How to Remove from Computer and Reset Browser Settings to Default

Getting a fake update may seem as terrible as getting browser hijacker which hijack our homepage and search engine – and it will be worse if the two situations come together. And once we encounter the pop up of, we are facing the most horrible trouble. Furthermore, the risks caused by this infection can not be calculated for the potential risks it may bring to our computer are immeasurable. Computer experts determine that the pop up contents showed by this page are totally fake and they do not recommend to click on any links or icon for downloading or updating. The contents displayed on this site are more dangerous than the site itself, with virus and programs contained can badly hit our computer security defense.

What is and Why We Should Remove Tt?1

This infection comes with a complex interface, warning us the update of flash player – and which update we can download from the site. The entire page contains three main components, including the main information which warns about the update of flash player, a “update” and a “install” icons below the warning and some related data about this site at the button. Generally, we might think the way to update is through “update”. Well, the same thing can be said for most of us. It finds that most of us are much more likely to fall into this trap than realizing it is a fake update. And the study carries out while we view the contents of the warning we tend to quickly click on the “update” or “install” option at the beginning without doubts. Clicking the fake update will suddenly get involved in other programs downloads, and while it is certainly a common phenomenon which is seems in the redirect virus attacks and browser hijackers as well. Then dealing with potential unwanted programs, adware or even virus can be the bane of many a net user’s life. Also, there may be not a benefit to doing so, as some victims report that the fake update will result in browse-hijack and third party downloads functioning in a similar way to redirect virus and browser hijacker. The research finds that people who update this fake flash player will get some advertising, infections and programs installed.2

This infection also carries out other pop up contents to increase the possibility of downloads. The content covers fake update, new version and other media installation. If we try to click the close icon to close close page, we will get another pop up showing that “there is a new flash player version. Install new version now for better performance”. What we will get once we click “OK” to update or install? The answer sheds light on not only just the infection of browser hijacker attacks, but changes in our computer and the way we operate the system. Instead of hijacking the search engine of we browser, this kind of fake update infection will introduce more adware to display ads and allows remote users get access to the system. Then this infection will start a project with a goal to break the security defense of the computer so as to install other adware for advertising. Since this infection is launched, a lot of computer users from all over the globe have been infected by this threat, which makes their computer more vulnerable than before. The site provides remote hackers with an internet connection access to the infected computer system, regardless of the Windows Firewall. It is both a browser hijacker for criminals to hijack the default homepage and startup page and a advertising tool for promoters to display third parties ads. The other programs it introduces will allows hacker get remote control over our computers.3

What Troubles Will be Caused by This Threat?

Almost all computer experts agree that the key to any potential unwanted program is being caution, and trying not to click on any icon on the page, especially the pop up warning below. And inexperienced can be very challenging in this aspect. This is a advertising tool offers ads demonstration that is based on the sensitive information it collects from our browsing history, search queries and favorites. Such browser hijacker will prompts us with fake updates, hot deals, promotions and sales during our browsing to the regular sites that we usually visit. With this infection inside, our computer will be interrupted by a lot of troubles. It will change default system setting and browser settings, expand the influence to the deep of the system and help other adware get installed on the computer without limitation. The installation of browser hijacker bring random troubles that can not be completely fixed if we just ignore it only. It empowers other people to connect to our computer and promote programs for this site is featuring advertising in photography, video, design, business, audio, music, and software.4

While most of us hunt for the cause of this browser hijacker – even the people who get this program inside – and the truth turns out to be that we are the one who open a door for this threat and make it install on the system. If we do not remember the every small details when we download the free programs or click the pop up contents recently, we should not forgive the files we save when click this page. Below is the step we will encounter when we click any icon on this page, it result in unwanted third party download. They may be called malicious files or EXE files and the installation of them could damaging some system files. In fact, net users who given a free download or update of this threat use it for networking and browsing rather than quickly remove it from computer, and they admit being distracted from normal work. Such program would be used by criminals to improve their advertising. When given the pop up warning of this fake update, it will overwhelmingly say that this update would help us do better browsing or watching and get better performance without being a distraction. But soon later, when we browsing the internet, the troubles caused by this infection will appear one by another.5

We offer a perfect solution, it is a manual removal instruction that allows us manually get rid of all related files and registry entries as well as programs to fully solve the problem.

How to Remove from Computer and Reset Browser Settings to Default

According to a new review of the top 2015 removal tool, auto-fix tool is a better way to predict success at virus removal, especially browser hijacker removal than step-by-step manual removal. As we compare the measurement of auto-fix tool and manual removal, using auto-fix tool will be much more safer and effective than manual.

removal tools

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Manual removal instruction (step-by-step guide)


Click Firefox icon to open the homepage, if the homepage is automatically redirected to, then we should remove this browser hijacker from Firefox and reset browser settings to default.1

Click the main settings icon at the top right corner of the page we are opening, then we will get a drop-down list after clicking, move to select “Internet Options” from the list2

Clearly, the homepage address is changed to, we should delete it from the line completely3

Then, to reset homepage settings to default, we have two options:

  1. Click “use default” to set homepage to default option
  2. Click “use new tab” to set a new homepage, which usually might be a “about” page.45

Whichever option we prefer, do not forgive clicking “Apply” for change6

To make sure all related data is not left, we would better clear browsing history

Click “delete…” option after clicking “apply”7

Then we get a history window, select associated data, including:

-Preserve Favorite Website Data

-Temporary Internet Files and Websites Files

-Cookies and Websites Data


After all the necessary data is selected by “√”, click “delete” to clear all of them9

If we get the below pop up saying that the internet explorer has finished deleting the selected browsing history, we can forward to next step10

Click “OK” for saving all the settings we have changed11

Once it is done, close all tabs we open on Firefox12

Do note that the “properties” filed of Firefox has also been changed by this browser hijacker, so we need to continue clearing it.

Right-click on the shortcut of Firefox on computer, select “properties”8

Once the “internet explorer properties” window is opened, remove the malicious address entered after “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe”13

Remove all address after “firefox.exe”14

and leave “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe” only for this is the default filed of Firefox properties15

As the malicious address is cleaned, click “OK” for confirmation16

Close all windows, then open Firefox again to check if all settings are back to default, especially homepage

Google Chrome

Click Chrome shortcut on computer to open a the homepage, if the homepage is changed to, do note that we can not click anywhere on this page for it will result in redirection or downloads.1

Click main menu icon to open the drop-down list, select “settings” option2

Continue clicking “set pages” option on the “on startup” section to reset startup page, which has been changed with no permission3

On the opening window, delete from the list, which is defined as “flash player” and “free download”4

Click “X” for deletion5

Then “OK” to save the deletion6

After, “√” the option “show home button”, if a site is listed after checking, it is a sign indicating that the homepage is changed to another site that we do not want, so, we need to remove it from homepage7

To delete it, click “change”8

Remove completely9

Do nt forgive clicking “OK” to confirm the change10

For totally clean all traces of this browser hijacker, we need to clean history of Chrome

Move to click “history”11

Then select “clear browsing data…” option12

√ the data showed below13

Click “clear browsing data” to delete the data we select14

Note that the “properties” filed of Chrome is also modified by, this browser hijacker will not go away if we do not clear Chrome “properties”

To clear properties of Chrome, right-click the icon of Chrome first, then select “properties” option16

There is a new address entered after “C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe”, it should be removed from target filed.

Select all data entered after “C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” and delete them15

Leave “C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” only16

Once it is done, click :OK” to save17


Click Firefox shortcut to open the homepage, if the home is automatically redirected to but not the one we use before, we should set the default homepage back1

Click main menu icon at the top right corner of homepage, select “options” on the drop-down list2

If the homepage is set to be, we need to set it back to default3

Click “restore to default” option, it will help to reset the homepage back to default automatically4

Do make sure the malicious address is gone5

After, we must clear the browsing history

Click main menu icon to drop down the list again, select “history” option6

Move to click “clear recent history” option7

√ related data first8

When all the related data is selected, click “clear now” to delete them9

The window will automatically closed once all data we select are cleared

Clear “properties”

Right click the Firefox shortcut, select “properties” option16

Remove all data entered after “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe”10

And leave “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe” only11

Once done, do not forgive clicking “OK” to save the change12

NOTE: Most computer experts conclude that it is not enough to manually remove malicious files and reset browsers settings, and we still need auto-fix tool to scan the system to make sure all dangerous threats are not left on the system.


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The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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