How to Remove From Your Computer?


Is your homepage turned into without any permission?

Is it faster to search for information using or not?

Don’t know how to remove homepage and its registry entries?

Even don’t know what is it? & how does it get into computer?

If your computer gets infected with, it is strongly advised you to read this post in real earnest. It will show you basic information about and introduce the detailed removal steps to completely and permanently get rid of it out of your PC.

What is

Be similar to other browser hijackers such as,, is also treated as a malicious browser hijacker which penetrates into your computer secretly and causes various problems. (BC Search) seems to be a legitimate search engine as first sight as it is supposed to provide a quick and easy access to the popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon and so on. Don’t be deceived by its temptation. Actually, the main purpose of this browser hijacker is to make revenue for its developer. It just wants to deceive users through attractive ways. And boost web traffic in order to get more people visit its websites. In this way, it can raise the popularity of its site. As matter as fact, you get nothing but trouble from it. So when you see an unknown site, please be very careful and don’t click on it in random.

quick acess

Although shares a similar appearance with the legitimate search engine, you will never get trustworthy search results when using it search for some information. On the contrary, you will be served with tons of annoying pop up ads and sponsored links. This browser hijacker is not only sneaky but extremely pernicious as well. Once it gets installed on your PC, it will modify your browser settings without your consent. Your homepage and default search engine will be replaced by immediately. In addition, the infection has the ability to attack all your well-known browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari, which may slow down your browser speed if you keep it stay on your PC for a long time. This fake search engine supposedly helps you to improve your browsing experiences, but in reality it does nothing. By enticing you to make it as your default search engine so as to monitor your browsing history, collect your personal information like password, IP address, search quires, email address, bank account, etc, and then send that to hackers or cyber criminals for illegal purpose. It is very dangerous for your privacy problem, which may cause identity theft. If you just enjoy the quick access to browse webpage and make a search using this site, you will keep redirected to the unknown websites which often contain the third party programs or malware. Besides, you may receive all sorts of sponsored links and other annoying commercial ads in your search results. In other words, you won’t get a reliable search result. That’s why we do not recommend browsing the web with this search provider. screenshot

In addition to hijack your homepage, redirect you to various suspicious websites and monitor your browsing history, there is still other damage caused by this browser hijacker.

iconIt takes up your CPU usage when running in the background.

iconIt slows down the whole computer performance severely.

iconIt blocks you from visiting your favorite pages.

iconMany new toolbars, extensions suddenly appear on your browser.

iconIt will take longer time to boot up computer and open webpage.

iconEndless pop ups, commercial ads, coupons, banners will be full of your screen.


 Important note: Don’t panic! Even though your PC gets infected with this browser hijacker, you can completely get rid of it out of  your computer with the help of a professional removal tool. Just download and run it to remove and other  potential threats from your machine.


Where does distribute in & how to avoid installing it?

One point you should keep in mind that is not created to increase your browsing experience but to make money for its developer. Usually, its developer prefers to distribute such browser hijacker in unsafe sponsored links, junk email attachments and unverified free shares. So you should pay more attention when surfing the Internet. Do not click on any links on unknown or suspicious web pages. Of course, don’t open the email attachments from someone you don’t know. Please be sure that it is safe email and you can open it. The most important point you should remember is that such browser hijacker like infiltrates into your PC via free software. You should always pay attention when installing software, because a software installer often includes other optional installs such as virus, malware, or other unwanted applications. So it is necessary to be attentive during the installation process. In addition, one more thing you need to pay attention is to read the End User License Agreements (EULA) or Terms and Agreements before installing any free software. Don’t rush to click on Next or Continue button. And you should always opt for Advanced or Custom installation which will prevent other unwanted programs or potential threats installing on your system along with freeware. Take the following two images as examples.


advanced install

Attention: Whether it is adware or browser hijacker, they invade your computer without asking for any permission. is no exception and it usually breaks into your PC by its furtive technique. You have to be extremely careful every time you download or install software. If this browser hijacker has been attacked your browser, please don’t hesitate to remove it from your machine.


How to remove from your PC?

Although this browser hijacker is stubborn, there are still methods to get rid of it out of computer. You can delete it manually or automatically. If you select to remove it manually, first you need to uninstall it from Control Panel. Second, you need to delete its shortcut from browsers. Third, due to this infection changes your default homepage to its own one, you have to remove its homepage from browsers and reset your browser settings if necessary. Honestly, it is a little complicated and it is not easy to operate. So the automatic method may be the best way to eliminate from computer. If you want to take the manual method, please follow the removal steps provided below to remove this nasty browser hijacker out of your PC.


Step1. Uninstall from Windows7/Vista/8/XP.

For Windows7/Vista user

  1. Go to Start button and select Control PanelUninstall a program.

uninstall a program Win7

2. Uninstall from the list of programs by clicking Uninstall button.

Uninstall unwanted programs from Win7

For Windows8 user

  1. Drag your mouse to the right edge of the screen and select Search, then type control panel to the search box and click it.

Search Win8

control panel from Win8

2. Uninstall by clicking Uninstall/Change.

uninstall unwanted program from Win8

For Windows XP user

  1. Click Start button and then select Control Panel →Add/Remove Programs.


2. Uninstall by clicking Change/Remove button.


Step2. Delete the shortcut of from browsers.

  1. Right click on the shortcut of Google Chrome and left click on Properties. (Take Google as an example)


2. Delete URL under the Target box and then click Apply→OK.

remove shortcut

Attention: The same step is suitable for other browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Step3. Remove homepage from browsers.

IE icon

  1. Open Internet Explorer and then click on Tool  Internet Options.

Internet Options

2. Click on Generaltab; get rid of under Home page edit box and then type the one you prefer as your homepage. At last, click on Apply and then click on OK. 

remove from Internet Explorer


  1. Open Mozilla Firefox, click the icon 3baricon at the upper right corner of the browser, and then click Options.


2. Select General tab on the left side, delete and type the new URL you prefer such as into the box. And then click “Use Current Page” button.

remove homepage from Firefox

Google icon

  1. Open Google Chrome, click the icon 3baricon at the top right corner of the browser and then choose Settings.


2. Under On Startup option, mark “Open a specific page or set of pages” and then click on Set Pages.


3. Delete and then you can type a new URL as your homepage such as www. At last, click on OK button.

remove from Google

Step4. Reset your browser settings.

Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer again, and then click on Tool → Internet Options.


2. Select Advanced tab and click on Reset button.


3. Don’t forget to tick mark on Delete personal settings and then click on Reset button.


Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox again, click on the icon 3baricon at the upper right corner of the browser, and then click on the icon help icon at the lower right corner.


2. Click on Troubleshooting Information.


3. Click on  Refresh Firefox.


4. When the confirmation box pops up, click on Refresh Firefox button.


Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome again, click on the icon 3bariconat the top right corner and then select Settings.


2. Click on “Show advanced settings…”.


3. Scroll down to the end of the page and then click on Reset settings button.


4. When the confirmation box pops up, click on Reset button to reset Google Chrome.


Automatically remove

Automatic methods not only help you completely get rid of this infection from your PC but also remove all traces of potential threats in your system.

SpyHunter — Scans and removes as well as its registry entries.

download iconClick here to free download SpyHunter. (You can save the downloaded file to your desktop.)

Please follow the easy step to complete SpyHunter installation.

  1. After the download is finished, double click on the downloaded file on your desktop and then choose the language.

Choose the language2. Click COMNTINUE to go on.


3. Accept the EULA and Privacy Policy and then click INSTALL button.

Accept the EULA and Privacy Policy

4. Keep following the installation prompts on screen until finish the installation process, and then click EXIT button.


5. Once SpyHunter is successfully installed, it will automatically launch. You need to click Scan Computer Now to remove and other potential threats.


6. Click Fix Threats to delete all the detected threats and other potentially unwanted programs.


Note: If you encounter any problem during the installation, you can watch the SpyHunter installation video below.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware— Eliminates remnants.

download iconClick here to free download Malwarebytes Anti-malware. (You can save the downloaded file on your desktop.)

  1. Once downloaded, close all programs, and then double click on the icon named “mbam-setup” on your desktop to start the installation of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.


2. Follow the installation prompts and keep clicking the “Next” button to finish the installation of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.


3. Once installed, click on “Scan Now” to scan your system.


4. After finished the scanning, click Remove Selected to terminate the detected threats. The remnants of should be completely removed.


Note: If you encounter any problem during the installation, you can watch the following installation video of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Max Spyware Detector— Scans system again and removes all traces of threats.

download iconClick here to free download Max Spyware Detector. (You can save the downloaded file to your desktop.)

  1. Once downloaded, double click on the icon below on your desktop to start the installation of Max Spyware Detector.


2. Follow the on-screen instructions until the installation is finished. Then Max Spyware Detector will automatically perform a quick scan of your system.

scanning (1)

3. After ended scanning, click Update Now to upgrade to a full version.


4. Then click the“Fix Issues Now” to remove all detected threats in your system.


Note:  If you encounter any problem during the installation,  watch the following installation video of Max Spyware Detector.

Through scanning again, all traces of should be completely cleared away. Now, you can enjoy the Internet again.


No matter it is browser hijacker or adware, it is specially designed to make money for its creators. Once you find your PC gets infected with such malware, you should take quick actions to get rid of it as soon as possible. Often, is capable of disguising its files on the infected computer, which lead to users can’t easily eliminate it manually. Moreover, according to the analysis of computer experts, an automatic and professional removal tool will be the best way to remove malware as it can thoroughly and safely remove the malware as well as its all traces.


The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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