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Two of the most concern Internet security problems that users frequently encounter are ad-supported software and browser hijacking. It will be a bothersome issue no matter any of them infects the computer system, but they usually come to users’ computers in pairs. If you find a strange page appear on your browser as the homepage while you remember that you have not made any changes to your browser settings, it is a sign that your computer has been installed with some potentially unwanted program that you did not notice. There are many free programs available on the Internet for users to download freely from the website. Users download those programs for their personal needs, but they seldom realize there are lots of adware traps waiting for them. It is not surprised to see the homepage or the search engine be replaced by the page of the application that you just install on your computer. Sometimes users can prevent unexpected change to their browser if they uncheck the options during the installation process, but under some circumstances, the scampish program will force users to accept the preset options and the use of terms by tricks. is such an intrusive web page that becomes the recent topic among many Internet users.

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In the first place we should clarify that can be deemed as browser hijacker or a PUP (Potentially unwanted program) for it is mainly designed to change the browser settings. It is not any kind of virus or Trojan horse because it is simply just a website. No matter how many modifications will be made to your browser, it will never be able to duplicate itself on your system to infect your important files or spread over the Internet like a dangerous computer virus. It looks like a legitimate search website that will provide appropriate search services for web users just like other search providers do. In fact, when you try to search for something with this site, you will be presented with the search results from Bing. I suppose that Bing may have collaboration with it or the website developer uses some technique to deliver the results of Bing for making this site more trustworthy and reliable. However, even if the search results are provided by Bing, it only makes this website more suspicious and shady as a normal search website will display the results from its own search engine that based on their technical team, not just simply giving the results from a more reputable site. You may eventually get an irrelevant page or even an unsecure page that will download and install malware on your PC in secret when you open one of the search results. Since this website is able to display the content of other website, it could also bring you to a scampish website by falsifying the results easily. It is hard to say what you will finally get when you click on one of the results. It could be either a normal page that you ask for or an unwanted page that promotes services and products. What is worse is that some malicious website will automatically download and install malware on your computer as long as you enter the website. It does not require users to click on any link or ads on the page, the program will get into your system within seconds without users’ permission. So it is not recommended to do your browsing activities and search information in this website, if you enter this site accidentally, you should just do nothing but close the page instantly to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Simple as the website is, you can choose the categories that you want to search by clicking on the tab on the top-left corner, but there is a special tab that you need to pay particular attention to: NewsCrawler. This word also has been placed in the middle of the page just right above the search box. The website designer uses little tricks trying to get users’ attention. This word appears beside the search category which may arouse people’s curiosity and make users click on the redirect link to see what it is. After I clicked on it, a page about an application named NewsCrawler appeared. By its name we can learn that this application must be affiliated to, or that website is mainly used to promote this software. Users will be able to see much news from various sources and personalize preferred press after they install this program on their computers. It can be regarded as online newspaper that serves as a reader and browser on your computer. It will provide a series of topics that you have set before and the real-time information of your current location and even the forecast for the whole week. There is also the option for users to filter the news by setting the keywords which will is helpful when users want to read the news about a specific topic or do not want to see about some topics that they are not interested in. With this tool, users can save their troubles to search for news through various different social networks and news website on the Internet. Doesn’t it sound cool? Want to give it a try? Please throw out such idea and do not download this application on your PC, or you must regret for what you have done.

If you have read the End-user License Agreement, you will find that it mentions this software will deliver advertising contents and promotional information to your browsers. Those contents can be generated by third-party as well as NewsCrawler itself; however, it has no responsibility for the risk of the ads from third-party. This is saying that if you get any loss or damage caused by the third-party, for example, if you make an order for the goods or the service in one the advertisement that has been delivered by this application, and end up getting cheated or false product, you will find nowhere to report and nobody to charge for as you are the only one who have to fully accept any consequences created by your actions. The developer of this software can get a huge profit out of the downloads of this program and the ads, but he will never give the chance to give away the money. According to its deceptive practices, this application can be classified as adware.

Newscrawler EULA

Newscrawler EULA 2

To figure what will it do to my computer and show you what kind of software it is, I downloaded and installed it on my system, which is not recommended for general computer users. When I got the installation program from the website, my Chrome browser warned me that this application may do harm to my system and asked me if still want to continue, and I chose Yes. Please note that your browser may be unable to detect suspicious program and prompt that sometimes. Your computer would be more secure if you have downloaded and installed an anti-malware program with it. A vicious program may incapacitate your computer security software and firewall or use unknown tricks to evade being caught, so users need to be more careful when downloading something via Internet and check if there is any change on your computer while installing the program. You will not waste time on installing and uninstalling a potentially unwanted program if you read the EULA and Privacy Policy before you install any software. It will bring much benefit if you have good habits on using network.

The Installation Process of NewsCrawler

Newscrawler setup 1 Newscrawler setup 2 Newscrawler setup 2-custom Newscrawler setup 3 Newscrawler setup 4

Though this adware provides both Full install and Custom install for its users, there is no difference between them. The only option that can be unchecked is always creating a shortcut on Start menu and the others are not selectable. While it is being installed on the computer, it will change the settings and the Windows Registry of the affected computer in order to guarantee that it will be able to automatically load each time you boot your computer. By doing so this browser hijacker can actively open its window right after you log in the system successfully. Sometimes such behavior is really annoying, but users can’t find anywhere to change this setting in the program. After the installation process is completed, this adware will automatically run with your default browser and immediately change the homepage to Even if I have set Google as the specific page of my homepage, while I click on the homepage button, loads on my browser. While I thought I had changed my homepage back, next time I ran Chrome and the homepage was still the unwanted one.

Newscrawler setting your system

You can read customized contents of news by setting the country, keywords and Feed of different media on the Settings section. However, this malware also brought me additional things besides the news: more unwanted programs. There are lot of new files that I have never seen before on my computer about JAVA appeared. A program about JAVA update keeps showing at the taskbar right next to the icon of NewsCrawler and there is no option to quit it. Every now and then it asks me to update JAVA, but surely I know it is a fake tip and I will definitely not going to click on it to update anything. God knows what other malware or virus it may invite to my system. Even more distressing is that I found this adware has infected on my rest browsers too. I have installed Firefox and IE on my PC except Chrome, but when I opened them, I unexpectedly found that their homepages all turned to Although the NewsCrawler will only open within your default browser, its supported webpage has the capacity to infiltrate into any browser that is installed on your computer. During the use of this program, the troubles it caused on my computer are far more than the benefit it gave to me. It made my system disordered and sent many ads based on my location and browsing history. I guess this intrusive program has the ability to get my personal information and share it with other unknown third party like advertisers. Judging from all aspects, users should keep away from and not download its supported software on that website. If your computer has already infected with this website, you should try all means to get rid of it and keep your browser secure.

If you have no idea how to do it, you can follow the removal guide below. To save your troubles of deleting file mistakenly or making any irreversible mistake, I’d like to recommend you to fix this problem with an automated tool to help you with it.

SpyHunter iconSpyHunter

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Malwarebytes iconMalwarebytes

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dwonload Max Spyware Detector

It is inevitable that there may leave some traces or files that created by for it is a huge task to find all additional files and modified settings on the system if you want to remove it solely by yourself. However, if you do want to install any antivirus software or you are unable to download and install any security product, you can still give it a try. Please follow the manual removal guide carefully:

Step 1 Uninstall NewsCrawler via Control Panel

Open Windows Control Panel and select NewsCrawler

uninstall NewsCrawler from Control panel

Click Uninstall/Change

uninstall NewsCrawler from Control panel2

Click Next> to go on

uninstall NewsCrawler from Control panel3

Click on Uninstall

uninstall NewsCrawler from Control panel4

And then it will be uninstalled from your computer

uninstall NewsCrawler from Control panel5

If you see a strange program with a similar name of Jave 7 Update, you should remove it because it is also a by-product introduced by the adware.

Step 2 Change your homepage back

firefox icon Firefox

Type “about:preferences” in the address bar of Firefox, and type the website address that you wish to set as the homepage.

Remove from Firefox 2

ielogo Internet Explorer

Select “Internet options”

Remove from IE 1

Replace the address of with a safe one like or others and then click on “OK”.

Remove from IE 2

chrome-reset Chrome

Select “Settings”

Remove from Chrome 1

Click on “Change” under “Appearance” section

Remove from Chrome 2

Remove the URL and type a new one and click on “OK”

Remove from Chrome 3


The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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