How to Remove My Safe Savings Ads

Help! I don’t know what happened to my computer. When I open my Chrome, I am surrounded by a number of annoying ads. My ad-blocker can only block some of these ads. What a pity! However, some blocked ads will become blank boxes rather than disappear completely, which makes me more annoyed. After much consideration, I try to disable the ad-blocker and find that these ads come from My Safe Savings. I am surprised of the discovery because I can’t remember when I installed the program. However, I don’t know how to remove it. Is there any suggestions? Please help me!



What is My Safe Savings?


My Safe Savings is a dubious program which claims that it can help users who like online shopping to save time and money. However, various ads will spring up all over your screen after you install the program. These pop-up windows contain advertisements, fake alerts and notifications. Advertisement means, by definition, a promotion of some product or service. A good advertisement not only attracts users to pay for its product but also possess esthetics value. However, a large number of poor advertisements make people mad. In addition to pop-up ads, you may receive fake message asking them to update their programs. Once clicking the download button provided by strange pop-up windows, you may get more unwanted malicious programs installed in your computer. In other cases, computer users are asked to input personal information such as phone number, address and credit card number to gain discounts. But if you do as it says, your privacy will run into the danger. Some evil developers may steal and sell users’ information or undertake illegal activities by the name of their users. Once the matter is brought to light, they put the blame to others and escape. Based on everything above, My Safe Savings isn’t a reliable program so that you shouldn’t use it.


My Safe Savings is regarded as one member of adware-type programs. It prefers to deliver various savings offers, deals, banners and price comparison. Unlike other adware, not all pop-up ads provided by the pest come from computer users’ visited websites because the adware is able to conceal underlying contents by using a tool called virtual layer. Based on these tactics, the adware is able to keep track of users’ browsing activities and learn about personal information. It is difficult to stop ads because its executable file named mysafesavings.exe keeps running in the background. Every time the system reboots, the adware also wakes up and then carries out malicious activities. Thus, you’d better remove the adware as soon as possible.


How do Adware like My Safe Savings Enter PC?


There is no infection without causes or reasons. According to the research, software bundling is commonly adopted for spreading adware or PUP. When was the last time you downloaded and installed any software? What kind of the software you installed? Have you ever seen additional programs when installing? If not, you’d better check up your programs list and remove suspicious items.

Unwanted programs always get on your computer as a package of a program. So, the permission of entire installation means inviting a wolf into your house. However, there are still methods of preventing such a case from happening. Computer users are required to watch their steps while installing a program. It is necessary to choose Advanced or Custom option. Additional items (malware may be among these items) are usually selected automatically and hide in the Setup Wizard. So, you’d better deselect unwanted items, otherwise your computer goes wrong quickly.



Know about Malvertising


Malvertising means malicious advertising, which is used for spreading malware by evil developers. Attackers will inject a virus or spyware into these ads. So computer threats always lie within the ads on illegitimate or unknown sites. There are various shapes and types of malicious

  • Pop-up ads. A pop-up ad is a type of window that appears on webpage you are browsing.
  • In-text or in-content advertising. A in-text ad appears when you click specific keywords within the text of a webpage.
  • Drive-by downloads. A drive-by download means your unwanted download from the Internet. It was the moment when you didn’t know much about the software and then made a wrong decision.
  • Web widgets. Web widgets are used to redirect a user to another malicious site.
  • Banners. A banner ad means rectangular advertisement that appears on the top, bottom, right or left sides of the web page. The kind of ad shows more information because its width easily accommodates varied contents.

(More related information at:

When clicking on a malicious advertisement, you may be redirected to malicious sites and then get malware installed in your computer. In most cases, some antivirus programs and browser extensions like AdBlocker can prevent your browser from a lot of advertisements. However, there are still cunning adware that is difficult to be blocked. At this time, the best we can do is taking action to remove the adware as soon as possible once you detect it.



Summary of My Safe Savings

Threat Name

My Safe Savings


Adware; Malware; Potential Unwanted Program
Affected Operating System Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10
Navigate Impacts Display tons of advertisements; Slow down running speed of the computer; Demolish users’ experience; Collect personal information
Distribution Method Via software bundling, peer-to-peer sharing, spam emails or malicious links.
Solution Read the detailed guide below or download a removal tool!Download-icon


Below are several screenshots about some users’ problems with My Safe Savings.

As is shown in the picture below, the user RALPHCARLSON is troubled by uninstalling My Safe Savings. It can be seen that many users who encounter the same problem from the words “37 people had this question”. forum-6

As the picture is shown, the user named Bilibo Baggins’ computer gets infected with the adware because his daughter download malware by accident while downloading skins for a game. After that, a lot of advertisements appear when he opens one browser. The adware occupies high CPU and memory. It is difficult to stop the running process called mysafesavings.exe.


Another user DataFlame also has difficulties in removing the adware. His words again confirm the fact that it is difficult to stop the process created by My Safe Savings because it will reappears after several seconds.



Does your computer also get infected with the adware?

Are you looking for effective ways to remove it?

Don’t be worried, please read the post and follow the removal guide.



The Brief Introduction of Removal Guide


warning_47.448275862069px_1130333_easyicon.netManually removing My Safe Savings isn’t a easy task, especially for computer beginners. Any mistakes will lead to bad consequences whenever you are deleting malicious files or editing registry entries. That is why manual removal instruction is only for the advanced PC users. It is important to back up settings if you insist on doing that. In fact, a powerful and professional removal tool is a better choice because it can detect and remove computer threats automatically.

Manual Removal Instruction:

Reboot your computer in Safe Mode

Terminate processes with Task Manager

Remove My Safe Savings from your browser

Uninstall My Safe Savings from Control Panel

Delete folders and files created by My Safe Savings

Clean Registry Entries

Automatic Removal Guide (Recommended)



Manual Removal Instruction:


Reboot your computer in Safe Mode


Click on Restart from Start menu


Tap F8 key repeatly before Windows logo appear. F8 key is to initiate Advanced Boot Options menu.


When the Advanced Boot Options screen appears, please select Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking by using the up and down arrow keys and then hit Enter key.



For Windows 8 & 10

Open Start menu or Charms menu

→Click on Start button (Windows 10)

→Press Windows + C keys to open the Charms menu, and then click Settings (Windows 8)

Whilst holding down Shift button, click on Power and then click Restart.


After reboot, you will be in Windows 8/10 boot menu, please choose Troubleshot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart


Startup Settings menu will appear again , press F4 or F5 from the options below.startupsettings

Terminate processes with Task Manager


Right click on blank area of the taskbar, select Task Manager or Start Task Manager.

Start taskmanager

Navigate to Processes tab, select My Safe Saving and click End Process or End Task button

Tip: see more processes by checking the box besides Show processes from all users (Windows )

End Process Not all programs can be stopped by using Task Manager. According to descriptions of computer users, the process will restart automatically within several seconds even though you have tried stopping it. And then manual removal may lead to the failure. To remove the adware, you are recommended to use automatic removal tools  in the post which can remove detected stubborn malware.  



Remove My Safe Savings from your browser 


icon-ieInternet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer, click Tools button (gear icon) and select Manage Add-ons.

Manage add-ons IE

In Toolbars and Extensions, select All add-ons.

IE select all add-ons

Select unwanted items in the list and click Disable button.


Click Tools button and select Internet Options.

Internet options IE

Go to Advanced tab, click on Reset…button.

Reset Internet Explorer

A window pop up, check the box beside and click Reset.Reset button


Click the Close to confirm the resettings. Close button

Restart Internet Explorer.


icon-firefoxMozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox, click Menu button and select Add-ons.Mozilla firefox add-ons
  2. Select My Safe Savings in the list, click Disable or Remove button.Disable Extension
  3. Navigate to Plugins tab, select the adware and choose Never Activate in the drop down menu.Never activate firefox plugins
  4. Click Menu button and press ? (Help Menu)
  5. Select Troubleshooting Information.Troubleshooting-Information
  6. Click on Refresh Firefox button twice (the second time is to begin the resetting).Refresh Firefox
  7. Click Finish button to complete the import process.firefox finish
  8. Restart Mozilla Firefox.


icon-chromeGoogle Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome, click on three-bar button and select More Tools, and then click Extensions.Extensions
  2. Select My Safe Savings in Extensions tab, and then click trash icon.remove unwanted extensions from Google Chrome
  3. Click three-bar button and select Settings.Settings
  4. Click Show advanced settings… at the bottom of the page.Chrome show advanced settings
  5. Click Reset Browser settings, and then click Reset button to initiate resetting process. Reset Chrome
  6. Restart Google Chrome.


Uninstall My Safe Savings from Control Panel


Windows-XP-iconWindows XP

  • Click on Start button and select Control Panel.
  • In Category view, and click Add/Remove Programs.
  • Select the program and click Remove button.
  • Follow the wizard to uninstall it.


windowsxp iconWindows 7/Vista

  • Click on Start button, select Control Panel.
  • Choose Category from the View drop-down menu in upper-right corner), and click Uninstall a program.
  • Select the program and click Uninstall button.
  • Follow the wizard to uninstall it.


windows 8 iconWindows 8

  • Move the mouse to left-lower corner, and don’t move on until image-win8-startbutton appears.
  • Right Click on image-win8-startbutton and select Programs and Features.
  • Choose Category from the View drop-down menu in upper-right corner), and click Uninstall a program.
  • Select the program and click Uninstall button.
  • Follow the wizard to uninstall it.


10_windowsWindows 10

  • Click on Start button on the task bar, select Settings.
  • Go to System, and then select Apps & features in the list.
  • Find My Safe Savings from the list, click Uninstall button.
  • Follow the uninstall wizard to uninstall it. Can’t find My Safe Savings in programs list? Because it may be not a complete program so that the system can’t read and add related information to the programs list. Computer users need to remove malicious files by themselves. However, mistaken deletion of important system files is much more likely to occur. Hence, you are recommended to use an automatic removal tool.


Delete folders and files created by My Safe Savings


Go to File Explorer , type “my safe savings” or “safe savings” in the Search bar and hit Enter key.



Select malicious items among search results and remove them.


Can’t find items that match your search term? Maybe they are hidden files.

How to show hidden files? 

Step 1: 

Windows XP: Click Tools in the menu bar, and then select Folder Options… 

tools-folder options

Windows 7: Click Organize in the upper bar and select Folder and serach options.


Windows 8/10: Click View in the upper bar and select Change Folder and search option from the drop-down menu of Option.


Step 2: 

In Folder Options window, presstab and then opt for Show hidden files and folders/Show hidden files, folders, and drives, click Apply and OK button to apply the changes.

show all hidden files-windows 8

You can also locate the following files and delete them.


C:Program Files (x86)SafeSavings
C:Application DataMSSavings

These paths are for reference only, you’d better make decision according to the actual situation of your computer.


Clean Registry Entries


Press Windows + R key together to initiate Run dialogue box.


Type “regedit” in the dialogue box and hit Enter key.

type regedit

In the Windows Registry Editor, click File and then select Find…

Find button

Type “My Safe Savings” or “safe savings” in search box and hit Enter key.


Right click on the detected entry and select Delete.


You’d better repeat the steps above and make sure all items related to the adware have been removed.



Automatic Removal Guide (Recommended)


Remove My Safe Savings with SpyHunter

SpyHunter is a useful anti-malware program which is compatible with all Windows OS. The program can not only remove computer threats including adware, browser hijacker, worms, Trojan horse and so on but also prevent your computer from attack in the future.

Click on the button below to download SpyHunter.



Open the downloaded file (SpyHunter-Installer.exe) to begin the installation and then click Run to continue when a window pops up as below.



After selecting your language, click OK button.


Click Continue button.


Click Install button after choosing I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy.


Click Exit button after the installation is completed.


After you have installed SpyHunter, wait for it to automatically update.

After the update process has finished, open SpyHunter and click on “Scan Computer Now” button.

spyhunter-scan computer now

After SpyHunter has finished scanning your PC for any malicious files, click on the “Fix Threats” button to remove them automatically and permanently.


Once detected malicious items on your PC have been removed, it is highly recommended to restart your computer.


Remove My Safe Savings with Plumbytes Anti-Malware

Plumbytes Anti-Malware is also a useful detection & removal tool. Sometimes it can detect computer threats that other antivirus programs may ignore. Now use Plumbytes Anti-Malware to scan your computer and delete potential infections that takes opportunities to enter your computer.

Download Plumbytes Anti-Malware from the button below.

Plumbytes Anti-Malware

Install Plumbytes Anti-Malware by clicking INSTALL.


After installation is done, run Plumbytes Anti-Malware by double-clicking on (or Plumbytes Anti-Malware will run automatically).

Plumbytes Anti-Malware icon

Go to OVERVIEW, and then click Run a scan.plumbytes-screenshot

After scan is completed, all detected items will show in the list.



Restart the computer if you are required by the program.


Are you troubled by thousands of annoying advertisements? Have difficulties to remove My Safe Savings? Have already tried manually remove the adware but in vain?  Are you looking for quicker and safer removal methods? Why not try a malware removal tool? The removal can be done in just a few mouse clicks!




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The following video offers a complete guide for My Safe Savings removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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