How to Remove Tavanero.Info and Tavanero Search

I downloaded a malware on my computer by accident just days ago. This malware has switched my home page to a website called Tavanero.Info instead of the one I originally set. Whenever I open my Chrome browser, this website keeps showing up automatically. Resetting my homepage and re-installing the browser seem not to work. I attempt to remove this malware with my antivirus program (AVG), but when the scanning is done, no threat related to Tavanero.Info is found at all. What else should I do? Any recommendations or suggestions are appreciated.

In recent months, a browser hijacker called Tavanero.Info has attacked many users’ computers to hijack their web browsers. This browser hijacker can generate a round of problems to a computer and even do harm to the user’s privacy.


Has your computer been infected by Tavanero.Info? Has this browser hijacker taken over your web browser and interfere with your onine activities? Cannot get rid of this browser hijacker manually or using your own antivirus program? Now you can download and use an exclusive malware detection & removal tool to fix your problems!




What Is Tavanero.Info?


Name Tavanero.Info
Category Browser Hijacker
Threat Level Medium
Spreading Channels Freeware/shareware, spam email attachments, malicious websites, popup ads
Harmful Effects 1. Poor browser performance.

2. Browser settings being changed.

3. Search results being redirected.

4. Random ads poping up on web pages.

5. Personal information being stolen.

Removal Solutions Manually remove Tavanero.Info by following this guide

or automatically remove it by using an effective removal tool.

Tavanero.Info is a website manged by ServerPilot which is a server that optimizes PHP and WordPress hosting on your cloud servers at DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Rackspace, and other VPS providers. However, according to the recent report, Tavanero.Info is deemed as a browser hijacker, since it changes web browser settings without any permission. Users who have been infected by this browser hijacker find that their homepage is automatically altered to The forcible change of browser settings is a common thing that most browser hijackers will do, and this is considered as one of a browser hijacker’s features.

Once Tavanero.Info attacks you web browser, it will set its related page as your default homepage. This page can automatically pop up whenever you run the infected web browser. See the Figure 1 below.

Figure 1

Tavanero homepage

Why this browser hijacker changes your homepage to its own domain page? There are main four purposes for it to do this:

  1. Force you to search the Internet via its own website.
  2. Redirect your search results to specific websites.
  3. Show random ads on your page and in search results.
  4. Record your search terms and browsing history.

In fact, almost all browser hijackers are created for these purposes. By hijacking a user’s browser, they can boost certain websites’ traffic, increase adverting revenue, and obtain useful information about the user.  , and Searchinme.comare some examples. However, not all users are able to read the true intentions of those browser hijackers. They may only consider that they are annoying, but never thought they could pose a threat to their privacy. 

Now you know that, having Tavanero.Info browser hijacker on your PC is both annoying and risky. To avoid unwanted problems like search results being redirected and personal information being stolen from occuring, we strongly suggest that you remove Tavanero.Info once finding its existence.



How Does Tavanero.Info Enter Your PC?


The installation of Tavanero.Info often occurs when you download some freeware or shareware from trustless sources. Most software developers now like to bundle installers of other programs with their own software with the intention of making their products free. Most browser hijackers like Tavanero.Info, adware and potentially unwanted programs enter your PC in this way. So, you need to be cautious when installing a piece of software, especially if it is downloaded from an unsafe source. We recommend using the Custom/Advanced installation mode, since you can deselect some browser hijackers, adware and potentially unwanted programs and avoid them from getting installed on your PC.


Another point needed to be paid attention is that malware infection can easily be caused when you open spam email attachments, visit malicious websites, and click on some advertising contents like banners, popup ads, promotions and text links. Sometimes simply accessing a malicious website that has been hacked by cyber hackers can get your computer infected by browser hijackers. Even if you don’t see what malicious is downloaded on your computer, you just can find some related traces.



Why You Need to Remove Tavanero.Info?


Believe it or not, there are some potential risks in all of browser hijackers. But some of users fail to realize the danger of browser hijackers and just ignore them, even after they notice their existence. If you have a tendency to surf the web many times, then you could be annoyed by Tavanero.Info browser hijacker as it keeps redirecting you to unwanted websites. When searching something with the search box provided by this page, you may not get the reliable search results, since the algorithm is different from Google’s. Some advertising related sites or even unsafe sites would be ranked high in the search results. By clicking on these unreliable search results, you may visit some deceptive sites and be tricked into paying money for some useless products or fake services. Tavanero will also deliver random ads to you when you browsing the web. These ads are often related to your recent browsing history. Actually, this browser hijacker is able to record your search terms, most visited sites, and clicked ads. This information could be sent to some third-party advertisers for the marketing purpose. Besides, the browser hijacker could affect your web browser performance. Being infected, you web browser may perform slowly and sometimes freeze or crash down. Additionally, the browser hijacker may also make changes to your web browser’s other settings, making your browser vulnerable to malware attacks. If you don’t get rid of this browser hijacker quickly, you might get other malware downloaded on your PC.



Want to stop being redirected? Annoyed by random popup ads? Worry about personal information being stolen? It’s high time to take immediate action to get rid of Tavanero.Info browser hijacker from your computer right away!




Why Is Tavanero.Info Hard to Remove?


You may have tried to reset your homepage to your favorite website but failed. The reason should be that your Windows registry settings have been modified by the browser hijacker. Generally, a browser hijacker will add its auto-run entries to the Windows registry, so that it can make itself run automatically after the computer is booted. Just as the Figure 2 shows, in the Registry Editor of an infected computer, we have found a start-up entry associated with Tavanero.Info browser hijacker.

Figure 2


Besides, the browser hijacker will also inject its malicious codes into your computer system. These codes often deep hide in your system and it is very difficult for you to find them out without your naked eyes, not to say cleaning them all. A common antivirus program by itself will rarely be able to detect this browser hijacker’s traces. This is the reason why so many users ask help online when their computers get infected by this browser hijacker.

Below are several screenshots about other users’ problems with Tavanero.Info browser hijacker.

arrow As the picture is shown, the user named Paul Winston has difficulty in removing which takes over his Google Search. His antivirus program can’t find it so that he can’t get rid of the browser hijacker.


arrow Another user jmo034 is also troubled by Tavanero browser hijacker. His/Her words again confirm the fact that modifies users’ browser settings without any consent and is difficult to remove.


arrow From the following picture, it can be concluded that many users like Skye Oh don’t realized their computers have been infected by Tavanero.Info browser hijacker and have no ideas how to get rid of it completely.


So, you can see that not only you have difficulty in removing Tavanero.Info browser hijacker. To tell you a secret, for removing stubborn browser hijackers, the most effective way is to download and use an exclusive malware removal tool. Now you can click to download an auto-fix tool to remove the browser hijacker that annoys you quickly and completely.




How to Remove Tavanero.Info Browser Hijacker?


Although you have realized that Tavanero.Info is risky and shouldn’t ignore, you may not be able to remove it out of your PC permanently. You may have tried removing the unwanted website URL from the browser’s homepage field, or even re-installing the browser, but the browser hijacker keeps coming back. Every time you launch the web browser, the unwanted page will continue showing up on your web browser. With difficulty in removing this stubborn browser hijacker, you may feel upset and make efforts to find an effective solution to this problem. Luckily,we have solutions here. In the following, we will provide the guides to clean Tavanero.Info malware from your PC effectively. Keep reading and soon you will get your problem resolved.


Option 1. Remove Tavanero.Info automatically (Recommend)

98% users choose to perform an automatic removal of Tavanero.Info for safety reason. Performing the automatic removal means that you need to install and run an effective malware removal  tool to automatically detect & remove the browser hijacker from your PC.This way is fit for computer users at any level. Even though you are a computer beginner, you can easily remove the unwanted browser hijacker wihtin several clicks. Besides, it is special for users who have no any antivirus programs installed on their machines, because installing a powerful malware removal tool can not only help delete the annoying browser hijacker, but alo protect the computer from being attacked by other malware threats.

spyhunterHere we recommend using SpyHunter which is an advanced malware removal tool that is able to fix various malware issues. This tool can effectively remove various types of malware threats, like browser hijackers, adware, Trojans, viruses, worms, as well as PUPs. Besides, it offers real-time protection against Internet threats and stops any malicious process that attempts to make changes to your Windows registry settings.

Now you can follow the steps below to install and use SpyHunter to scan the entire system. Then, you will be shown all of the detected threats in the scan results. SpyHunter provides one click removal for you, so removing Tavanero.Info will become an very easy thing!


1. Download SpyHunter setup file by clicking the button below. Then save the file on your desktop or any other palce you like.


2. Locate the file you have downloaded just now and double click on its icon. Click Run when a dialog box pops up as below .SpyHunter-shortcut


3. There will be a small window popping up and letting you select your language. Choose the language you prefer and then click OK.

step 2. languageoption

4. Click CONTINUE to proceed.

step 3. spyhunter installer

5. Choose I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy andclick INSTALL button.

step 4. User License Agreements

6. Wait for a while until the installation is completed.

step 5. installtion

7. Now click EXIT when you are prompted that the setup is successful.

step 6. exit

8. Right now, SpyHunter is automatically running on your computer, you can click the Scan Computer Now button to run a full scan on your computer.

spyhunter-scan computer now

9. SpyHunter will start scaning your computer system for any existing threats. This process may take 20 minutes or more, and you can do something else during this time.

step . scan

10. As long as the scan is finished, SpyHunter will show all found threats in a list. You can scroll down to check all items. By default, all these threats are selected, you can simply click the Fix Threats button to remove all those threats from your PC completely.



Warm tips: SpyHunter can protect your computer from browser hijacker infection effectively. As the image below shows, when Tavanero.Infor tries to change your homepage, SpyHunter will display a warning message and ask you to repair the homepage. Seeing this message, it is highly recommended that you click the “Repair” button to restore the browser settings.





Option 2. Get rid of Tavanero.Info manually

Below we offer a manual removal guide for computer users who have certain level of computer expertise. This is professional removal guide which shows all detailed removal action step by step. If you are not skillful in computer enough, it is not suggested that you follow this removal guide. Any wrong operation due to lack of necessary computer skills could result in unexpected system damage, errors or problems. For the sake of safety, we only recommend the advanced computer users to attempt the manual removal.

Main steps:

Step 1. Uninstall suspicious programs from the system.
Step 2. Remove Tavanero.Info from the web browsers.
Step 3. Delete unwanted shortcuts.
Step 4. Reset browsers settings(optional).
Step 5. Delete associated files and registry entries.


Step 1. Uninstall suspicious programs from the system.

Browser hijacker is usually attached to other installers which means that there might be other programs are installed on your computer. You should check all installed programs and find the one which is suspicious and remove it or them completely.

For windows XP users:
1. To uninstall software applications in Windows, click Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs, and then choose the software you want to uninstall.Start-Control Panle-Windows7

For window 8/10 users:
Click the lower left corner from desktop, select “Control Panel” option and then continually choose “Programs and Features” option from the list of all installed programs.2


For window 7/Vista users:
From the lower left corner of desktop, click “Start” button and select “Control Panel” option in main list. After that, choose “Uninstall a program” option.


When a window pops up, check all programs one by one and find the suspicious program in list. If you install too many programs on your computer, you can choose to list all programs in time order, then it will be easier for you to find it. Once it is found, select on it and click “Uninstall” button above. Then follow the uninstall wizard step by step to remove it fully.

Step 2. Remove Tavanero.Info from the web browsers.


chrome icon Google Chrome

Open Chrome browser, click main settings icon at the top right corner and choose “Settings” option from the pull-down list.


Go to settings page, click “Set pages” option.

set pages

Remove Tavanero.Info link from startup pages window. Then you can leave the start up page box blank or just put “about:blank” or other favorite start up page link into it optionally. Click “OK” to save the change.

start up x

Back to settings page, click “Change” option.


Remove the unwanted website URL from home page fiel. Put “about:blank” into it instead or you can just leave it blank. Click “OK” to save the change and exist.

change x


firefox iconMozilla Firefox

Open Firefox browser, click main menu icon and selet “Options


Go to homnepage setting and remove Tavanero.Info’ related website address from homepage field. You don’t need to click any place to save the change. Just close the Firefox browser and the change will take effect when you start the browser next time.



ie iconInternet Explorer

Open IE browser, click main settings icon at the top right corner and then select “Internet options” from the drop-down list.

internet options

In the Internet Options window, delete the unwanted website address from the Home page field, and then put “about:blank” into it instead. Do not forgive to click “OK” to save the changes.

homepage x


Step 3. Delete the unwanted shortcuts.


chrome icon Google Chrome:
Find Chrome icon on desktop, right click it first, and then select “Properties” option from the drop-down list.


Once the new window is opened, check “Target” section and delete which is added after “C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe”, and leave “C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” only. Click “OK” to save the change.


Click Continue once the “access denied” window pops up.

Chrome access denied-


firefox icon Mozilla Firefox:
Find Firefox icon on desktop, right click it first, and then select “Properties” option from the drop-down list.FIREFOX

Once the new window is opened, check “Target” section and delete the unwanted website URL which is added after “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe”, and click “OK” to save the change.


Click Continue once the “access denied” window pops up

firefox access denied-


ie iconInternet Explorer:
Find Internet Explorer icon on desktop, right click it first, and then select “Properties” option from the drop-down - IE

Once the new window is opened, check “Target” section and delete the unwanted website URL which is added after “C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe”, and click “OK” to save the change.



Step 4. Reset browsers settings(optional).

Once you finish the above steps, close all web browsers and restart them again. If you still get this browser hijacker, you need to restore all browser settings to default. But please note that once you restore all browser settings to default, the passwords and account information you saved before may be deleted. Remember to make a backup first to avoid data loss.


chrome iconGoogle Chrome

Click main menu icon at the top-right corner, click “Settings” option.

click settings

Once the settings page is opened, scroll down to the bottom of this page, click “Show advanced settings…” to pull down all options first.



Scroll down to the bottom of this page again and click “Reset settings” in the bottom.


Click “Reset” again to confirm the resetting, then all settings of Google Chrome will be reset to the default, including homepage, search engine, new tab page and other browsing settings.

cc reset


firefox iconMozilla Firefox

Move the mouse to menu bar at the top of homepage, click “Help” and then select “Troubleshooting Information”.


Move to the right corner of this page, and then click “Refresh Firefox” option.

reset firefox settings_3

As another window pops up, check the information and then click “Refresh Firefox”.


After that, resetting of Firefox will be automatically activated. Clcik “Finish” after the resetting is done.

firefox finish


ie iconInternet Explorer

Run IE, click the gear icon and select “Internet options”.

click internet options

Click “Advanced” when the Internet Options window is opened, and then click “Reset” button.

Reset button

On the opening window, tick “Delete personal settings” option and then click “Reset”.

Reset IE

Click “Close” once the resetting process is over.



Step 5. Delete associated files and registry entries.

Some files and folders associated with the Tavanero.Info browser hijacker also need to be deleted from your PC, if you want to remove it completely. However, these files and entries cannot be found easily. The browser hijacker often deep hides its related files in your system, which adds difficulty for you to manually find and remove them. In this situation, using a tool to automatically detect and delete these files should be a wise option. But if you insist on doing this job on your own, please be careful then. If you wrongly delete any important files or registry entries from your PC, it may cause unrecoverable system damage or other seriours problems. So, you should only delete files and entries that are really related to the browser hijacker.

To delete associated files:

Navigate to the below folder locations, find and delete all the folders & files that are associated with the browser hijacker.




To delete associated registry entries:

Press Window key + R key together. When a Run command box appears, type regedit and click OK.

type regedit

Once the registry editor is opened, click Edit and select Find option.

click find

Type tavanero into the box and click Find Next.


Once you get the search results, delete the entries related to the browser hijacker.

To make sure all entries related to the browser hijacker are deleted from your PC, please repeat the “find-search-delete” step several times until all associated entries are found and removed. When all related entries have been deleted, you will be prompted the message as shown below. Just click the OK button and then exit the registry editor.


Till now, you have finished all manual removal steps. Please restart computer and check if this annoying browser hijacker has been thoroughly removed.




Kinderly reminder: The manual removal isn’t always effective, since there will be various factors that affect the removal result. For example, one of the biggest problems that may hinder you from achieving a successful removal of this browser hijacker should be the failure to find out and delete all its relevant files and/or entries. But using a tool won’t have this problem, since a powerful malware detection & removal tool will be able to fully scan your system for suspicious threat items.So, if you are a novice user and unable to manually get rid of Tavanero.Info, then download and use an exclusive malware removal tool instead.




How to Avoid Being Infected by Tavanero.Info and Other Malware?


Most users may not care about what additional programs will be downloaded when they install a piece of software from the Internet. They do not realize the importance of checking all items during the installation process until they get infected by malware. They are the ones who like downloading new things but just do not pay attention to computer safety. It is a worrying trend, and users are not immune to malware. It seems as though browser hijackers, adware, PUPs and other type ofmalware are increasingly being tied to other software and files that is available on the Internet. You need to stop thinking that the programs downloaded from a famous download website is totally clean and safe. If you want to know what potentially unwanted programs or malware programs are attached to the software we have downloaded, the most effective way is to check the bundled installers during the software installation process. Please keep in mind that, these additional installer can only be shown when you install the software in the Custom/Advanced installation mode. They are often hidden in the Quick or Recommended installation mode, so you shouldn’t choose this mode to install protection

However, being infected have nothing to do with how many third-party programs we have downloaded; it is about how much we value the computer security and what actions we have taken to protect it from being attacked by malware. If you don’t have the awareness of computer safety, it is no surprise that your computer get infected by malware. Therefore, it is important that you have the knowledge and awareness to protect your machine. To begin with, you should make sure that you have firewall and antivirus program running on your PC when you connect to the Internet. If you have any firewall or antivirus program, it is advised that you download and install one as quickly as possible. For another, you should abide by some rules when suring the Internet: don’t download software from unfamiliar webistes or other trustless sources; don’t open e-mail attachments sent by unknown people; avoid clicking on suspicious ads or security warning windows which appear out of no where; keep away from unsafe websites – if you accidently access a seemly malicious site, close the window immediately; try not to download peer-to-peer sharing files/software – if you really want to do so, please run a malware scan beforehand. By following the rules above, you can, to some extent, lessen the risk of getting infected by malware. But if your computer has been unluckily infected by a malware like, it is recommended to follow the instruction given above to try removing it out of your PC.



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The following video offers a complete guide for Tavanero.Info removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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