How to Remove Search More Know Virus

If a strange site is always the first page to pop up when we open any web browser – and every new tab we open, it takes the chance to show up, then we might be hijacked by browser hijacker. And this is not the only trouble we get, we might still have something to distract our browsing, like being filled up Search More Know pop up ads. Actually our computers are invaded by advertising program which brings redirect troubles at the same time. There are many reasons for us to remove this nasty program from computer, and let us learn from the basic information at the beginning.


What is Search More Know


Search More Know is settings in and with the changes of browser settings we might also notice more troubles coming up. It is a harsh reality that such kind of program is developed for promotion and is strongly associated with the invasion of adware, browser hijacker, redirect virus and malware. If we current plan to deal with these pop up ads begins and ends at keeping closing the pop u windows once they occur, we might make it worse. From getting random ads to being hijacked by unwanted browser hijackers, there are a lot of unexpected things it may do to maximize its chance of controlling the entire system. Even if we are not experienced users who get certain skill of recognizing malware attacks, try existing the infected web browser and avoid clicking on endless ads during daily surfing. As one of advertising application developed by SuperWeb LLC, it aims at promote other programs for third parties. The installation of it has a long-lasting impact on our machine. As computer users, we fear getting virus, when in fact, it is extremely a sign indicating that our machines are attacked by threats when we get random ads associated with this adware. Some of us may think of adware as the pop up cause, but this adware is not that simple because some victims report that it also introduces another threat named


As an important part of our daily browsing, web browsers are important for computer security, regardless which we prefer to use. Under attack of adware and installation of malicious plugins and add-ons, our computer will more risks of revealing private data – and we tend to get more viruses than usual – it is important to make our computer clean. As it will record our private information from computer, keep it running in backdoor is a scary and unpleasant proposition. The adware is dangerous enough on its own, but an extra browser hijacker gives more dangers. When we go to check the “terms of use” released by the developers of this program, we can see the details about what sensitive details will be collected from us. This further confirm an extension of information collection.


There will never be things safe when we get random ads on the screen as no matter which we tend to click, we might be forced to visit other websites that we do not want. That is why avoiding using the infected web browsers is more important than just closing pop up ads when we get troubles. Those who benefit most from this adware are naturally the least interested in change, and they might make the full use of this adware as long as it is installed. As we say in the previously paragraph, our private information will be collected and the browsing activities will be spied. That how the privacy theft works: when the adware program is activated on our computer, it acts like an remote serve port which links remote control center and our computer through using network. Then the remote center will be able to connect to our machine through internet. As a result, all the things we save on computer and activities we do will all be known and spied. Adware attack always includes a threat of date theft if we fail to remove, whether it comes from browser-hijack, being bothered by numerous ads, or direct attacks.


There is a more fundamental reason behind the urgency with which its developers seek to stop us from uninstalling its program. That is benefits. Adware and browser hijacker are alike in some things: they are usually installed along with other free programs – and they display a lot of ads on web pages. Being one of its victims is the most annoying thing there is. There must be troubles. Do be concerned about the ads, because all it will do is distracting us from scanning. Adware attack is more dangerous than we can imagine. In order to make computer clean, we must pay attention to it. Take care of what we download and how we select the installation terms, and this will be reflected in our daily browsing. Do uncheck the bundle box before we installing.

 Ads by Search More Know


Installer of Search More Know


Determining whether we should remove it can not be challenging. If situations ae toxic and beyond repair it, it is time to take actions before too late. A lot of us are looking to make some positive changes on our computer, but we have no idea where to begin. To solve this problem, go on reading the manual removal guide below.


Note: It is always a good ides to remove adware by using removal tools if we do not want to take the risks of making it worse. Is it hard to remove this adware manually? Yes it is and it can be dangerous more and more as we do not get any professional skills. Removing it manually need to delete system files and registry and reset browser settings all by ourselves. Thus, if we do not have done these before, do not try the manual removal method. It will be more easy if we use removal tool like Mlwarebytes, SpyHunter and Max Spyware Detector.



removal tools

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How to Remove Search More Know Virus


Step one. Restart computer in window safe mode.

Click start icon or press windows key from keyboard, select restart option


Press F8 key during restarting process, then select safe mode option


Step two. Remove related files from computer

When the computer is restart in windows safe mode, move to click “computer” from desktop


Then continue clicking C disk from computer tab

(As this program is installed along with other application without our permission, usually it will be installed on C disk as this is the default disk that we save system files and valuable data.)




As the main files folder tab is opened, select “program files” folder



As the subfolders of “program files” is opened, check all files folder from this tab and find “search more know” or other related folders from this tab


Click on target folder, right click mouse and then select “delete” or click this folder and then press “delete” key on keyboard



Then we will get a new pop up window which need us to click to confirm that deletion. Just click “yes” to confirm our decision.



Check the main folders to see as if there are any other suspicious and associated folders, delete them from system all at once.

As all malicious folders are cleaned, close these tabs.



Step three. Uninstall unwanted program from control panel


Windows XP:

Click the start button at the lower-left corner of desktop, then select control panel from quick access menu.


After, click Add/Remove Programs from the new opening tab.


Find related program and click “uninstall”7

Windows 7/Vista:

Move to lower-left corner and click windows icon, select control panel from list. Go to control panel and then click uninstall a program option under program category.

Check for all suspicious programs associate with Search More Know.



select this program and click “unisntall/change”



Click “yes” to confirm the uninstalling


Windows 8/8.1:

Press both windows key and X key from keyboard, the select the pop up menu

From the opening window, check for Search More Know programs and select them for removing.


Click target program and then select uninstall


Click “next” to process


Then click “uninstall” to start


Then finally click “finish” when it is done.


Windows 10


Press Windows+X or right-tap the lower-left corner, then we will get a quick access menu, select control panel option from list. Then find malicious programs and remove them.




Step four. Remove extension/add-on from web browsers



* Remove extension from Mozilla Firefox

Run Firefox by double-clicking Firefox shortcut on desktop, on the start up page, click main menu icon from top-right corner. Then, select “options” from pull-down list.


From the left side of new window, select extensions


As all extensions are listed on the right side of extension tab, skip all of them and check if there are any associated extensions which we do not have downloaded and added to Firefox. Once any suspicious is found, remove it without hesitation.


Find unwanted extension from list, click it and then select “remove”


* Remove suspicious extension from Google Chrome

Double click Chrome shortcut from desktop, go to the start up page, click settings icon from top-right corner, then choose the option “settings”


Go to Chrome settings window, click “extensions” on the left side


Check extensions list and find malicious and unwanted extension. Remove them if malicious extensions are found.



click trash mark to remove them from Chrome.


Make sure there is no suspicious extension left. If the malicious extension is not removed completely, it will result in bad consequence that the adware will come back again and we will be failed to delete it fully.


* Remove insecure extensions/add-ons from IE

Right-click IE shortcut from desktop, select open option on the list

IE1ie 1-1

Select manage addon option from left side of options tab


Check all extensions/add-ons which are demonstrated on the right side of the tab. When any insecure extension/add-on is found, remove it completely.



Select the insecure extension and then move to click disable button at the bottom


(Optional ) Step five. Reset browser settings to default


If this malware still can no be deleted after performing the above-mentioned steps, and we still continue getting pop up ads when we are are surfing the internet, we must restore browser settings to default order to get rid of threats added on web browser.

>>>> How to Restore Your Browser to Default Settings



Reminder: For the reason that some adware programs are not easy to be removed manually, sometimes we may fail to remove them manually as its files might change random names and hide from the deep of our computer. In this case, we are difficult to find out all folders and files. Then we need removal tools at this time. The professional removal tools can both offer removal service and protection offers. With them inside our computer, we can automatically scan the system and remove all threats by one click. Also, they can build a stronger defense for our computer, reducing the potential risks and malware attacks when we connect to the internet.


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The following video offers a complete guide for Search More Know adware removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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