How to Remove Free YouTube Downloader Permanently

YouTube is a world-class video-sharing platform that has been visited by billions of people. This website allows people to upload, watch, share, rate and comment videos. Though most of the website content has been produced by common individuals, a lot of advertisers, organizations, news media and entertainers build partnerships with YouTube for expanding the market and getting more popular. However, users are not allowed to download and save most of videos uploaded by others in YouTube for offline viewing due to the copyright laws of some countries and regions. Users are only allowed to download the videos that have been uploaded by them and ones have a download button placed by YouTube on the video page. People tend to download and save things on their computer so that they will be able to access the things they want at any time, so it is disappointing for users have to watch their favorite music videos or movies in the devices with network connected. Downloading video from YouTube becomes a forbidden fruit for some users and by all means to try to download the video even though this is a breach of YouTube’s terms of service.

If you have ever tried using Free YouTube Downloader to download the videos from YouTube and your computer is harassed by a myriad of junk files and annoying programs, it is suggested that you use an effective removal tool to remove them and keep the system safe.


Forbidden fruit is attractive as well as dangerous. That’s not to say the video itself is not safe for users, but all computer users should be aware that using tools from third parties to download videos of YouTube is improper and fraught with pitfalls. As there is a market for it, a number of unethical software developers, hackers or swindlers take advantage of this occasion to spread roguish software covertly. They offer questionable websites and freeware to enable users download any videos from YouTube and more other websites that do not officially provide video downloading service. Free YouTube Downloader is one of the most popular applications that have been used to download videos from YouTube, though it turns up that this application actually is a malevolent program, still, there are a lot of people download and install it on their computers because they are eager to get the videos they like in YouTube.

Free YouTube Downloader website

While some users open the download page initiatively, some others are redirected to this webpage because they have got other computer infection on their PCs. Users can see there are two buttons boldly placed on the top of this page and a suggested video with download source  . These two buttons may seem to have different effects, but if you click on both of them you will find that no matter which you click on, you will see the same page as below:

Free YouTube Downloader website2

The download link of Free YouTube Downloader redirects users to a new page which offers the real download source of this program. This new page is powered by CNET, a well-known website provides various news about technology. Since this website and its owner CBS Interactive Inc are reputable, it is very easy for them to earn users’ trust. Unsuspecting users will download the programs they want on their computers and immediately start the installation and setup. The antimalware program can detect most malware and virus most of the time, but it could happen that the antimalware program may miss something at times. Even if you have updated the security software to its latest version, its database may have not been updated to know some malware or the malware creators use some clever tactic to elude detection, so the malicious program is able to slither onto your computer system.

When users download Free YouTube Downloader from scampish website, they may see a freeware setup file on the download folder, once they run the setup program, the installation of Free YouTube Downloader will be triggered. In most of cases, the malware usually gets installed on the target computer as a freeware bundle with the program that users intend to download. Treacherous malware creators often use such method to trick users into installing potentially unwanted program as people rarely read the terms of use and policy. The authors of malware would make the installation of unrequested software as one of the default option so when users are in a rush to get the installation completed, the malware will be installed on the system at the same time. We still can avoid getting malware if we unselect the option of installing addition program in such situation, but as to Free YouTube Downloader, it gets even harder for us to prevent malicious program because we can’t see anywhere mentions that this software provides additional program. It doesn’t even give us the chance to cancel the installation of bundled software.

install Free Youtube Downloader 1

You can see the title of Free YouTube Downloader Setup contains the name of BuzzingDhol, if you search for this term via Google you will find that this is also a distributer of malware. After you complete the installation of Free YouTube Downloader, this program will automatically run on the system. It is wrong for it to allow its users to download protected videos from YouTube, not to mention what it will result in after it comes into the computer. The damages it leads to are no one would want.

If you want to check through its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and click on the links provided on this installer, you will find there is another website involved with this malicious program. Web users can also download Free YouTube Downloader from this site which seems to be the real official site of this trustless application. For the sake of computer security especially your valuable data stored on the local hard drive, anyone should never try to download the program from this website.

Free YouTube Downloader Privacy Policy


The Negative Consequences of Free YouTube Downloader

This software may work normally at the start, but after it has been running for a while, it will start to mess up your PC. There will be numerous strange applications trying to get installed on the system. The windows of different installers of various programs will keep popping up on your screen without a break. All the installers start on their own and they are almost impossible to close. Most of them can finish the installation automatically or there is even no such a button for users to cancel the installation, so that the computer will so be cluttered with junk programs. Computer users have to uninstall those unwanted program through Control Panel rapidly and delete related files before things get even worse, but the numbers of malware is too great and there will still be traces like registry files and useless folders left inside the computer and take up the disk space. Even an experienced computer user has no the ability to eliminate all leftovers of so many crappy programs.

bundle software installation

RelevantKnowledge is one of the malware that has been delivered by Free YouTube Downloader. The type of programs brought by Free YouTube Downloader is neither single nor unified, if victims do not get rid of them quickly, the compromised computer could run extremely slow, freeze or even crash frequently.

How to Get Rid of Free YouTube Downloader Completely

Free YouTube Downloader is a malware that can be used to distribute other adware, spyware and other unwanted programs. Its creators can gain revenue from those pay-per-install free applications. If you want to delete Free YouTube Downloader and other related files quickly and completely, you’d better use a reliable removal tool to clean your computer. It would cost you a lot of time to delete them all if you want to remove them without using an automatic tool. Unless you master skill in computer and have confidence in yourself, or you shouldn’t choose this way in case of causing further problems. No matter what kind of method you are going to use to get rid of this hateful software, you can perform the removal with our instructions below: Uninstall Free YouTube Downloader with Automatic Tool


Step 1 Download SpyHuner on your PC.


Step 2 When you start to install SpyHunter, you need to choose your language at first, and then you can read the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy before the installation really get started.

Step 3 Start a quick scan for your computer. This removal tool is able to detect Free YouTube Downloader once your computer is infected with it.

SpyHunter detects Free YouTube Downloader

Step 4 You can read the detailed information about all detected computer threats before you remove them.

spyhunter fix threats

TipTo use SpyHunter for removing malicious items on your computer, users are required to buy the license for this software. Use this link to purchase it now you will be able to get a discount!

Max Spyware Detector

Step 1 Download Max Spyware Detector on your PC.

dwonload Max Spyware Detector

Step 2 Wait for the Download Manager to connect the server for preparing the data for installation.

maxspywaredetector installation 2

Step 3 The default language of this program is English. Users are able to read the license agreement and policy during the installation.

maxspywaredetector installation 5

Step 4 When you go through the setup process, a new scan will automatically start for your computer.

Max Spyware detector scan

Step 5 Click on Fix Issues Now to remove the threats found on your PC.

maxspywaredetector scan results

TipUsers also need to upgrade to its full versions to acquire all its functions including remove the computer threats for you. Its price is lower than SpyHunter and the scanning speed is much faster, but the scan results are not as many as you see in SpyHunter. If you need to buy it now, please click on this link here.

No2-big Uninstall Free YouTube Downloader Manually

Step 1 End Free YouTube Downloader Process from Task Manager

Press Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc keys on your keyboard together to bring the windows of Task Manager up.

Under Processes tab, find Free YouTube Downloader by name, select it and then right click on it.

Choose End Process to kill it from running.

End Free Youtube Downloader

In the picture above the running processes are 98 totally which is a little higher than normal range. The processes with suffix of .tmp are the unasked installations introduced by Free YouTube Downloader. Users should be able to recognize all suspicious programs and end them all as they won’t be close if users click on any of them. Please note that click on the wrong process may result in severe problems on your computer.

Step 2 Uninstall This Malware via Control Panel

Go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program

(If you don’t know how to access Control Panel, just click on Start and type “Uninstall a Program” on the search box.)

Find Free YouTube from the list of all installed program on your PC, select it and click on Uninstall.

Uninstall 1

As this rogue program will introduce other malware into the infected computer, users have to uninstall them all or they will still stay on the system and significantly affect the operation of the computer. Users can find them out basically in two ways: uninstalling the strange program that they have never seen before and viewing all programs by date (Click on Installed on). Users only need to find the suspicious programs installed with Free YouTube Downloader on the same day and uninstall them totally.

Step 3 Delete Remained Folders

Even if you have uninstalled Free YouTube Downloader from the system successfully, it doesn’t mean that this software disappears from your computer completely. It would leave its folder and registries that have been created at the moment that it had been installed.  Users have to search for those items on the computer and delete them all.

Locate the installation position of Free YouTube Downloader, right click on its folder and select Delete.

delete Youtube folder

Since the malware install automatically and the locations are not clear, it is very difficult for users to find all of them on the computer. To keep your computer safe and clean, it is strongly recommended to download and install a security program to help you eliminate all dangerous threats.




The following video offers a complete guide for Free YouTube Downloader Adware removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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