How to Remove WebBar (Search The Web Bar)

Any user of computer will know that browsing the web should be really careful, especially if we want to download third party from the internet. For example, WebBar, a search bar which appears at the top of desktop, can attach to others we download from websites. No matte how seemingly ridiculous to us, the cause of this search bar is varied and unpredictable. Some users may find deleting it from desktop is usually fruitless.

More Information about WebBar

According to the information provided by WebBar’s developers, this is a convenient tool for searching and browsing our favorite websites directly from desktop. When this tool is downloaded on computer and activated, there will be a search bar appear at the top of desktop which also provides quick access to Facebook, Youtube and other famous websites. An unwanted search bar on the screen is always annoying if we do not really need it. Is it really convenient? Let us see what it claims:111

WebBar is the world’s most convenient tool for :

Easily access the web straight from your desktop
Get instant search results with a single click
Eliminate clutter that slows down your browser

We all use the web for our personal and professional lives, but clutter and distractions slow us down. WebBar solves this problem by letting you browse and search straight from your desktop – with one click of the mouse. WebBar syncs automatically with your default browser, then discretely moves to the top of your screen. This one simple tool will make your browsing experience seamless, instant, and clutter-free.333

However, to most users, this quick search bar does not involve convenient search at all. As we usually take us first step into browse the wed and search keywords by opening the browser we use like Google Chrome, Firefox and IE, we may feel it strange if we directly search something straightly from desktop. For the uses who have not downloaded it, this is not a convenient tool for browsing and searching or any kind of useful tool. Instead, it might be regarded to be adware or potential unwanted program once it is attached to other programs and sneak onto computer without permission. The search bar is going to affect the usage of other programs’ shortcut, just in a different way. The search bar is a small search box that can be seen on desktop. By putting search keywords on the search box, we can directly be redirected to the search results. Think about the first time when we get this pop up search bar from desktop, are we exciting or surprising? If we are uncomfortable about it, just take quick actions to remove it fully. Allow this tool to run on computer, we may also allow it to consume the system resources, making it up to high and lead to slow performance.

How do We Get WebBar?

What is going through our mind as we get this search bar on computer? We must question that how can it happen whether we do not have downloaded this tool from its official website. In fact, this program is attached to other software by inserting its installing codes to the bundles. The next time we find any strange programs are installed without permission, or we get unwanted redirection to other websites by plugins or extensions, do stop running third parties on computer. Whatever troubles we get, stop running third parties on computer. Sometimes the unwanted tools come into our computer and we do not know the right way that they are meant to be harmful there, to serve some remote hacker, collect our personal details, or to help disposed people get profits. We never know what these third parties may be – a useful tool or malicious program – but when we get them at the beginning, we must know that every moment they will affect our computers in some profound way. Sometimes things happen to us that may seem horrible and strange at first, but in reflection we may find that without checking the bundles of the programs we download we could have opened a door for redirect virus, adware, Trojan virus and potential unwanted programs. The unwanted tools which affect our daily browsing, and the troubles and problems we experience, are all caused by malicious bundles from other programs. In face, the carriers are the most important thing we need to find. Here are the carriers of this tool which are detected by SpyHunter. Some of them are media players, mp3 players, games and other free programs.

1122 33 44 55 66 77
Almost all the programs which carry third party bundles are free to download as they want to increase the numbers of downloading in order to promote other tools. Thus, as we have learned the installation of this tool, we should be more careful when we want to install free resources from the internet. As the possible carriers of it are listed, do check our computer if there are some suspicious programs which have been downloaded recently. Only by removing all malicious third parties can we secure computer and clear the system. Take quick actions and remove them step by step.

Note: Removing malicious programs do not mean uninstalling programs from control panel only, we still need to clear malicious files, registry entries and delete all hidden files from system. Thus, using removal tools will be safer than manual removal. Do not try the manual removal if you are not familiar with files and registry removal.

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How to Remove WebBar (Search The Web Bar)

Step one. End the related process from take manager
To open task manager: Press “ctrl” + “alt” + “delete” keys all together from keyboard, then the task manager window will pop up automatically.

As the window is opened, click “process” button to scan all processes which are running on system right now.2

Find the related processes named “ISightHost.exe” and “wb.exe”3

We can using this running process to find its related files and folders on computer. Right click “ISightHost.exe” first, then select “open files location” option4

Then we will get related detailed files and folders related to this process. Keep the location window opening and move to the next step.56

The same, right click “wb.exe” process and select “open files location” option, go to the location tab of this process. 79Select “program files” button at the top to go back to its main folder.10

Then we can locate the folder of it. Keep this tab opening, then continue.12

Go back to task manager, then select the target process, click “end process” button to stop it from running.
Click “end process” again to confirm when we get the confirm pop up window.

Repeat this step to stop all related process.

Step two. Uninstall program from control panel

Windows 7
1.Open Control Panel by clicking the Start button and clicking Control Panel.
Open Programs and Features by clicking Uninstall a program.14

Select Web Bar and then click Uninstall.
Windows 8
1.Open the start screen by moving the mouse to the lower-left corner of the screen and clicking the Start button.15

Open Control Panel by typing control panel and then clicking Control Panel.
Open Programs and Features by clicking Uninstall a program.
Select Web Bar and then click Uninstall.

Window XP

Click start icon at the lower left corner from desktop, then select “control panel” from quick access menu.

Go to control panel window and then select “programs” option

Find the related program from list (web bar)16

Select the target program and then click “uninstall”17

Confirm the uninstalling18

Follow the uninstalling wizard step by step.19

Click “OK” to complete when the uninstalling is finished20

Step three. Clear malicious registry from registry editor
To pen registry editor: click “start”or “windows” icon at the lower left corner, put “regedit” into search bar.
Click “regedit” program from result

Go to registry editor, click “edit” option and then select “find”21

Search “web bar” keyword and then click “find next”

As the related registry is found, remove them completely. Click “yes” to confirm22

Go back to find again and search it for the second time. Then remove the related registry found from registry editor.

Repeat the “find” step until we get the pop up “finished searching through the registry”23

close windows and exist registry editor.

Step four. Remove files and folders
Do forgive the relevant files folder we locate at the first step. Go to the location of the malicious folder and files we find at the beginning.24

Select all of them then press “delete” key

Click “yes” to confirm the deletion25

As all files and folders are moved to recycle bin, do not forgive clearing recycle bin in the end.26

Step five. Run spyHunter to remove leftovers
Click here to download SpyHunter removal tool

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Follow the installing wizard to save it on computersetup-successful

As it is completed the installation, run it and click “scan now” option to start detecting malicious process, malware, files, folders and viruses on systemscan-computer-now

Once the suspicious threats are found, click “fix threats” button to remove all of them from computer fully.fixthreats

Step six. Remove unwanted extension
Sometimes, this threat will introduce other additional extensions, add-ons and plugins on web browsers. To completely removed all pop ups, ads and toolbars, we need to remove the related extensions from browsers.
>>> How to remove extension from Chrome, IE and Firefox

Step seven. Reset browser settings to default (Optional)
If we still get annoying pop up ads, toolbar and redirection after removing all malicious extensions, we should try restoring browsing settings to default in order to make sure there are nothing suspicious added on web browsers.
>>>Restore browser settings to default

How to Stop Being attacked

We should start with increasing our sense of computer security. When we ask users to tell us their experiences of being infected by malware. We may get tons of stories, about downloading third parties, about clicking on pop up ads, about clicking on links attached to email, about inserting infected drives. Many of the stories we get are about people whose computers used to be infected by browser hijackers, adware, Trojan virus and Keyloggers. As we can see, most of them get computer infected because they download and install resources from the internet. We can not take it slow. Just take quick actions to lower the possibility for us to get attacked. The most effective to avoid being infected is to use antivirus software. There are many so many security tools out there from the internet. It is imperative that we do research and try different tools. However, we do not need to be so complicated. Here are the three most professional and effective antivirus software recommended by many computer experts and users.

removal tools

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The following video offers a complete guide for WebBar Toolbar removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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