How to Uninstall Guardbox and Remove Completely

This post is written to teach computer users to remove from web browsers and uninstall it from system step by step. But before we get into the solution, let us learn some basic acknowledge about this site and then make decision whether it is needed to be removed or not.

Information about is it?

Before we make the decision to remove this software from computer, there is one really important step to take so as to make it clear that what is this site. It will help us know more about such site, prepare for the right mental frame of mind, and make it more easier for us to avoid similar attacks when installing third parties next time. Getting more details about this kind of infection can lead to much better results in the network practices. Without knowing about it and only follow the steps to get rid of it can not help to improve our sense of protecting computer.   1 is a search site developed by Guardbox, a software developed to provide online search and offline protection, according to its statement. While starting out can be kind of oversuspicious for it looks nothing malicious but as the time goes on, it is not hard to realize the uncomfortable inconveniences it brings to computer. As it says, this is a secure site, helping to safeguard our search activities. As a matter of fact, none of us are going to love it even it is actually able to enhance online search and offline security. And, get this: most computer users who get this software installed on computer consider it to be bad for it is annoying and unreliable. The reason is that our excitement at searching something on the internet will turn out to be more difficult than before as the search results are not as trustworthy as other famous search providers. So that is the reason why most computer users regard it as a browser hijacker or browser redirect virus. In fact, this is a unreliable search site, believed to contain many commercial search results, and other promotional pop up contents.2

When going to the official site of which promotes it via the internet, we can find many related information about this program, including its “terms of use”, “about” page, “uninstall” page and “privacy policy” page. How will we feel about this official site? A question goes through our mind when we are scanning the pages. It is not really illegal, but a commercial site promoting a program that we do not need at all. Everyone knows that the search site or search engine we are using today all gather our personal details like browsing history, search queries and other valuable information. But what if a search site uses our sensitive information for promotion? According to many computer users, this search site collects search detail and uses these information for commercial use. It means that what we are searching and which site we are visiting will be recorded by this search engine and the next time we open a tab, there might be attractive pop up contents appearing on the page, making us can not help to click for we might be very interested in it.

Here is also the situation that when has become the default search page of our web browsers, it will display some fake massage to trick clicks. In this case, most computer users who do not have enough experiences about such threat will easily be tricked by the pop up massage and fooled to click on the content. Instead, this infection tales the chances to redirect us to some commercial sites that may developed for marketing. This is not a good search engine we need. It is not insecure to define a need for a reliable search engine with high reputation for we all know that the internet is not safe. If any aspect of a search site is lacking we need to consider to set back the default setting and use a default search engine for safety. It is highly recommended to use the original search engine of web browser, like if someone is using Google Chrome, the set to be default. We nee to maintain the original settings in order to reduce the system vulnerability and prevent browser hijacker and redirect virus get inside system. Even the changes made by this program do not take up 100% of all settings, but they put 100% efforts into making profits for its developers. All valuable details of us will be taken advantages by this site.4


How does homepage be replaced by

Homepage replacement usually means something malicious have been installed on our computer along with some free application or updates we have downloaded from the internet. For this site, the replacement of homepage is caused by the download of Guardbox compressed files. These files might be implanted on some free applications, when we download and install those applications, the files of this program will be released and install as well. Next, the entire exe program will be automatically activated. For while we install the free program, we may accept the term of use which force us to install this program and set this site to be the default homepage and search engine, as a result, when its exe program is activated, the default homepage of Google Chrome, Firefox and IE will be totally replaced. Thus, that why most net users who encounter the appearance of this site say that they have never set it to be a default homepage and search engine. However, the files have been installed along with other compressed files. Even when we check the download section, we can not find any related files related to this site, that is because of the exe files of this program are attached to other programs. It is said that the free application we download previously is a carrier of this program. The files of free application consist of ransom files besides its original folders. There are many troubles will be triggered by such program. In certain situations, however – for example, when we are working with words files, the system will frequently shut down. Let us go back to the installation of this program. There are only two carriers of this program are detected by antivirus software. With not doubt, it must be more than two carriers of this program, as a matter of fact, there are be more carriers that have not be detected yet.

Deceptive carrier of Guard-search.com56


How to Uninstall Guardbox and Remove Completely

For computer safety, the auto-fix tool is recommended for eliminateing  Do not try the manual removal if you do not have any manual removal experiences. The below-mentioned removal tools are the most famous and professional software that most net users recommend. With powerful removal ability, they have protected thousands of computers around the world.

Recommended auto-fix tools:

(Click here to watch Auti-fix Videos)

SpyHunter icon1.Spyhunter


 malwarebytes icon2. Malwarebytes

4.5malware download

Max Spyware Detector iocn3. Max Spyware Detector


Manual removal guides:

Step one:Uninstall Guardbox from control panel


Start-Settings -Control Panel- Add or Remove Programs



Start -Control Panel-Programs-Uninstall a program





Right-click 1 -Control Panel-Programs and Features


As it is explained at the previous paragraph, there must be a program installed on our computer as following.


Step two: Clean web browsers and reset settings


Open Firefox by clicking the Firefox icon, as long as the start page is opened, we can see GUARD-SEARCH.COM on the page, it means the homepage of Firefox has been hijacked by this site. When open a new tab, we also get this site but not a blank page. It is no doubt that all the default setting of Firefox have been modified.1

To remove it from Firefox and reset all settings back, we need to delete its related data from Firefox.

Enter “about:config” on the address box2

click “→” at the end of the bar to forward3

Select “I’ll be careful, I promise” to confirm our action4

Once the window is opened, search “GUARD-SEARCH.COM” in the search bar5

When all the related strings are listed reset them one by one

Right-click “browser.newtab.url” string and click “reset”. By doing this, we can set the “new tab” back to a about:newtab6

Right-click the “browser.startup.homepage” string and select “reset” option. After, the homepage will be set back to about:home7

Then, all settings are set back to default8

(Note: If there are any other strings are found, reset them as well)

For further security, we would better delete all browsing history to make sure nothing traces are left

To clean browsing history

Open Firefox homepage, click menu icon, move to “history”9

Select “clean recent history…” option10

On the window, select “Everything”11

Then click “OK”12

After, close all the opening tabs and windows

Open Firefox again to check if all the settings are set back


To clean Google chrome, we need to reset settings to default as well

Open Chrome, click menu icon at top-right corner, select “settings” option1

On the “start up” section, click “set pages”2

Remove GUARD-SEARCH.COM from this section by clicking “X”3

On the “add a new page” section, enter a favorite start up page like and then click “OK”4

At the “appearance” section, click “changes”, remove GUARD-SEARCH.COM and enter a favorite homepage as and click “OK” to save5

At the “search” section, click “manage search engine”, remove GUARD-SEARCH.COM and set a new search engine to be default67

After,click “done” to save all changes

Then, to make sure all the related data are removed, we need to clear all browsing details.

Click “history”, select “clear browsing data…”22

Select “the beginning of time”9

Click “clear browsing data…” to delete all history10

Close all tabs and windows


Remove add-on first

Open IE, click setting icon, move to “manage-addon” option1

Here, we can see that a malicious add-on is added to our browser2

To remove it, click the unwanted add-on and then click “remove”3

Delete related registry:

Open Registry Editor, click start or windows icon at the left bottom on desktop type “regedit” on the search bar4

Click “regedit” on the search result5

Click “yes” to continue6

On the opened window, click “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” folder7

Then find software > Microsoft > Internet Explorer > Main891011

Here, we can see that there are three registry entries are replaced by GUARD-SEARCH.COM12

Right-click the malicious registry, select “modify” option13

Remove GUARD-SEARCH.COM first and then enter a favorite site like or and click “OK” to save14

Modify all related registry entries one by one and then close all tabs and windows

Then, we need to clean Internet Explorer browsing history

Open IE, click setting icon, choose “internet options”1

At the opening window, click “delete…”2

Check all the necessary details are selected, click “delete”3

Click “OK” to save4

Close all tabs when it is done

Clean files and folders

Click “computer” at desktop, select local disk (c:) > programs files56

(If the folder named “Guard-Search” can not be found on the list, then the malicious folder might be hidden. To make it seen, we need to show the hidden files and folders.)

click “organize” at the top left corner, move to “folder and search options”7

Select “view” option8

“√” the option named “show hidden files, folders and dives” and then click “OK”9

After doing this, we can see that the target folder will be showed on the list.10

Right-click on the target folder, select “delete” to remove it from computer

To make sure nothing left, clear “Recycle binclean

And then, restart computer

Note: IF the manual removal does not take effect, it is highly recommended to use automatic removal tool to clean all suspicious files and programs form computer completely.



If this is not the first time for someone to get infected by browser hijacker or redirect virus, it is advised to download antivirus software to scan the computer totally. A recent study has found that there are more and more unreliable search site are released on the internet. Thus, to avoid this kind of malicious carriers, we must be more caution when install third parties from unknown site-including free download, email attachments, junk files and unsafe videos. This may actually help stay away from many carriers of redirect virus but still, it is not a good way to stop crimes. Instead of stopping possible attacks via reducing unknown downloads, a professional antivirus software will be more effective and convenient. If someone thinks the regular sites we are visiting are not dangerous, that must be wrong. There are many potential threats are hiding behind regular websites. The pop up ads, fake updates and free downloads can all be a media that help to distribute malicious programs.

Attention: The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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