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I got a trouble when I was using Chrome. The homepage was redirected to when I opened it. I was sure that this was not the problem of Chrome itself as everything worked well besides homepage. This website appeared even I was not trying to search anything. It is very annoying. It was useless even I set IP to another one.


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Information about belongs to browser hijacker category which mainly changes default homepage and search engine to its domain automatically with no notice. What does this mean for you? it means that you will get this website on screen as long as you open the infected web browser. It can be worse that you may not able to remove it simply by resetting homepage settings as it is able to control default homepage setting by a lot of means. If you get this browser hijacker page when any one of your web browsers is opened, you should realize that your computer is no longer safe. You are forced to use it services as it provides you a search box for your online searches. It sets limits for your search as you might be able to use its search engine only. Even though using a new search provider is not as annoying as being attacked by Trojan virus, it is still risky and uncomfortable as you can not focus on your online activities because you should always worry about the security of third party contents. Sometimes when you see a lot of ads appearing above the search results provided by this website it can be really frightening to continue surfing as you may have no idea what type of contents will the third party links include. Distinguishing the safety of its search results is extremely important as it will help you avoid clicking on some malicious links and will decrease the possibility of being trapped. Users make mistakes when checking third party contents, especially when the contents contain some information they want. Do not just click on the search results directly if you are attracted by its funny contents, it can be part of the process of tricking your click and visits. Once you click on them, you may be redirected to dangerous or unsafe websites that want to convince you to download software or scan unhealthy content. homepage



It is not a good idea to keep this website and use its search function. For example, if you use search something by typing keywords in the search box on the homepage of this website, you will get search results after pressing enter key on keyboard. But, the difference from using famous search providers like Google or Bing is that the search results offered by this website may contain pop up ads. One of the biggest problems is being into danger after clicking on the third party links from search results. This can be the biggest hurdle for a lot of users who do not know browser hijacker well. Also, most PC users really do not even notice the changes if the browser hijacker has a similar interface with Google homepage or has a same search box with regular search engine. It may be difficult to trick yourself into believing the search results from this websites are safe to scan because no one likes a unknown website. Even all related contents showed by this websites are ensured to be safe, you will be not willing to use it because you do not ask for it at the beginning. It is not that the browser hijacker itself is dangerous – that it is likely a common website coming along with other installers. Instead, the guarantee of the safety of third party contents is needed and the responsibility of potential risks in the future is necessary.



How Does Get Added to Chrome, Firefox or IE?

Bundling is the distribution mean which is usually used by browser hijacker like As a matter of fact, this is not only the method used by browser hijacker, this is the common method that used by many other computer threats to get inside your computer. To be more detailed, this browser hijacker is attached to other installers by hiding in check box. It amazes you when you find this browser hijacker appearing on screen once the affected browser is opened. The reason is that you remember that you have never changed the homepage by yourself or never agreed to changes by clicking on anything. Actually, you do have agreed the installation of such browser hijacker and the changes of homepage settings. When you are installing a new program by clicking a exe file, you should always check additional bundles. With so many steps to click, you may forgive to check all installation details as you just want to quickly install the program you want and run its process in advance. Your ignorance is the chance for browser hijacker to get install as it adds to installer as a bundle. As long as you click install without un-selecting additional bundles, you will give the permission to this browser hijacker to get downloaded. After getting installed, all activities it does are permitted by you.


Yet despite the installation offers you Custom or Advanced installation options which can be used for avoiding unwanted download, you still tend to select Quick install option. What you should know is that selecting Custom or Advanced installation options should be your first choice when you are going to install a new program, especially the one from unsafe or unknown websites. Through this, you are able to disclose third party software easily. Sometimes if the additional bundles are not able to be removed, you are advised to stop the installation unless you want to put your computer into danger. Without a doubt, third party installer is not the only way for browser hijacker to attack your computer. Such browser threat can still be inserted to pop up ads and download links. As the pop up ads or links it hides are clicked, it can be silently installed on your computer and then modifies default settings. will change DNS settings so that it can control the entire browser and does what it wants. The changes of system settings make this browser hijacker difficult to remove. If you have already tried the manual removal guide but still get this threat on computer, please try to get rid of automatically.



How to Remove Manually


Below is a professional manual removal guide to completely help you delete virus from web browser and clean system. However, the manual removal method is not easy to carry out because there are some professional steps. If you are an unskilled computer users who have never dealt with system registry before.

To avoid further damages, you should get rid of browser hijacker by using effective removal tool. To easily remove virus without delay, click the removal button below.


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Manual Removal Guide



Step one. Uninstall malicious programs from computer

For Windows 7 & Vista:

Click the “Start“menu, and then click “Control Panel”. 1

Then, select “Uninstall a program” under “Programs” category.

uninstall a program - Windows 7

In the window that shows all installed programs, find out suspisious program, select it and click on the Uninstall/Change button.

For Windows 8:

Right-click Start menu and select Programs and Features.

Programs and Features

In the opened window, look for suspicious and then click Uninstall to remove it.



For Windows XP:

From desktop, click “Start” menu and then choose “Control Panel” option


In the window that opens, double click the “Add or Remove Programs” link.


Find the risky program you want to remove, select it and then click the “Remove” button.

Step two. Remove from infected browsers

chrome iconGoogle Chrome

Open chrome startup page, click main settings icon at the top right corner and move to choose “settings” option from pull-down list





Go to settings page, click “set pages” option.


set pages

Remove link from startup pages window. Then you can leave the start up page box blank or just put “about:blank” or other favorite start up page link into it optionally.start up page




Click “OK” to save.start up page ok


Back to settings page, click “change” option.


Remove link from home page option. Put “about:blank” into it instead or you can just leave it blank.homepage


Click “OK” to save and existhomepage ok



close web browser

firefox iconMozilla Firefox

open Firefox homepage, click main menu icon and selet “options”


go to homepage setting and remove link from homepage box.

delete Firefox homepage


close web browser

ie iconInternet Explorer

Open IE homepage, click main settings icon at the top right corner and then select “internet options” from list


internet options


Go to internet options window, delete from homepage box and then put “about:blank” into it instead.


delete ie homepage

Do not forgive to click “OK” to save the changes.

Step three. Delete from properties settings

Delete link from properties settings

Find Firefox icon on desktop, right click it first, and then select “properties” option from the drop-down list.


Once the new window is opened, check “target” section and delete which is added after “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe”. Delete the unwanted link and leave “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe” only. Check it again, click “OK” as it is clear.

Firefox shortcut


Click continue once the “access denied” window pops up



Delete link from properties settings


Find Chrome icon on desktop, right click it first, and then select “properties” option from the drop-down list.


Once the new window is opened, check “target” section and delete which is added after “C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe”. Delete the unwanted link and leave “C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” only. Check it again, click “OK” as it is clear.

Chrome shortcut

Click continue once the “access denied” window pops up

remove (2)

Delete link from properties settings

Find Internet Explorer icon on desktop, right click it first, and then select “properties” option from the drop-down list.



Once the new window is opened, check “target” section and delete which is added after “C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe””. Delete the unwanted link and leave “C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe”” only. Check it again, click “OK” as it is clear.

ie shortcut

Step four. Locate and remove registry entries:

Click start or windows icon at the lower let corner on desktop, search “regedit” on computer. And then click “regedit” program


As a result, the registry editor will pop up. Click “edit” and then choose “find”


Once the search box pops up, put into it and click “find next” option

search registry

Delete related registry string found after searching.

find registry

Right click it and select “delete”


delete registry

Back to find related registry again and repeat this step till no related strings are found.


 is a dangerous browser hijacker which can lead to information leakage as it may collect your browse details like scanning websites, log information, online account details and other valuable details that can be utilized for analyzing your search habits. As no one can ensure that your sensitive information will not be shared with others, you should not let any third party get chance to get your private information. Thus, to avoid information leakage, you better begin with removing this browser hijacker.

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