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Net users who have not ever been infected by browser hijacker regularly may have more difficulty distinguishing than those who have once it appears on computer. The infection of this browser hijacker raise the risks of a number of privacy lose, as well as system risks of damage and error. The attack of this threat tends to climb in tandem with the number of third parties that users just download from the internet recently – a pattern that suggest a cause-effect relationship. Once this search page is found on any browser, the most urgent thing to do is to remove completely.

Learn the basic information about is a new-released browser hijacker which comes along with other installers. No one wants to get this browser hijacker at the beginning. But we should not ignore the bundles when we download something from the internet. The main purpose of this browser hijacker is revealed by what it will do to browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox. Obviously, getting the default homepage changed by this site is not a good thing. But that installation of this program is another story. Experts say it can take over the main browser settings like homepage, search engine and even redirect web page to other websites , in turn, can result in troubles. What is worse, this threat can also add unwanted program on start up item, making computer users unable to stop it as it runs automatically when the infected computer is loading. To fight the problem, users should take quick actions to take back browser control as this browser hijacker contains malicious registry that are very dangerous as they might change system settings without authorization. As such, this search site actually does not bring any benefit. At the beginning, we may expect something to turn out badly when the search engine if changed without permission, it probably will as pessimism is seldom disappointed. There seems to be a natural cause and effect relationship between browser hijacker and

Even browser hijacker like is not powerful threat, however, we must choose which search engine we want to tick out the potential dangers of malicious links. There is enough risk in fake search results – ample pop up ads and advertising link, unexpected redirection and download – to put us into trap. We can choose to use famous search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo. But we can not take the risks of using unknown or unfamiliar search site as as we will put our computer into danger. It is our decision. A professional search engine is necessary for our daily search. Which search engine we use will determine what search results we get, what related ads will be showed and how many times it takes before we get search results. Using unknown search engine does not mean dangerous, but it increases the risks of being infected and attacked. We use this search engine and can still recognize that problem exist and that some of them not dealt with easily.

Usually, this browser hijacker shows random pop up ads. These pop up ads draw our attention away from search results and contents and they try to convince us to click on ads by making use of our curiosity. Most of time, this browser hijacker will not only change default browsing settings but also add other homepage to other web browsers like fake browser update pop up. When we see the fake pop up which says that our web browser is our of data and we need to update it quickly to continue surfing, we are more concerned with updating than problem solving as we may believe it to be true.8

Even though this update pop up is fake, in fact, without professional removal, issues as browser-hijack and redirection have no hope of solution.

Learn risks of browser hijacker

The world of browser hijacker is cruel. No matter how much we stress the important of search engine, browser hijacker will mess all up as it has controlled target browsers. Why do we need to remove as quick as possible? We need to remove it because, sometimes, the infection of this browser hijacker does not only bring browser-hijack problem, but also introduce other threats forcibly. The threats can cause us to stop. The main purpose of browser hijacker is to create a unknown search page and collect browsing data. We all hope and expect that a search engine can offer us some professional results that are related to our search keyword. Surprisingly often, we just can not. Even when we try to close the pop up ads around, we may fail.

How to Remove

The manual removal is not recommended to inexperienced computer users. If we do not have any manual removal experience, we should not go to so much troubles to follow the complicated manual removal steps. Why do we download a removal tool which can quickly and effectively solve this browser hijacker!



Self-help removal guide

Step One. Uninstall from control panel

Windows 7, Vista:

From desktop, move to the lower left corner and then click “start” button

When we get the main menu list, select “control panel” in the right margin

Note: sometimes we may not able to find “control panel” option from main list as it may be disabled from start menu. To solve this problem, just search “control panel” directly in the search box. Then, click “control panel” option as it is found.

windows XP:

Click on start icon at lower left corner from desktop, select “control panel” from main list at the right side.

Note: if we can not find control panel option, it may be because we set start menu to “classic” or disable the related quick link as part of a customization. To open control panel in another way: click “start” button, select “settings” option instead, then click “control panel” or execute cotnrol from the “run” box.

Windows 10
Tag or click “start” button and then select “all apps”

Then tag or click “windows system” folder.
(We may need to scroll all the way down the list of apps to find it.)

Then we can find “control panel” option from windows system folder
Windows 8 or 8.1

Swipe up to the apps screen, then click on the downward-facing arrow icon. As a result, we may bring the same screen.

Unfortunately, Microsoft made it especially difficult to access Control Panel in Windows 8. They made it a little easier in Windows 8.1, but it’s still far too complicated.

Note: Prior to the Windows 8.1 update, the Apps screen is accessible by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, or right-clicking anywhere, and then choosing All apps.

As we get the apps screen, scroll to the right, click windows system category

Select control panel icon under windows system folder

Remove malicious program from control panel:

As we get all programs listed on screen, find the suspicious one from list and then remove it.


Select on the target program, then click “uninstall” option above.


Follow the uninstalling wizard step by step. It may take a few minutes to finish.


As the uninstalling process is done, click “finish” to close


Step two. Restart computer in window safe mode

Click “start” or “window” icon at the lower-left corner, then select “restart” option. Press F8 key while the BOIS screen is loading

After, select “safe mode” option by using the arrow keys on keyboard

Wait a few seconds, then our computer will be restarted in window safe mode

Step three. Clean malicious registry entries

Click start or window icon at the lower corner, search “regedit”. Click “regedit” on the search result

Then we will open windows registry editor.

Go to :
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMainStart Page

How to open : HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Main

Click the second folder named HKEY_CURRENT_USER from this tab


Then click software from subfolders list


Continuously, select microsoft


Move on to click internet explorer


Finally, click main, and this is the final folder we are heading for.



Select startup page option and delete it once it is found to be changed to other links.

Right click it and then select “delete”


confirm the deletion by clicking “OK”


Step four. Disable unknown startup items

Click start or windows icon at the lower left corner from desktop.

Put “msconfig” on the search box and press enter key


Select “startup” option when the new window pops up


There will be a a lot of unknown items added on startup, find all of them


Uncheck all the unknown items from left side


Then do forgive clicking “OK” to save the changes and then exist


(Note: most of time, it requires us to restart computer, then we can take this chance to restart computer in normal mode)

Step five. Restore browser settings to default (Optional)

As the computer is restarted, go to check all web browsers. Sometimes it will not be easy for us to change homepage, search engine and start up page back. Under this situation, we should try restoring browser settings to default if we want to set all settings back.

(Note: restoring browser settings to default will set all browsing settings back to default. Do back up crucial data before resetting to avoid data lose.)

hand-pointer1-right>>>How to restore browser settings to default

Step six. Download SpyHunter to clear malicious leftovers

The manual removal is not able to clear all hidden files and traces, then we need to use a professional tool to scan the detect all malicious traces in order to clear them all. spyHunter is one of the most effective tools which provide virus detection, program uninstalling, threats removal and many other related functions like data back up and custom scan. Sometimes it is hard to find hidden files and folders relevant to this threat as they might keep changing their files names all the time, making us can not find the exact files. With SpyHunter inside, we only need to run it to scan the entire system, then all suspicious items like files, registry entries, programs and traces will be displayed on scan results. All we need to do is to click on “remove threats” button. Computer problems will be fixed within seconds!


spyHunter can not only remove threats but also protect our computer through building a powerful shell to defense threats. There are a lot of types of threats. Sometimes it is hard to escape, especially when we do not have any security tools on computer which can stop virus. But in many situations, we can avoid being infected by using powerful tool like SpyHunter. Then we can take steps to regain control of our computer and browsers.


The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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