How to Remove Bronze Aid Pop up Manually

Bronze Aid virus! In order to clear Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, I need help in changing browser settings and deleting unwanted programs. All the programs I have installed are checked and the suspicious program is found. I just can not uninstall it from computer as it says I do not have the sufficient access to uninstall it. Once I run the antivirus software on computer, it just finds some unrelated threats but not this thing. As I think that to browse the web I need to receive endless pop up ads and can not just stop them all at once, I just get crazy! So, please help me with this. It will be really appreciated!

Overview of Bronze Aid Pop up

What is Bronze Aid Actually?

Bronze Aid is obviously an adware. It seems to us not a very difficult thing to put into words the meaning of adware and what it is used for. Clearly, this is a tool used for advertising and promotion. In a particular kind of way, such adware is a dangerous threat to computer system. It is taken us time to figure out if our computer is infected by malware till we start getting random pop up ads BY Bronze Aid. Even it has given lip service to “convenience” and to “useful” from the beginning but only when it is installed does it begins to do some malicious activities on system. If we can notice the installation of this adware, and this, though uncomfortably, is probably the case, then sooner or later we will get the chance to stop such unwanted tool. This tool is more or less harmful to our computer as some hacker may make use of it to collect personal information. Keeping this adware on computer is a risk, just like opening a door for hackers as it not only commits to display ads but also records and sells personal details as it claims:


“We only share or sell your non-public personal information with non-affiliated third parties when we believe doing so is permitted by you or authorized by this Privacy Policy. In addition, the Company may share your personal information with our parent, subsidiary or affiliate companies without restriction.”


We find this program knowing a little bit about it maybe, from the pop up ads or from the information displayed on its official website. But we must know, the suspicious third parties are always harmful.


Risks of Bronze Aid

Sometimes developers advertise their program as valuable thing and then when we get deep into them we realize that they might be completely something different. Either there is some good marketing attached to this program, or the information is only explained in a superficial way and once we have installed and run it on computer, we may realize there is so much more risky than we think. By running Spyhunter on computer we can discover what is the main feature of this tool and we may realize that knowledge of adware means advertising.



For most of us, it may be difficult for us to distinguish the difference from adware and normal software as we are not able to separate. If we do not have any antivirus software on computer for protection, think hard and check whether the program we are going to download is safe enough. To eliminate the potential risks, avoiding suspicious third parties is necessary. In order to make computer safe, we must be careful with third parties. Take care of our download action and which installing option we select, and this will be reflected in the computer safety. Determining what is worth our download is not east without the help of antivirus software. If situations are toxic and beyond repair, it’s time to end it.


How to Remove Bronze Aid Pop up Manually


Note: the manual removal is not recommended to inexperienced users as we need to take the risks of mistaken deletion and removal if we are not professional. We can make it worse if we do not have any computer skill. Then, we would better download auto-fix tools.


Recommended Removal tool: SpyHunter


Thee reason why we recommend SpyHunter:

SpyHunter is the best-selling removal tool for 2015 and undoubtedly it will continue wining a good reputation in 2016. This is the most reliable removal tool we can trust because it is not only powerful and professional but also trustworthy. It is believed that this is the most professional tool which is recommended by computer experts and that effectiveness stems from the high technology that allows us to detect all threats on computer.7 Bronze Aid Detected by SpyHunter


Self-Help Removal

Step one. Uninstall Bronze Aid from control panel

The pop up of ads on screen usually indicates that there must be some adware is installed on our computer along with other programs. Thus, to make it completely be deleted, we need to uninstall malicious programs from control panel first.

To open control panel from different operating systems:

Windows 7/Vista operating system:
Open Control Panel by clicking the Start button and clicking Control Panel.

Open Programs and Features by clicking Uninstall a program

Select Web Bar and then click Uninstall.

Windows 8/8.1 operating system:

Open the start screen by moving the mouse to the lower-left corner of the screen and clicking the Start button.

Open Control Panel by typing control panel and then clicking Control Panel.

Open Programs and Features by clicking Uninstall a program.

Select Web Bar and then click Uninstall.

Window XP operating system:

Click start icon at the lower left corner from desktop, then select “control panel” from quick access menu.

Go to control panel window and then select “programs” option

Window 10 operating system:

Press Windows+X or right-tap the lower-left corner, then we will get a quick access menu, select control panel option from list. Then find malicious programs and remove them.

To uninstall unwanted program from control panel:

As all the programs installed on computer are listed, find the related one that we need to uninstall. Click on the target program from list, then we will get a “uninstall” button at the top, click “uninstall” button to start removing.


Usually, we will get the pop up window saying that “are you sure you want to completely remove Bronze Aid and all its components?”. Just click “yes” to confirm.


Follow the uninstalling steps


Then, click “OK” when Bronze Aid is completely removed from computer.


Note: Sometimes when we click “uninstall” button, we will get the pop up window which says that you do not have the sufficient access to uninstall Bronze Aid. Please contact your computer administrator” . As we get this pop up window, we will be not able to uninstall it forcibly. To solve this problem, we just need to start computer in windows safe mode.8


Restart computer in windows safe mode:

Click start or window icon at the lower left corner from desktop, click “restart” button from quick access list. Ad the computer starting to restart, press F8 key from keyboard. From the black interface, move to select “safe mode” option and press “enter” key. As a result, the computer will be started in windows safe mode when it is activated.


As long as the computer is restarted in window safe mode, go to control panel and try uninstalling the target program again.


Go to control panel and select target program, click “uninstall” button to activate the uninstalling. Click “finish” when it is removed.


Step two. Remove Bronze Aid extension from web browsers

If we get a lot of pop up ads on the screen when we are visiting the websites, we should check all extensions that have been added on web browsers. With adware extension added on the browser we are using, we will continue getting endless pop up ads no matter which site we are getting access. And this is the main reason why we can not close the pop up ads as they just keep popping up even after we have clicked to close them. Thus, it is not enough if we only uninstall its malicious program from control panel, we still need to remove related extension which cause random pop up windows from web browser.


* Remove extension from Mozilla Firefox

Run Firefox and click the main menu icon at the top right corner from start up page or homepage. Then select “add-ons” option from list, move to click “extensions”.1

Go to Chrome extensions tab, check all extensions added on Chrome, find associated extension and remove it. 15Check all leftovers again, when any suspicious extension is found, repeat the removal steps t get rid of it completely.

Google Chrome

* Remove extension from Google Chrome

Double click Chrome shortcut from desktop. When we get the start up page, move to the top-right corner and click main settings icon, then we will get a new drop-down list. Continue clicking “settings” option.2

Go to Chrome settings page, click “extensions”35

When the extensions tab is opened, check all extensions which are added on Chrome with or without permission. Find the one we suspect.16When the malicious extension is found, select on this extension and click trash icon at the right side to delete it from Chrome.As it is deleted, check other extensions to make sure there are no malicious are left.

Ste three. Restore browser settings to default(Optional)

If we still receive a lot of ads after removing relevant extensions from web browsers, do check whether any other settings are changed without permission. Once we are not able to find the settings which are changed, we better restore browser settings in order to make sure there is no more malicious change on browser.

hand-pointer1-right>>>Restore browser settings to default

(Note: Do save the valuable details before restoring as it might lead to data lost when we resetting browser settings to default.)

Step four. Clear leftovers with Malwarebytes tool

Usually, the manual removal can not fully delete all malicious files, program and registry from computer as some of them may hide in the deep of system and try changing the files names all the time, making us unable to find them on system. In this situation, a free removal tool will help to fix the trouble.

Malwarebytes is a free removal tool which can both detect and remove threats found on computer. With its professional detection and removal, all threats that come with third parties will be found after minutes. We only need to download this tool and run it to scan the entire system, then remove all malware with only one click!

download MalwareBytes nowsave the files and follow the installing steps.

Finished - Malwarebytes

Launch Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to have a full scan of your computer by clicking Scan Now button.

Scan Now-Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

After finishing scanning, click Remove Selected button to remove all detected threats.

Remove Selected

Restart your PC.


Top Antivirus Software for Computer Safety

To avoid theft of private information and virus attacks, there are lots of antivirus software to draw the attention to unwanted downloads and malicious access. Even we might have windows defenders on computer, we still can not reduce the risks of being attacked as hackers and viruses can always find the way to enter. The real uncertainty we face about virus attacks and infection infiltration is that we may not able to stop its download and installation when it comes along with covers. Thus, the antivirus software is very necessary for avoiding installation of unwanted bundles and dangerous threats. The antivirus software below is the most powerful and professional tools which are recommended by computer experts. Download anyone of them and keep computer far from threats.


removal tools

downlaod now                downlaod now                 downlaod now



The following video offers a complete guide for Bronze Aid Adware removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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