How to Remove Desktop Improver from PCs

Most computer users can be scared by pop up warnings when they are browsing the webs in general and furthermore by the infection warning displayed by unsafe software as Desktop Improver, a computer security program developed by ill-disposed people for the purpose of cheating money. It should be completely removed from computer once it is found. And users must scan and clear all suspicious files and folders in order to insure the safety of system and private data. Reading this post can help users to better understand why symptoms occur and avoid things that trigger infections.

What is Desktop Improver?

Desktop Improver is a potential unwanted program. Unlike other potential unwanted programs which harm the infected computer by showing random pop up ads or introducing other unsafe third parties, this software wants to trick user’s money by showing fake warning pop up. Of course it is classified to be a risky program since it is harmful, dangerous and annoying. Its developers may claim that this is a useful optimizing tool which help to clean compute system and detect the outdated programs automatically. But the sad truth is that believing in the warning of this program is bad for your computer: the pop up information showed by this optimizing program is not true. They are all fake and only want to scary users with untrue outdated warning. While most victims say that this program will show the pop up warning like “attention! 7 outdated drivers have been found on your computer”. It does not specifically say anything about the outdated programs. If you want to optimize your computer performance, using this tool could not be the key. Like an Ransomware, it shows fake pop up contents on the screen for the purpose of tricking downloads.44

Do not underestimate over the outdated pop up. Clicking on the update option offered by this program can increase the risks of being attacked by malware. Clicking the update button can not help you to better update the programs on system but continue infecting the machine. One of the symptoms of being infected by this malware is that it takes up a lot of system resources, then it lead to slow performance. In another word, instead of helping users, this program seems bring more troubles to computer. As it is said that one of the troubled involves consuming high system resources, as a result, the computer will run slower than before once this program keeps running all the time. Also, it still brings other problems. This includes terrible problems like system control, screen block and random pop up. When you start computer, this program will be automatically tun at the beginning. Then, it tends to show fake pop up warning which want to to update some programs on your computer. A problem can arise when you click on the update button.1

The installation of Desktop Improver

The internet has a special use for delivering a lot of resources. This part will give the answer to the question how does this program get inside computer without being known. It might be time to increase the awareness of computer protection and privacy safety. In fact, many free programs which can be downloaded from internet are found to be the carriers of third parties. The number of a person download might actually be correlated with the possibility of being attacked. Taking an opposite approach to the view that the free program s that can be downloaded from unknown websites are not dangerous is wrong. It is time to stop blindly downloading free programs and clicking fake updates. Whatever it means to you, do check the bundles before agreeing because there is no guarantee of a third party bundle.

Each of us struggle with doubts when we get this program installed, since most of us do not really want to download and install it, how can it successfully enter system without permission? There are things we should be careful. The convenience of quick installation convince us that what we want to download on computer is safe. Stop believing the quick installation and do check all bundles. This is the way to avoid unwanted bundles manually. Negative actions like downloading unknown programs, clicking fake updates, opening insecure email attachments and clicking on pop up ads will lead to the download of this program. However, most users are willing to download it from its official website as they are convinced to believe that it is useful for enhancing computer performance and speeding up the system. We should never try if we do not have enough reason to get it.

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Note: if you want to remove this program and you are not sure that it is possible for you to remove it manually, you should download removal tools. The best thing you can do to make your computer safe and ensure the removal process is to download professional removal tools. Taking actions is the key to stop attacks and remove viruses. The below removal tools are the most effective tools to get rid of potential unwanted programs.

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How to Remove Desktop Improver from PCs

Step one. End the process from task manager

Run task manager:

Option 1. Press ctrl+alt+delete all together from keyboard.

Option 2. On desktop right click mouse, and then select task manager option

When the windows task manager window is open, select “process” option2

Go to check all processes running on system, find the related process we want to remove from list.3

Select on the process we want to end from list, then click “end process” button at the bottom4

Usually, we will get a pop up window which asks us to confirm whether we want to end this process, just click “end process” again to continue5

As this process is ended, do check other processes again to make sure all malicious processes running on system are stopped completely.

Step two. Uninstall relevant programs from control panel

Windows XP:

From desktop, click start icon at the lower left corner. From the quick access menu, select “control panel” option. After, click “Add/Remove Programs” from the new opening tab

Windows 7/Vista:

From lower-left corner of desktop, click windows icon, then select control panel when we get the quick list.

then click uninstall a program option under program category.

Windows 8/8.1:

Press both windows key and X key from keyboard, the select the pop up menu

From the opening window, check for programs and select them for removing.

Windows 10

Press Windows+X or right-tap the lower-left corner, then we will get a quick access menu, select control panel option from list. Then find malicious programs and remove them.

As the we access control panel, check all programs installed on computer. Find the one we want to uninstall. (Usually, if we just get this program installed on computer for a few days, we can list all programs installed on system with time order, then it will be easier for us to find. )6

As the target program is found, select on ir from list, then click “uninstall” button7

Then we will get a confirm pop up window, click “yes” to continue8

Most of time, the uninstaller of this program will be activated and the uninstalling will automatically start, just follow the process step by step.9

Once it is done, click “OK” to exist.10

Check programs list again, remove all suspicious programs fully. Then close control panel.

Step three. Clear leftovers from system

Click start or window icon from lower left corner, then put Desktop Improver on search box.11

Search this keyword and then click “see more results” option above search bar.12

Go to computer window, then select “local C disk” option at the left side.13

Open local C disk, then search Desktop Improver from search bar at the top right corner of this window.14

The searches might be slow and it may take a few seconds. After it is completed,, all related folders and files will be listed.15

select on the search result, then press “delete” key from keyboard.

Finally, click “yes” to continue. Make sure all related results are removed completely. Then close all windows and tabs.16

Step four. Download SpyHunter removal tool

Click the download button below to download SpyHunter removal tool

Save the files on computer

Follow the installing wizard step by step to install all related files and folderssetup-successful

Once this tool is completely installed on computer, click its shortcut on computer to run.

As it is activated, click “scan computer now” button at the interfacescan-computer-now

The scanning process will take a few minutes. As it is finished, all the suspicious threats will be listed. Just click “fix threats” button at the top to remove all threats from computer fully.fixthreats

Step five. Download Malwarebytes to clear leftovers

Click the below button to download Malwarebytes

Save files on computer and folders on computer. Follow the installing steps.Finish

Once the installing is completed, run the program to detect malware

As the scan is finished, click “scan now” option to start scanningcheck-for-updates

Finally, as all threats are detected, click “remove selected”button to remove all of them completely.remove-selected

Close all tabs and restart computer.

Top security tools:

The world of internet has given us all a desire to share resources but some go to unbelievable lengths to get them. The world of free downloads is intended to reflect our using of computers and as this post shows, the truth is often far removed from what is downloaded on computer. From free downloads to fake update pop up, it seems that hackers will go to any lengths to keep the unwanted third parties or even malware from being installed by users. The above paragraph has already shown that downloading insecure resources will lead to virus attacks. Thus, to lower the risks of being infected, antivirus software should be our first choice. Here is the most professional antivirus software recommended by PC experts:

removal tools

downlaod now downlaod now downlaod now

SpyHunter: the best-selling tool used for virus detection and removal. This is an effective tool which mainly focuses on adware, browser hijacker and Trojan virus. It is simple to use, especially for inexperienced users. If you want to experience quick installation, scan and removal, this must be the fist choice.

Malwarebytes: a kind of free removal tool for all users around the world. It is very convenient for users who do not want to pay. Is time to download Malwarebytes if you want to select the most effective removal tool for free.

Max Spyware Detector: a new-released tool for virus detection and removal. There are many users do not know about it but is it still recommended. With its good reputation, it has eared a lot of honors. A good tool that you can not miss.


The following video offers a complete guide for Desktop Improver potential unwanted program removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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