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Why most of us get our computer infected by recently? It is curious that our awareness of internet security seem so much more important than which antivirus software we use. We suppose the reason is that we will be more careless when we have antivirus software installed on computer. However, we do not know all the circumstances that have occasioned infections and so manage to avoid in ourselves what we can avoid by using antivirus software. Then to be away from the same attack of this browser hijacker, let us get some professional helps.

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We turn our attention away from browser hijacker when we are browsing the web, then we will be possible to get our computer attacked by And when we are forced by untoward events to use this site as default homepage and search engine, find it not easy to start our browsing as usual. For all we know we are wring to do this, the modification of homepage and search engine is part of its attack and we must accept its changes at the beginning because it has controlled the entire browser. But when we come to judge this program, it is not by which kind of virus it is, but what troubles it will cause on our computers. To take a trivial instance: when it is installed and then activated on our machines, this infection starts changing default start up page, homepage and search engine to its related domains. There is not much to choose when the browser is under its control. Since this is a site which providers search provider and start up page, it is not easy to say it is worse than most search sites, but we must know that if we set this site to be default, even sometimes we do not make the changes ourselves, our browsing activities will be affected from the pages we want to visit to the search provider we want to set. The knowledge that clicking on insecure links are dangerous to our browsing should make us realize us with computer protection as well as to the websites we are going to access. It is bad also if it enables us to install third parties like malicious add-ons/extensions and plugins, with no permission, and if it leads us to click on unsafe links.


Why we need to remove it quickly?

The dangerous of using this search engine is not limited to just getting unwanted search providers and results during surfing. It may also extends to a host of hidden influences that could harm the infected computers in the case of a serious damages such as replacements of system files and secret installation of advertising programs, according to victims. If we gather the data from victims whose computers are infected by this threat, we may find that the computer which gets infected will run slower and weird than before as there might be a lot of backdoor processes which are running without being known. The affected machines which get numerous unwanted third party programs on system are said to be twice as likely to have other troubles after the system resources are used up, even after taking into account other factors. As a victim who gets infected, avoiding using infected browser does not help navigate these issues.


Keeping this program on system will generate more troubles, and inexperienced people can not get away from the infections. While we often associate virus with Trojan or Ransomware and avoiding these viruses attacks, we should note that browser hijack is also a kind of attack which may bring damages to computers. The key to avoid this kind of attack is stop downloading programs from the internet when we do not have any protection.


Note: While many manual removal steps are complex, there is one profoundly simple tool that we can use: Removal tool. The below professional removal tools are recommended by numerous computer experts and a lot of users who deal with malware before. The auto-fix tools are recommended for when we go to manual removal, we will face the challenges of deleting windows registry entries and files. We will make mistakes and make the situation worse if we are lack of removal skills.

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How to Remove Virus

Step one. Uninstall suspicious programs from via control panel

Windows XP:

Move mouse to lower-left corner of desktop, click start icon, then we will get a quick access menu.

Select control panel from list

Control Panel xp


After, click Add/Remove Programs from the new opening tab.


Finally, we will get a new program which will show us all the programs we have installed on computer. Scan all programs and find the malicious one.


Click on the target program from list first


Then select “uninstall” option above to start uninstalling

Windows 7/Vista:

From lower-left corner of desktop, click windows icon, then select control panel when we get the quick list.

control panel Windows7

then click uninstall a program option under program category.

Uninstall a Program

Check for all suspicious programs associate with

program 3

Select the target computer and then click “uninstall/change” button at the top to uninstall it.

program 4

Windows 8/8.1:

Press both windows key and X key from keyboard, the select the pop up menu


From the opening window, check for programs and select them for removing.


Windows 10

Press Windows+X or right-tap the lower-left corner, then we will get a quick access menu, select control panel option from list. Then find malicious programs and remove them.

Usually we will get this pop up window when we activate the unisntalling process, it means that this program has changed the default settings of the web browsers we have installed on computer, thus, to confirm our uninstalling, click “yes”


Step two. Uninstall unwanted toolbar from IE, Chrome and Firefox


* Reset start up page/homepage

Run IE web browser, click main menu icon, then select “options”


Go to options tab, check homepage link. If it is changed to, clean it.


To clean homepage and set it back to default, click “restore to default” button under this link


Click “OK” to save once it is done


* Delete malicious extension

Open the main list by clicking main menu icon at the top-right corner, then select “manage add-ons”


When extension tab is opened, check all extensions which are added on IE

Select the suspicious and unwanted extension, then click “remove” at the bottom

ie addon

As this infection will add different add-on to different browsers, we should be careful that it might cover its malicious extension with random names. Usually, the extension added to IE named “web search”, if we can not find this one, check all suspicious extensions and then remove them.


Google Chrome

* Reset Chrome homepage and search engine

Run Chrome and open main menu by clicking menu button at the to[-right corner from homepage.

Then select “settings” from list


On startup section, click “set pages”


Go to start up page, if the unwanted link is set to be default start up page, click “X” mark to remove it


Then click “OK” to save the deletion and close this page


On “appearance” section, click “change”

chrome 1

Remove the unwanted homepage link from this tab

chrome 2

Then click “OK” for saving our deletion


Next, go to “search” section, click “manage search engines…”


Click “X” to delete the malicious search providers from list

chrome 3

* Remove related extension

Click main menu icon, then select “settings” option


Go to settings page, select “extension” from the left side


When all extensions are listed on the right, check if there are any suspicious and unneeded extension

chromw extension

select target extension then click trash icon


* Reset Firefox browsing settings

Run Firefox, on the address bar, put “about:config” and then press “enter” key from keyboard.


When we get the warning, click “I will be careful, I promise”8


On the opening, search from search bar at the top, then we will receive all related settings


Check the settings that have been changed without our permission. Right-click the unwanted strings, then select “reset”. Follow this step and reset all strings that have been changed to wanted sites one by one.


* Remove malicious search provider

Run Firefox, at the top of homepage, select the drop-down icon of search provider, then click “manage search providers” option at the bottom from search provider list.


Find the unwanted search provider, click it and then select “remove”.


When all suspicious search provides are removed, click “OK” to save and close all tabs.


* Disable risky extensions

Run Firefox and then open main menu icon, select “add-ons”


Select “extensions” and then check whether there are unwanted extensions are installed on Firefox. Once we find the suspicious extensions, remove them completely.

firefox extension

Step three. Clear malicious registry

As this infection will add some other malicious registry entries to exchange the default one on our computer, we need to remove them in order to get rid of it completely.

To open Registry Editor, click start icon at the left-bottom of desktop, search “regedit” on the search bar


Click the program we find


From the main page of registry editor, click “find” option

r 1

Then put “” on the search bar, click “find next”


After, we will get the related values which are associated with this infection. Right click this sting, then select “delete” to remove them. Repeat this step and remove all the values found in the result.


As the related values are deleted, click “find” and search this key world again, if we get other results, delete them all.

r 1

Repeating “Find-delete” step until we can not find any related values in the end. Then close all tabs.

Restart computer.


Reminders: It is clear that computer with antivirus software protections will be more safe than computers without protection. The security defense involved with auto protection may boost the protection effectiveness, leading to an improved ability to stop malicious attacks and higher level of defense.


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The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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