How to Remove RDN/Trojan.worm

Hi, I am using Windows 8.1 operating system and I have two antivirus tools on my computer because I have stored many important files. So, I really want to keep them safe from malware. But there is a virus found on computer recently which is detected by two of them. I click to remove this virus but these two tools fail to clean system. I still get pop up warning. I think this virus might be too stubborn to remove.


RDN/Trojan.worm is a nasty Trojan virus which is difficult to remove for most victims. You are advised to use efficient anti-malware tool to get rid of it fully.

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RDN/Trojan.worm is a malware which attacks computers under different operating systems. According to the researches, this virus mainly attacks Widows ten users. Majority victims find this malware on computer when they are using web browsers. In fact, if you get a warning pop up saying that your computer is infected by this malware and you need to call a number for expert help, then you should be careful because this is a scam which only wants to trick your call and then the so-called expert will scare you that if you do not remove this virus in time, your computer will be in danger. To completely solve this problem, you are required to pay for its removal. What you should know is that the expert will not solve any problem for you because there is no such problem need to be solved. The warning pop up about this virus is fake. Your computer is not infected by it. The trouble is not this virus but the browsers you are using. When you only get a pop up warning you that your computer is infected, then it is only a scam. What you should do is to clean your web browsers by removing suspicious extensions, resetting browsers and deleting unsafe plug-in. on the contrary, if you get a warning pop up from your antivirus software, it is a sign indicating that your computer is really attacked by this malware.

problem 2



If you do find this virus on your computer, you should be careful because this is a Trojan virus. In fact, it is one of the most dangerous viruses worldwide. Such kind of malware uses invisible methods to attack target computers like stealth and deceitful tactics. It infiltrates a machine so silently that no one can realize. This virus has infected many computers but it causes different symptoms on by performing different activities.




No matter what it does, it will harm your computer system only. At the beginning, it makes use of third parties to complete its distribution and then it will start disabling antivirus you have installed on computer. To avoid being detected and removed, it will disable the antivirus first. This is a reason why most victims do not realize this attack because the antivirus is blocked. A long as the antivirus tool is disabled, this virus can delete system files and Windows registry entries easily. The deletion of registry entries and system files will lead to system crash. Sometimes victims will get dll error pop up and blue screen. What is more important is that this virus may infect your personal files on computer. If you are one of those users who do not have the habit of backing up crucial files, then you may not be able to recover them once you decide to remove them for cleaning system. It is a difficult choice to make because if you do not delete the infected files, you can not completely remove this Trojan virus. But once you remove those infected files that are important to you, these files will not be recov ered again. As many victims report, this virus also infects web browsers on system. It alters browser settings and tries to control them. The infection of it will lead to browser freezes. If you want to fix frozen browser problem by shutting down or rebooting, you will be fail in the end as it is no use. What you can do with the frozen browser is to close browser process with Task Manager.


Reminder: RDN/Trojan.worm is a dangerous virus which will harm computer system badly. If you get a fake warning pop up of it, you need to reset browser settings and uninstall malicious program to clean this fake pop up. Instead, if you do get this virus on system and encounter troubles caused by it, you need to remove RDN/Trojan.worm from computer fully to avoid data lose. A professional anti-malware tool is needed to deal with this nasty malware.


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How to Know If It is a Scam or Real Virus?

To distinguish whether it is a scam or virus is not difficult. If you get a pop up warning when you are scanning website, then this could be fake pop up warning. The pop up warning or scam is displayed a web page, not the antivirus software on your computer. To be more detailed, the fake pop up is displayed by a page you are visiting or redirected to. Usually, it is showed to be displayed by web browser. But you should know that web browser does not have any ability to scan your computer and it is not capable of detecting malware like antivirus tool. This scam will convince you that your computer is infected by malware and you need to contact remote experts for professional help. There will be a contact number offered on the massage. You are scared by this fake infection of this virus and if you directly call the number, you will get “help”. In reality, the virus may not even exist on your machine. All hackers will do is to cheat you and lie to you in order to get payment. The pop up warning can appear on different browsers like Chrome, IE and Firefox. The pop up window is not showed by browsers but a phishing site. It is hard to realize the scam because most users may believe that this pop up is offered by web browser which is trustworthy. What users do not realize is that the page is automatically redirected to a new one.


If you do get a pop up warning displayed by installed antivirus like Avast, Norton or SpyHunter, then it means that this virus is actually existing on your computer. Even sometimes it can be false positive. You are advised to scan computer with professional anti-malware tool. Antivirus tool is a program which detects malware on your computer. If you get warning from it, you should pay attention because malware can be everywhere as long as your computer is connecting the internet. Cyber criminals can attack your computer with malware through a lot of means.




How to Remove RDN/Trojan.worm


Whether you are dealing a scam or real virus named RDN/Trojan.worm, you should download malware removal tool to clean potential risks on your computer. No matter which kind of threat you are facing, the appearance of it is a signal that your computer is no longer safe. to completely get rid of RDN/Trojan.worm and clean other threats on your computer, please follow the automatic removal guide below.




  • Copy the downloaded file to your computer and then run it on your PC. When a dialog box pops up as below, click the Run button.SpyHunter-shortcut

click run

  • Select the language you prefer and click the OK button.

select language

  • Click CONTINUE to proceed.

click continue

  • Click I accept the EULA and Policy and click the INSTALL button.

accept terms and agreements

  • Now SpyHunter is being installed on your PC. Just for a few time.


  • Once SpyHunter is successfully installed on your PC, click the EXIT button.

click finish

  • Then, boot your PC into the Safe Mode. After you access the desktop, double click the icon of SpyHunter to run it on your PC. On its main screen, click the Scan Computer Now button to do a full system scan.

scan computer now

  • SpyHunter now will start scanning the entire system for any existing threats.

scanning process

  • When the scanning is done, SpyHunter will show you all detected threats. Click the Fix Threats button if you want to remove all found threats.


  • After all threats are completely deleted from your PC, restart your PC.

If you have any trouble after removing malware, please contact our one to one support.



Trojan virus and pop up scam are far from alien to many of us. Once you get malware on computer, this first thing you should do is to stop all personal activities on your computer because most malware can steal personal details and send victim’s privacy to remote hackers. The second thing you should do is to find effective way to remove malware and secure your machine. When there is stubborn malware can not be removed easily, you are advised to back up sensitive data or transfer them to a safe computer. Fact actions should be taken to deal with malware and secure computer.



When you do not know if RDN/Trojan.worm virus is really existing on your computer or you are just getting a fake warning, you can use professional antivirus tool to scan your computer. Once this virus is listed on the scan result, you better remove RDN/Trojan.worm timely. Do waste any time to clean it because it is able to take over entire system in a short time.


Remove RDNTrojan.worm Now

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