How to Remove Outrageous Deal And Get Rid of Pop-ups?

Are you annoyed by Outrageous Deal ads when browsing the web pages? Do you have trouble getting rid of those pop-up ads? Why do the ads show up on your PC? How can you get rid of them? Take it easy. Read more and you will learn more about Outrageous Deal and find out the best way to remove it.

What is Outrageous Deal?

Outrageous Deal is an adware program that claims to provide users with best deals, coupons and other information which can save users’ time and money. However, it’s considered as a potentially unwanted program, for it often gets installed on the PC in deceptive ways and displays numerous advertisements. It’s a piece of browser software that can be installed on almost all popular browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. The software is able to make changes on your Internet settings, such as homepage and search provider. If you have this application installed on the PC, you may find your default homepage, start page, new tab, error page and search engine are altered without permission.

Outrageous Deal

By installing this software, you agree that the software displays advertising to you. It can display text, graphics, or other interactive content in your browsers. Thus, when you use the web browsers, you may find various advertising including banner and video ads, in-text ads and links, web browsing related ads, interstitial, transitional, search and full page ads, etc. Some software features and placements may contain links to further information about the advertisements. For example, you may see some ads are marked with “Ads by Outrageous Deal”, “Powered by …”.


Please note that it’s not safe to click on the ads and other content which are displayed or promoted by the adware. The software claims that it is not responsible the third-party content and suggest users read the terms and agreements as well as privacy of those 3-rd party websites or products which are available through it before they download software or purchase some products. If you randomly visit a malicious websites and suffer from any loss, Outrageous Deal won’t be responsible for this. You visit or click on the third-party content on your own risk. To protect your PC from potential threats, you’d better not keep the adware on your computer.

In addition, your personal information may be sent to remote servers for commercial purposes. The adware claims that by using this software, your identifiable information such as your full name and address and all your submitted information may be sent to third parties for marketing or advertising purposes. If you submit some confidential information when viewing unsafe websites which are displayed by the adware, your personal information may be misused by other parties and you may be involved in many troubles such as Identity Theft. To protect your personal privacy, please get rid of Outrageous Deal from the PC as soon as possible.


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How to get rid of ads by Outrageous Deal from your PC?

If you are annoyed by the pop-up ads brought by Outrageous Deal, follow the several steps listed below to remove them from the computer completely. The anti-virus scanners provided in this post help scan your system and remove all threats found completely.

Step1. Scan and delete Outrageous Deal by using SpyHunter

Step2. Check your system again with Malwarebytes/ Max Spyware Detector

Step3. Uninstall Outrageous Deal from your Windows manually

Step4. Remove Outrageous Deal from your web browsers

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Step1. Scan and delete Outrageous Deal by using SpyHunter

Download-Button Download SpyHunter on your computer.

SpyHunter is specially designed to remove malware including adware, spyware and Trojans, etc. It’s a good choice for you to remove the unwanted apps like Outrageous Deal with SpyHunter. It will scan the PC and then clear all the files and entries of the adware quickly for you. Follow the guide below to install SpyHunter and run it to remove the unwanted program.

    1. Run SpyHunter-installer.exe and follow the prompts to finish the setup. You will need to select your language, click Continue button to proceed, choose I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy option and click Install button to go on. When all tasks are successfully completed, click Exit button.
    2. SpyHunter will automatically run on your PC. Check its product version and DB version and make sure they are the newest versions. Before scanning the system with it, close all running files, folders and applications.
    3. Click Scan Computer Now button to scan your PC. It will start to scan your PC for the adware and this may take several minutes to finish.
    4. When the scan has completed, all the items associated with Outrageous Deal will be displayed. Click on Fix Threats to remove all of them.


  • Before deleting the items, you need to register for the full version.

Step2. Check your system again with Malwarebytes/ Max Spyware Detector

To make sure that your computer is clean now, you’d better run another anti-malware program to scan the PC and check if there is any leftover of the adware or other infections. Malwarebytes is a professional tool that can detect and delete adware, spyware and other threats. It’s a good choice to scan your computer again with it and clear anything associated with Outrageous Deal if there is.

Download-Button Download Malwarebytes to your computer.

  1. Run mbam-setup.exe and follow the Setup Wizard to install it on the computer. Select the language you need, click on Next to continue, choose I accept the agreement, choose your desired destination location, select the start menu folder you want and then decide if you want to create a desktop icon and then click on Install button. Before clicking on Finish, you can check the checkbox of Launch Malwarebytes Anti-Malware option.
  1. If the database version is not the latest, click on Update Now to make it the newest version. Then click on Scan Now button to scan your PC.
  1. When the scan has finished, click Remove Selected button to clear all the threats.


In addition to Malwarebytes, you can also try Max Spyware Detector to double-check your system. Max Spyware Detector is good at removing unwanted toolbars, add-ons and adware. It is able to remove any traces of Outrageous Deal from your computer thoroughly.

Download-Button Download Max Spyware Detector to your PC.

  1. Run Max Spyware Detector Download Manager to download Spyware Detector. Then install the tool by following the Max Spyware Detector Setup Wizard.
  1. Click on Live Update to update the software to the latest version. And then run it to perform a quick scan or full scan as you prefer.
  1. When the scan has completed, click on Fix Issues Now button if there is any threats detected.


Step3. Uninstall Outrageous Deal from your Windows manually

If the virus scanner detects nothing or the ads of Outrageous Deal keep popping up after the anti-malware software remove the adware, you can manually delete the components of the ad-supported application from the PC by yourself. First of all, go to your Control Panel and remove the adware program.

Click on Start button, go to Control Panel, and then double click on Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP) or click on Uninstall a program under Programs category (Windows 7/Vista), search for the unwanted program and click on Remove or Uninstall button.


If you use Windows 8, right click on Start button, select Control Panel from the pop-up menu, click on Uninstall a Program and remove the adware program.


For Windows 10, press Windows key and click on Settings, click on Systems icon in the Settings and then click on Apps & Features, select the unwanted program and click on Uninstall button.


Step4. Remove Outrageous Deal from your web browsers

Remove suspicious browser add-ons

Sometimes the adware is installed as a browser helper object and it doesn’t appear in the list of all installed program in Control Panel. You need to check the browser extensions and remove any suspicious one.

ie iconInternet Explorer

Click on Tools or the IE menu icon (gear-icon) on the top right of the browser and select Manage Add-ons from the pull-down menu.

Locate Toolbars and Extensions, search for any add-on that is installed by the adware and click on Remove button to delete it.


firefox icon Mozilla Firefox

Click on Tools or the Firefox menu icon and then select Add-ons from the pull-down menu.


Locate Extensions on the left side of the page and see if there is add-on that is associated with Outrageous Deal. If there is, click on Remove button to uninstall it from Firefox.


chrome icon Google Chrome

Click on the Chrome menu icon in the upper right corner and click on More tools and then select Extensions.

Search for adware related add-ons and click on the trashcan icon to remove them.


Clear your browsing data from browsers

  1. Open your each of your browsers, and then press Ctrl + Shift + Delete.
  2. ie icon Internet Explorer:

Tick the checkboxes of Temporary internet files, cookies and history and so on, and then click on Delete button.


Restart your IE and all the cookies and browsing data of Outrageous Deal will be deleted.

firefox icon Mozilla Firefox:

In the pop-up Clear Recent History window, choose the proper time range and then tick the checkboxes of cache, cookies, browsing and download history and so on under Details section. Then click on Clear Now button.


chrome icon Google Chrome:

In the Clear browsing data pop-up, select the timeframe that need to clear and relevant items like Browsing history, Download history and Cookies and other site and plug-in data and then click on Clear browsing data button.


Restore your browser settings to defaults (Optional)

If the steps above don’t work, you may need to reset your browser settings to defaults. Restoring the browser settings often troubleshoot many problems caused by potentially unwanted programs like adware. If you can’t remove Outrageous Deal from your browser, try restoring the settings to original. Please note that this will delete all your installed add-ons, your customizations and so on.

ie iconInternet Explorer

Click on Tools or the IE menu icon (gear-icon) and then select Internet Options.


In the Internet Options window, click on the Advanced tab and click on the Reset button.


Tick the checkbox of Delete personal settings and click on Reset button.


Click on the Close button in the confirmation dialogue box. Restart your IE browser then and the adware should be deleted from the browser fully.

firefox icon Mozilla Firefox

Click on Help on the menu bar and select Troubleshooting Information. Or you can click on Firefox menu icon and open Help menu (click on the question mark icon) and then select Troubleshooting Information.


In the page, click on Fresh Firefox… button under Give Firefox a tune up.


Click on Refresh Firefox button in the pop-up window and this will remove Outrageous Deal components from your Firefox.


chrome icon Google Chrome

Click on the chrome menu icon and then select Settings from the drop-down menu.


In the chrome://settings/ page, scroll down to the bottom and click on Show Advanced Settings….


Locate the bottom of the page again and click on Reset browser settings button.


Click Reset button to confirm the changes.


Tips: If you need to remove other unwanted programs similar to Outrageous Deal, just follow the guide in this post to remove them step by step. We suggest you keep an advanced anti-virus program on the PC to protect your system from various cyber infections. Don’t download programs from suspicious websites or download those programs which are from companies with bad reputation. Remember to choose the Custom/Advanced Install if there is when you install a new piece of software.


The following video offers a complete guide for Outrageous Deal adware removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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