger. For this reason, you should timely remove completely in order to avoid further lose.

Note: If you are not able to get rid of browser hijacker manually by deleting all related things yourself, you can download a professional removal tool to help. Using malware removal tool is safer and more effective than manual removal. What is more, if you are not familiar with the manual removal steps, you will make mistakes during deleting and then lead to more issues.





Do not try the manual removal guide if you are not skillful enough.

Manual Removal Guide


Step one. Uninstall suspicious program from windows through control panel
Most programs have their own uninstaller which can be used to uninstall program directly from start up item. However, the build-in uninstaller sometimes will not delete all trance but only uninstall the relevant program from computer. As a result, some data will be left. However, not programs contain a build-in uninstaller. Thus, to be more convenient, you need to uninstall program by using windows uninstall utility/control panel.


For Windows 7 & Vista:

Click the “Start“menu, and then click “Control Panel”. 1

Then, select “Uninstall a program” under “Programs” category.

uninstall a program - Windows 7

In the window that shows all installed programs, find out suspisious program, select it and click on the Uninstall/Change button.

For Windows 8:

Right-click Start menu and select Programs and Features.

Programs and Features

In the opened window, look for suspicious and then click Uninstall to remove it.


For Windows XP:

From desktop, click “Start” menu and then choose “Control Panel” option


In the window that opens, double click the “Add or Remove Programs” link.


Find the risky program you want to remove, select it and then click the “Remove” button.



Step two. Delete malicious links from browsers adds its link to homepage, start up page and search engine once it hijacks Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. To completely clean them, you must delete its link one by one and do not miss any settings.

ie iconInternet Explorer

Open IE homepage, click main settings icon at the top right corner and then select “internet options” from list


internet options


Go to internet options window, delete from homepage box and then put “about:blank” into it instead.



Do not forgive to click “OK” to save the changes.

Delete link from properties settings

Find Internet Explorer icon on desktop, right click it first, and then select “properties” option from the drop-down list.



Once the new window is opened, check “target” section and delete which is added after “C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe””. Delete the unwanted link and leave “C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe”” only. Check it again, click “OK” as it is clear.

ie properties



chrome iconGoogle Chrome

Open chrome startup page, click main settings icon at the top right corner and move to choose “settings” option from pull-down list





Go to settings page, click “set pages” option.

set pages


Remove link from startup pages window. Then you can leave the start up page box blank or just put “about:blank” or other favorite start up page link into it optionally.


set page delete

Click “OK” to save.

set pages ok

Back to settings page, click “change” option.


Remove link from home page option. Put “about:blank” into it instead or you can just leave it blank.

changes delete

Click “OK” to save and exist

change ok

close web browser

Delete link from properties settings


Find Chrome icon on desktop, right click it first, and then select “properties” option from the drop-down list.


Once the new window is opened, check “target” section and delete which is added after “C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe”. Delete the unwanted link and leave “C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” only. Check it again, click “OK” as it is clear.


Click continue once the “access denied” window pops up

remove (2)



firefox iconMozilla Firefox

open Firefox homepage, click main menu icon and selet “options”


go to homnepage setting and remove link from homepage box.



close web browser

Delete link from properties settings

Find Firefox icon on desktop, right click it first, and then select “properties” option from the drop-down list.


Once the new window is opened, check “target” section and delete which is added after “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe”. Delete the unwanted link and leave “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe” only. Check it again, click “OK” as it is clear.



Click continue once the “access denied” window pops up




Step three. Locate and remove registry entries:

Click start or windows icon at the lower let corner on desktop, search “regedit” on computer. And then click “regedit” program


As a result, the registry editor will pop up. Click “edit” and then choose “find”


Once the search box pops up, put into it and click “find next” option

find registry

Delete related registry string found after searching.

delete registry

Right click it and select “delete”

Is too stubborn to remove manually? If you fail to remove this virus manually by following the removal instruction above, then you may encounter a risky and stubborn browser hijacker which can not be removed easily by only deleting its associated links from computer. To solve the issue, the only solution is to take advantage of removal tool. You need a reliable removal tool to scan the entire system and clean all malicious traces.


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