How to Remove Easily

“How can I remove from Google Chrome once it is added to the browser as a homepage as well as the default search engine? This website just automatically comes up once I open a new tab. I want it disappear.”

What is utilizes metasearch technology to compile results from many of the Web’s major search properties, delivering more relevant and comprehensive results every time you search. The search results you receive include the top commercial (sponsored advertising) and non-commercial (algorithmic) results from the most popular search engines on the Web. By accessing multiple search engines for each query, provides you with a richer and more relevant spectrum of results than you would from using any single search


More about is a search utility which delivers relevant and comprehensive results for computer users. However, this search engine is not so famous and safe that the way in which the search engine is stored on the computer means it could lead to computer vulnerability once it does not have a strong security protection. One of the risk of using unknown and infamous search engine is that it could potentially be easily cracked by cyber criminals and even some disposed people who get some computer skills. For the users of unknown and insecure search engine is that the computer vulnerabilities are down to a combination of factors.about

Why we do not use unknown search engine?

While many computer users have been made aware of the search engine risks, users may sometimes tend to ignore it during browsing. As always, most users do not pay more attention to the search engine which we may use everyday. Some insecure search engines will take chance to collect user’s personal details. Unfortunately, many users just do not care this seriously, it seems as though letting out some browsing details is not dangerous. In fact, once users learn how vulnerable computer could be targeted through everyday activities including emails, web browsing and text massages, they might realize the importance of using search engine. The issue is when we judge a search engine on whether it is the type of dangerous or not, we just can not get answer on surface level appearance and visible traits. But when we use it for searching, it is the results we get from it which dictates whether or not it is risky. Once a strange search engine gets added to browsers by attaching to third parties. Most of time, this kind of strange search engine will be categorized as browser hijacker or redirect virus. Users might notice the conscious changes such search engine has caused, but there are so many unconscious changes that users are probably unaware of. It becomes dangerous when these unconscious changes stop computer from getting safe search results. If you think you are a victim of this, it is important to concentrate on getting rid of such search site or search engine.


How to Remove Easily

Do not know how to remove manually? Are you afraid of making mistakes during the removal process? Want to completely get rid of safely? Do worry, just download SpyHunter to help. All the above problems will be fixed!

Download removal tool

Manual Removal Guide

Main steps:
Step one. Uninstall suspicious programs from system
Step two. Remove from web browsers
Step three. Reset browser settings
Step four. Clear leftovers by using SpyHunter


Step one. Uninstall suspicious programs from system
Once a is added to Google Chrome, Firefox or IE, it will sometimes attach to other software and programs. It is very necessary to check programs and features as the unwanted or unneeded programs will keep wasting system resources once they are running. Thus, the first step to remove from computer is to check suspicious programs and uninstall them completely.

To remove programs from different operating systems by using windows uninstall utility:

For window 8/10 users:
Click the lower left corner from desktop, select “control panel” option and then continually choose “programs and features” option from list. (or only choose “control panel” if you are under classify view)2

For window 7/Vista users:
From the lower left corner of desktop, click “start” button and select “control panel” option in main list. After, choose “uninstall programs” option1

For windows XP users:
From desktop, click “start” button at lower left corner, select “control panel” option from main list.
Choose Add or Remove Programs category1

Once all programs are listed in programs and features window, scan all of them. There might be more than one suspicious programs. The new programs which are installed recently will be the most suspicious one if just automatically appear recently. Find the program we want to uninstall, select on it and then click “uninstall” button ( “remove/change” button for windows XP)

Activate the uninstalling process and follow the steps one by one.

Check the programs list again, if there is any other suspicious program or unwanted program, just uninstall them completely.

Step two. Remove from web browsers
After, move to the most important step: remove from web browser. Usually, the symptom of getting unknown search engine is that the main browsing settings will be changed, especially homepage, search page, search engine and start up page.

* Delete browser properties
Google Chrome:
Find Chrome icon on desktop, right click it first, and then select “properties” option from the drop-down list.CHROME

Once the new window is opened, check “target” section and delete which is added after “C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe”. Delete the unwanted link and leave “C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” only. Check it again, click “OK” as it is clear.CHROME

Click continue once the “access denied” window pops upremove (2)

Mozilla Firefox:
Find Firefox icon on desktop, right click it first, and then select “properties” option from the drop-down list.FIREFOX

Once the new window is opened, check “target” section and delete which is added after “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe”. Delete the unwanted link and leave “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe” only. Check it again, click “OK” as it is clear.FIREFOX

Click continue once the “access denied” window pops upFIREFOX

Internet Explorer:
Find Internet Explorer icon on desktop, right click it first, and then select “properties” option from the drop-down list.IE

Once the new window is opened, check “target” section and delete which is added after “C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe””. Delete the unwanted link and leave “C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe”” only. Check it again, click “OK” as it is clear.IE

*Change main browsing settings
Google Chrome:
Open chrome startup page, click main settings icon at the top right corner and move to choose “settings” option from pull-down listcHROME

Go to settings page, click “set pages” option. cHROMERemove link from startup pages window. Then you can leave the start up page box blank or just put “about:blank” or other favorite start up page link into it optionally.cHROME

Click “OK” to save.cHROME

Back to settings page, click “change” option.remove (13)

Remove link from home page option. Put “about:blank” into it instead or you can just leave it blank.remove (14)

Click “OK” to save and existremove (15)

Mozilla Firefox:
Open Firefox homepage, go to address bar and put “about:config” into it and searchremove (16)

Click “i will be careful, I promise” to enterremove (17)

In the new window, put into the search bar and search related strings.remove (18)

As the relevant stings are listed below, right click one of them and choose “reset” option to reset. Repeat this step and reset all related strings one by one.remove (19)

Internet Explorer:
Open IE homepage, click main settings icon at the top right corner and then select “internet options” from listremove (20)

Go to internet options window, delete from homepage box and then put “about:blank” into it instead.remove (21)

Do not forgive to click “OK” to save the changes.remove (23)

Step three. Reset browser settings (Optional)

Once the unwanted search engine makes you feel uncomfortable, then you can change it to another one. In fact, if the homepage and search engine is changed to a browser hijacker website, then you are really losing control of your browsing. Once an infected computer acts more and more weird, the browser hijacker has a lot to do with this. It is constantly true that the browser hijacker has changed the main settings of web browsers and will continue to so so. Some browser hijackers will introduce a lot of third parties like plugins, add-on, extensions and programs to computer. This action is making the infected computer more and more vulnerable for hackers to get access.

Step four. Clear leftovers by using SpyHunter

There are some hidden files and folders which can be not found on system easily. Thus, we should make use of automatic tool to scan the entire system in order to check whether all related information and leftovers are removed.

Step 1. Download SpyHunter Here and Save related files.

download SPYHUNTER



Step 2. Double click the Exe file, choose run.


There will be a language option window pop up, select your language and then click OK.

step 2. languageoption

Step 3. Click continue to forward SpyHunter installer

step 3. spyhunter installer

Step 4. Accept EULA and Privacy Policy to End User License Agreements

step 4. User License Agreements

Step 5. Wait several seconds to complete the installation

step 5. installtion

Step 6. Once the installation is completed, click exit.

step 6. exit

Step 7. Right now, SpyHunter is automatically running on your computer, run a entirely scan on your computer.

step . scan

Note: Do not worry if SpyHunter automatically updates because it will update at the beginning once you download an old version.

Step 8. As long as the scan is finished, remove all threats from your computer by clicking Fix Threats.


Use SpyHunter to Prevent Computer

With professional defense technology, SpyHunter provides many functions to help manage your computer and protect computer from virus, malware and threats. With SpyHunter activated on computer, users will not need to uninstall programs, remove virus and back up data manually. What is more, SpyHunter protection computer while it is connected to the internet, especially during the time that users download third parties.


Stop worrying about virus attack once you have SpyHunter on computer. The full-time protection will make you stay away from potential threats all the time as long as you never turn it off. The removal function is so powerful that there will not be any malicious trace left on system which leads to second attack. When necessary, you can use it to back up crucial information for agency use.


The following video offers a complete guide for removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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