How to Remove from Computer (Manual Removal Guides)

Internet security is said to be the most important activity of computer, even if only some of us pay attention to it. And there are a lot of infections that we are facing with. And a poll has now decided what would be the most annoying and risky infection for our browsing. And while the result might be a big spread, browser hijacker is still the most dangerous infection we should deal with. Almost half of the users asked have been attacked by computer infections, including browser hijacker, redirect virus and Trojan virus and over a third of them have encounter browser-hijack. – a browser hijacker created by promoters for a long time, is one of the most annoying threat that appears on many computers recently. It has become the latest internet crazy. Now, let us learn more about this browser hijacker.

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Without exaggeration, is a real insecure search site that does not help enhance our browsing, improve search speed and provide any reliable search contents. It will instantly full our computer screen with a lot of pop up ads that will force us to click on any links or words and redirect us to some unwanted websites and pages. The secret purpose in the development of this site is redirection that increase incredible traffics for its partner promoters.


It is truly old browser hijacker which replaces homepage and other default settings, and over time, the browser-hijack still has the same features. This is a risky and sometimes terrifying browser hijacker that will collect some personal browsing details. This will make us loo anew at our browsing history, search queries and other data and – perhaps most pertinently, all the information we input and transform through the internet. Most usefully of all, we can go to the homepage of this site and scan the “Policy Privacy” and “Terms of Use” to find out what information it will collect from us and what risks we are taking if we set it to be default search page.

How will it use the information it collects:

We use the information we collect from all of our services to provide, maintain, protect and improve them, to develop new ones, and to protect EVERYTHING-START and our users. We also use this information to offer you tailored content – such as giving you more useful apps and information.

We use information collected from cookies and other technologies, like pixel tags, to improve your user experience and the overall quality of our services. For example, by saving your language preferences, we’ll be able to have our services appear in the language you prefer. When showing you tailored ads, we will not associate a cookie or anonymous identifier with sensitive categories, such as those based on race, religion, sexual orientation or health.

EVERYTHING-START processes personal information on our servers in many countries around the world. We may process your personal information on a server located outside the country where you live.

Where we can provide information access and correction, we will do so for free, except where it would require a disproportionate effort. We aim to maintain our services in a manner that protects information from accidental or malicious destruction. Because of this, after you delete information from our services, we may not immediately delete residual copies from our active servers and may not remove information from our backup systems.

How to Know is a Browser Hijacker?

Sign one is replacing homepage, startup page and search engine. Settings modification is a scary problem for inexperienced users who are, lack of computer acknowledge, deep down, extraordinarily insecure people. Research has showed that this browser hijacker rarely rely heavily on free application for spreading. Unlike other infections, this threat is based mostly on its homepage for distribution, like user may click on other carriers and the links will redirected them to its homepage, that is the original site where this program is downloaded. When we are saying spread, we confronted by a world that automatically attaches negative attributes to our downloads. And the “optional installation” is the quick way for us to find out what bundles are included on the packages.2

Next is Exerting Stealth Control. We will feel uneasy about losing control of browsers. Much easier to remove all the address and pages we are unfamiliar with. But some hacker will try their best to remain in charge, make all the browsing activities and impose us on search results and ads demonstration. Many ads will be displayed on the screen and most reacted to what we have search during the recent days – which is the main data that can be used for promote related programs and sites. Forcing net users to use unsafe search engine leaves users interrupted and stressed as a results of unnecessary programs download and virus attacks.3

Finally, there is unwanted add-on or extension added. We know those browser hijackers which enter our computer system along with other programs and that it also acts like a carrier of other objects. The installation of unwanted ad-on and extension has been found to affect browsing performances and do harm to the internet speed. It can also cause security vulnerability, blue screen, system death and crash.4

Remove with Auto-fix Tool

If you are trying to remove this browser hijacker from computer to get back your browser control faster, we recommend using auto-fix removal tool. As well as removing this browser hijacker to clean computer, the later start time may decrease accidents from users removing malicious files and registry and uninstall program from control panel as inexperienced users would not be able to avoid the mistaken deletion.

removal tools

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How to Remove from Computer (Manual Removal Guides)

*Remove from system


Start-Settings -Control Panel- Add or Remove ProgramsControl Panel xpwinxp-add-remove-programs


Start -Control Panel-Programs-Uninstall a program

control panel Windows7Uninstall a Program

Windows 8

1.Move your mouse cursor to the right edge of the screen, select Search from the list and then search for Control Panel.


There must be a program has been installed on our computer that we do not know. To check,, we should open the control panel.


* Remove from web browsers

Open Firefox explorer, check if the homepage, startup page and search engine are replaced by If the homepage is automatically redirected to this site, and the search engine is also replaced by its related provider, the we should remove all of them completely via resetting browser options.
* Go to general tab to reset homepage
Open general tab: click the main content menu at right-top corner of the page, select “options”1

Once the general window is opened, check the homepage filed to see if it has been set to Everything-start.com2

If it is, we need to delete it from homepage filed

Click “restore to default” option, through this, we can automatically set the homepage back to default option3

As long as the malicious homepage address is reset, click “OK” to save the changes4

After existing the tabs, restart Firefox, check if the homepage is set back to default6

Resetting homepage is not enough, this site still hijacks every new tab. As a result, we will continually get this site at the time we open a new tab on Firefox
To get rid of the hijack of new tab, enter “about:config” on the address bar, press “enter” key7

Click “I’ll be careful, I promise” to enter the advanced settings window8

Search “newtab” on the search bar9

Then all the related values will be displayed on the list, find all the strings which are reset to Everything-start.com10

As we can see, the new tab value is changed without permission, we need to reset it.
Right-click the string, select “reset”


Make sure the new tab string is reset to default settings


Since IE is the default explorer of our computer, it would be better reset the settings from windows registry editor than reset default settings from Internet Explorer
To open Registry Editor, click start icon at the left-bottom of desktop, search “regedit” on the search bar


Then there will be a program named “regedit” is found on the search result, click this program


On “user account control” window, click “yes” to confirm


Click “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” value to expand this folder


On the list, select “software”


Under “software” option, choose “Microsoft”


After expanding “Microsoft”, click “internet explorer”


Finally, click “Main”


Then all values under this option will be demonstrated on the tight side. Generally, we can find three strings are associated with, they might be “search page”, “startpage” and “startpage redirect…”. We should reset them one by one.


First, right-click “startpage redirect” string, select “modify”


The “start page redirect cache” value is set to, remove it


And enter a new address we like, such as, and


Finally, click “OK” to save the change


Second, right-click “search page” string, select “modify” option to change it


Remove data from the list


Instead, enter a new address like and as the default search page, then click “OK”


Finally, right-click “start page” string, select “modify”




Enter a new legitimate address and click “OK” to save


Check if all strings are set to the site we change to, if not, do modify them completely


Shrink all folders, go back to the main tab, click “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” to expand all options


Under this option, click “software”


After, select “Microsoft”


Then expand the “internet explorer” folder


Finally, click “main”


Check all strings that are changed to on the results. Most of time, we can find five strings: default page, default search, search page, start page and start page redirect on the list


Right-click on “default page” string, select “modify”


Remove unwanted address from the box first


Then enter a new address we like such as


Click “OK” for saving


Move to the second string, right-click “default search”, select “modify”


Delete malicious search page address first


Put a new address into the box and click “OK” to save


Move to the third one, right -click “search page” , then click “modify” option to edit this string


Remove this nasty address from list


Type in a new one to replace it, then click “OK”


Fourth, right-click “start page” string, then move to “modify”


On the editing window, remove this address from the list, enter a new one and then click “OK” to save


Fifth, right-click “start page redirect” string, click “modify”


Remove it and enter a favorite address, do not forgive clicking “OK” to save


Make sure all the related strings are reset


* Delete folders from disk
Right-click “computer” from desktop, select “open” or we can double click “computer” to open it


Then right-click “local disk C”


Select “open”


Click “program files” folder


Scan all the folder under this option


Note: if we can not find any malicious folder for there are hundreds of folder on the result, we can search it in another way.
If this browser hijacker enters our computer recently, we can find its folder quickly by arranging all the folders with time order


Find the related folder on the list, most likely its folder will be named “everything-start”


Right-click this folder


Select “delete” to delete this folder from disk


Then close all windows.
* We still need to clear our “Recycle Bin” for the malicious folder is still there. We should clear all traces to ensure this infection does not have any possibility to come back again


Click “yes” to confirm the deletion


Close all windows and tabs, restart computer.
Finally, check if all the infected web browsers are cleaned.

While manual removal may seem like an effective way to get rid of, the left of any malicious additives also have a subtle impact. The files lest on our computer can be used by this threat to impose another attack – such as the homepage replacement and search engine modification. Thus, we need professional antivirus software to scan and detect every possible trace.

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The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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