How to Remove Newsearch123.Com Completely

Have you notice that a browser hijacker is hijacking your computer and controlling your searching when any homepage is changed to
Do you ever find the start up page, homepage or even search engine is changed without asking for your permission?
Do you find that the performance of your computer slower and slower than before?
Does that scare you?

Basic Information of is a browser hijacker which wants to change homepage and search engine of web browsers at the beginning once it is installed on target computer via attaching to other programs. What follows are some other troubles like changing other settings or adding additional plugins and extensions without permission. According to many victims, the running of this browser hijacker appears to have seriously cut into computer running speed. And this kind of searching page usually serves as advertising port while computer users are using its search engine to search any keyword. By contrast, the numbers of those who click on the advertising links will help site owners increase visitor’s numbers. It is clear the increase user of this search page or its search engine is having some effect on the system as whole. This page is more risky than we believe, more aggressive than we see, and more annoying than we think. The longer we set it to be default and use it, the more troubles we will get. It is only with effective antivirus software that users can see rightly, what is the main aim of this browser hijacker is invisible to the eye.Newsearch 123

If we have ever used the search engine of this browser hijacker, we may not notice the troubles we will face. For often, this search engine forcibly change the homepage, search engine and other main browsing settings. However, changing the main browsing settings is not the important thing. The main goal of this browser hijacker might be that it is a tool which is used for collecting personal information, especially the browsing data. When we enter some keyword and search them by using this engine, we may perhaps get some regular search results, even the same results with other famous search engines. However, we are also providing some advertising sources for the partners of this search engine. This search engine will analyze our browsing habits through gathering search keywords, browsing history, recent visit sites and cookies. It often happens that when we are visiting web pages, we will get random pop up ads which are all related to the words we have just searched recently or the products we search on online shopping websites.


Reasons Why We Need to Remove Newsearch123.Com
Newsearch 123 2

* Protect person information

A search engine will always collects some browsing information more or less. If we have to reveal some personal information to third parties, using some famous search engines with good reputation will be safer than using unknown search engines.

* Avoid malicious ads

This browser hijacker could not be different from other malicious search engines as they are all used for advertising, collecting information and promoting third parties. Not believing its search results and do not use any relevant settings do not help. The most effective thing to stop is to remove it from computer once it is found.

* Stop unwanted downloads

Sometimes this browser hijacker starts adding other additives after taking over the browser settings. As a results, there are always some other unwanted downloads will be added to the infected browser like plugins, extensions, add-ons or some toolbars.

* Stay away from remote access

As this browser hijacker has completely controlled browser settings, it may connect the infected computer with remote control center which is controlled by hackers. Such browser hijacker acts like a remote port that can help remote hacker get access to the infected computer and steal sensitive data.

Thus, nothing will completely go back to normal, unless we remove this browser hijacker and take back the control. Below are some removal tools we can use and the manual removal guide we can follow if we do not want any tool.

How to Remove Newsearch123.Com Completely

Note: the manual removal is not fast and effective as using removal tools. Since manually remove browser hijacker requires certain lever of computer skills, it is not recommended for inexperienced computer users. Under this situation, removal tools is more effective.


Step one. Clear Browser Shortcut

Google Chrome

Right click Google Chrome shortcut on desktop, then select “properties” option


Go to “target” settings, remove which is added after ”C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe”. Check if there is any other malicious additional link, remove them and leave “C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” only.


Once “target” section is clear, click “OK” to save the changes.


Note: sometimes we may get a pop up window saying that we need to provide administration permission to change these settings, just click “continue” to move on.3



Right click Internet Explorer shortcut, select “properties” option from pull-down list.


Go to “target” setting, remove, which is added after “C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe”. Clear all additional links and leave “C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe” only.


As it is cleared, do not forgive “OK” to save the changes.


Note: sometimes we may get a pop up window saying that we need to provide administration permission to change these settings, just click “continue” to move on.


Right click Mozilla Firefox shortcut from desktop, then select “properties” option from drop-down list.


Check “target” setting and then remove which is added after “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe”. Leave “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe”only and click “OK” to save.


Note: sometimes we may get a pop up window saying that we need to provide administration permission to change these settings, just click “continue” to move on.


Step two. Reset Homepage and Search Engine Settings

Google Chrome

* Startup page

Run Google Chrome, go to startup page. From startup page, click main settings icon at top right corner, select “settings” option


Go to Chrome settings page, click “set pages” option from “On startup” section


Usually, the link of browser hijacker will be added to startup page.10

To remove it completely, click “X” mark at the right of this link.


Instead, we can leave “add a new page” option blank, or we can enter a new link to be default start up page. For example, we can put “about:blank” or “” into this box.


( Note: if we enter “about:blank”, we will get a blank page when open the start up page. Instead, if we enter “”, we will get Google search to when open startup page.)


No matter which link we put, do click “OK” to save


* Homepage

Go to “appearance” part, click “change” option


If home page setting is set to be, do remove this link fully.


Then, enter a new link in “open this page” box

Click “OK” to save


* Search engine


Move to “search” section, click  manage search engine…”


Set a favorite search engine to be default first, then remove unwanted search engines from list.


Click “done” to save when it if finished.


Open internet explorer, go to the top right corner of start up page, click “gear” icon and then select “internet options”.


Go to homepage settings, remove the unwanted link from homepage box


Instead, put a new homepage into this box, such as or about:blank.


Click “apply” to set


As the new homepage is set, click “OK” to save and exist.




Open start up page of Firefox, click the main menu icon at top right corner. Select “options” from drop down list


Check “home page” box from new pop up window, if it is set to unwanted link, remove it completely.


Instead, enter a new link in home page box ( or about:blank”


As it is done, click “OK”to save


Open a new tab from Firefox, from the search bar at the top, enter “about:config”. Then, press “enter” key from keyboard.


Usually, we will get a warning window saying “this might void your warranty”, just click “I’ll be careful, I promise” to continue


Go to new window, search “” on search bar


As a result, we will get all related strings which are changed to unwanted links.


Right click the string and then select “reset” option to set it back


Repeat the “reset” step till all malicious strings are reset. Finally, close all tabs and windows.


Step three. Restore Browser Settings to Default (Optional)

Once the homepage, search engine and startup page of browsers are all reset, run browsers again. If the browser-hijacking trouble still appear, we would better reset all browser settings to default to solve this trouble.

hand-pointer1-right>>>Restore Browser Settings to Default

Note: it is recommended to back up crucial information and data before resetting browser settings to default as we may lose some data during the resetting process.

Dot not be careless about the risks of browser hijacker like because this kind of threat is as dangerous as Trojan virus. At the same time, it is annoying just like advertising programs. Browsing plays a vital on when we use computer. However, without protection our computer can be easy to be infected and become target as there are many hackers, disposed people and advertiser who want to make use the internet to spread virus, ads, programs and codes. Antivirus program is what keeps our computer avoiding infections. Professional antivirus software makes computer be protected by effective programs through building up a strong defense guard to stop virus attack. Nothing remains the same as long as we take actions to download effective antivirus software.


hand-pointer1-rightDownload SpyHunter for Protection

The experience of being infected by threats, viruses, infections and malware teaches us not to click on any malicious pop up ads, download any suspicious programs and open any unknown email attachments, for they might be the carriers of browser hijacker, adware, Trojan virus and keyloggers. So the only way to get away from possible attacks is to download antivirus software, so that we can avoid malicious download. One of the most professional and hottest antivirus software for 2015 is SpyHhunter.

SpyHunter is one of the best-selling security program for 2015 and it is predicted to continue wining a good reputation for 2016. This is a program which provides removal and protection functions. The protection and scan that appear in all aspects of our computer allow us to be faster, better and safer when remove programs, virus and files.



The following video offers a complete guide for Newsearch123.Com redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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