How to Uninstall DriverEasy from PC – Complete Uninstall


Want to uninstall DriverEasy but always encounter all kinds of problems? Still can’t find any effective ways to completely uninstall this program?

Common problems when uninstalling DriverEasy:

DriverEasy is corrupt or not run normally?

DriverEasy can’t be removed with Windows Add or Remove Applet?

When uninstalling DriverEasy, it pops up a dialog box and shows that the program has lost its configuration information or the configuration information is incomplete or damaged?

Receive error message when uninstalling DriverEasy? Such as “An error occurred while trying to uninstall DriverEasy 5.0.6. It may have already been uninstalled”.

Can’t find DriverEasy in the list of installed programs?

DriverEasy still runs in the background after deleting?

What’s your problem? Don’t expect you can uninstall a program easily. To deal with stubborn programs, it is harder than you think. If you are unlucky one and encounter one of the above problems, honestly, only a professional uninstall tool can help you forcibly uninstall DriverEasy and completely clean all its files, folders and corrupted registry entries from your PC.

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Developed by Easeware, DriverEasy is a Windows PC driver tool helping users update drivers in a fast and easy way. It is supported by over 8,000,000 + Driver Database with Daily Driver Updates. More than 3 million users use it today. After you install it, it performs a full scan of your computer, tells you what drivers are missing or outdated and update them all so that to maximize PC performance & stability. Its huge driver database can ensure you always get the latest official driver. On the other hand, it can also help you fix missing, outdated and mismatched drivers. Using DriverEasy, you can easily solve your driver issues. Besides, its Safety Offline Scan feature can help you to download driver from an Internet-enabled computer. The Offline Scan feature provides you an easy and fast way to locate the most accurate network driver for your computer.

This powerful driver application is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP, and Vista. But you need to install an additional application NET Framework, version=v4.0 if your operating system is Windows XP. Only in this way can you normally and smoothly run DriverEasy. Usually, the default program directory is: C:\Program Files\Easeware\DriverEasy\. The executable file is: drivereasy.exe. And the program official website is: (Warm tip: Download free application only from its official website. Many malicious programs are bundled with free software if you download them from other unknown or unauthorized sites.)

Truly, DriverEasy is a useful application. However, some users complain that the driver tool just provides a free scanning and tells them what drivers are outdated but driver updates are limited in the free version. Anyway, if you want to uninstall the program or have any difficulties in uninstalling it, we are willing to help you solve the problem. Please follow our guide to uninstall DriverEasy in a proper and detailed way.

How to Uninstall DriverEasy Completely from Computer?

You can follow the manual removal steps to uninstall DriverEasy if you have enough time and energy. But here I would like to remind you that not all the programs especially stubborn programs are hard to be removed through Windows built-in uninstaller. If you want to search for an easier and faster way to uninstall DriverEasy, a professional uninstaller can satisfy you.

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Step1. Terminate DriverEasy process from Task Manager

Note: The following steps are available to Windows 7/Vista/8/10/XP.

  • Simultaneously press Windows + R key on your keyboard.
  • Type “taskmgr” into the dialog box and then click OK button to open Task Manager.
  • When the window shows up, click End Process button for Windows 7/Vista/XP. Click End Task button for Windows 8/10. See below image.

terminate DriverEasy process from Windoows 7terminate DriverEasy process from Windows 8

Note: There are other two ways to open Task Manager. (It is applied to Windows 7/Vista/8/10/XP)

  • Simultaneously press Alt + Ctrl + Del keys on your keyboard.
  • Right-click your Taskbar and then select Task Manager/Start Task Manager from the list.

Step2. Uninstall DriverEasy with Windows Built-in Uninstaller

For Windows 7/Vista user

  • Click Start menu and then select Control Panel.
  • When the window pops up, click Uninstall a Program.
  • Search for DriverEasy from the currently installed programs. Click Uninstall to delete it from your computer.

uninstall DriverEasy from Windows 7, Vista

  • Follow the on-screen instruction to completely uninstall the program.


For Windows XP user

  • Click Start menu and then choose Control Panel.
  • Click Add or Remove Programs category when the window opens.
  • Find out DriverEasy from the list of installed programs and then click Remove button to uninstall it.

uninstall DriverEasy from Windows XP

  • Follow the uninstall wizard to thoroughly uninstall the program.


For Windows 8/10 user

  • Move your cursor to the lower left corner of the screen, when Start menu shows up, right-click it and then select Control Panel from the list (For Windows 8). Right-click Start menu and then select Control Panel (For Windows 10)
  • Click Uninstall a program under Programs category.
  • Look for DriverEasy from the currently installed programs and then click Uninstall to remove it.

uninstall DriverEasy from Windows 8,10

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to accomplish the uninstallation process.

Warm tips: If you encounter any difficulties in uninstalling DriverEasy program or can’t find it in the list of installed programs, you have to turn to a professional uninstall tool for help. Only professional uninstaller can deal with stubborn programs, corrupted programs or hidden programs that couldn’t be removed by Windows built-in Uninstaller. The powerful uninstall tool is capable of helping you to automatically uninstall those programs without leaving any traces and accelerate your PC.

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Step3. Delete DriverEasy files and folders.

Please know that Windows default uninstaller only can help you uninstall program but not all its components and files. Some invalid files store in system may lead to a poor computer performance and a slower computer speed. Therefore, to make sure you can completely delete all associated files and folders left by DriverEasy and free up your disk; first you need to show hidden files, folders and drives and then delete them step by step from computer. For different operating systems, we offer you the detailed steps. Please follow our guide to accomplish the operation.

For Windows 7 user

  • Click Start > Control Panel >Appearance and Personalization > Folder Options >View
  • Tick Show hidden files, folders, and drives, uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)
  • Click Apply > OK button.

show hidden files, folders from Windows 7

For Windows XP user

  • Click Start > Control Panel > Appearance and Themes > Folder Options >View
  • Tick Show hidden files and folders, uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)
  • Click OK button.

Show hidden files and folders - Windows XP

 For Windows 8/10 user

  • ·Move your cursor to the lower left corner of the screen, when Start menu shows up, right-click it and then select Control Panel from the list (For Windows 8). Right-click Start menu and then select Control Panel (For Windows 10)
  • Click Appearance and Personalization > Folder Options (For Windows 8) > View
  • Click Appearance and Personalization > File Explorer Options (For Windows 10) > View
  • Tick Show hidden files, folders, and drives, uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)
  • Click Apply > OK button.

show hidden files, folders, and drives from Windows 8

After finished the above steps, go to my computer. Usually, the default destination location is Local Disk C.

  • Double-click My Computer > Local Disk C >Program Files
  • Find out Easeware folder and then double-click it. You will see DriverEasy folder and its files.
  • Delete all related files and folders.

DriverEasy files

  • After deleting the associated files, you still need to delete other leftover files created by DriverEasy in another folder. Follow the path listed below to delete them.



Step4. Delete invalid registry entries created by DriverEasy

Maybe you don’t know that many associated registry entries bundled with DriverEasy would save on the system when the program is installed on computer. In addition, other additional registry entries and data are also created in the process of using the application. Some of them are often ignored during the deletion process. Therefore, to totally delete DriverEasy, you need to find and delete the leftover registry files. Please follow our guide to complete the process.

  • Simultaneously press Windows + R keys on your keyboard.
  • Type regedit into the run box and then click OK button to open Registry Editor.
  • In the opened window, click Edit menu and then select Find/Find Next button.
  • Type DriverEasy into the dialog box and then click Find Next button.

DriverEasy - registry editor

  • Find and delete the following registry files.



  • To make sure you have deleted all registry files, you need to repeat the above steps to search again and again until all the leftover files have been successfully removed. After that, restart your computer when finished the operation.

This step is never recommended to computer novice or inexperienced computer users as any wrong operations may lead to a serious system problem even ruin the whole system. Registry Editor is a tool intended for advanced users. It’s used to view and change the settings in the system registry, which contains information about how your computer runs. Now you should realize how important the Registry is. If you are not sure which registry files are related to DriverEasy, never try the manual operation.

To guarantee you can 100% delete all associated registry entries and avoid wasting your time, why not try an easier and safer way to delete all the leftover registry files automatically? A professional uninstall tool like Express Uninstaller can help you forcibly uninstall DriverEasy and completely clean up all its leftover files, folders and entries within a few minutes. It can be said that it is the easiest, fastest and safest way to uninstall any stubborn programs.

Express Uninstaller is a fast, secure and convenient uninstall tool which is capable of quickly and completely cleaning any unwanted programs associated registry entries and data on your PC that the manual removal method can’t help you achieve. Furthermore, the professional uninstaller can also help to backup your registry so as to restore system easily when your computer crashes suddenly. Besides, you can use Startup Manager (Another important function of Express Uninstaller) to disable unwanted applications to speed up your PC. With the help of the excellent uninstall tool, you don’t need to manually operate the complicated steps. 


Attention: The program (BitTorrent) to be removed appearing in the screenshots below is just example. If you want to remove DriverEasy, you will need to select related program and click the Uninstall button.  

Step 1: Download Express Uninstaller on your PC.


Step 2: Run the downloaded file and follow the setup wizard on the screen to install it on the PC. When the setup has completed, click on Install to continue with the installation. Within seconds, the installation will finish. If you want to run the tool to find and remove the unwanted program right away, ensure the Launch Express Uninstaller is selected and the click on Finish button.


Step 3: Once started, you will find all the currently installed programs are displayed under Uninstall. Find DriverEasy and click on Uninstall button at the lower right corner of the window.


Step 4: A pop-up will appear asking if you are sure to uninstall that program. Ensure that you choose the one that you try to remove and click on Yes.


Step 5: The tool will start to run the program’s uninstaller. Windows Programs and Features window will pop-up, find DriverEasy and click on Uninstall button. Follow the prompts to complete the removal. Once the program is uninstalled, click on OK.


Step 6: Once the standard uninstall is completed, Express Uninstaller continue to scan your system for the leftover files and registry entries of the uninstalled program. This may take several seconds to finish.


Step 7: When the scanning has completed, all the leftover items will be displayed. To completely clean up the junk files, click on Delete items button.


Step 8: Express Uninstaller helps you uninstall the program from the PC free of charge. But to delete the leftover files and registry entries, you need to purchase Express Uninstaller. Then you can free up the hard disk space and enjoy an optimized PC.


information_iconWhat if DriverEasy doesn’t appear in the Programs and Features? If you can run the program’s uninstaller smoothly, Express Uninstaller will display the following message when you click on the Uninstall button. Click on Yes button and the tool will make a deep scan to find all the data the program left on your PC. When all the all the files and registry entries associated with the program you want to remove are detected, remove them completely and quickly with the registered version of Express Uninstaller with a few clicks.


Note: The unregistered version just provides a free scan with your registry and hidden files & folders of the target program DriverEasy. To completely delete all the leftover registry entries, program files and fix uninstall errors, you need to register and purchase our product. Click Yes button to register now.


Using Windows Add or Remove Applet to uninstall unwanted programs can’t fully guarantee a complete removal. There are still lots of relevant files and components of the program left on your computer through the manual removal (With your Windows built-in uninstaller). Residual files will occupy your disk space and overweight registry. As time passes, your computer speed and computer performance will suffer from a certain influence. However, for computer novices or the users who don’t have sufficient computer skills, they can’t manually find and delete all of the files. To make sure a complete removal, you have to use a professional uninstall tool. Here, we strongly recommend Express Uninstaller to you. The Excellent uninstaller can help you uninstall any unwanted programs (Including stubborn, corrupted & hidden programs) fast and thoroughly.

Features & Benefits of Express Uninstaller

  • Uninstall unwanted programs easier and faster than the Windows Add or Remove Applet
  • Forcibly uninstall stubborn & corrupted programs that couldn’t be removed via Control Panel.
  • Display and uninstall hidden programs that may run on PC without your permission.
  • Completely clean all invalid or corrupted registry entries that the programs left over.
  • Backup registry so as to restore your system easily once the computer crashes all of a sudden.

Download Express Uninstaller and run it to uninstall DriverEasy now!


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