How to Remove ToolCube Adware from Your Computer

It is difficult to develop a piece of good software for developers because it needs considerable time and effort to ensure the product is desired and functional. The process is complex and requires a team of developers and designers to build something that looks and works great. A good program will certainly make a decent profit for its useful services and popularity especially when it is not freeware; however, there are some bad guys have figured out that this is an opportunity. The scammers and hackers find that to gather money through malware is easier and faster, so they have created malware including adware, spyware and bloatware for chasing money instead of investing time and effort on developing a really useful program. Not all ad-injecting software will do harm to computer system, as long as the ads are properly used and will actually benefit Internet users. The sponsorship can make up most of expense on software production so the software or the resources of a website are free to acquire and use. Even if you visit a well-known website you can see some sponsored contents are on its page. It is very common to see ads or other sponsored contents when we open a website, no matter whether it is a familiar site or not, so it will not be too obtrusive and raise users’ doubt when advertising materials appear on users’ browsers.

The appearance of strange ads is one of the symptoms of being infected with malware, but it is hard to tell if the ads are legal or not. The ads on your browser could come from a valid advertiser or an illegal program while generally users are unable to find out the source. In reality, a majority of Internet users may just close the ads and continue their browsing online without realizing that their PCs may have already got malevolent stuff. If you have installed antivirus software on your PC, then it may help safeguard your computer system and block malware or redirect virus from entering, but it can’t completely protect the computer from being attacked by unknown computer threats. Not all treacherous infection can be detected timely, just like ToolCube which got caught when it tried to get inside my computer through Chrome and Internet Explorer. These two browsers canceled its download on my computer and warned me that it may harm my system; however, the tenacious program can still get downloaded on my computer via Firefox.

Download failed

Warning from IE Browser

Download ToolCube is dangerous Chrome

Warning from Chrome Browser

What ToolCube is and what its purpose is after slide into my PC, to figure out these questions and know more about this software, I took some time and effort to do research on it.

the installation of ToolCube

install ToolCube 1 install ToolCube 2 install ToolCube 3



The installation of this software is too simplified. Users don’t even know what it is used for and where it has been installed on the computer and the whole process is complete. After it is installed, users cannot find its folders and the position this program has been placed.

basic info about toolcube

According to some users of the affected computers, they downloaded and installed ToolCube on their own initiative. For a variety of reasons, they entered the official website of this software and soon became interested in this program. As claimed on its website, ToolCube is a Windows gadget that puts nine shortcut links on a box with nine cubes. It allows users to have all most frequently-used links in one place for users to find and use them easily and quickly without taking effort to find them on the long list on Favorite or Bookmark menu. By this, users will be able to save their time and energy when access games, news, videos and any other kind of online resources. Its brilliant features attract many computer users so they just click on the download button to download it without consideration for the reliability and security. If this software gets installed on target computer successfully, users will find that there are other strange things which are not supposed to be part of ToolCube’s functions appear on their computers.

toolcube home page

For instance, users may see abrupt commercial ads or other promotional materials like coupons, discounts and special offers when they connect to Internet. Those offers can be provided by ToolCube as well as other third party. Once users visit online stores or sponsored websites, this tool may automatically recognize the website users are visiting and check if there is specific offers available for users to use. However, clicking on the ads or coupons may result in unexpected redirect to the affiliate sites or even unsecure sites. Users will possibly get more cyber threats on their computers if they enter unsafe websites and the risks are all on their own. The ads can be extremely irritating if they pop up at inappropriate times. You have to close them all again and again, but they just keep showing up even if you have closed them one thousand times.

What is more, this potentially unwanted program will collect the data that were generated while you are surfing online. The websites you have visited, the search terms you have searched on the browser, your activities on the webpages and even the personally identifiable information are all in the scope of data collection. Even your information on social media websites could be used or shared with third parties like advertisers or sponsored partners in order to customize the ads or other marketing materials that are going to display on your browser. Though they claim that the data they collect will be used properly and legitimately, no one can guarantee 100% that they are trustworthy. Installing and using ToolCube and its services mean that users will accept all its terms and policies by default. Indeed, the terms of use and privacy policy were written on its official website, but almost no one would even take a look of them, let alone check through each item. If these unreasonable terms were know by users in advance, will they still download and use ToolCube?

ToolCube Privacy Policy 1

Besides unwanted advertisements, redirect to malicious websites, compulsive data collection, additional programs will also be added to infected computers. Your browser may be installed with useless plug-ins and unfamiliar software will install and run on your PC without your approval. By doing so the creators of ToolCube can get pay-per-click and pay-per-install revenue. This software is only a tool of making money from gullible web users. It does not live up to what it has been claimed on its website and will even bring harm to users’ computers. The links contained in the box are pre-set and users are not allowed to edit them, so how could users put their favorite links in one place via ToolCube?


In other situation, this adware comes to users’ computers through bundled software. These users have no intention to download or install ToolCube on the system, but they get this program while they download or install other software that they actually want to use. Thus all users should be alert all the time as the adware can foist the system via lots of ways. It can even evade the detection and disable your antivirus program, as long as it infiltrates into your computer, it is hard to eliminate it.

the quickest way to remove toolcube

Usually, the common way to uninstall an unwanted program is using Control Panel, but in fact getting rid of a malware is not that simple. In most cases, barely deleting the malware from the Control Panel cannot make the browser back to normal. The changes made by the malware will not disappear or restore automatically for the program is uninstalled. To get the adware out of the system thoroughly, users need to modify the browser settings and other system settings personally. The more changes were made, the more complex operation will be involved and the more time users will take to do the removal. Moreover, the effect of manual operation is far from guaranteed. The results can be good, if you are an experienced computer user who knows computer well. Or the situation could get even worse if you make any mistake. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use a trustworthy tool to help you remove the adware as well as other malicious items once and for all so as to save your time and troubles.

Below is the program that I’d like to recommend to you:


SpyHunter Features

You can download it from here:


SpyHunter is a powerful and reliable security tool that developed by Enigma Software. Its free scan feature is so outstanding that it is able to catch some virus and malicious item that other antivirus program may miss. It has a frequently updated database to ensure the security of your PC. Users will be required to register for this software if you want to use its removal service and the price is fair. By the screenshot below you can see it is able to detect ToolCube while at that time I have uninstalled it from my computer via Control Panel. Even if I tried to delete the leftovers, they will come back again from nowhere.

SpyHunter detects ToolCube


Malwarebytes features

Click the button and you will be direct to its official website to download Malwarebytes:

download MalwareBytes now

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware offers both free version and premium version for computer users. The free version has the ability to detect and remove the known malware and remove the malicious rootkit. But if you ask for even better protection, the premium version would be your choice. However, from my perspective the object Malwarebytes can detect is far less than what SpyHunter can do.

malwarebytes scanning

3Max Secure Spyware Detector

Max spyware detector Features

You can download it by clicking the button:

Max Spyware Detector

Max Secure Spyware Detector is a piece of antispyware software with the fastest scan speed. The installation process for this program takes longer than usual anti-virus program. In my cases, it cost more than 10 minutes to download the data, but its scan for my PC is really fast. Similar to SpyHunter, if you want to clean the malware and virus or use its advanced features, you need to upgrade to its full version.

maxspywaredetector scan results

manually remove toolcube step by step

For Windows Users

1. Uninstall the adware from computer system

Step 1 For Windows XP/7/8/8.1, users can open Control Panel by clicking Start menu. If you are the user of Windows 10, you can find Control Panel by searching it via the search box.


Step 2 Under Programs, click Uninstall a program

uninstall a program

Step 3 Find ToolCube on the list, select it and click on Uninstall

Uninstall ToolCube 1


Step 4 Follow the instructions on the screen to uninstall this adware

Uninstall ToolCube 3

Uninstall ToolCube 4

Uninstall ToolCube 5

2. Reset your browser settings

If your browser settings have modified by this adware, you have to reset the settings to make them work properly as before. Here we provide the guides on how to reset your browser which cover main web browsers on the market. You can just choose the one you are using or read the guides of all infected browsers on your computer by clicking on the name of the browsers.

Reset Internet Explorer
Open IE browser → Tools → Internet Options → Advanced tab → Reset…→ Check Delete personal settings → Reset
reset IE1reset IE 2reset IE3

Reset Mozilla Firefox
Open Firefox browser → Help → Troubleshooting Information → Refresh Firefox… → Refresh Firefox
reset firefoxreset firefox 2

Reset Chrome
Open Chrome browser → Menu → Settings → Show advanced settings… → Reset settings → Reset
Reset chrome 1Reset chrome 2Reset chrome 4-1

Advices on How to Prevent Adware

  1. Keep Your Firewall Turned On

Making sure your firewall is always on is important. The firewall is designed to protect your computer from unauthorized access from the outside Internet world. It can keep the cyber criminals and threats away from your computer system. Once it is suddenly off and you cannot turn it on again, it usually means that your PC is under attack of some kind of serious virus or malware.

  1. Stay away from Unsecure Websites

It is difficult for general computer users to tell which website is bad and which is safe to visit. Some websites could use tricks to convince users into believing that it is a harmless site. A lot of users may not even be aware that they have entered malicious website after they leave that sites. Users should always go to reputable websites instead of click on the links of the search results randomly. Learn to honor your intuitive gift. If you feel there is something unusual on a website, you should immediately close it and check your system.

  1. Don’t Open Suspicious Emails

Users should never open the emails that are not expected or from unknown source. The attachment of strange email can be unsafe too. If you are not absolutely certain that the content of an email is reliable, do not open it. Even if the email is from someone you know, the account could be hacked by hackers. It is recommended that you contact the sender personally to make sure that the email is safe.

The best solution to safeguard your computer is to install a renowned and reliable security software with it. I would like to suggest using this program which is 100% safe and easy to use:



The following video offers a complete guide for ToolCube adware removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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