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It is becoming increasingly common to encounter a stealthy program getting installed firmly on computer with obnoxious alterations in browsers. It is the high time to beef up your browser security because that is where most of users get cyber infection from. The means that cyber fraudsters used to disperse spam sites and malicious programs is increasingly sophisticated so that it could be confused for general computer users to distinguish questionable websites from floods of websites.

Are you desperately want to remove redirect virus? Get Quick Removal Right Now! is one of the malicious website that appears to be benign at the beginning. It is able to slither onto the computers with network connected and then lurk on the computer without users’ awareness. As a browser hijacker, it usually comes with potentially unwanted programs or other media allowing it goes undetected. Here are some common examples that how arrives on users’ computer:

* When users click on a link or receive the attachment from a spam email, the installer of junk-filled programs will be downloaded on the computer right away and being installed automatically. Meanwhile the browser settings get changed.

* One or more pop-up boxes/windows/tabs appear on the browser. The contents of the pop-ups can be various: fake warning about your computer system, fake update invitation and mostly are about promotional ads. Users will get redirected to unsafe page or the installation about foistware will be triggered once they click on the pop-ups.

* When users download software from risky websites, the malware can come along with the real program and get installed through drive-by download. The malware will alter the settings of the browser if such action has been written in its prewritten code.

* Web users receive harmful contents via social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. They may get a shorten link with the domain of reliable websites and appealing words like “Act now”, “Free” and “Save” to call the users’ attention to the links which connected to spam.

*There are many peer to peer (P2P) websites and P2P applications contain malware. Once the users install the P2P program, the malware can also be installed on the system. What is more, the malicious programs usually disguise as legitimate ones trying to hoax credulous people.

Generally, a browser hijacker like slides into a compromised computer via some kind of malware or aggressive commandeering the browser which means that as long as a user visits any malicious website, the browser hijacker will soon replace the DNS (Domain Name System) servers configured on routers with maleficent ones that is controlled by cyber criminals so as to reroute the user’s browsing, transfer unwanted ads, distribute rogue programs and so on, and finally take control over the whole browser.


Computer users who visit the page of may see a yellow bar prompting TheBrowser isn’t your default browser with the button inviting users to make it as default appears on the browser. In addition to this, there is a banner advertisement using attractive words to get users’ attention in the middle of the web page. It is an ad about the recommendation of some kind of Windows scanner. Some users may doubt if their computers have some errors because they see such an ad which looks more like a hint suggesting the system need to be repaired right now for confused users. It could be a trap for users to fall into downloading malware onto users’ computers as we don’t even know the name of the scanner the page recommend for us. If it is a conventional product promotion, how could the advertiser not mention the name of the product? Obviously this page is generated by malware and it uses solving system errors as cover to spread malware behind.

Thebrowser installation

The picture above is a screenshot of a malware called The Browser & Deskbar which gets spread mainly through foistware. Please pay attention to where I have outlined in red as this is what people frequently neglect when they installing software. People seldom read the terms of use in detail and even never take a look at them which provides the chance for unwanted program to come to their computers. In order to complete the installation process quickly, people always keep clicking on Next or any other option that can lead them to the next step without a glance at other words. The Browser & Deskbar is also a malicious program itself for the way it gets installed on users’ computer is insidious. In the installation wizard, is the default option as its search engine and homepage. If users do not deselect this option, their browser settings will be subjected to inevitable changes.

On the other hand, if a user is redirected to without getting malware, this spiteful website is likely to delude the user into downloading or installing noxious program. Initially, this website will turn your homepage into its own page and change your default search engine by adding itself instead. As long as the user conducts a search with this website, useless links can be seen appearing among the search results. Ad-injecting websites and insecure websites containing malware are all mixed up with normal search results. Users cannot tell them apart by looking at the title of the web pages, so when users click on any dangerous redirect link at random, the malware gets the chance to break into the computer system.

The reason that so many people trust the search results provided by is that after they enter the search query into the search box in this web page, it will jump to the page of Bing and display the search results with Bing. Web users may consider this browser hijacker as one of the affiliated sites or partner websites of Bing, consequently, users believe those search results without a shadow of a doubt. However, this browser hijacker is not under the control of Bing in reality. Though Bing is a legitimate website and trustworthy search engine, the final results could be falsified when you open it via a third party. What is more, the search service of Bing can be used by cyber criminals as long as they know how to utilize the search codes released in public, search API or anything they can take advantage of to build new websites with the search service from well-respected websites and search engines like Bing and Yahoo. By resorting to such schemes, cyber criminals are able to increase the downloads of malware more effectively and gain more traffic to

It is not hard to see if your computer is suffering from this redirect virus. If you find unusual changes like strange browser redirect, homepage that you don’t recognize and unsolicited browser extension your computer, you shall promptly take measures to get rid of the infection.

 Remove Automatically:  Use a potent removal tool

 Remove Manually from: Google Chrome   Firefox   Internet Explorer

Remove Automatically

SpyHunter is a useful security utility for Windows OS. This software is qualified to perform deep scans for your computer system in three modes: quick scan, full scan and custom scan. The custom scan can conduct a scan in a limited scope within the hard drives to save users’ time. No matter under which scan mode, it will always search for malicious items by scanning computer memory, registry, browsing cookies, files and so on. It also saves users’ troubles to check for available updates for it as it will automatically connect to the server to get updates for the programs and virus database. This tool will help you a lot with your computer security problems. Now you may download this program for free.

Download removal tool now

You will finish download and start install it within minutes. You can rest assured that there won’t be any junk file or virus appended to it.

SpyHunter is installing

After the installation completes, a quick start will start at once. If you prefer to do a full scan or a custom scan, you can stop the scan and start a new scan as you like.


The scan features of SpyHunter is really helpful and powerful in that it will not only give users the number of the total threats it has found but also will provide specific information about each threat for users to know how dangerous those threats are.

SpyHunter removes

When the scan comes to the end, you can remove all found threats by clicking on the green Fix Threats button. As you can see from the screenshot above, SpyHunter is able to detect redirect virus and remove it. With such excellent performance, it is understandable that removal feature is not included in its free version. To gain the benefits of more useful services, users will be asked to get the single user license which would cost $39.99. I think this bargain is worthwhile because this software is proficient in both detection and protection. Your computer will get adequate protection and be away from cyber threats with this security software.

Remove Manually from Google Chrome

Step 1 Open Chrome and choose Settings from the Menu option. In this page you can change your homepage under the Appearance section by clicking on Change.

Change homepage Setting Chrome 1

Step 2 Replace the URL of mysearch browser hijacker by entering a reliable website address like Google and click on OK.

Change homepage Setting Chrome 2

Step 3 In the same page of Chrome settings, look at the Search section underlies the Appearance. Click on Manage search engines… button to switch your default search engine.

Manage search engines 1

Step 4 You will see the search engine of mysearch has been selected as the default search engine of your Chrome browser. To delete it, you need to make the other search engine as the default one by move the pointer above it and select Make default.

Manage search engines 2

Step 5 After that you can remove by clicking on the X mark.

Manage search engines 3

Remove Manually from Firefox

Step 1 Select Options from the Firefox menu.

Options Firefox

Step 2 The General page will be displayed in front of you. And then you will be able to change the homepage by deleting the old one and typing a new URL into the homepage box.

Change homepage Firefox

Alternatively, you can also use one of your preferred websites of your bookmarks folder as the new homepage. When the new setting is done, you can just close the browser and you will see the difference when you open it next time.

Step 3 Select Search tab under the General tab to change your default search engine of Firefox. If you find the unwanted search engine appear on the list, please get rid of it by clicking on the Remove button in this page.

Change default search engine Firefox 1

Remove Manually from Internet Explorer

Step 1 Click on the Gear icon which stands for Tools and select Internet options.

Internet options

Step 2 Delete the website address of the browser hijacker and enter a URL that you want to use as the homepage. Click on OK to complete this step.

change homepage IE

Step 3 Select Manage add-ons from the Tool menu this time.

Manage add-ons IE

Step 4 Firstly you need to select Search Providers on the panel of Add-on Types on the left side of this window, and then make the unwanted search provider selected and click on Remove button finally.

Remove search provider IE

These are all steps you need to get through to remove from your browser. However, if you get this infection by installing some kind of malware like TheBrowser or a media player, you should uninstall that malicious program from your computer too or the browser hijacker could come back again.

Step 1 Right-click on the Start button and select Control Panel.

Control panel win8

Step 2 Select Uninstall a program.

Uninstall a program

Step 3 Looking for TheBrowser or other programs that may have relationship with the browser hijacker. Select the unwanted program and click on Uninstall button.

Remove TheBrowser

(Warning: This operation requires the performer exactly know which application causes the browser hijacker, if not, the user could delete the wrong program and result in some programs cannot start or even more severely, your computer would be unable to boost anymore.)

If you are not sure which program should be uninstalled, you may search the name of the suspicious program with Google and look for its related information, but this method seems to be time-consuming and it could take you a whole day and you will be exhausted from working on that. Why not try the automatic removal tool to resolve the problem?

Download removal tool now



The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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