How to Remove Browser Hijacker

My computer seems to get infected by a malware called I think I downloaded it from a malicious site which I visited accidentally as I browsed the web. This malware has affected all web browsers installed on my PC. It tampers with my browsers’ settings and keeps redirecting me to some advertising websites each time I open my browsers. I always have Spybot S&D free edition running and updated but this malware still can enter my PC. I have been told to do several things to remove the malware but none of them works so far. Does anyone know if there is an anti-malware program, even though a paid one, which can successfully remove the malware? Please help.

We will tell you in this article how to manually remove and how to automatically clean it out of your PC using a specialized malware removal tool. You can directly download the removal tool given below and use it to run a thoroughly system scan for free.

(This tool is designed to detect and remove all types of malware threats like browser hijackers, adware, Trojans, rogue programs, rootkits, and ransomware)


What Is is a harmful and stubborn browser hijacker! Browser hijacker is a type of malware that can modify the web browsers’ settings of a user without any consent, with the intention of redirecting the user to various advertising websites or showinga lot of annoying popup ads on the user’s web pages by injecting some malicious codes into the browsers. browser hijacker may replace the user’s existing homepage, startup page, or error page with its own (see the screenshot below).

Besides, it may change your browsers’ shortcuts on the desktop. Its website address might be added to the command line in “Target”. Most browser hijackers will do thing like this.


As a result, whenever you open the affected web browser, you will first see the website (don’t open this website) loading on your browser, and then you will be redirected to another website which turns out to be an advertising site. The advertising website you are redirected to will be shown at random. At different times or on different web browsers, the advertising website and content will be




Be noted that it is not safe for you to visit such advertising website, as a careless click on a link or button within the website may lead to downloading of some unwanted or even malicious program on your PC. Websites promoted by browser hijackers are always unreliable, so you should avoid staying long on them. For the safety sake, you should immediately close those websites if you are redirected to them. But the most fundamental solution is to get rid of the browser hijacker which causes the unwanted redirections.

remove malware button



Why You Need to Remove


As a browser hijacker, can cause the typical browser redirection. If you are a victim of this threat, I’m sure you have experienced this problem and are annoyed by it a lot. Endless browser redirections to advertising websites, or even fraud websites containing fake alert warning, will not only badly interfere with your normal online activities, but also put your computer security at risk. As we have mentioned above, when you are rerouted to visit those sites, you are likely to click and download malware programs that would harm your PC.

don't click OK

In addition, this browser hijacker may jeopardize your personal information and identity. When staying on your PC, it may collect your device’s basic information and your personal information, including your IP address, browser’s type, most visited sites, interested ads, and your search queries. Your information will be sent to the browser hijacker’s authors who further sell or share it with advertisers.

Obviously, if you don’t remove quickly, you may not only be forced to visit unsafe websites and download potentially risky programs on your PC, but also let your personal information be revealed to unknown people. Why not perform a quick and effective removal of from your machine right away? You can use the tool below to automatically remove this browser hijacker with a few simple mouse clicks.




How Do You Get


This browser hijacker can be installed on your PC through software downloads, and pop-ups that urge you to install something (e.g. updates for adobe flash player).

The software that contains installer of this browser hijacker is usually free, for most software developers will get revenue from the authors of the browser hijacker, which will offset the cost of giving it for free. To avoid installing browser hijackers, you should try not to download free software from unsafe sources, and make sure you select the Custom mode when installing it, so that you can deselect the additional but unwanted programs.

You can also get a browser hijacker from pop-ups warning you that there is something wrong with your PC or web browser, and asking you to install the recommended software or updates. Use extreme caution when receiving such type of fake warning pop-ups. Installing the recommended software or updates would mean that you are agreeing to install a browser hijacker on your PC.


How to Remove from Your PC?


You may find it hard to remove completely. You delete it again and again, but you will keep seeing its page popping up every time you open the browser. This is because the browser hijacker will inject its malicious codes into your computer system and also edits your registry entries. If you fail to clean its malicious codes and delete its startup entry, it will run automatically whenever your computer is started. In the following, we will show two methods to remove this stubborn browser hijacker.


Auto-fix method: remove the browser hijacker with SpyHunter.


To remove a browser hijacker, you need to find out and delete all its malicious codes, files and registry entries. This can be easily done by using a powerful malware removal tool called SpyHunter. This tool is recommended for all computer users to remove browser hijacker and many other stubborn malware threats including adware, viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, rootkits, and keyloggers. With its advanced and sophisticated algorithm, this malware removal tool can detect and remove the malware threats hiding in your computer system effectively.

» Click the button below to download SpyHunter stepup file on your PC. You can save it on your desktop or in any other place easy for you to find.


» Once the downloading finishes, locate and double-click the set up file. When a dialog box pops up as shown below, click the Run button.


click run

» Select your language and click OK button.

select language

» Click the CONTINUE button.

click continue

» Tick I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy and click the INSTALL button.

accept terms and agreements

» Now you can see the installation progress as below. Wait for the installation to be completed.

installation process

» When you are prompted a small window telling that the setup is successfully, click the FINISH button.

click finish

» Then, SpyHunter will automatically run and you can see its main screen as below. Click the Scan Computer Now button to run a full system scan.

scan computer now

» SpyHunter now will start scanning your whole system for any existing threats.

scanning process

» As the scanning comes to an end, you can check all threats found on your PC. If there is no problem, you can directly remove them by clicking on the Fix Threats button.


» Reboot your computer if you are required to do so.

*The free version of SpyHunter only supports malware detection. If you want to remove the detected threats and enjoy other amazing features such as ongoing malware protection, daily definition updates, custom fixes to the specific malware problems, and advanced technical support, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to the registered version.


Manual removal method: remove the browser hijacker manually step by step.


You can follow the steps below to manually get rid of But you should be very careful during the removal process and try not to delete any important files or entries, or else you could bring serious problems to the system or result in unwanted data loss.

Step 1: Remove the browser hijacker from your web browsers.

For Internet Explorer:

» Click on the Tools menu and click Internet Options.

click-internet options

» In the open window, under the General tab, check Home page field and delete the unwanted website URL. Then type the address of the website you like and click OK to save the change.


» Right click on icon of IE browser on the desktop and click on the Properties option.

clean shortcut-ie_1

» Under the Shortcut tab, locate Target, and then remove the unwanted address added after “C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe“.



For Mozilla Firefox:

» Click on the Tools menu and select Options.


» In the open window, check and remove the unwanted website address “” from the Home Page field Then enter another website address you like.


» Right click on icon of Firefox browser on the desktop and select the Properties option.

clean shortcut-firefox_1

» Under the Shortcut tab, locate Target, and then remove the unwanted address added after “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe“.



For Google Chrome:

» Click on the Chrome menu icon and then select Settings.

click settings

» Click Set pages link under On startup.


» In the open window, delete the unwanted website URL by highlighting it and clicking the X icon. Then type a desired website address as your new startup page and click OK button.


» Now go back to the Settings page, tick Show Home button and click the Change link under Appearance.

click change

» In the Home page window, delete the unwanted website address from the Open this page field. Then, type another website URL into the box and click OK button.


» Right click on icon of Chrome browser on the desktop and select the Properties option.

clean shortcut-chrome_1

» Under the Shortcut tab, locate Target, and then remove the unwanted address added after “C:UsersAdministratorAppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe“.



Step 2: Delete the browser hijacker related files from your computer system.

1. Navigate to the below directories, find and delete all the folders & files that are associated with the browser hijacker.




2. Open the local disk C, enter the browser hijacker’s name into the search box to search for any files or folders that hide in other places. If you find some files or folders, delete them all.


Step 3: Delete the browser hijacker’s related entries from the Windows registry.

1. Press Window key + R key together. When a Run command box appears, type regedit into the Open field, and click OK.

delete entry_1

2. Once the registry editor opens, click Edit and select Find option.

delete entry_2

3. Type the browser hijacker’s name into the Find what field and click Find Next.


4. Once you get the search results, delete the entries related to the browser hijacker. Press the F3 key to repeat the searching. If you find some other items related to the browser hijacker, delete them all.


Important note: You should only delete the items associated with the browser hijacker. The Windows registry contains information, settings, options, and other values for programs and hardware installed on your computer system. If you wrongly delete any item, it could cause unexpected system problems or program failure. If you cannot find any item related to the browser hijacker and are not sure what to delete, we highly recommend you to download and use a professional malware removal tool to help you instead.

To sum up, is a browser hijacker that can takes control over your web browser. It often comes as a part of the software you download and install on your PC. Its installation information is always hidden or not apparently revealed to you. So, you may not know that you have installed this browser hijacker on your PC. This browser hijacker is created to boost website traffic and generating advertising revenue. It can change your browser’s homepage, start page and error page to its domain page “”, with the intention of redirecting you to various unwanted websites. It also delivers lots of unreliable ads, by clicking on which you may get rerouted to some dangerous sites. It can even steal your personal information, such as your IP address, browser type, system version, search queries, most-visited sites and clicked ads without your knowledge. This information is often used by some advertisers to analyze your preferences. Then, more target ads will be delivered to you when you are browsing the web. There is no reason that you let this nasty browser hijacker stay on your PC. So now, while there’s no serious problem brought by the browser hijacker, please take immediate action to clean it out of your PC.,

Be note that the manual method cannot guarantee 100% removal of the browser hijacker, since there are always some factors that affect the result. For example, if you are a novice user, you may not know what files and entries to be deleted. You may miss the real malicious files but delete the important ones. This will not help remove the browser hijacker, and may even cause damage to your system. No doubt, a safer and more effective way to delete is to download and use an exclusive malware removal tool to perform the removal of the browser hijacker for you!

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