How to Remove Windows Route Manager

Hi, yesterday my brother used my PC to download two applications (TopFlix and Online Ad Scanner) and afterwards I noticed that Windows Route Manager appeared in the list of all installed programs. This unwanted program must come together with one of the applications downloaded by my brother. It seems that my PC has got slower since yesterday. I doubt that Windows Route Manager is the root cause of this problem. I don’t want it to be installed on my computer anymore. How can I completely remove it?

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What Is Windows Route Manager?

malwareWindows Route Manager
is considered as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that may decrease your PC performance and prevent you from enjoying your time while surfing the Internet. When installed, it will change the registry settings in order to make itself automatically run whenever the Windows is launched. Generally, it runs in the background of your system and you won’t notice its existence until you check the list of all programs installed or Task Manager. Windows Route Manager does not have a user interface, publicly known developer and official website. So, you may not know what the program is used for and whether it is safe for your PC. According to Enigma Software Group’ security experts, Windows Route Manager may be used to generate pay-per-click revenue and redirect traffic to sponsored websites. With this program installed on your PC, you may receive a lot of popup ads in your browsers. Some of them may prompt you to purchase products that you have searched for in Google recently, while some recommend you to install some risky applications like Albireo on your PC. You may also notice a significant slowdown in your internet speed, since this program might use your network to download something without your knowledge.

installYou may get Windows Route Manager installed on your PC when installing free software. The program’s developers would give money to some other software developers, letting them help prompte this program by injecting its installer into their software’s installation packages. In this way, this program can be easily installed on people’s computers without downloading it from other places. You often have no knowledge of its installation, since the installation process will proceed in the background. Once you finish installing the software desired, the program has been secretly installed, too. The spreading ways of this program, however, are not limited to software bundling. It is also distributed through popup ads, spam email attachments, p2p sharing files, or malicious websites. Therefore, you should be careful enough when surfing online.

popups_Windows Route Manager will cause a series of unwanted problems if it gets installed on your PC. This program has the capability of monitoring your online behaviors. Designed with the technology like rootkits and cookies, it can trace your browsing history and collect your search queries. Based on this information collected, it can display tons of popup ads, coupons or banners related to your browsing habits on your web pages. These annoying ads may interfere with your normal online activities and even decrease the Internet speed. Besides, by clicking on these ads, you may be redirected to some risky websites and accidentally download more potentially unwanted programs. Your PC will suffer a poor performance with more unwanted programs running in it. Hence, it is highlgy recommended that you remove Windows Route Manager out of your PC immediately.

How to Remove Windows Route Manager from Your PC

If you have already installed Windows Route Manager, you should remove it quickly before it does any further harm to your PC. Generally spreaking, you can remove this potentially unwanted program automatically with a professional anti-malware program, or get rid of it manually by taking several steps. Please choose the method that is more suitable for you to clean the unwanted program from your computer completely.

Automatic removal guide:

Here, we will recommend two powerful anti-malware programs to you. They are SpyHunter and PCKeeper Antivirus. Research shows that these two tools have helped many computer users resolve their PC malware problems.

1. Use SpyHunter:

SpyHunter is a real-time anti-malware program developed by Enigma Group. It can thoroughly scan a computer system to detect and remove malware threats and potentially unwanted programs that can be harmful. The program is even equipped with live technical support. If you any problem can’t be resolved by the program, users can directly contact the tech support for help.


» Download SpyHunter-installer.exe on your computer by clicking on the button below.


» Double click on the file downloaded, and click Run when a dialog box pops up as below.

click Run

» Select your language, click on CONTINUE button, accept the EULA and Policy Privacy and then the installation process will begin. Wait until the installation is complete. Exit the setup by clicking the FINISH button.


» Now SpyHunter will automatically run on your PC. On its main screen, click on Scan Computer Now to run a full scan of your computer system.

spyhunter-scan computer now

» SpyHunter will start scaning your system for any existing threats. This process may take a long time and you need to be paitent.


» When the scanning finishes, SpyHunter will show all threats found in your computer system. To remove all threats, please click the Fix Threats button.

2. Use PCKeeper Antivirus:

PCKeeper Antivirus is an excellent security tool that offers a high level of malware protection for your computer system. It is certified by Microsoft and integrated with Windows Security Center and built on official Avira’s anti-malware scanning engine. It has high malware removal rate since it updates its database regularly to catch the lastest malware threats or the malware variants.

» Download PCKeep Antivirus Installer on your PC by clicking the button below (Note: This program is not compatible with XP OS).

download button

» Double click icon of the file you have downloaded just now and click Run in the dialog box as shown below.


» Click Start Install button to continue.


» The installation will begin. Please wait.


» PCKeeper Antivirus is now gathering data about installed security programs and configuring the antivirus.


» Once the installation is done, double click the icon of PCKeep Antivirus on your desktop to run it on your PC. On its main screen, click the Full Scan button.


» Now PCKeeper Antivirus will start scanning for the threats on your PC. It may take 40 minutes or more to scan your whole system. You can do other things during this time.


» Once the scanning ends, you will be shown all detected threats. You can either click the Add to Quarantine or Delete button to deal with these threats.

PCKeeper Antivirus Scan Results

Manual removal guide:

The manual removal is not recommended, since it is not as effective and safe as the automatic removal. But if you persist, then just follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Disable process of the unwanted program via Windows Task Manager

Step 2 – Uninstall the unwanted program via Add or Remove Programs/Programs and Features

Step 3 – Remove files and registry entries of the unwanted program from your system


Step 1 – Disable process of the unwanted program via Windows Task Manager

Right click the task bar and select Task Manager or Start Task Manager from the list.

task manager

When the Task Manager window opens, click on Processes tab, search for any processes related to the Windows Route Manager, right click it and click on End task or End process.


Step 2 – Uninstall the unwanted program via Add or Remove Programs/Programs and Features

For Windows 8/8.1:

Hover your cursor over the upper right corner of the screen and then click Search.Type control panel in the search box, and then click Control Panel from the list.

control panel windows 7

In the open window, click Uninstall a program.


Search for the unwanted program, select it, and then click Uninstall. Follow the prompts to finish the uninstallation.


For Windows 7/Vista:

Click Start button, and click on Control Panel from the menu.


In the open window, choose Large icons from View by, and click Programs and Features.


Search for the unwanted program from the list of all installed programs and click on Uninstall.

For Windows XP:

Click on Start button and click on Control Panel.

start-control panel_windows xp

Double click on Add/Remove Programs.


When all the programs installed on your PC are displayed, find out the unwanted program and click on Remove button.

Step 3 – Remove files and registry entries of the unwanted program from your system

Open the local hard disk C.

local disk C

Navigate the folder of Program Files and look for if there is a folder with named by Windows Route Manager. If you find one, delete it from your computer. Or you can use the search function to search for any folders and files related to the unwanted program.

delete folder

Open the registry editor by following these steps: press the Windows key + R key together, type regedit into the Run command box and click OK.

remove registry entries_1

Then, click Edit, and select Find.

remove registry entries_2

Enter windowsroutemanager into the Find what field and click Find Next.

type the program name

If any registry entries related to the unwanted program are found, delete them by right clicking on them and selecting the Delete option.

Important note: You should only delete items related to the unwanted program. If you mistakenly delete any vital key, entry or value, your system may not function normally. It is a good idea for you to back up your registry before you start the deletion.

How to Avoid Installing PUP and Malware?

To begin with, you need to know how malware spreads and then you can take measures to prevent your PC from being infected. The following are several common spreading ways of malware:

malware_spreading ways

Once you have an idea of how malware spreads, you will know how to avoid installing it on your PC. Here are some useful tips for you:

  • Install a reliable antivirus/anti-malware program that can provide real-time protection against malware threats.
  • If you download something from a website, email, FTP site, or file-sharing service, scan it with your antivirus/anti-malware program before you run it.
  • When installing software, no matter it is a free one or a paid one, you should always opt for the Advanced or Custom installation mode. This allows you to refuse to install other additional programs.
  • While browsing the web, you need to be careful of suspicious popup ads or alert messages. Don’t click any button to install any recommended product on your PC.
  • When receiving an email with a link in the message, please first hold your mouse over the link to see where the link is actually directing you. If the address seems suspicious, don’t click on the link.

For more tips to protect your PC, please check here.


Windows Route Manager is not a malicious malware threat; however, it may bring negative effects to your PC, such as slow down your internet speed, decrease computer performance, interfere with your online activities by displaying popup ads, and even download more potentially unwanted programs to your PC. So, we highly recommend removing this PUP as quickly as possible. In this article, we have introduced the automatic removal method the manual removal method. You can choose one of them to perform the removal according to your own situation. But as for the effectiveness and safety, the automatic removal method should be a better option.

Have unfortunately downloaded PUP or malware on your PC? Have tried the manual removal method but can’t remove it? Worry to make mistakes and cause system problem when manually removing the threat? Download an advanced malware removal tool to automatically fix the issues right now!


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The following video offers a complete guide for Windows Route Manager removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode

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