How to Remove from Computer (Step by Step Guides)

I do not like to use for online search. Do you? A recent study conducted on a search site may cause us to consider the usage of unknown search site. In fact, this site is not a professional search site like Google.con and other famous search program that provide search tools and plugins. The study finds that there is no significant difference in strange search site between browser hijacker. And those users that are using such search provider report that it will be more dangerous than browser hijacker for it sometimes displays unreliable ads on the screen. This site actually has a tend toward commercial promotion.1

What is

If the though of a browser-hijack makes us break out in a cold sweat, we may be partly to blame, according to computer professionals. When we go on a search on, we may find that this is not an regular search site as the one we use as usual. We can not quickly find out that this is a browser hijacker which attacks Google Chrome, Firefox and IE when we first time encounter it appearance for it looks nothing malicious but clean instead. That way we ware not rushing at the last minute to take actions remove it for we even do not known the main purpose of its hijacking until we see a lot of commercial pop up contents on the screen. They are so annoying for they come with a large amount that we can easily find what is the main goal of its installation – promotion. This search provider is not even useful but make some troubles as search results replacements and ads demonstration. We can not find any information about this site when we go to visit its interface. Usually, such site is not reliable for it can not be downloaded from its official site, and it even does not have an official website for promotion. By now there are a lot of browser hijacker websites or redirect websites have been created for commercial purpose. This is one of them. If we are not sure where to find the details about it, we can Google its address. It is not surprise that we can get some negative results for most of the results are related to its removal. This is a sign that there are many net users are encountering the same trouble that this site has hijacked their default homepage and search engine.

What kinds of troubles will be caused by

-Pop up ads

Well, once being infected by browser hijacker, there will be random terrible troubles we need to deal with. Solving the troubles has more to do with commercial pop up ads and files download and less to do with system crash. And to help out in our stop of the ads, we have to keep clicking the “X” icon to close the pop up windows. We need to recognize its dangers and risks, and even encounter some attractive contents pop up on the screen we ought to try our best to stop them for they might be the carrier of potential unwanted program and infections. Never stop closing pop up windows is a thing, but actually removing the original program that causes the pop ups is completely different. Whether we are scanning legitimate websites, searching keywords at the search box, or even just logging in an email account to send emails, commercial ads put our computer into risks that are completely different that Trojan virus or worm we have probably encountered back before. Getting random pop ups is a deeply terrible experience, and we really dislike to download unwanted programs.

-Homepage and search engine replacement

If we have never encountered the infection of browser hijacker, then it is not easy for us to realize there are something go wrong. We have lost the control over homepage and search engine. The replacement of homepage and search provider must be the main purpose of this program for it want to make us to use it search provider for online search, resulting in redirection to specific websites. Usually, navvy users may not good at telling the difference between regular search sites and browser hijackers, even when commercial pop up contents keep popping up on the screen, let along removal of browser hijackers. Then we may spend most of our time stopping the pop up ads after we use this engine to look for information. Browser hijacker, however, makes us unable to reset the default browser settings and force us to use its domain as startup page. Regardless the search engine, everyone does not like to receive ads when we are browsing the internet. We all want to safely scan all the websites but not keep dealing with fake results. This engine is not as safe as we have been encountered before.

Possible carriers of and potential risks

“I find that my computer is infected by browser hijacker. has hijacked both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. I download some games from the internet and I think that might be the reason that cause this situation.”

Most carriers of browser hijacker or redirect virus are fake updates, games apps, email attachments, freeware and shareware. If we want to stop the installation of virus, we should be able to make sure there is nothing dangerous are attached to the programs we are going to download. And once our computer is infected by virus, we may face the troubles. What we know is that browser hijacker will hijack the default homepage and search engine will be replaced and the settings will be modified. Why there are still other troubles? The answer is that such search engine will collect our privacy and financial details. Those data will be fully used for making money.hijack


How to Remove from Computer (Step by Step Guides)


Computer experts warn that inexperienced are more likely make mistakes and lead to more troubles during the manual removal process. So, if you are lack of manual removal experience and computer skills, do not take the risks of deleting system files and registry. For those inexperienced net users, it is strongly recommended to use auto-fix tool.

removal tools

downlaod now    downlaod now           downlaod now


Manual remova details

Step one. Remove program from system1

Step two. Remove from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox


* Reset settings

Open IE, click settings icon to open menu list, select “internet options” on the drop-down list2

Option one, reset homepage to default

As follow, remove the address… From the homepage box3

Then click “use default” option to set back Internet default homepage4

Click “apply”5

Option two, set a favorite homepage

Remove from the box, put a new favorite address in like or Bing.com6

Click “apply”7

* clear IE history

Click “delete…” to clear Internet Explorer browsing history to clean all traces8

√ related data at the left, then select “delete” to remove9

Wait until we get the information telling us the deletion is finished10

Once it is finished, click “OK” to save11

* Remove add-on from IE

Click settings icon, select “manage add-ons”12

Move to “search providers”13

Click associated string14

Move on to click “remove”16

Click “done” after the string is removed16

* clear Internet Explorer properties

Right click IE icon on the desktop, select “properties”11

Remove… From the box, which is entered after “C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe”.17

Click “OK” to save



* reset settings

Open Chrome, click menu icon, select “ settings” option12

At the opening page, select “set pages”3

Remove from the list by clicking “X”4

Click “OK” to save the modification5

Move to “appearance” part, click “change”6

Delete search from homepage as below7

Click “OK” to save8

Move to delete its search engine, click “manage search engines”9

Make Google search to be default, or select other favorite search engine to be default 10

Click “X” to delete Websearch.resulthunters.info11

As it is removed, click “done”12

* clear Chrome history

Click “History” option13

Move to “clear browsing data…”14

√ related data first, click “clear browsing data” to clean them15

* clear Chrome properties

Right click on Chrome shortcut on desktop, select “properties”14

Delete from the target filed, which is entered after “C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe”16

Click “OK” to save17


* Reset Firefox settings

Open Firefox, click menu icon, choose “options”12

At “general” option, delete and all related additive address from the box, and click “restore to default”3

Click “OK”4

* Remove provider

Open a new tab, click search provider icon at the end of the address bar, at the drop-down list, click “manage search engines”5

select the search provider named “search”6

Click “remove” to delete7

Once done, click “OK” to save8

* clean Chrome History

Click menu icon again, move to “history” option9

Select “clear recent history”10

√ related browsing data, then click on “clear now” to delete them11

* clear Firefox properties

Right click on Firefox shortcut on desktop, select “properties”10

Remove from the box, which is entered after “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe”12

Click “OK” to save1314

It is easy to get caught up in our little world if we do not learn more, where small security troubles like browser hijacker and redirect virus are life-shattering. But once we learn more about computer protection we may realize that infections problems are not that much of a problem. Then we need to get to know more about virus prevention to stop infections attacks. Let us see what actions will help to reduce infections risks.

-Dot not download suspicious program

Downloading third parties from the internet may seen like a completely meaningless task, but according to research, the programs we download from websites are not totally safe for criminals may make use of such programs t deliver virus and infections. The way we install third parties is plays an important role on virus prevention. There are two methods we usually use, including “Custom” and “Optional” installations. Our choice will lead to different results. If we do not check the bundles box, we will open a gate for malicious bundles enter our computer for they often attach to other programs. Someone who install malicious bundles will put computer into danger as some virus not only influence system but have the ability to steal valuable data.

-Do not turn off Windows Firewall or Security Defense

Windows Firewall can be said to be the first defense of our computer security. The fact that Windows Firewall do help to prevent computer security is really true. But it is not enough. We may probably had infected by virus even we turn on Firewall all the time, but if we do not turn it on, we may get more troubles. The same goes for the antivirus program which we may talk about below. While we may have been carefully curating the importance of Windows Firewall and Security Defense before the virus takes the chance to enter computer system, criminals will stealthily get access to our computer and insert infections without being known. And the Windows Firewall is definitely more effective than some unreliable security tools.


The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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