How to Remove from PC

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we are browsing with strange search engine, the topic of browser hijacker will inevitably come up. It is not a good ides to use unfamiliar search engine to browse even using unknown homepage. When dealing with browser hijacker like, a lot of time can be wasted trying to figure out how does it enter our computer and what to do once we find it on the system – if the installation of it is not permitted by us. Nothing is more likely to cause resentment than when we get stuck by numerous pop up ads and links during our surfing. Every computer user encounters malware issues. We all know what is looks like when browser hijacker has hijacked our computer. Often times it just seems like something go wrong when we load the system. The truth to browser hijacker issue is more dangerous than we think. Let us learn about in details.

What is is one of the newest fake update pages which are used for software promotion and program marketing. Using a new search engine does not actually increase our risk of browsing, unless we use browser hijacker to be homepage. After several studies asserted that this browser hijacker aims at homepage hijack but not search engine provided. After controlling for a number of factors, including DNS settings and homepage, this program starts showing fake JAVA updates information on the screen. Usually it displays fake update information like this: outed JAVA plugin detected. So what does this all mean? It appears that the act of updating – which has reported to be fake, does not help to update any media or JAVA program. If we never encounter such situation, we might as well just click download or install to save the EXE program from this page. This is really bad for our computer, however.


Risks of

* It hijacks Homepage, Startup Page and Shows Fake Update Information


The association between homepage-hijack and fake update demonstration is strong. It is no surprise that the browser hijacker replaces the homepage of our web browsers. What is surprising, though, is that the main aim of it is to trick us to download and install media players. Simply put, the homepage of this fake update page includes some fake information which state that our the JAVA plugin of our computer is out of date. Then it provides new update on this page, we only need to click “agree and install” button, the new program will be downloaded. As a result, our computer is infected by malware. The update we download from this site is not safe enough, even the information of this update is totally fake.




* The Programs It Provides Is Not Safe

When getting this pop up page, we may probably know that this is a fake page which wants us to download third party programs. But the hidden files saved on this page can be stealthy, as well. Depending on what is the main purpose of this page, we may get a “player_setup.exe” file at the bottom of this page, and that is the file we will install from this page after clicking any download or install button. How many times do we need to click on “cancel” button to stop this download? In fact, as long as this browser hijacker keeps hijacking the homepage and making this fake update page to be the startup page or homepage, this page will continue showing up. Consequently, we need to click to stop the download every time we get this page. If we happen to click “save” or “download” button accidentally, we will download some unwanted even risky programs on system. Those programs will use up the system resources and lead to poor performance while they are activated and run on our machine.




* Brings Other Troubles

There is always that moment when we may get stuck by pop up ads when we are browsing, and it is hard for us to realize the dangers of our situation during that time. But before we figure it out, our computer has been completely invaded by a lot of viruses. There will never be a legal program which does not ask for permission before downloading. Some users even think that this is normal. Well. It is high time we change our sick mind. Instead agreeing to download fake updates, the first thing we should do is to close all tabs and scan the system fully.



While all of our computer could probably use a good antivirus software every once in awhile – and there are certain things we should get rid of immediately – there are some items that might be dangerous to keep. With high risks of browser-hijack, system death, blue screen, pop up ads, which gives us problems with security issues can affect our computer badly. Professional and effective removal tools can fix this trouble before it completely takes control of our computer.


removal tools

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How to Remove from PC


Manual Removal Guide For Experienced Users:


Reset settings of Internet Explorer

* Change homepage settings

Double click internet explorer shortcut to run IE. When the homepage or startup page of IE is opened, we will get this interface of first as it has completely controlled IE.

(Note: we are mot recommended to click any “download” or “save” button from this page, or we will install some malicious files and programs on the system accidentally.)


To reset homepage, click the settings icon at the top-right corner of this page, and then select “internet options” from the drop-down list which is opened after clicking settings icon.



Then we will automatically go to “general” tab of IE, under this tab, on the middle of this tab, we can find homepage settings. Undoubtedly, the URL; of homepage is changed to In this case, we need to reset homepage completely.


To reset it, move the mouse to the “use new tab” button and then left-click it.


Through this, the homepage URL will be set to “about:tabs”. As long as the homepage is reset, click “apply” to confirm.


* Clear browsing data

Click “delete…”button under browsing history section


Tick related browsing details listed on this page, and then click “delete” to clear them


After deleting browsing history, the window will automatically back to general tab, we should click “OK” button to save all the changes and deletion we make.


Close all tabs and move to the next step.


* Clear IE properties

Right click IE shortcut, then we will get a drop down list, select “properties” from the bottom.

remove shortcut_ie_1

Go to “shortcut” tab, remove all things added after “…iexplorer.exe” on target box.



Leave “C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe” only and then click “OK” to save


Close all tabs and restart Internet explorer to check if all the settings are reset back to what we want. If we still get troubles from this browser hijacker when we restart IE, we must reset IE settings to default.

How to Restore Your Browser to Default Settings


Google Chrome

Double click Chrome shortcut from desktop to run Google Chrome browser, open the homepage/startup page which is hijacked by Do not save any files or EXE download from this page. Just go to click the main menu icon on the top-right corner and then select “settings” option



Go to settings tab of Chrome, move to “on startup” section and click “set pages”


From the opening tab, find “please fake update” string, then we can see the URL.


To remove this address, move the mouse to the right of this string, then we will get a “X” mark, click it to delete



After deleting this setting, click “OK”



Back to settings tab, click “change” option from appearance section. It is clear that the home page is set to


Open home page tab, find the malicious setting we want to remove



Remove the unwanted home page setting and then click “OK” to save the deletion


* Clear browsing data

Back to settings tab, click “history” option


Under history tab, select “clear browsing data” option


Tick the browsing data we want to remove from the list, and then click “clear browsing data” button at the bottom


Close all tabs.


* Clear Chrome properties

Right click Chrome shortcut, select “properties” from the bottom

remove shortcut_chrome_1

Go to target setting, remove the additional information added after Chrome.exe


Leave “C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” only and then click “OK” to confirm and exist


Close all Chrome tabs


Note: if this browser hijacker still keeps hijacking Google Chrome after doing the above actions, then we should reset Firefox to default if we want to completely solve this problem.

  How to Restore Your Browser to Default Settings





Double click Firefox shortcut to run Mozilla Firefox, then we will get the fake update page, move to the top-right corner of this page, click main menu icon and the select “options”


Go to general tab, we can see it clearly that the homepage is set to be without our permission.



To reset homepage settings, click “restore to default” button


Then close this tab.

* Clear browsing history


Back to homepage or startup page of Firefox, click main menu icon to show the main list, ant then click “history”


Continue clicking “clear recent history…”


From the browsing data window, tick all the data that we want to remove first, and then click “clear now”



Close all tabs.


* Clear Firefox properties

Right click Firefox shortcut from desktop, click “properties” at the bottom of the pull-down list

remove shortcut_firefox_1

Go to Firefox target setting, remove the information added after firefox.exe


Leave “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe” only and then click “OK” to save




Close all tabs and restart Firefox to check if the settings are back to default.


Note: if this browser hijacker still keeps hijacking Firefox after doing the above actions, then we should reset Firefox to default if we want to completely solve this problem.

 How to Restore Your Browser to Default Settings



If the manual removal does not take effect, we should use removal tool this time. Usually the manual removal can not completely get rid of malware. So it should perhaps be no surprise that the key to remove this browser hijacker is to use professional removal tool. Someone will complain that this manual removal is not useful. Not everything works, even if it works for other people, the same thing just does not work for us. Why? We must miss some important steps during removal.On average, experienced computer users are less than inexperienced users, the manual is not recommended for everyone. Thus, if we get a failed result from manual removal, it suggests that we need to get help from removal tool which is developed for computer security. If we really want to remove this virus from computer, just take action to download the professional removal tools below. Having said that, do not hesitate to install antivirus software. The longer we delay, the more loses we will face.

removal tools

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The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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