How to Remove from Computer and Clean Browsers

What is and why we need to remove it?

These are the thoughts that run through our mind when seeing the title of this post, bring carious about the reason why we need to remove it from computer. Before answering this question, let us see some screen-shots first to learn about how many net users have been infected. Recently, there are many net users are seeking a effective solution to remove after finding the homepage/start page and search engine are replaced by this site.

Users are asking for help on forums:


Then let us give an answer to the above question-what is As a matter of fact, this is not a illegal site – but the main target of it is not binding, but it brings potential risks to the target computer that the infected machine will suffer from the scale of the threat from browser hijacker or redirect virus. Once a computer user accept the installation of this program-especially attaches to other software, this user will need to adapt homepage replacement, inevitable changes and forcible downloads. It is not easy to address the risks brought to the computer system. If this unreliable program keeps staying on the computer that may become more serious as the the additional browser helper objects and third parties will not help with browsing and protection for the computer but harm it instead. But eventually, most users do not realize the importance of uninstalling this program from computer and cleaning related plugins, extension or add-on from associated browsers until some browsers are totally messed up with random troubles. Then slowly some other terrible problems will appear. The computer is filled with horrible, annoying and serious troubles. Then, let us go back to the corn question about what is and why we need to remove it?

What is

When realizing there are so many computer users are seeking an effective solution to remove it from computer, we could not expect any advantages it will bring to our computer. But as it is mentioned at the above paragraph, this is not an illegal site even it is considered to be browser hijacker which is not classified as computer virus. This is only a legitimate search site which created by DeerNet Technology Co., Limited and supported by third party partners as advertising supporter and sponsors. However, once get this program inside, the day when one could safely surf the internet and search information online as one’s wishes are gone. As this is a supported site, then when we are using it for information search, we may get some unexpected risks, according to many computer experts. Even this site is released to help online search by providing start page, search page and search engine, it is still not recommended to use. When go to the official page of this site, we can find so many relative pages and links. As we can see below, it gets all the things a legitimate site or search site requires. The introduction of has contributed directly to basic study of this site, as it shows what is is and what it can be used for. While it may appear by attaching to other programs that we want to install, recently released evidence suggest that it is a potential unwanted program that we do not need to download but kick our instead.


While it helps to search online via offering search page and search engine remains within the realm of possibility, the prevailing trend after being attacking by redirect virus and browser hijacker is not good. Although statistics are quite often far less reliable than one might wish , other reliable information allows one to learn more about the potential risks contained by it.


Why we need to remove

Although random sampling used for many surveys fails to cover large segments of the net users , the procedure nonetheless offers insight into the risks we might taking when letting this program in and using it as homepage and search engine. The need for removing it from computer has proved to be the case time and again. There are instance when one will get fake search results that contain sponsored links and ads inside. There are situation in which it is highly advisable for a person to stop clicking on the search results and immediately close the web browsers as long as encountering random pop up ads. All reliable information points to the fact that sometimes this search engine provides advertising contents instead of common search results. Unfortunately, this is not the only reason of why we need to remove it. Also, some evidences show that the there is direct link between unwanted downloads and risky clicks. When finding the modification of homepage and search engine, most users report that it is unable to remove it even reset the settings. That is caused by the “Search Protect” application for it blocks all the settings this browser hijacker has changed and make them can not be reset.


Perhaps there is no better example of browser-hijack than the replacements of homepage and search engine. So far, we have amassed ample objective proof to show the urgent need for completely remove without delay.

How does it invade our computer?

It does not matter if someone has no acknowledge about browser hijacker or redirect virus – when realizing the invasion of it, we need to try to learn more about it. If the installation of it is not obvious, do be careful about the third party we just installed recently. The installation of it can be invisible for it always attaches to other third party software, but the attempts to get installed on the target computer are so nasty. Most of time, it acts like a bundle to others, especially media updates, flash download and coupons. Media update is perhaps the most common carrier of this program and the main cause of it is the installation of fake program is the root cause of this invasion. Know what is the main process of the invasion of this redirect virus. First, the malicious installation code is inserted to the third parties, some malicious files, folders and keys are attached to other programs. Another process, when the program it attaches to has been installed, the malicious installation codes of this redirect virus will be activated at the same time. After, all its related files and registry entries will be stored on the system without being known. What is more, its program will be added to the start-up resulting in the automatic running of it. And as long as it is activated, it moves to change the default browser settings as homepage and search engine.

Installers used by


How to Remove Luckysearches.Com from Computer and Clean Browsers

We’ve all heard that when deleting browser hijacker or redirect virus, we need to clean browsers and uninstall the program from system. However, sometime we are required to remove system files and registry if manual remove threats from computer. The removal of files and registry can lead to computer troubles such as mistakenly removal and deletions. But now to solve the problem and make the threat removal be more safer and effective, we recommend some powerful removal tools.

Tips: For safer removal, it is highly recommended to use professional removal tool rather than manual removal. To help quickly remove threats from computer, here we provider several antivirus software download.

Recommended removal tool:

spyhunter-product2529_03 Detected by Spyhunter:


Manual removal guide:

Step One: Uninstall software from system:

prorgam we need to uninstall:



Start-Settings -Control Panel- Add or Remove Programs



Start -Control Panel-Programs-Uninstall a program





Right-click 1 -Control Panel-Programs and Features


Step Two: Clean web browsers and reset settingschrome

A. Clean “Properties”

Right-click the chrome icon at the desktop


select “properties”



at the “target” box, remove all items “…” after ” Googlechromeapplicationchorme.exe”43

click “apply” and then “select “continue”


B. Clean chrome and reset browser settings:

open chrome, click menu icon and move to “Settings”


on the openning window, click “set page”8


once done, remove related item by clicking “X”9

at the “add a new page” part, enter “about:blank” and click “OK”10

select “change” at the “on startup ” section



remove “luckysearch” and enter ” about:blank” instead, then click “OK” to save12 13


then, click ” manage search engine” at “search” section 14

move to “google” string and click “make default”



after. delete “Luckysearch” and select “done”16 17


A. Clean “properties”

right-click Firefox icon at the desktop and then choose “properties”



remove “http//….” after “…firefox.exe”2

click “apply” and “continue”



B. Clean Firefox and reset settings:

open Firefox, click menu icon at the right-top corner, move to ” options”



delete “…” and the “homepage” box5 instead, enter “about:blank” at the box and then select “OK”7


B. Clean Firefox and reset settings

open Firefox, enter “about:config” at the address bar and press “enter”


select “I’ll be careful, I promise”



once the window is opened, search “luckysearch” at the saerch bar10

right-click every item found at the search result and click “Reset”

11 12 13 14 15

once all the related items are reset, search “newtab” at the search bar

16 17

right-click the “browser.newtab.url” and then click “reset”




A. Clean “Properties”

right-click the IE icon at the desktop, select “properties”


remove “….” after “…iexplore.exe” and click “apply”, then “OK”


B. Clean IE and reset browser settings

open IE, click setting icon, select “internet options”



remove all thigns at the box and enter “about:blank”




click “tabs”  6


check if whether a new tab is opened, the page will be a blank page, and click “OK”7


after, select “apply”8


B. Clean registry:

click “start” or wibndows icon, search “regedit.exe”



click on the search result “regedit”10


click “yes” to continue11


on the openning window, click “edit” and then “find”  12


on the search box, enter “luckysearch” and click “Find next” to search all registry entries related to this program

13 14

at the first time, a folder will be found, delete it.



after, search “luckysearch” for the second time and clcik “find next”


then, a registry about “default page” will be found, delete it

17 18

search it for the third time


delete the search page


search it again, delete start page

21 22

finall, saerch it again, delete the two strings

23 24 25 26 27

Search again until there is a window pops up saying it is finished 28 29

Reminder: To clean the leftovers, it is strongly recommended to use antivirus software to scan the entire system for detecting all malicious threats or PUPs.

Professional antivirus software download:







We have been always considering the changes on homepage and search engine do not affect online browsing. It will make our computer more vulnerable, that is to say, it can add some additional threats to our computer even it itself it not considered to be a computer virus as dangerous as Trojan virus. For the majority of net users, using or downloading a new search engine does not seem important but regular for they do not really pay enough attention to PC security. Furthermore, most of us seem pay more attention to what we can download from a site than what malicious threats will harm the computer from this a site. For the safety of computer, it is advised to be more careful and caution when installing software from unknown sites. In the first place, extra downloads will be included in the target programs we want to download and install for the bundle box will make some additives enter the system once computer owner does no check it for safety. Now net users in growing numbers are beginning to rely on antivirus software for the Microsoft Firewall does not powerful enough to defense viruses spread through the internet.

Attention: The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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