How to Remove Redirect Virus? (The Complete Removal Guide)

My father’s computer was infected with virus. Everything was normal before. Things changed when he clicked on an unknown pop-up in the lower right corner of the computer. I tried Norton to scan the whole computer system this morning, but it found nothing. And now, still keeps popping up and replacing as the default home page and the default search engine when the web browser is started. Could anyone tell me how to remove the virus? Thanks in a million for any assistance.

Details of belongs to a member of malignant browser hijacker redirect virus that will cause undesirable problems. It can make an effect on all type of web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Generally, this virus is added to your web browser when you are click unverified ads, sponsored links, open spam email attachments, install shareware and freeware programs from the internet and installing free software downloaded from the internet, etc. Thus, you must be extremely careful while browsing on the internet.

Once this virus gets into your system, this redirect virus will change your browser homepage to its own page, and replaces the browser search engine without asking your approval. Besides, it keeps displaying a sea of pop-ups and ads on the affected browser. If you use to search on the web, you will get irrelevant search results which are full of vicious ads and links. Clicking any those ads and links will force you to malicious websites which may contain additional computer threats. Apart from this, this virus will create a lot on icons on the computer desktop. And it also alters system security settings and secretly disables firewall and antivirus.

What’ is worse, this virus has the ability to track your online habits and collect your vital information comprising passwords, important documents, IP address, email contact, credit card information, back account details and lots more. Without removing this virus timely, both your computer system and your own privacy will be under severe threat. For security’s sake, you are highly advised to take immediate actions to remove redirect virus from your computer completely.


To quickly get rid of redirect virus, you can download and use a professional and powerful malware removal tool to help you.


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How Do You Get on Your PC?

Visit porn/phishing sites or other malicious websites.
Download freeware/shareware, movies, pictures, games, videos, from untrustworthy source.
Click on unknown pop-ups, ads, and links.
Open spam email attachments from unknown people.
Use infected external storage devices.
Always use peer to peer sharing process.

What Are the Symptoms of Infection?

The browser homepage is replaced by its own page, and the browser search engine has been changed al well.
There are plenty of annoying pop-ups and ads appearing on the hijacked browser.
The search results are constantly redirected to strange ones which you are not interest in.
The computer desktop will increase by many new icons.
The performance of the targeted computer is poor.
The system will behave weirdly that you haven’t seen before.

How to Prevent Further malware Infection?

In order to guard your computer from further malware infection, you need to bear the below tips in mind:

Install a real-time anti-virus program to protect your PC.
Keep your computer up-to-date and secure.
Have your software updated to the latest version.
Turn on your firewall.
Use user privileges.
Be sure to use strong and complicated passwords.
Never access those web sites which are insecure.
Don’t click on malicious pop-ups windows like links or ads.
Don’t open email attachments from unknown senders.
Avoid downloading programs and files from an untrustworthy source.
Always choose the custom installation while installing program.

Removal Instructions

At present, many computer users had the same experience that they couldn’t delete this virus by using their installed applications. Thus, the manual removal method is a good choice to eliminate this virus. And here is the detailed removal guide for all computer users.


Option One: Manually Remove Redirect Virus from the Infected Computer.

Option Two: Automatically Remove Redirect Virus by using SpyHunter.

Option Three: Automatically Remove Redirect Virus with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

▼Option One: Manually Remove Redirect Virus from the Infected Computer.

Kindly Reminder: Be always to back up your PC before making any actions.

Step One: Uninstall from Windows.

On Windows 7/Vista

Click on Start button and click Control Panel.
Click Programs and then click Programs and Features.
Select and then click uninstall.
(Remove all recent installed and unwanted software).


On Windows 8

Move mouse cursor to the upper-right corner of the screen, and click Search.
Enter control panel in the search box, and then tap or click Control Panel.
Click Programs and Features.
Select, and then click Uninstall.
(Remove all recent installed and unwanted software).



Step Two: Remove Shortcuts created by this virus.

This browser hijacker can create a lot of unwanted shortcuts on your computer desktop and add an argument behind the executable. You are required to remove this argument from the executable.

*You can remove malicious shortcuts from the C drive.*

Internet Explorer.lnk – C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe http://

Mozilla Firefox.lnk – C:Program Files (x86)Mozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe http://

Google Chrome.lnk – C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe http://

Step Three: Remove from Infected browsers.

For Internet Explorer

(1)Remove add-ons.

Start Internet Explorer.
Click on Tools and then navigate to Manage add-ons.
Under Show, select all add-ons, and then select all unwanted browser helper objects.


(2) Change your home page.

Start Internet Explorer.
Click on Tools and select Internet Options.
Press general tab, under Home page, enter the URL of the site you want to set as a home page.
Click Apply button, and then press OK button.


(3) Change Search Provider

Start Internet Explorer.
Click on Tools and then select Internet Options.
Select Manage Addons.
Select Search provider.
Right click and select Sets as Default.

Optional: If you want to remove the malicious Search Provider, select it and right click select Remove.


For Mozilla Firefox

(1)Remove add-ons

Start Mozilla Firefox.
Click on the Firefox button at the top of Firefox window, and then click Add-ons.
Select the Extensions panel in the Add-ons tab.
Select all unwanted extensions and click Remove or Disable button to kill all.
Click Restart now if it pops up.


(2)Change Home Page

Start Firefox.
Click on the Firefox button at the top of Firefox window, and then select Options.
Click General tab.
Click Restore to Default or set yourself a new homepage next to Home Page in the pop-up window.
Click OK to close the Options window.


Change Search provider

Start Mozilla Firefox.
Click the search engine icon on the left side of the Search bar and select Manage Search Engines.
Select your desired search engine from the list.
If your desired engine is not listed, click Get more search engines, find the search engine you want and click “+Add to Firefox”.
Check the “Make this the current search engine” box and then click Add button.


For Google Chrome

(1)Remove Extensions

Start Google Chrome.
Click the 3-bar icon on the browser toolbar.
Click on tools and select Extensions.
Select all unwanted and unknown extensions and click trash icon to remove all.
Click Remove button in the confirmation dialog window.


(2)Change Home Page

Start Google Chrome.
Click the 3-bar icon on the browser toolbar and select Settings.
Under “Appearance,” check the box Show Home button.
After you select the “Show Home button” checkbox, a web address appears below it.
If you want the Homepage button to open up a different webpage, click Change to enter a link. And you can also choose the New Tab page as your homepage.


(3) Change Search Provider

Start Google Chrome.
Click the 3-bar icon on the browser toolbar and select Settings.
Click Basics in the upper left corner.
In the “Search” section, select Google from the drop down menu.
Then when you search, you’ll be taken to Google.


Optional: If you want to remove the malicious search engine, click the Manage Search Engines button.

Select the blue Make Default button.
Select the Search Engine and click the X button next to the Make Default button to remove the unwanted Search Engine.


Note: Sometimes, the stubborn redirect virus like can not be removed with the manual removal steps provided in this post. On this case, you are strongly recommended to use a professional malware removal tool to get rid of redirect virus from your computer effectively and completely.

Download SpyHunter

▼Option Two: Automatically Remove Redirect Virus by using SpyHunter.

Ingenious features of SpyHunter

SpyHunter is a professional, powerful, real-time anti-malware tool. This malware removal tool is able to remove different malwares such as spyware, adware, browser hijackers, bad toolbars, rootkits, trojans, ransomware, rogue-antiviruses, worms and even viruses. Besides, it has the ability to check your PC for potential threats from any prevalent malicious software or online threats in a real time. And here are some ingenious features or characteristics of this powerful program which will help you understand its work and impact over PC better.

SpyHunter Scanner-SpyHunter offers a powerful scan to analyze your computer’s memory, registry, cookies, and files, which can successfully detect hidden threats.

Spyware HelpDesk-This feature provides a uniquely efficient interface that allows users to quickly contact the SpyHunter support department to fix any computer issues.

System Guards-System Guard is a proactive feature that use multiple preventative features to protect your system from being infected due to system vulnerabilities.

Network Sentry-This feature can help to stop malicious threats modifying or disrupting your internet connection, and protecting Windows system files, browser settings from being modified by malware infections.

Scan Schedule-Scan Scheduler enables automatic, pre-set timed scanning, even when you are away from your computer.

Custom Scan-Custom Scan allows you to scan only specific sections (Memory, Registry, Rootkits, Files or Cookies) of your computer, speeding up the scanning process.

Backup-This feature helps users to restore important restore files and programs that may have been removed by SpyHunter.

Exclusions-This feature will warn you of any potential threats, which can help remove the potential threats from your computer timely.


After having a full understanding of the SpyHunter, then download and use it to remove the potential threat on your computer.


Step One: Click on the button below to download SpyHunter.

Download SpyHunter

Step Two: Once you have clicked the download button, the “”Once you’ve clicked on the download button, the “Opening SpyHunter-Installer.exe” window will appear on your computer. You need to click on the “Save File” button.


Step Three: Once you have saved the file, search for the installer you chose to download on your computer. Double click on the SpyHunter.exe to run SpyHunter.


Step Five: Keep following the wizard during the setup process. When you are presented with the prompt saying that SpyHunter has been successfully installed, please click the “Finish” button to exit the installation.


Step Six: Launch SpyHunter, and start a full system scan by clicking on “Scan Computer Now”. Then the SpyHunter will scan your system for any potential threats.


Step Seven: Click Fix Threats button to remove all detected threats once scanning is over.


▼Option Three: Automatically Remove Redirect Virus with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Features of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware a powerful application designed with advanced technology, which is able to detect and remove various computer threats. It is a trustworthy removal tool and you can download and use it to automatically clean up redirect virus from your infected PC. And here are summarized for the features of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.It has simple and intuitive interface.

It is easy to use.
It comes with real time protection.
It takes up low system resource.
It can light speed quick scanning.
It is able to remove various types of computer threats.
It is able to schedule your scanning process.
It can perform a full scan for all drives.
It can work well with others – cooperative functionality.
Database updates released daily.

To sum up, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a professional malware removal tool. You can download and use it to remove the redirect virus from your computer now.

Step One: Download Malwarebytes Anti-malware by clicking the button below.


Step Two: After you have clicked the download button, you will see a dialog box requesting whether to save the file, you should click “Save files,” button to save the file on your computer.


Step Three: You will see the set-up icon, which is named mbam-setup icon.


Step Four: Double-click the mbam-setup icon and then select the language of your choice. Then, you will see Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware Setup Wizard window, and you need to click on Next Button.


Step Five: Keep following the Setup Wizard to finish the installer. Once the install is completed, lick Finish button to exit the installation.


Step Six: Run Malwarebytes Anti-malware and remove the potential threats on your computer start with the “Scan Now” button. And then keep following the wizard prompts Setup Wizard to remove all the detected computer threats.


In Summary

As mentioned above, we know that redirect virus is a serious computer threat. Once it comes on the computer with success, it will carry out a lot of chaos. Not only can it damage your computer system severely, disturb your online activities, but also violate and expose your privacy. It is no doubts that the redirect virus should be removed from the compromised computer timely to avoid unnecessary damage and lost.

However, this hijacker virus endowed with advanced hiding techniques, which can’t be removed from the general security tools. The manual removal guide is complicated and time-consuming. Sometime, the manual removal guide can’t effectively and thoroughly the stubborn redirect virus. If you need a quick and complete way to remove redirect virus, please feel free to download the professional and powerful malware removal tool mentioned in this article right now.

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Attention: The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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