How to Remove Redirect Virus

You can find specific and comprehensive help with removing unwanted browser extension Utilitab and provided with the unwanted extension that mainly gets installed on a computer without the user’s permission. Each of us ought to clearly know the danger of getting redirected to unknown web pages and what can we do about such problem.

help Get Instant Help to Remove Now! is a malicious URL that connects users from Utilitab to Bing. This web address will appear as the main domain when users use its browser extension to conduct searches on their browsers. If you simply type this URL into the address box then it will get you to another unreliable website – which is also a browser hijacker containing hidden risks with its counterfeit web page layout. The connection between these two poor search engine websites is unknown but it is certain that it is dirty. is a redirect virus that has the ability to change the page showing on your browser by changing the startup page, default search engine and other browser settings. These changes will be done at the moment its extension finishes the installation on the computer and any of these operations can be accomplished irresistibly without your consent. Using Utilitab usually means that you are ready to use this extension with its default rules and give the power to it to access and alter the browser settings which include but not limit to:

▪ Read and change all your data on the websites you visit
▪ Read and change your browsing history
▪ Communicate with cooperating websites
▪ Change your search settings to
▪ Detect your physical location

To use this extension users have to give these permissions above as they are essential prerequisites, but plenty of users are not aware of these requirements because they don’t properly read the prompt when they add this extension to their browsers. This extension is a potentially unwanted program in truth while it has been promoted as a helpful search tool dedicated to enhance the search service. It provides users with quick access to their frequently-used links and browser settings in one tab. In addition to these, this extension also affords search feature and widgets like calendar and weather on the same tab so that users can get the information they need easily.

interface of Utilitab

After Utilitab installs on your computer successfully, it will immediately make changes to your browser settings. You can definitely see that there is a new icon being added to the top-right corner of the browser and that is the symbol of Utilitab. When you open a new tab you will find it has been taken over by this malicious extension as it had gained this permission when you installed it. That way it also occupies the position of search engine and provides the search service by using its own website as an intermediary. As for me the its page is so much like the Windows 8 Start Screen, though it is mainly divided into three parts, since both of them display different services with various tabs, I have to say that Utilitab imitates design of the Start Screen. Its features might seem at first to be attractive, but actually it could pose unknown risks to the system and users’ data.
This browser hijacker is complicit with third party that usually is unethical software producer or ads-supported service. will use optimizing your new tab and providing a better search experience for you as excuses to change your browser settings and poison Internet search results by displaying links to irrelevant web pages in the results. However, the contents from third party include not only web pages, but also various other things such as online services, information, promotions, images, videos, etc. One thing that requires users’ special attention is contents with tacked-on ads. Even if you don’t ask for these contents, you will have to accept the fact that they will keep showing up on your browser during your web session because you use this extension to search for information and click on the links provided by it. Thus you may see ads embedded in a few words as hyperlinks, video ads, dynamic ads related to marketing contents on your computer while you don’t have the chance to reject these. do not control or examine the contents provided by third party, so while you are interacting with those contents, you are doing it at your own risk.

Internauts must recognize that there could be serious consequences of receiving contents from questionable third party. The least harm you get possibly is improper contents like offensive words, indecent pictures or purely advertising materials, while the worse situation could be that your personal information being exposed or instability and slow computer performance. It is not advised for users to submit any personal information such as your true name and address, mobile number, passwords to your bank accounts and so on as such important information could be collected for unknown use by third party. Once you get involved in infringing property-type cyber crime, it is almost impossible for you to get your property back. Besides, malware and unnecessary programs can slither onto your computer system if you click on the links connecting to malware-laden sites.

The search results generated through is highly untrustworthy and harmful although the final landing page is Bing. This redirect virus is used to force users to visit its page repeatedly by using dubious ways so as to gain advertising revenue. Seldom users would notice that they are redirected to before they get to the page of Bing in that this whole process takes a very short time to get finished and unless you keep your eyes on the address bar from the beginning of the page starts to navigate the other web page. makes use of the custom search service of Bing to improve its search experience on its own page and earn users’ trust. In this way it makes the search results seem legal and right while in fact it has twisted the search results already. Generally users have no idea about where they are exactly heading to when they click on some URL. Every time users use this malicious search engine to do search or click on the ads powered by it, the creators of it would receive a little bit of money.

With the intention of making as much money as possible, this threat will change browser settings such as your browser’s home page, default search engine and the startup page. Sometimes it could be very hard for inexperienced web users to make their settings back because there are more computer settings get involved unwittingly. Don’t despair; even though the problems might be serious, they are definitely solvable.

Steps to Remove

Since this browser hijacker would change a lot of settings on an infected computer, you will get much work to do in order to get rid of it completely. How much work needs to be done depends on how much damage this infection has been done on the PC. Sometimes we could still miss something or even make big mistakes while we are trying to recover the system, therefore it is strongly recommended to do a full scan for your PC and remove all threats easily with a well-reputed antimalware application. If you don’t have one on your computer or the current software is unable to remove the browser hijacker for you, the tool below will help you detect and get rid of the malware.


After you get it, run the installer and install SpyHunter on your computer by following the prompts. A quick scan for you system will soon get started as long as you finish the installation process.

Gentle reminder: Please stop other active programs as much as possible on your system and close the running browsers because SpyHunter will scan the whole system including the registry files, computer memory and programs and so on, in order to guarantee the scan can be more thorough and effective, it would be better to terminate some unnecessary processes.

SpyHunter scanning

You will need to wait for some time before the scan is complete. The more junk files chock up your computer, the more time it will take to get the scan done.

SpyHunter detects

When the scan is complete, you can view the related information about the threats detected on your PC. Click on the”+” you will be able to get the position of each malicious item. To remove them all you can click on the “Fix Threats” button.
With the assistance of this removal tool, users can easily remove the browser hijacker as well as other malware which potentially lurks inside the system. You should keep this program on your computer for your computer security. Not only does SpyHunter offer scan and removal services for users, but it also prevents the computer from online infection and blocks harmful activities from entering the PC.
Alternatively, you can choose to remove from the affected system personally, we also provide manual methods for you. However, these methods are for advanced computer users only. If you don’t familiar with computer management, you are suggested to use the former option.

For Chrome Users
step-1Choose “Settings” from “Menu

Chrome settings

step-2 You will see there are two sections controlled by Utilitab obviously. Click on “Disable extension” button of any of them

Utilitab on startup page and Search extension2

After that you will find the startup page and the search engine is free from the control of Utilitab. However, disabling this extension from the browser does not mean that you have gotten rid of all its controls to your PC; you still need to remove its related components completely.

step-3 Open Chrome, select “Remove from Chrome…” by right-clicking on the icon of Utilitab

remove Utilitab extension from Chrome 1

step-4 Click on “Remove” to confirm your operation

remove Utilitab extension from Chrome 2

Or you may use another way to perform the removal:
step-3Click on Menu icon of Chrome browser
step-4Select “More tools” and choose “Extensions” from the list

more tools Extensions

step-5 Find the malicious extension of and delete it by clicking on the trash icon

remove Utilitab extension from Chrome

Once this extension has been uninstalled successfully, you will see a new web page pop out on your default browser expressing the regrets for losing a customer and now the browser hijacker has been removed from your browser.

For Firefox Users

step-1 Type “about:preferences” into the address bar of Firefox browser and press Enter key

step-2 Enter a new URL into the Home Page box to replace the insecure link and then restart the browser

Change firefox homepage

For IE Users

step-1 Open Internet Explorer browser, select “Internet options” from the Tools menu

step-2 Delete the web address of old homepage and enter a new one which is a trustworthy site, click on “OK” button to complete

Internet options2

step-3 Restart the browser to ensure the changes has taken effect

Utilitab is a shady program that has been particularly designed for Chrome users for it can only be added to Google Chrome browser, but that is not to say that users of other web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera can rest easy. is a URL that could appear on any type of browsers and it is a big threat to your computer security. As long as your browser has been infected with this redirect virus, you will always be redirected to unwanted websites even if you actually type the search queries in Google or other search websites that you are familiar with. If you enter any harmful websites, they could foist potentially unwanted program or virus on your computer in secret. Though the browser hijacker can’t get installed on the browsers beyond Chrome, it is still able to alter the homepage and other browser settings without users’ approval, so please be extra careful when you browse the web especially when you are going to download online. In order to protect you computer from such dangerous malware, the most important thing you need to do is to equip your PC with a reliable and efficient security tool.




The following video offers a complete guide for Redirect Virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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