How to Remove from PCs (Step by Step Removal Guides)

Are you one of PC users who are dealing with

If you are encountering the troubles caused by this unreliable search site as many other victims do, you would better learn how to remove from browsers by reading the removal guides below carefully.

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What is Actually? is not a PC virus but an unwanted and unneeded search site which comes by bundling with other programs. As it usually enters a target computer forcibly without no approval, the appearance of it is often unwelcoming. However, there are immediate solutions for removing this program, but most of users do not realize the fact. Once focusing on the interface of the homepage of this site, it is not difficult to find that this site offers some easy removal steps for users in its “uninstall” page.


Even there are some detailed removal steps are provided, the solution for deleting this program from infected browsers surrounding poverty remain elusive. The steps it gives are only able to remove this site from browsers but not help to delete related program from system, and that is the main reason why some users report that they are unable to remove this program even following the uninstall guides.

Why We Regard it as an Unwanted and Unreliable Program?


While the homepage it offers is set to be a start page of web browser, it displays commercial advertisements. As it is showed, most ads this search site demonstrate are related to computer security. Once it becomes the search engine, the time is right for it to take full advantage of ample existing opportunities to advertise sponsor sites or programs. An increasing number of people are joining the ” Information Age ” via the Internet . In reaction to the phenomenon , some say the Internet has removed barriers and provided people with immediate access to the world . But do we realize that rapidly advancing information technology can also lead to intrusions of privacy ? If you are one of PC users who set up to accept cookies, you need to be careful that your search queries will be collected.

What is more, it is not safe for you to click on any pop up contents appear on this site. Similar to many search web sites, this site will record the IP address of net users for commercial use. This is written on Privacy Policy and if someone read all the contents of Privacy Policy, it is not hard to get the information. Unlike other dangerous redirect virus, this site is not so risky for it does not disclose any data it collects to third parties for it only use the collection for its services improvement.


As it is states, the links this search engine provided on the search results are not sure to be safe. One of the the pressing problem facing victims after getting this unwanted site is preventing malicious links and phishing sites that hide behind the results. This is a serious problems while using this search engine centers on the security of the search results. Perhaps the most dangerous phenomenon griping net users is virus attack, which make be caused by unexpected clicks. Then, the virus attack is yet another new and bitter truth PC users must learn to face apart from this unwanted program. Thus, there must be a growing awareness of the need of strengthened PC protection.5

To force users to utilize this site as a homepage and stop them from changing back, this program make use of a application named “browser protect” to achieve the goal. With this application, victims are not able to set back default settings easily, especially users who lack of PC skills.

Possible Troubles Triggered by

-Unreliable search results are displayed which may lead to redirection once click
-The homepage and search engine are forcibly replaced without authorization
-Annoying ads will be displayed on the homepage of this site as pop up games, security massage and online sales
-Some additional add-ons, plugins, extensions as well as browser helper objects will be installed

How does enter a target machine?

There has been undesirable trend in recent years towards the potential unwanted program attacks. A recent survey showed that most of victims who got this unwanted process on the machine through downloading third parties and the fake flash player downloads in particular. Why do people fail to realize that this redirect virus is installing without any permission? The reason must be that this program is usually installed as a bundle object of other programs.

For example, the programs listed below are the main carriers of that once these program are agreed to be installed onto a system, this site will be automatically installed at the same time. After, the default homepage and search engine will be replaced. As a program named mp3 olimp, if you read the term of installation, you may find that the terms you accept are not associated to mp3 olimp but a agreement to install Quiet obviously, this is a unwanted program which comes along with other software.


Other programs that carry bundle.

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How to Remove from PCs (Step by Step Removal Guides)

To completely remove this search engine/homepage ans its associated program from a computer, we need to firstly delete its process from system and then eliminate it from web browsers. After, reset the default browser settings. For inexperienced net users who do not have any removal skills, it s highly recommended the auto-fix tool SpyHunter. Only several click can fix all issues.

Solution One: Use SpyHunter Auto-Fix Tool to Fix Threats

Step one: Click here to download SpyHunter and follow the installation guides step by step

Download SpyHunter Now


Step Two: Fully scan the entire system with SpyHunter and click Fix Threats


Step Three: Click “Restart PC”


Solution Two: Manually Remove Threats from System and Browsers

Step one: Remove program from system
Step two: Remove from web browser
A.Remove from Google Chrome
B.Remove from Mozilla Firefox
C.Remove from Internet Explorer
D.Remove from Safari
F. Scan the entire system with Malwarebytes anti-virus tool

Manual Removal Details:
Step one: Remove program from system

1Windows XP Users:
Start-Settings -Control Panel- Add or Remove Programs


Find associated program from system.


2Windows 7 Users:


Start -Control Panel-Programs-Uninstall a program


Find associated program from system.3


3Windows 8 Users:


Right-click 1 -Control Panel-Programs and Features


Find associated program from system.


Mac OSX: Finder-Applications-Applications-Trash-then right click the Trash icon and select Empty Trash



Step two: Remove from web browser

Google Chrome:

Remove malicious extension from Chrome
Open Chrome, at the top right corner of Chrome, you will see a menu icon , click it, then select tool>extension. Remove related extensions.


Reset settings:

Open chrome menu, move to settings


At the “appearance” part, click “change”


Remove…and enter as a default homepage and then click “OK”



At the “on startup” part, select “set page”


Remove “…” and enter, then click “OK”


At the “search” part, select a favorite search engine like Google and then click “manage search engine”


One the window is opened, remove “” and make Google to be default.


Fix Google Chrome shortcut target:
Right-click Chrome icon on desktop, move to “properties”


Select“shortcut” and remove….


Optional: if you still can not remove, you can reset all the setting to default.

Internet Explorer:

Open IE menu, move to “internet options”


Remove… And enter “about:blank” and click “OK”23

Click “tabs”, check the information and click “OK”


Fix Internet Explorer shortcut target:
Right click on the Internet Explorer shortcut on the desktop, move to “properties”


Select “shortcut” and remove “…” then click “OK” and then “continue”


Mozilla Firefox:

Click Firefox menu, move to “add on”, select “extension” and remove “fast start” extension and other suspicious extension.12

Reset settings:
Click menu at the top right, move to “option”3

Delete “…” and enter “about:blank” and click “OK”45

Once done, type “about:config” on the address bar and click “enter” on keyboard6

Search “mystartsearch” on the search box7

Right click on the related search result and select “reset”8

Fix Mozilla Firefox shortcut target:

Right click on the Firefox shortcut on the desktop and move to “properties”9

Remove “…” from the “target” box and click “OK”10

Select “continue”11


Active safari>Safari menu>Preferences…1

In this window, select all suspicious extensions and click uninstall to remove all of them.2

Back to the preferences window>select General tab>remove and enter a favorite homepage.3

Back to the preferences window>select Search tab>set a default search engine4

As long as the default web browser setting have been reset, you need to use a professional tool to scan your machine in order to check whether there are any malicious leftovers.


Install and run the anti-virus program to scan the system


Actions to Prevent Similar Attacks

There is absolutely no reason for us to believe that all thing we are able to download from the internet are totally safe enough. Many PC experts offer computer security guides to help safeguard PC system that a safe system is not an impossibility. While the internet is not safe to surf, it is quite necessary to take actions to make secure the system.

-Turn on Windows Firewall
It seems most certain that Windows Firewall is the first line to defense PC attack. Reaching the first line of security defense is almost a certainty for virus attack but still, many PC users do not have the awareness of turning on Windows Firewall once log in. It plays an important role to prevent potential infections. Turning on Windows Firewall can block certain kinds of incoming connections from network, especially connecting to the internet on public places.

-Use Strong Password
The need for password policy enforcement has proved to be true that a strong password can avoid files stolen on a compromised PC. To lock the crucial files with strong password help to prevent damages when a PC is infected by virus. It keeps minimizing losses and damages on the affected computer. To make sure every potential unwanted program to get necessary permission before installing.

-Avoid Suspicious Downloads
The important thing about online downloads is that the security can not be assured. There are instance when one will keeps downloading even getting warning while installing third parties. There are situations in which it is highly advisable for a person to stop downloading risky software when getting warnings.

-Install Antivirus Program
Gone are the days when there are no security tools to defense virus. The days when the hackers could aggressively get access to a computer are gone. Nowadays, many professional and effective security tools are developed, such as SpyHunter and Malwarebytes.

When accessing to the World Wide Web, the most important thing to be away from virus attacks is to resist pirate programs, avoid phishing sites and never download insecure free programs. Tremendous progress has been made in internet security, but there is no doubt that the technology of hacker is still the biggest threat that may harm our computer. Redirect virus like is just one of the common unwanted programs that comes along with third parties. If you do not want to waste any time to constantly deal with such type of redirect virus anymore, the best way is to make moves to remove all related files and malicious codes.

Attention: The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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