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“ I am struggling to remove BING.VC from computer. I tend to want to use Google as default from the start. So I try to set homepage and search engine to be But it seems impossible to set it as I always have at the back of my mind that even I successfully change the URL, this site still does not go away. And actually, it just keeps hijacking all the time.”

Why Does Hijack our Computer?

This might sound obvious. As a commercial search engine, the development of it aims at advertising. If it does not have a good reason to explain its installation, it is less likely to be regarded as browser hijacker over its promotion. Wanting to advertise some other websites, programs, software and games is not a very good reason to answer the question we want to ask above. Using this search site in any way is not safe. Think of some potential threats that hide behind this site with links, pop up window and hyper-words covering. The key to its development may be to simply demonstrate commercial pop up contents: for instance, promoting third party software, showing advertising links and displaying random pop up windows. Our search can not find any direct links relate to the search keywords. As search engine, it is expected to offer associated search results with high reputation, but as it is used for commercial aims, it might become more likely to show unrelated results instead. When it comes to searching specific keyword, getting unwanted ads is the most hateful trouble we face. Willingness to use such search engine means being ready to get numerous advertising contents and put our computer in potentially risky situations: receive ads, click unknown links, get pop up windows, download third parties and install unwanted things. The more often we utilize it, the more troubles we will get and the more dangerous our computer will be in new situations.


Why We Need to Remove

At the beginning we see this site popping on the screen, we may go to the “about” page to check what is it. Then we will get the page like the following window which states that this is a safe search engine. It may sound really weird, but most computer experts classify it to be browser hijacker due to the reason it gets installed and the traits it contains. It is going to annoy us by displaying ads randomly. Even the search results it shows closely-related to the words we are search for, they are not secure enough. Therefore, having used it and been surrounded by ads, we could not possibly avoid clicking malicious links because it could mean really increasing the possibility to get infected by other malware from other websites. So the development of this site, for us, is not recommended to use. There are so many disadvantages of using it. In another word, there are many reasons for us to remove it, and we really can not think of any reason not to.2

If we struggle to know when it is installed on our computer or simply find it hijacking the homepage of any web browser, removal step is needed. Not surprisingly, some of us are failed to remove it and it continues showing ads on our computer. The more troubles it brings to our system, the less comfortable we are.


Note: the manual removal is very complicated as there are many steps to take. If we want to skip the mess and go straight to the end of its removal, downloading auto-fix tool will always be the best, quick, professional and safest method. Take a look at the manual removal then we will see it may cause a long time to complete. It is easy for us to be confused about some steps during manual removal process. Thus, if we are lack of computer skills and do not want to take risks of making mistakes, the removal tools recommended below should be our first choice.

removal tools

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Manual Removal Guide


Google Chrome

* Reset startup up pages of Chrome

Run Google Chrome, click “open menu” icon and select “settings”


Go to chrome settings page, move to “on startup” section and then click “set pages”


As the window of startup page is opened, we will find BING.VC is added to the list which is showed under startup page option with a red B icon on the left


This is the malicious address we should remove from startup if we want to set startup page of Chrome back to default. To remove it, move the mouse to the right side of this address, then we will get an “X” mark, click it to delete


Deleting this address from startup option is not enough, we still need to set a new startup address of we want to receive a specific page when open Chrome. Thus, under “add a new page” option, enter “about:blank”, or we can set other pages like Then click “OK” to save



* Change homepage settings

Once the startup page is reset, continue resetting homepage.

Back to settings page, go to “appearance” section and click “change”


Under homepage option, remove BING.VC address which is added to “open this page”


Instead, we also need to add a new homepage if we want. For example, we can put “about:blank” or “” to be default homepage on this option


Do click “OK” to save the changes


* Remove unwanted search engine

Move to “search” section, click “manage search engine” option


Once the search engine list is opened, remove all unwanted search engine by clicking “X” and make a favorite search engine to be default. Then click “OK” to save


Close all tabs and restart Chrome again to check if BING.VC is completely removed.


Note: if we still can not get rid of this browser hijacker after resetting (Optional)

Click main menu icon at the top-right corner, click “settings” option


Once the settings page is opened, scroll down the mouse and go to the bottom of this page, click “reset settings” (sometimes we need to click “show advanced settings…” to pull down all options first)


Click “reset settings” in the bottom


Click “reset” again to confirm, then all the settings of Google Chrome will be reset to default, including homepage, search engine, new tab page and other browsing settings.


Close all windows




* Reset homepage of Firefox

Run Firefox, click open menu icon at the top-right corner of startup page, then select “options”


Go to “general” window, move to “home page” section. We may see that the default URL of homepage is changed to BING.VC. To rest it, we need to remove this address from homepage section.


Then, enter a new homepage address to be default. We can put “about:blank” or any other new address we like.



As long as it is done, do not forgive to click “OK” to save the modification.


Close general tab.

* Change advanced settings

Put “about:config” on the address bar of Firefox, then press “enter” on keyboard.



Usually, we will get a warning window which warns us that “changing these advanced settings can be harmful to the stability, security and performance of this application. You should only continue if you are sure of what you are doing”. Do not worry about it because this is just a common phenomenon, just click “I will be careful, I promise” button to enter advanced settings window of Firefox.



When the window is opened, enter BING.VC on search which can be found below address bar.


Then all the settings which are changed to BING.VC will be showed under this page. Most of time, we may get three strings, including “new tab” string, “search default” string and “keyword” string. All of them are modified by this browser hijacker once it controls Firefox


So, we need to remove these strings one by one. First, right click the first string and then select the option “reset” at the bottom of pull-down list


* Reset Firefox settings to default (Optional)

If we still can not solve the problem after doing the above steps, we need to reset all settings to default.

note: this step will clear all the data we change and save on Firefox, including extension, homepage, startup page and other related settings.)

Move the mouse to menu bar at the top of homepage, click “help” and then select “troubleshooting information”


Move to the right of this page and then click “reset Firefox” option



As another window pops up, click check the information and then click “reset Firefox”


After clicking reset, the process will automatically activated. Clcik “finish” after the process is done.



Close all tabs and exist Firefox, restart it again to check if all setting are set to default




* Change homepage settings of IE

Run IE, go to the gear icon and then click it, select “internet explorer” option under the drop-down list


Go to general window, check the home page setting which is changed to BING.VC. The unwanted address is added to home page bar, we need to remove it and set default settings back


Select this address and then click blank space key, then, we need to enter a new address to be homepage if we want to get a specific site when run IE. So, we can put “about:blank”, “” or any other URL we like.


Continue changing new tab settings

Move to click “tab” option


Then click the drop-down icon under the option “ when a new tab is open, open”


Then select “a blank page” from list, click “OK” to save and exist this window


After going back to internet options window, click “OK” at the bottom to save all the changes and new settings


Close all tabs and restart IE, check whether the homepage, startup page and search engine are all changed back to the one we set


* Reset IE settings to default (Optional)

If we still can not get rid of this browser hijacker, we need to rest all settings of IE

Run IE, click dear icon and select “internet options”


Click “advanced” when internet options window is opened


Click “reset” button under “reset internet explorer settings”


On the opening window, tick “delete personal settings” option and then click “reset”


Click “close” once the resetting process is done


Close all tabs and restart computer.



While we fail to remove this infection manually, it usually means that we have missed some steps or mistakenly reset some settings. If it is not too hurry for us to use the computer, we can restart the manual removal again step by step. However, downloading auto-fix tool will be better if we do not want to make mistakes again and lead to worse consequence.


removal tools

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The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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