How to Remove Manually

Browser hijacker is harmful. There is absolutely nothing good about browser-hijack. And there is nothing we can pretend to get from SEARCH.SIDECUBES.COM browser hijacker. We can not get anything from this search program because do not forgive that every single moment in our surfing by using this site we continue getting redirection and commercial ads. When redirection happens and we do not understand why, then ask, “why?” clearly, something unwanted happened. There is no use if we only ask and guess what others will happen: we need to find the answer and solutions by ourselves.


What is SEARCH.SIDECUBES.COM and is it dangerous?

Every now and then we may get unwanted search engine making our browsing more difficult to go on. The detailed information and the potential risks about SEARCH.SIDECUBES.COM that we have been so nervous and curious about is right in the homepage of this site. Being controlled by this site is one of the most annoying trouble in the world – a sign that our computer and browser are no longer safe.



For one thing, most of us do not download this program on our own initiative. Usually, we are too careless to ever consider being hacked by malware when we download some programs from the internet, and too negligent when we choose the type of installation as to think that there will be other bundles will be installed at the same time when we select “Quick installation” or “Advanced installation”. It can call invasion if we never do anything that would make us willing to download this program and set its domain to be homepage and start up page or even search engine. Such an installation would not be allowed if we have noticed at the beginning. Ultimately, this program is installed on our computer along with other free downloads, we may realize its invasion only when we open the infected web browsers it hijacks. Getting redirection and receiving pop up contents while browsing the websites we like, are not just annoying for us – it could be making our browsing terrible. Then we may spend more than half of our browsing time distracted, with everything from redirection, pop up ads, coupons, hot deals to fake updates.


Whatever the reason, we all need to find out the original program which bring this bundle to our system. One reason this program will harm the system is that it brings other malicious files and registries. What is the worst thing is that it changes the browser settings and system settings at the same time. And the other things which make use of system vulnerability to enter our computer are going to be threats. Even we can find much information about how good and beneficial this program is from its interface, how can we explain the slower performance and terrible issues we are dealing with after getting this application? Browser hijacker is rarely a virus for computer. But we are too rushed to click on the pop up ads or insecure pages when we get them, too careless to check if there are other malware hide behind, and very possibly nursing the effects of a redirection.



And now there is another reason to remove this program as come studies reveal that not only do we get troubles during browsing – but somehow may get stuck when we load the system. While the majority of inexperienced computer users like download free programs from the internet, especially from unknown websites, other like to get free update from insecure pages. That is the reason why such malware is able to enter our computer without no permission and we only find its installation when we get troubles. It is not simply transforming which homepage we use. It also stands to become a formidable main factor in system damages; this threat is already responsible for all the troubles we get. Feels like anytime we get such browser hijacker, we are mentioned it is not drama, and then further loses we may face in the future is not countable.


Without us even realizing it, this browser hijacker has taken over our computer. It is clear that most of us can not go much longer than minutes before we close all the pop up windows during browsing. Before removing this threat is a regular part of our browsing, we face the very real danger of getting ads and having no idea how to set back the default browser settings. If we want to solve the problems, we have to go to all of the effort of finding professional removal guide and somehow, following the guides step by step.



Note: Using automatic removal tools is safer and that is a fact. People who do not have removal experiences often not only get stuck on manual removal, but easier to damage the system. Furthermore, using removal tool can help remove virus and protect rebuild protection at the same time.


Download removal tool




Remove with SpyHunter


Click here to download SpyHunter.

Follow the installation wizard step by step to install it on system.


Open-SpyHunter-Installer.exe-fileChoose the language

Run SpyHunter to scan the entire system


As SEARCH.SIDECUBES.COM is detected, click “fix threats” to remove all malware completely


How to Remove Manually

* Uninstall program from control panel

Windows XP

» Click Start (lower left corner of desktop)  > Click Control Panel > Click Add or Remove Programs.

» When a window opens, you will see all programs installed on your PC currently.
» Look for any program related to the browser hijacker, select it, and click on the Remove button.

» Then confirm the removal when a dialog box appears.

Windows Vista/7

» Click Start menu > Click Control Panel > Click Uninstall a program under the Programs category.

» In the open window, scroll down to look for any program associated with the browser hijacker.



* Remove extension from browser and reset browser settings



Run IE web browser, under the situation that the start up page is hijacked by SEARCH.SIDECUBES.COM redirect virus, we will first get this page at the beginning. To reset the home page setting, click “tools” at menu bar, and then select “internet options”



The homepage line is set to the malicious address that we do not want


To reset this line, click “use default” button below this line


As long as the homepage is change back to Microsoft default page, we should continue deleting browsing history to make sure nothing related are left. To clear browsing data, click “delete…” button on this tab.


Tick the browsing data which we want to remove on the list, then select “delete…” option below.


When the removal process is automatically run, wait till it is finished. Most of time, it only takes a few seconds


As long as the process is done, the window will jump back to internet options window, here, click “OK” to save the deletion and changes.


Close all tabs and restart internet explorer to check if the settings are set back to what we want. If we still get troubles from this redirect virus after doing all the actions mentioned above, the only way to get rid of this threat is to reset all the settings of IE back to default.

( Note: restore IE settings to default will clear all the information and data such as password, favorites and other login information we save, do back up the information before resetting.)

>>>How to Restore Your Browser to Default Settings



Google Chrome

Run Google Chrome, if the stat u p page directly go to SEARCH.SIDECUBES.COM, it is a sign indicating that Chrome is hijacked by this threat. In this case, we should remove it as soon as possible. Go to click the main menu icon at the top-right corner of start up page, and then select “settings” option at the list which drops down after clicking main menu icon.


When the setting tab is opened, go to check “on startup” section first. Once the start up page is hijacked, we will see the start up is controlled as we will get the information like “ an extension, sidecubes NT, is controlling this setting”.


This is the main reason why we keep getting this page whenever we open start up page of Chrome. To solve the problem, click disable extension button below this setting.



After disabling this extension, click “set page” on this section


Clearly,start up page is changed to this malicious site without any permission.


We need to delete this setting first via selecting “X” mark at the right side of this setting.



Then click “OK’ once it is deleted.


As the tab is closed, go to “appearance” section this time. Click “change” option under “show home button”


Without any doubt, the home page setting is changed, too. Delete this address from home page setting



Instead, enter a new address we like and set it to be default homepage. Usually, we recommend set Google homepage to be default of Chrome.if we want to set Google to be default, just put “” in this bar.


Finally, click “OK” to save the settings and exist this tab.


When back to settings page, click “extension” under “history” on the left side of this page.


Scan the list of extension which is installed on Chrome automatically. Find related extension on the list.


Then move to click trash icon at the right side of this extension to delete it from Chrome. As we have already uninstalled it from settings page, we can delete the leftover easily.


From the “confirm removal” window, click “remove” to confirm it


Check if there are any other associated extensions or unwanted extensions, delete them by repeating the removal step. Then close all tabs of Chrome. Restart Chrome again to check if there are any troubles can not be fixed.

If this browser hijacker still controlling Chrome after resetting homepage and start up page, we should restore all settings of Chrome to default in order to fully get rid of this threat.

>>>How to Restore Your Browser to Default Settings


Run Firefox browser by double clicking the shortcut, then move to the top-right corner of its start up page to click main menu icon. From the drop-down list, select “options” setting


When the options window is opened, go to home page setting.


To reset home page setting which is changed without permission, click “restore to default” button



As the homepage is set to Firefox default home page, click “OK” at the bottom to save new changes



Open a new tab from Firefox, put “about:config” on the address bar at the top. Press “enter” key on keyboard.


When we see the warning window, read the information first, and then click “I’ll be careful, I promise” option.


(Note: do not worry about it when getting this page. It is just a common situation that everyone will face when we want to enter “about:config” window.


As long as the window jumps out, search “sidecubes” on the search bar.



Then we will get related strings which have changed by this threat from Firefox. Usually, it will be more than one strings if all the home page, start up page and search engine are modified by this threat and change them to its domain.


To reset these settings, right click string, select “rest” option. Do repeat this step and reset all related settings one by one till all of them are reset to default.


Close all tabs when all settings are back to default.

Restart Firefox browser and check if there are any other settings still can not be reset after doing the above steps. If we still get troubles like redirection, pop up ads and browser-hijack from this threat, we must restore Firefox settings to default if we want to completely get rid of it.

(Note: reset settings to default means that all the information we save on Firefox and data we browse before will all be cleared. Do back up the details like passwords and login information before resetting.)

>>>How to Restore Your Browser to Default Settings

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The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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