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Anyone can guide me to remove threat from my Chrome browser? Every time I open the browser, the annoying website always appears in the browser address bar. No matter how I get rid of it, it still comes back. It is so annoying. I can’t control my browser any longer. How can I completely remove the nasty URL from my Chrome? Help!!

If you are familiar with computer knowledge, you can challenge the complicated manual way to step by step get rid of If you want to quickly remove the browser hijacker, you can click the button below to get an instant help.

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Threat type  Browser Hijacker
Threat level Medium
Affected Browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer
Affected OS Windows 7, Vista, 8, 10, XP
Spreading route Freeware downloads and installation, spam emails, pop up ads, suspicious links, porn websites, etc.
Main symptoms
  • Hijack users’ default homepage & startup page.
  • Install malicious extensions on browsers.
  • Display countless annoying pop ups.
  • Slow PC performance dramatically.
Detection tool SpyHunter Malware Removal Tool


What is (Funny Collection) is classified as a browser hijacker the same to other browser hijackers. Browser hijacker comes into the target computer and hijacks users’ browsers mainly bundled with freeware downloads and installation. shares the same characteristics with browser hijacker once installed. The main symptom is to change your default homepage and new tab into that is hard to be completely removed with the manual removal method. You may have noticed that there are lots of incredibly lame jokes on its website. Indeed, the Funny collection provides countless pages of supposedly funny stories. However, it also offers you countless annoying even wrong advertisements. From here, you can see that the real purpose of this threat is not going to make you happy but to increase website traffic & ranking and generate revenue for its supporter. If you want to post a joke or interact with others, you need to register an account and then you can post your funny story. homepage image


Will Affect Your PC? is not a malicious program or a virus that will damage your system seriously. Most legitimate programs will also modify the browser settings and alter the default homepage and search engine. However, won’t be so friendly. Although it may not change your default search engine like other browser hijackers, it will install malicious extension called Easychrome on your browsers to display tons of pop ups to interfere with your browsing activities. Without question, it will greatly slow down your browsing speed and influence your computer performance. If you don’t take a quick action to get rid of the extension, those annoying advertisements won’t be disappeared completely though you always try to close the pop up window again and again. Malicious extension usually uses cookies to monitor your browsing history and collect the relevant data like search query, page viewed, sites visited, and even some login information, etc. According to your browsing habits, it will display lots of pop ups that you are interested on the webpage you are viewing. Thus, you are easily cheated into clicking the ads and you will be automatically redirected to visit more advertising sites and even unsafe websites. It is so terrible and dangerous! Unsafe websites often distribute spyware, malware, adware, rootkits and worms which are hard to be detected through the security programs.

easychrome extension


To completely get rid of those annoying advertisements and stop the nettlesome issue, I suggest you to scan your computer with a Malware Scanner to remove Easychrome extension & browser hijacker immediately!


Why You Need to Remove


Once the browser hijacker gets installed, most popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer will be vulnerable to attack by This troublesome thing not just changes your default homepage and new tab; it also modifies the Windows shortcuts on your desktop/taskbar/Start Menu. So when you click the shortcuts of certain browsers, you will be automatically linked into site without any permission since the annoying site link has been added into the command line. The browser hijacker installs a special VBScript into the Windows Management Instruction (WMI) that performs the task secretly. That’s why you can’t easily get rid of the browser hijacker from your browser via the manual way. Don’t expect you can wipe out the nasty thing with your security program. It is reported that the common antivirus software just can detect the infected shortcuts of the regular browsers but can’t be able to remove it ultimately. If you want to completely get rid of WMI script and fix the shortcuts of your web browsers, you must need the help of a real-time malware removal tool.

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Why My Browser Is Hijacked By Browser Hijacker?


No matter it is adware or browser hijacker like, these potentially unwanted programs are commonly installed along with freeware you download from the Internet. In other words, most browser hijackers and adware come to the target computer mainly bundled with the free software downloads and installation. Therefore, you should be particularly careful when downloading & installing free apps. Do not randomly download any freeware from unknown or notorious websites. To reduce the risks of infecting malware, adware, spyware and browser hijackers, regular free software should be downloaded from its official website or reliable sources. When installing the target software, you are still required to pay attention to the installation process. If the setup wizard provides you Advanced or Custom Install, you should select either one rather than choosing Express or Quick Install that won’t reveal to you what additional programs will be installed except the free software. If you find any extra programs hidden under the Advanced or Custom Install option, do not check them although the programs supposedly claim to improve your browsing experience and help you search fast & safely. In addition, if you find any unknown program is going to change your default homepage, new tab and search engine into its website link, do not make this change. Such behavior is often done by browser hijacker. Be careful!


Instruction for Removal


To stop the annoying redirection problems and nasty ads, you should take a quick action to remove and the malicious extension Easychrome from your browser. If you are looking for an effective and quick way to get rid of the browser hijacker, that will be the best way to use an advanced malware removal tool such as SpyHunter and Plumbytes. Both of the useful anti-malware programs can help you quickly and completely eliminate the obstinate browser hijacker and restore your default homepage &settings with just a few clicks.


Recommended Removal Guide:



Scan Your PC with SpyHunter to Remove the Browser Hijacker


SpyHunter Malware Removal Tool is recommended for all computer users to remove browser hijacker and any other stubborn malware programs including adware, viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, rootkits, and keyloggers with high efficiency. With its advanced and sophisticated algorithm, the exclusive removal tool can deliver ongoing protection against up to the minute malware. Although most obstinate malware are good at disguising itself as a legitimate program, SpyHunter can quickly recognize and remove them without effort.


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SpyHunter Installation Process


  •   Once finished downloading, click Run button.


  •  Choose the language you prefer and click OK button.


  •  Click CONTINUE button.


  • Select I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy and click INSTALL button.


  •  Now, SpyHunter is installing. Please wait for a moment.


  •  Click FINISH button to complete SpyHunter installation. Then the Removal Tool will automatically update to the latest version. Just wait for a few seconds.


  •  Now, Launch SpyHunter by clicking Scan Computer Now. The anti-malware application will quickly scan your PC (Drives, files, registry, etc).


  •  Click Fix Threats button to remove all detected threats.

Fix Threats

Note: SpyHunter’s free version just helps detect malware on your PC. To get rid of the detected malicious programs, you need to purchase the licensed version.


Double-Check Malicious Programs with Plumbytes Removal Tool


Plumbytes Anti-Malware is an excellent anti-malware application which mainly designed to detect and remove the most recent malware, adware, Trojans, browser hijackers, spyware and other malicious programs that your antivirus will miss. With its cutting-edge technology, the exclusive Anti-Malware program will quickly scan your PC and delete any junk files that may damage your system.


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Once finished downloading, you will receive a dialog box as shown below. Click INSTALL button to start installing Plumbytes Anti-Malware.


Now, the Anti-Malware program is downloading and installing. It may take a few seconds to complete the installation.

Downloading Plumbytes Anti-Malware

Installing Plumbytes Anti-Malware

Once installed, the Anti-Malware will automatically launch a scan to your PC.

Plumbytes Anti-Malware is scanning your PC


If you close the scanning window accidentally, double-click the Plumbytes Anti-Malware icon on your Desktop and click Run a Scan.

Plumbytes Anti-Malware icon

Run a scan

Once the scan is completed, click REMOVE SELECTED button to remove all detected malicious software and potentially unwanted programs.


Note: Plumbytes Anti-Malware’ free version only provides a free scan to your PC. To remove the detected malware, you should activate the Anti-Malware software.


Manual Removal Guide


The following manual removal steps are also an effective way to help you get rid of the browser hijacker from your machine if you think you are an advanced computer users. Because the manual steps are quite complicated and time-consuming. You should carefully perform the steps if you want to remove the annoying website link.


Step1. Remove the malicious extension Easychrome from browsers.


For Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome browser, click the Menu icon located in the top right corner of the window and then select More tools > Extensions.


In the Extensions window, look for the unwanted extension and click trash bin icon to delete it.

remove easychrome from Chrome

For Mozilla Firefox


Open Firefox browser, click the Menu icon at the upper right corner of the window and then select Add-ons option.


Then you will receive a window as shown below. Search for the malicious extension and click Remove button to get rid of it.

remove unwanted extensions from Firefox


For Internet Explorer


Launch IE browser, click the gear icon at the upper right corner of the window and select Manage add-ons.

Manage add-ons
Look for the suspicious extension from the list and click Disable button to terminate it.

disable unwanted toolbars from IE


Step2. Remove homepage and fix the shortcuts of browsers.


chrmRemove the browser hijacker homepage from Google Chrome


Open Google Chrome browser, click the Menu icon at the top right corner of the window and then select Settings.


In the Settings window, click Set pages.

Set pages

Delete the unwanted homepage link by clicking X icon. Then you can type another preferable web address as your new startup page and click OK button.

remove page link from Chrome browser

Return to the Settings window, click Change link.


Delete the browser hijacker’s annoying homepage link from the box and click OK button.

remove homepage from Chrome browser

Important note: If you find your Chrome default homepage and new tab are still hijacked by the annoying website, it indicates that the browser hijacker may have modified the shortcuts of your web browsers. To completely remove the threat, you should check the shortcuts of browsers and delete the unwanted arguments.


Right-click the shortcut of your Google Chrome on your desktop or taskbar, and choose Properties option.

properties - Chrome

In the opened window, select Shortcut option. Locate to the Target field, remove the browser hijacker’s homepage link behind exe and then click Apply > OK button.

remove from the shortcut of Chrome

Can’t delete the tiresome URL from the shortcuts of your browser? Why not use an effective removal tool to scan your PC and fix the shortcuts of your browser?

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Mozilla icon Remove from Mozilla Firefox


Launch your Firefox browser, click the Menu icon 3baricon at the upper right corner of the window and select Options.


In the Options window, remove the unwanted homepage link from the Home Page box and then you can type a desired URL into the Home Page box as your new homepage.

remove homepage from Firefox

Fix the shortcuts of Firefox


Right-click the shortcuts of Firefox on the desktop or taskbar and then choose Properties option.


In the Target field, delete the unwanted arguments behind exe and click Apply > OK button.

remove from the shortcut of Firefox


IE iconRemove from Internet Explorer


Open Internet Explorer browser, click the gear icon at the top right corner and choose Internet Options.

Internet options

In the Home page box, delete the browser hijacker’s homepage link and then you can type another web address or choose Use new tab as your new page. After that, click Apply > OK button.

remove page link from IE

use new tab


Fix the shortcuts of Internet Explorer


Right-click the shortcuts of IE browser on the desktop or taskbar and then choose Properties option.


In the Target field, delete the added arguments behind exe and then click Apply > OK button.

delete from the shortcuts of IE browser


Step3. Delete browser hijacker via Registry.

Please follow the guide below to open Registry. The following step is suitable for most operating systems such as Windows7/Vista/XP/8/10. It is the easiest way.

Simultaneously press Windows + R key on the keyboard.


After a dialog box pops up, type the key word “regedit” into the box and click OK button.


After entering the Registry window, click Edit menu and select Find option.


Then you will receive a dialog box as shown below. Type into the box and click Find Next button.

Find Next

Delete the associated registry key.

delete from Registry

To completely remove all the registry keys created by the browser hijacker and the malicious extension Easychrome, you should repeat the above steps (Click Edit > Find > Next) and check each registry key until you have deleted all the registry entries.








The steps are really complicated and difficult. If you are not sure whether you have successfully removed the unwanted registry keys, you should run a Malware Scanner to scan your computer which will help you check whether your computer is clean.


Step4. Reset your browsers to default settings. (If necessary)


chrm Reset Google Chrome

Open your Google Chrome browser, click the Menu icon at the upper right corner of the window and then select Settings option.


Scroll down to the bottom and click Show Advanced settings link.

Show advanced settings

Keep scrolling down to the bottom and click Reset settings button.

Reset settings

In the confirmation dialog box, click Reset button.

Reset Chrome


Mozilla iconReset Mozilla Firefox


Open your Mozilla Firefox browser, click the Menu icon 3baricon at the upper right corner of the window and then click the question mark help icon at the lower right corner.

reset Firefox

Select Troubleshooting Information option.

Troubleshooting Information

Then you will receive a window as shown below. Click Refresh Firefox button.

Refresh Firefox

In the confirmation dialog box, click Refresh Firefox button to reset your browser.

Refresh Firefox button


IE iconReset Internet Explorer


Open IE browser, click the gear icon at the top right corner of the window and choose Internet options.

Internet options

In the opened window, click Advanced tab at the top right corner and then click Reset button.

reset IE

After a dialog box pops up, check Delete personal settings and click Reset button.

Reset Internet Explorer

In the confirmation dialog box, click Close button.

Close Hasn’t Been Removed?

Your popular web browser is still hijacked by the annoying website after trying the above manual removal steps? If so, it is obvious that the infection is a stubborn browser hijacker that can be totally removed with the help of a powerful removal tool. To completely get rid of the nettlesome redirection problem and avoid further potential harm, you should remove immediately.

Protection1-e1476933512288Remove Now!


How to Remove Browser Hijacker

How To Remove

How to Remove

How to Remove from Your PC?



The following video offers a complete guide for browser hijacker removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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