How to Remove FastoPlayer – PUP Removal Guide

Actually this new type media player called FastoPlayer is not useful as it promised. A lot of attractive features provided by it are not available. Then what exactly is it? What malicious activities will it perform to users’ computers once installed? Then how does it sneak into their computers? Facing such type of app, what effective measures should users take to prevent it invasion again? For the above problems, the following article will give your answer. Please read patiently.


What is FastoPlayer?

fastoplayer screenshot

Research shows that most computer users blindly download some free applications on account of those apps claim to help them improve browsing experience in a variety of ways. Then those so-called features provided by the free apps are really useful? Recently, a free application called FastoPlayer irritated a lot of users. Many users download it also due to the attractive features provided by it, which seem to be very helpful at first sight. This media player claims that it is the fastest player and provides a lot of media-related features such as Download and bookmark videos from thousands websites with on click; Play music and video files, and display photos. You can also edit the files; Convert and copy videos and music to your devices. Share your videos on Facebook and Twitter, etc. How wonderful if as it claimed. But according to the feedback of users, they don’t get any real value but more trouble from it. Through the analysis of computer experts, FastoPlayer is categorized as a potentially unwanted program and it also belongs to a type of adware. It is designed to perform illegal and malicious activities on users’ computers. If you have installed it on your computer, you’d better uninstall it from your computer immediately.


In addition to FastoPlayer, in reality there exist a lot of deceptive free applications such as Internet Quick Access, VAFMusic, and Qword Browser. Although all of them have their websites, they are developed to generate revenue by their supporters. When encountering such kind of free app, you should keep away from it. For those malicious apps, what harmful activities will it perform to ours computers?

iconIt may hijack your default homepage and replace your homepage with a malicious one.

iconNo matter you use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, it has the ability to corrupt them.

iconIt greatly diminishes your browsing experience by constantly displaying a lot of annoying pup up ads and sponsored links on your webpage.

iconIt generates intrusive online advertisements every time you surf the Internet which will gradually slow your computer’s performance.

iconIt may redirect you to some malicious sites which will cause further malware infections.

iconIt modifies your browser settings and injects malicious code to your Registry Editor.

iconIt tempts you to click those pop up ads powered by it in order to gain pay per click.

iconIt monitors your browsing history and collects your personal information like IP address, email address, passwords, credit card details, search queries, websites you visited, etc. It may expose the confidential information to third parties or cyber criminals for illegal purposes, which will seriously compromise your personal and property safety.

What should users pay attention to when installing software especially freeware?

Most computer users often ignore some small details when installing applications. For those users who have installed the free app FastoPlayer, I don’t know whether they have noticed that this app comes from an unknown resource. Obviously, it is a dubious or deceptive app. I don’t know why so many users download and install it on computer. In order to protect your computer from being invaded by malware infections, here, I would like to emphasize some details during the installation process. No matter what type of software you are going to install, freeware, shareware or paid software, first you should check whether the software publisher comes from a reliable resource or not. If it shows that the program you are going to install is unreliable, the program’s publisher couldn’t be verified. On this occasion, you’d better not to run this app rather than run anyway. Such suspicious app is usually designed by hackers or cyber criminals to trick users to install in order to steal their sensitive information or inject other viruses, spyware, Trojans. Furthermore, it may harm your browsing experience by changing your homepage or displaying ads sites on your page. When your regular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome block a certain application from running, it indicates the app is harmful to your PC. It may contain infected files or viruses, so your browsers prevent it from running. Faced with a case like this one next time, you should remove this malicious app from the list of downloaded files right away.

don't run it

refuse to run

remove FastoPlayer

Nowadays, more and more malicious programs are invading our computers through all kinds of ways. FastoPlayer, as one of the malicious program, where does it usually distribute in? Computer experts have verified that such deceptive program prefers to distribute in free downloads. The reason is that many computer users don’t show enough caution when installing software. Most of them choose Express or Quick Install rather than Advanced or Custom Install. However, lots of baleful applications, additionally unwanted add-ons, plug-ins or extensions often conceal behind Advanced or Custom Install. As a result, some unwanted programs automatically install on users’ computers along with the chosen software. Thus, it causes further malware infections. Users should be very cautious when installing software, be sure the chosen software is safe and it doesn’t carry other additional or unknown programs, and then you can choose Advanced or Custom Install to install it on computer.

FastoPlayer is a deceptive media player, please cancel the PUP installation.

Cancel- run



Although the most popular way for FastoPlayer distribution is bundled with free apps, malware distributors also like to distribute malicious programs in spam emails attachments, infected files, questionable websites, pop up ads, fake fix message even P2P files sharing. No matter where this cunning PUP distribute in, you cannot be too careful when browsing the web. In case you receive an unknown email attachment, first you should use your antivirus software to check it and then you can open it after ensuring it is safe. Second, make sure you won’t visit some dubious or pernicious websites where often contain malware or viruses. Third, don’t randomly click the pop up ads displayed on your webpage or those intrusive online advertisements generated by FastoPlayer. As long as it is adware, the main goal of it is to generate revenue for its developer instead of providing you the best products with the lowest discounts. Besides, you should beware those fake fix messages which often tell you your computer is infected with virus and then deceive you to download its software. Don’t fall into the trap designed by cyber criminals.

away from it

No matter how this media player FastoPlayer enters your PC, you should get rid of it immediately in order to prevent it from doing further damage to your PC.

Media Player

FastoPlayer Removal Instructions

Through the analysis of FastoPlayer above, you shouldn’t keep it on your PC. Apart from harming your browsing experience, you can’t get any benefits from it. For such stubborn potentially unwanted program, it is especially hard to be removed completely, let alone delete its malicious registry entries. According to the research of computer experts, automatic anti-malware/spyware removal tools are the best and the most effective way to remove malware, spyware, adware and potentially unwanted programs.

The most reputable and excellent removal tools recommended to you:

SpyHunterSpyHunter  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Max Spyware Detector icon Max Spyware Detector


Manual Removal Steps:

Please be very careful to perform the following removal steps.

Step1. Uninstall FastoPlayer via Control Panel.

From Windows 7/Vista users:

  • Click Start menu and then select Control Panel.
  • Click Uninstall a program under Programs.
  • Look for FastoPlayer version 1.0 from the currently installed programs and then click Uninstall to remove it.

uninstall FastoPlayer -Windows 7

  • After a window pops up as shown on below, click Yes to completely remove this adware and all of its components.

Yes- Windows 7

  • Now you will get another window as below, click OK to finish FastoPlayer removal.

OK- Windows7

For Windows 8 users:

  • Move your mouse to the bottom right corner of the screen and then click Search tab in the top corner after all tabs appear on your screen. Type control panel into the search box and click it after it shows up.
  • Click Uninstall a program under Programs.
  • Search for FastoPlayer version 1.0 in the list of installed programs and then click Uninstall to remove it.

uninstall FP -Windows8

  • When a window appears as below, click Yes to completely remove FastoPlayer and all of its components.

Yes- uninstall FastoPlayer-8

  • Then you will get another window as shown below, click OK to end the malware removal.

OK- Windows8

For Windows XP users:

  • Click Start menu and then select Control Panel.
  • Click Add or Remove Programs from the category.
  • Hunt for FastoPlayer version 1.0 in the list of installed programs and then remove it by clicking Remove button on the right.

remove FP - Windows XP

  • Completely remove FastoPlayer and all of its components by clicking Yes button.

Yes-Windows XP

  • Now you will get the window as shown below. Please click OK to complete the malware removal.

OK-Windows XP

Note: If this PUP hijacks your default homepage, you need to remove its malicious homepage. Don’t worry! We offer you the detailed removal steps as below.

Step2. Remove malicious homepage from browsers.

For Internet Explorer users:

  • Click Tools in the main menu and then choose Internet Options from the list.

Internet Options

  • Remove FastoPlayer homepage You can type another preferable domain as your new homepage and then click Apply > OK.

remove FastoPlayer homepage - IE

For Mozilla Firefox users:

  • Click the icon located in the upper right corner and then click Options.


  • Remove malicious homepage and then you can enter your desired one as your new homepage.

remove FastoPlayer homepage

Optional: After you remove FastoPlayer homepage, you can select Show a blank page by clicking the icon located in the end of Show my homepage.

Show a blank page

For Google Chrome users:

  • Click the icon located in the top corner of Google Chrome and then choose Settings.


  • Click Set pages.

Set Pages

  • Delete FastoPlayer homepage by clicking × at the end and then click OK button.

remove FastoPlayer homepage - Google

Attention: After FastoPlayer successfully installs on your PC, it will immediately create a lot of harmful registry entries in your Registry Editor and infect lots of your vital system files. What’s worse, it constantly changes its code and location in order not to be found. Therefore, it is quite difficult to completely remove all of its malicious registry entries. If you want to try, please be very careful to perform the following operation.


Step3. Delete malicious registry entries created by FastoPlayer.

  • Simultaneously press Windows + R keys on your keyboard and then type “Regedit”into the run box and click OK button to open Registry Editor.


  • After a window pops up, click Edit and then click Find or Find Next.


  • Type FastoPlayer into the box and then click Find Next button.

Find next

  • Then you will get a window as shown below. You will see a lot of baleful registry entries created by the malware.

maliciosu registry entries

  • Opt for all malicious registry entries created by FastoPlayer by right clicking and then left click Delete option to eliminate them.

Delete malicious registry entries

Attention: Due to this tricky adware keeps changing its name, so in order to ensure all harmful registry entries completely deleted, you’d better repeat the above operation to check whether all pernicious entries are removed from your Registry Editor. If there is still residue, it is strongly advised you to download a Powerful FastoPlayer Removal Tool on your computer and run it to have a full scan of your PC. This powerful removal tool can help you automatically detect and completely eradicate all the traces of FastoPlayer.


Step4. Reset your browsers to default settings.

Internet Explorer

  • Click Tools in the main menu and then choose Internet Options from the list.

Internet Options

  • Click Advanced at the top right corner and the click Reset button.

reset Internet Explorer1

  • When a window pops up as below, don’t forget to check Delete personal settings and then click Reset button.

reset Internet Explorer

  • Restart your Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click the icon located in the upper right corner of Mozilla Firefox and then click the help icon located in the lower right corner.

help icon-Firefox

  • Select Troubleshooting Information from the list.

Information Troubleshooting

  • Click Refresh Firefox.

Refresh Firefox

  • After a window appears as below, click Refresh Firefox button to remove FastoPlayer.

Refresh Firefox 2

  • Restart your browser.

Google Chrome

  • Click the icon at the top right corner of Google Chrome and then choose Settings from the list.


  • Scroll down your mouse to the bottom and click Show advanced settings….

Show advanced settings

  • Keep scrolling down to the bottom and then click Reset settings.

Reset settings

  • When a window pops up, carefully read the information and the click Reset button.


  • Restart your browser.



The following video offers a complete guide for FastoPlayer adware removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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